Thursday, May 20, 2010

How long after you receive flowers from someone should you call to thank them?

Someone sent me flowers when my grandfather died...when should I call them to thank them?

What's the "proper" amount of time I have?

How long after you receive flowers from someone should you call to thank them?
The sooner the better. If you are feeling too down to call right away, just wait until you feel like talking. Surely they would understand this. But, a "thank you", no matter how overdue, is never unwelcome.
Reply:With flowers, within 24 hours. Some like to receive a thank

you as soon as you recieve them. Just in case there might

be a mix up on the type of flowers sent or something concer-

ning the order. I have had that happen to me. A plant was

delivered to a close friend,when her husband died. And it

was not nice enough as I was told it would be. So I re ordered

a Fushia plant which has dainty flowers and was one I could

count on returning flowers year after year. The friend had not

been happy with the first plant, but was with the Fushia, and

she had let me know she wasn't sure if I'd ordered that first

plant or if so, was it sight unseen.

Once on my birthday, I received a sweet little lamb planter

with some equally sweet plants. But it was clearly an order

meant for someone having a baby. I notified the sender and

she was stymied. So she turned in a complaint on the order

and I was sent a sweet baby rose bush in its' place. Much

more fitting for a birthday lady.

Another time, I had ordered a mixed bouquet and learned

later, that in that particular state, Daisies are considered

wild flowers and not a florist flower. I had followed up a late

delivery, that had never been ordered. So it pays to follow up.

And it does pay to give proper thank you's early.
Reply:A note is better than a call. But, either way, as soon as you can manage it. With a death in the family, senders know and understand that it may take a small while before their remembrance is recognized. But, if you can do it within a week, so much the better.
Reply:I would just send a thank you card. There is no need to call. Proper etiquette states that you would just need to send a thank you in the mail.
Reply:Why not as soon as possible?

Why should gratitude be delayed?

Whats so etiquetteY abt not showing gratitude as soon as possible?
Reply:I believe it's best to thank them right away if possible by phone. If not phone, then send a thank you card as soon as possible. It's only out of respect.
Reply:I would call or send a note as soon as possible. I don't think there is a "proper" time to wait.

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandfather.
Reply:There is not proper time. I usually call as soon as I get them. In addition to calling them, you should send them a thank you note as well.
Reply:why not call them right now? and thank them maybe tell them you are putting the kettle on for some tea and cake, and invite them over.
Reply:right away.

and tell them you are okay, and of course tell them thanks!
Reply:I'd give it a longer.
Reply:i would contact them whenever ur ready. they would understand that anyway.... remember u have just lost ur granda xx

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