Saturday, May 22, 2010

What doi write on the card with the flowers?

does any1 have any ideas on wut to write on a card with a dozen roses? im lost here....umm well i just started dating this girl and want to send flowers to her work...but stuck on wut to write in the card...some1 help me.

What doi write on the card with the flowers?
Thinking of you or Roses for a beautiful lady.
Reply:How about...

"One delicate petal for each thing about you that facinates me"


"Each perfect rose is jealous of your beauty"

Whew! If one of those doesn't make her the toast of the office and keep her giggling with glee all day long there is something wrong!
Reply:Exactly hw you are feeling at the moment you send it..."thinking of you??????? is a good beginning no?

Good luck!
Reply:From you secret admirer, wink wink.

Use full words, not the text message type letter-number combos you used in the question., they look immature and stupid
Reply:You could write: I want a girl with extentions in her hair! Bamboo earrings at least two pair!

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