Monday, May 17, 2010

Should I own up to sending her the flowers?

I sent a girl some flowers but did not put my name on the card. I'm sure the girls worked out that they were from me. Should I own up and tell her they were from me or leave matters as they are?

Should I own up to sending her the flowers?
If you took the time and effort to send the girl some flowers, I think you should tell her. This way, you can find out what her reaction is. It may be a great step off point into more conversations and future dates. In the very least, she would at least be able to thank you for the gesture.

If you don't tell her, she might never work it out....or jump to the wrong conclusion.... Then what would be the point?
Reply:send sum more with an invite attached to it time day and place and wait for her to show and she will no who you are then you can get on with things
Reply:Tell her! She should be flattered and if you're both single then who knows what will happen! Good luck.
Reply:Tell her.
Reply:Own up. If it was me, I probably wouldn't have a clue who sent them, no matter how obvious.

I'd probably feel a bit creepy about an anonymous gift should follow them up with something that tells her who you are.
Reply:be subtle about it, if you know she was pleased, maybe send another with a simple note. or better still try to get to know her better and let her be the one to ask you when she is ready.
Reply:tell her
Reply:Why no name? A romantic gesture? Mystique? What if anyone else takes the credit?

Be subtle if you need to %26amp; ask if she would like chocs or bubbly next time.....
Reply:yeah ask her something about them but make the question misterious
Reply:I think you should keep the mystery going, maybe send something else with just a little clue about who it could be from, if she likes you and she has an inkling that its you thats sending stuff it should keep her interested. Romance is not dead.

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