Saturday, May 22, 2010

I wish to send flowers to terminate a relationship. what is the proper flower and quantity?

flowers is not a good idea.. it will give mixed signals. you should talk to the person face to face.. and then how about a big hug..wish them well in their life... unless both people feel the same way, there is really no easy way to to do this..

I wish to send flowers to terminate a relationship. what is the proper flower and quantity?
Flowers will not make it easier to take.

It may make you feel better, but perhaps not the recipient.

You should see him / her face to face and be truthful.

Imagine receiving flowers- perhaps even at work, and the excitement ... only to open the card and find you have been dumped.

Forget the flowers.
Reply:Good grief, that's mixed signals.

Don't send black flowers... that means you wish death upon someone.

Yellow = don't forget me

Red = true love

An in-person dumping is always the best way. If you're breaking up over long distance, you can phone. Be brave and do it yourself instead of using some object like flowers or a card to do it for you.
Reply:Don't send flowers. Buy a citronella plant and keep it near by thy repeal pests
Reply:send her 6 white roses,white rose represents friendship,as red represents love.
Reply:Dark pink roses say "thank you" (you could use these to say thank you for the relationship, but you are moving on). If you intend to still be friends, any pale-colored rose would be good (in general, pale-colored roses signify friendship). The quantity isn't as important as the type of flower. For more details about flowers and their meanings, you could go to Google and just type "flowers and their meanings".
Reply:a rose with the thorens left on
Reply:Send her three dozen red roses with another guys name on them, show up the same time they do and dump her right there for cheating on you. She gets nice flowers and you're out of there!
Reply:Good idea! If you wish to revive your relationship at a later date, consider a carnation! If you wish to forget it for ever, look for a 'black' rose!
Reply:That's kinda nice.
Reply:That's the worst way to get dumped. That happened to me in high school. All the expalntion I got after a two year relationship was some flowers and one sentence note. By the way, the flowers were black roses and there were twenty four but that was apparently one for every month the relationship lasted. Someone also gave me six cactuses as a dumping gift once too. They all died because I was too sad to take care of them. At least send a plant that will last. Like a rosebush or a tree. Maybe an edible plant so they can have some comfort food. At least have some guts though and end the relationship face to face. I think the flowers are a bad idea though because after you get dumped you don't want something that reminds you of that person around.
Reply:One black or white rose, with a letter expressing your intention to leave the relationship, your gratitude for time spent together, your acknowledgement that you are at fault in this matter. Do not, under any circumstances, say anything to give her hope, like you are sorry it didn't work out, or that you hope you can be friends. A nice clean break is best.
Reply:why,why would you do that????

just write a "dear john" letter like everyone else!
Reply:i think is yellow roses. not too sure about the quantity though
Reply:Well, sending a black rose typically means the person is going to die, but it could stand for death of the relationship. Sending a yellow rose for "friendship", as opposed to romance, would be sending a message. There are many varities of meanings for flowers, esp. roses. Definitely don't send "forget-me-nots".

However, sending flowers as a breakup gift is one of the absolute worst ways of doing so I have ever heard. This is setting up a person for heartbreak when expecting a romantic gesture. Find another way, even the crass phone call/email method is lesser cruel.

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