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Do you think sending flowers to my boyfriend after a fight would soften his heart?

Not flowers, perhaps a sixer of beer. His favorite beer, and a note of apology

Do you think sending flowers to my boyfriend after a fight would soften his heart?
yup...i think this answer is the least he'll got something he really likes instead of just a bunch of flowers which will be of no use to him Report It

Reply:depending on the type of person he is

but i don't think he'd care too much for flowers

try something he really likes

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Was sending flowers a bad idea?????????.......?

I sent some flowers to the school of the girl I like, but she hasn't called me back yet. I tried calling her but she didn't answer. She sent me a text earlier in the day but I didn't respond because I was in class. Do you think she is mad at me for not responding to her? I'm starting to think that maybe I just wasted my time and money on the flower thing hoping that it would work out. I really like this girl and it sucks because I was hoping she might like me back but I'm pretty close to just moving on.

Was sending flowers a bad idea?????????.......?
Just text her back in a up-beat positive manner and say" Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner , I was in this class that I had to pay attention in. Did you get the flowers I sent to you or did some other girl walk away with your present".

Don't sweat the small stuff. If you like someone, show them that you like them. If they don't like you wait for them to say so...don't imagine it.

Never waste a present moment.
Reply:women should send us flowers
Reply:never ever ever are sending flowers a bad idea
Reply:It was a very sweet thing you did. No she shouldn't be mad just keep trying to keep contact. Hope things work out! You see very sweet and i hope she can see that.

Help with sending flowers?

What is the cheapest price you have ever gotten on flowers by delivery?

I want to send someone flowers, but not a whole mess of them...just a single or few. I am having trouble finding this. Also, I am one of those that already complains about spending money on something that's going to die anyway...I found ONE place locally that has a 3 rose set, but with tax and delivery it's still $40. Is this the best I am going to find?

Help with sending flowers?
I've used 1-800 flowers.

It was pretty cheap and the flowers were really nice. I think I spent $30.

Guys, I really need an honest answer, would you all vote a Yes/No for sending flowers to guy at his workplace?

It's not flowers-flowers, but it's an arrangement of 3 orange flowers, and some greens in a flat, wooden, rectangular base. Very modern-artish. Should I send it at his workplace? It's his birthday.

I would think a guy would look GOOD in front of his officemates if he received flowers from someone?

I really need to make a quick decision. Help me with ur opinions please!

Guys, I really need an honest answer, would you all vote a Yes/No for sending flowers to guy at his workplace?
Your man will definitely be impressed and be happy if u sent him flowers to his workplace. First its a surprise which they will love. The second, feeling special and cared by someone. And the best part, getting it in front of his workmates. He will be so proud of u. Go ahead do it. All the best. Have a blast.
Reply:It might be tolerable if he's married or it's an obvious event , but definitely not something displayed proudly. Just randomly, especially if he has guy co-workers, can definitely be a little embarrassing. A warm "happy birthday" hug showing you remember would be much more memorable. Report It

Reply:Do it.
Reply:Speaking from experience. It is great to get flowers at work. The problem is, explaining them to his wife.
Reply:very good idea.

Send it to him.
Reply:Why not , i wish anyone would even notice i exist so in my opinion its good . shows your interested .
Reply:if he works in an office - that's fine. send them
Reply:I sent flowers to my husband at work when we were married, and he was sooo embarrassed, that he asked me not to do it again, his co-workers razzed him about it all day. On the other hand, we're now divorced cause he was a jerk, so I say, go ahead! show him you care!
Reply:Men love to get flowers from their ladies! Do it!
Reply:in this day and why not.wish my missus would
Reply:Surely send it its his B-day

iam sure he will be happy

(on my work when someone has b-day all workers put money together and buy a gift or flower so it should be fine)
Reply:Birthday, Yes
Reply:No. Guys don't see flowers in the same way as women do. At work, too..............NO..the guys will rag him hard if you do.
Reply:Yea its completly fine since its his birthday. If you start sending them randomly though, his coworkers will probably start thinking your a clingy obssesive psycho.
Reply:If the guy you are sending it to the sensual type and he is really into you then he would L.O.V.E the flowers. It will make his day. :)... you are a truly amazing and thoughtfull girlfriend
Reply:well u should give him flowers and show that u can do better by doing something else
Reply:Probably'll most likely embarrass him. and not in a way that's even vaguely good.
Reply:If he is your husband or boyfriend then it is OK. If not, make sure he is not married or dating anyone else. If he's not, send them with a note attached saying "from your secret admirer".
Reply:don't do it. he'll think you're weird. get him a football shirt or something practical. good luck!

How do i send flowers to someone in delhi from US ?

I don't think i can send flowers from US they will how does it work to get flowers delivered from somewhere in india ????

How do i send flowers to someone in delhi from US ?
Try interflora
Reply:You can order the flowers to be sent to India on line. Please check the following link for this purpose:

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How do I send flowers to an airport?

My girlfriend is coming back from France, and will be arriving @ o'hare airport in Chicago. I was wondering if anyone knew of any services that would allow me to have flowers delivered to her while @ the airport?

How do I send flowers to an airport?
To be totally honest, I would just wait until she gets home, and the first thing you do when you see her, is give em' to her. It's a little stressful getting off of the plane, and if she has her luggage it's going to be difficult to hold the flowers and get all of her stuff together.

I was recently on a flight to Atlanta and some guy sent this girl a dozen roses to her hotel and she was carrying them on the plane and juggling them with her luggage.

It's a VERY sweet idea, but take the money it'd cost to have em' delivered and put it towards more flowers for your sweetie! :)
Reply:dunno call the airport see if they can do anything, besides be better if you take the flowers to her in person.

Sending flowers to a guy you admire...?

Guys: ever had a female send you flowers and did you like it or hate it?

Girls: Ever send a guy flowers? What kind did you send and how did he react?

Sending flowers to a guy you admire...?
I bought 2 roses the day that my partner had to take his PhD exam. When he passed with distinction and flares, I gave one rose to him, to say congratulations, and one rose to his (quite young and inexperienced, then) boss, because Jim had been his first PhD student.

They both loved it!
Reply:I think it quite normally! It is necessary to break stereotypes!
Reply:Sure, my wife sends me flowers....cauliflowers!!! :-P

Ah, she just gives me chocolate!!!! And we eat them together in bed over a CD movie.
Reply:I enjoyed it from her.
Reply:Guys love that. even though they might not admit it. Its so out of the ordinary that It makes a huge impression
Reply:yes, my bf got some last week for a surprisetrip he took me on. he was so embarrased til he read the card, then told them to f o and that he had me waiting for him right now. when i heard that, i did him in every room of his apartment!
Reply:no i never send a guy flowers. i would buy him a tool or beer
Reply:i sent roses and he took it as sort of a funny thing, it was hilarios
Reply:my girl friend sent me flowers by one of these services that come over and sing for you she came and in the middle of the casualty gave me the flowers and had instructions to kiss me she practically raped me on the spot my girl friend is American and does things like this well its Americans
Reply:no a guy friend...for his birthday...he was speechless and very flattered...i sent the Carnations, to his workplace...
Reply:I bring him flowers. Usually tiger Lillie's, and he likes the weird color roses. like green, purple, black, and tangerine. He loves it. and I love pampering him.
Reply:I had flowers sent to me and while it was flattering it was also embarrassing. Which isn't the worst thing in the world.

EMERGENCYCan you tell me what to write to this girl im sending flowers too..?

I saw this gorgeous girl near my friends appartment, we have been textning for sometime, the furthest ive went is asking her name:( im pretty sure she doesnt have a bf per my friend has never seen guyz around her house

I was thinking of sending her flowers, can you give me some ideas or tell what to write when i send her the flowers...thanks

The more ideas you guys give the better it would be..specially from girls thnx..guyz welcome too

EMERGENCYCan you tell me what to write to this girl im sending flowers too..?
just write on the card.... for a beautiful, sweet girl like you! thinking of you and your beautiful beautiful if not more than these flowers.

then ask her if she would go out with you on a date
Reply:Just write, "want to go out on friday" or whatever day your free this coming weekend. If she is single there is no way she could turn you down. Good luck dude.
Reply:i seen these flowers and thought of you @%26gt;-- soo sweet

Whens a good time to send flowers when your first start dating someone?

whens a good time to send flowers when your first start dating someone? after you sleep with them?

Whens a good time to send flowers when your first start dating someone?
One Month Anneversity, show her it is significant to you and make it a monthly thing. It will let her know you really care.
Reply:Sending flowers right away is fine. Actually, it's a good move as part of courting...
Reply:after you two are bf and gf.
Reply:anytime!!! who dont appreciate flowers?
Reply:After the first date if you liked them and things went well.
Reply:1 month anniversary....or better yet just randomly send them to her work...very sweet that what i did for my fiance
Reply:the next day
Reply:Every relationship is different, but I think I would wait for a bit. When most relationships first start, you're going to be going places and doing things and being active, so I'd say flowers aren't a necessity. I'd say once things start to mellow out a little bit, and you guys just sort of start hanging out together, but not actually DOING anything, then that would be a good time to get her flowers, because it sort of lets her know that you still care about her, and that you like just being with her because she is herself, not because of what you guys were doing.

Oh I would also avoid getting flowers at a set interval, i.e. getting flowers for anniversaries or once every month or two, because it will make her expect it, making it less special, and then if it doesn't show up she will be dissapointed.
Reply:no goof ball......not after you sleep with them GOSH.

The best time is right after the first date...........
Reply:later after that, when the 'new-ness' of the relationship starts to die
Reply:After you sleep with them???? Please..... What if you never sleep with them or they are a lousy lay. Flowers mean something. They are not a way to pay someone for their services. Flowers are heartfelt. Save your flower money and tell her how you feel over a nice dinner for now! Keep it real. Don't play with the heart.
Reply:all the time if you can. if you really care for them.
Reply:the next day....tell her what a great time you had....and if we could do it again soon

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Why you should be careful when sending flowers (joke)?

A new business was opening and one of the owner's friends wanted to send flowers for the occasion.

They arrived at the new business site and the owner read the card; it read "Rest in Peace." The owner was angry and called the florist to complain.

After he had told the florist of the obvious mistake and how angry he was, the florist said. "Sir, I'm really sorry for the mistake, but rather than getting angry you should imagine this: Somewhere there is a funeral taking place today, and they have flowers with a note saying, 'Congratulations on your new location'."

Why you should be careful when sending flowers (joke)?
cool joke man..this one rocked the chart..
Reply:WOW! that was great. I luved ur joke. I could shower u with stars for this one.So, here is big star for u.HA!HA!HA!HA!HA! %26amp; I'm still laughing.
Reply:LOL! I love how good your jokes sound in the morning!
Reply:Haha, funny. (:

Reply:so so funny...and that could really happen. thanks dr.bebop

star for you*** usual!! lol.
Reply:LOLOL Damn its good to have you back!
Reply:hahaha very funny! good one!
Reply:hahahaha awesome! I thought it was odd that you hadn't posted in like a week. fair enough
Reply:hahahaha. funny. maybe i can help with your advancement. i see you started again. what happened to your other account? answer my questions. you might recieve best answer.

YOU freaggin rock man!

High five!

Down low...Too slow!

Reply:Nyuk nyuk nyuk! :)
Reply:I'm splitting my sides...oh help... that is

TOO funny....
Reply:oh man... i can imagine the face of the bereaved family!!
Reply:haha...hahaha i cant stop laughing haha
Reply:hahaha very good thanks
Reply:lol, that would be one funny funeral!
Reply:Wow, this is such a great joke!
Reply:teee hee hee, haha...*snort * snort*

laffin..laffin, very funny

it actualy does hapn
Reply:'Congratulations on your new location'

I think that's inspirational - like the departed went to heaven!

Philosophical tonight, Dr. Bebop?

Sending Flowers Anonymously?

I sent a girl that I really like some flowers for V-day, but I sent them anonymously. I can't figure out how to tell her that I sent them. I'm thinking about having a friend "accidentally" tell her, but people always say not to have your friends do things like that for you, so...what should I do?

Sending Flowers Anonymously?
Keep doing what your name suggests.
Reply:I think you should tell her...cause if you sent them to me...i will be wondering who send them and it will bug me......just tell her
Reply:awwwwwwww.....that is so cute!!!
Reply:Say "I heard you got flowers today" She'll'd he know ?

Just smile..

she'll get it.
Reply:Just tell her!!
Reply:I would suggest that you figure out how to talk to her face to face, and then casually ask her what's up and what's going on to try to get her to tell you what she got for V-Day. If she is creeped out by the anonymous flowers, keep it to yourself. If she thinks it's sweet, then you should say, "...maybe I got them for you..." -- if she seems excited about it, then confirm it... if she doesn't seem that thrilled about you getting them for her, then just drop it and say you were only kidding.
Reply:i just got roses and champagne by an anonymous admirer....why not send a card with your number inside...then she could call you and then she'll know who sent may even get a date....good luck...
Reply:ask her how she liked the flowers with a smile on your face and she will know it was you.
Reply:hire a fly on the wall to hear how she feels about having a secret admirer.

If the fly hears good things tell her it was you
Reply:I like the idea of asking her if she liked the flowers with a smile on your face. You could also send her an anonymous note asking if she liked the flowers and to meet you at ____ at a certain time; but that could be sweet or creepy. Stick with the asking her about them....
Reply:If you wanted her to know you sent them... you should have signed the card. Now she may think you are just trying to take credit for the nice thing that someone else did. Did you think about that? Happened to me in high school... flowers no name. Once that got out, a guy took credit for them, but he wasn't the one that sent them to me. I did find it out until a year or so later. But damage done.
Reply:I got flowers anonymously before, and I immediately called the florist, who told me exactly who sent them.

I was VERY happy to get them, they were perfect, but the guy who sent them was kind of in a relationship with someone else at the time, so I respected his decision to remain anonymous. I never told him I knew it was him, and lately I've been thinking about thanking him, and telling him how much it meant. It was 2 years ago...

Anyway, all to say, I think you should tell her, even if it's by "Did you get to smell some roses today..." with a smile...
Reply:You should send her clues throughout the day!!!
Reply:your a fag
Reply:When you see her, ask her if she liked the flowers. If she's clever, she'll put two and teo together and realise you were the sender.

Is it proper to send flowers to a service for someone who is being cremated?

My cousin passed away and there is a service and my mom asked....Do you send flowers when there is no casket? I'm fairly certain that you do...I've been to services wherin the deceased was to be cremated but I can't recall.

Is it proper to send flowers to a service for someone who is being cremated?
Yes. The family still appreciates it.

I was hurt that no one sent any when my son was cremated. Later found out that my cousin told everyone that I didn't want any flowers.
Reply:The obituary will usually state what the family wants. I have been to services where the deceased was cremated and flowers were present. There was a nice display of photos and flowers were around the walls of the funeral home. The cremated remains of the deceased were in a lovely mahogany box with a photo of the deceased beside it.

So, I say, yes, it is o.k. to send flowers.
Reply:Forget the flowers, yes it is a way to pay tribute to your cousin, but they will just get thrown out in the end. I would suggest that you and your mom, make some meals for your Aunte and her family like lasagna, soup, or a casserole...things that can be frozen. Your Aunte will probably not want to cook and this a nice way to show her support. A nice fruit basket sent to the house can also be a nice tribute and be useful to the family.

Unfortunately my family has suffered many loses over the years and the above suggestions are based on first hand experience.
Reply:Oh absolutely! There is no difference at all. Many people these days try to limit the flowers, and have donations go to a favourite charity. That depends, of course, on the wishes

of the family.
Reply:Of course. The flowers don't have anything to do with a burial. They are there to pay tribute to your loved one's spirit. I'm sorry for your loss.

Is it inappropriate to send flowers to a teacher at school?

I'm her boyfriend not a student! I was just thinking that shes out all during the day and the only place I can send her flowers that shes guaranteed to recieve are at school.

Is it inappropriate to send flowers to a teacher at school?
That is ok.. She will receive them during her breaktime and will be handed them to her then.. so when she takes them back to the class she teaches she may or may not tell her pupils who they are from.. but nobody will knock on the door deliver them when she is teaching someone will hold them for her until breaktime and she can even leave them in teachers meeting room and take them home when she leaves school so only the staff may know she received flowers .. but teachers don't work all day.. she gets home in the afternoon so why not hand them to her or send them to be delivered no earlier than 5 pm. then she should be back at home..Teachers don't stay on at school a lot longer than their pupils until they have to prepare for tests and can't do that at home but most take their workload back home and leave in the but she is guaranteed to receive them but if one tells the florist .. ''don't deliver before a certain time they don't do it and wait.. and she would also be guaranteed to receive them at home...or in the evening..xx
Reply:sounds very sweet.. i think its fine and a nice surprise if you sent it to her but she received it in a private manner away from prying eyes of the pupils and boss.. as the boss could say that it was an inappropriate gesture which was unacceptable to be sent in such a professional establishment with young impressionable pupils

or instead of sending them by company delivery you could meet her during her free periods and surprise her with the flowers .. this shouldn't be seen as being offencive to the school

i mean i could be looking too much into this but it could be true
Reply:It is not inappropriate to send flowers to someone's workplace -- and the school is obviously your girlfriend's workplace.

Make sure the delivery address information specifies her name and classroom number.

As do all people who receive flowers at work, she can choose to either leave the flowers displayed on her work desk, or take them home.
Reply:The school could make it kind of awkward for her, all the kids will be asking questions and taking the micky, and some teachers find that letting kids in to their home life makes it harder to control the kids - you know, they think of you more as a friend then a teacher.

I don't know... it really depends on your girlfriend, if she is the romantic, open type then she might love it.
Reply:i think it is a brilliant idea. not only that you will make her happy, but you will also increase her value in the eyes of her students. she is more than just a teacher, she is human (!) and being loved by someone. i remember when i was a kid, i started respecting teachers much more when i had a glance at their private "human side".
Reply:Well, for starters, learn how to spell receive. And what on EARTH are you doing being her boyfriend? What the eff is happening to the world? I am male, ex-teacher, and my students used to buy me books.

Send her something else. Send her flowers at her home, where her husband might sign for them. You twat.
Reply:I wouldn't do it unless you can be sure they will go straight to the school office or staffroom. Otherwise you're setting her up to get teased by the kids. I think teachers, particularly young female teachers, feel a bit vulnerable if their private lives are exposed to students.
Reply:Not at all. I think it is lovely that you want to do that for her. It will show the kids that she is a proper person with a life not just there teacher. If you are worried then you can get them delivered to the staff room rather than class room.
Reply:No it is not, but she may get some teasing from her class and she would also have to carry them back home, you can always have them sent when she is at home or even take them your self.
Reply:It would be very nice to do that. Just be sure what is on the card is OK to be read by all.

Give very explicit instructions regarding delivery.
Reply:I think that's fine as long as you've been dating a while. It is unlikely that the sectretary will take them to her classroom which would be embarrasing.

I think that's sweet!
Reply:I think it's a nice idea, she'll love it

Not only teaching kids in her class about romance, and nice gestures ... but also making her happy to boot
Reply:may cause embaressment
Reply:No.Send a scented ball and chain.
Reply:Yeah I'm sure that's ok. As long as you think she can deal with teasing from students!
Reply:Send your lady some flowers at work. She will love it!
Reply:no... but ask florist to deliver/ arrive at the tea break or the lunch hour!
Reply:It is appropriate, and what a nice thought, I've seen it done lots of time
Reply:no its not just send them u twit

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How do i send flowers to canada?

does anyone know a site where i can have flowers sent from california to vancouver, bc canada

How do i send flowers to canada?
Go to Martha Stewart's website, and hit her link (or search) for Martha's Flowers. You know you are getting the best with her obsession with perfection. I have been very satisfied with the services and class. Hope this has helped :)
Reply:You can always go on a local florist's site and order from there. I live in Toronto and have always used these guys:

They do a great job and haven't had a problem with them in the past. But you can search for any local florist and have them send the flowers. It sometimes works out cheaper if you buy from a local florist in spite of FTD.
Reply:Contact your local florist. They will accept your order and send it to a florist in Canada. FTD Florist Telegraph Delivery
Reply:do a search for flower shops near to where you want them sent

Great selection of boxed and freshly arranged flowers.

Sending flowers to eastern europe?

I need to send flowers to my friend in ukraine is there any one who can advise me?

Sending flowers to eastern europe?
go to It is able to send flowers to the Ukraine.

How do I send flowers to someone in France? What service can I use as someone who does not live in France?

I know in the US you can use FTD, or 1800 flowers, and in the UK there are some services...anyone know how to best send someone flowers in France?

How do I send flowers to someone in France? What service can I use as someone who does not live in France?
u can use interflora
Reply:I used Shopping to search for teh flowers. was the florist, and as I mentioned above, they actually sent a picture of my order before it shipped out. The person receiving them was ecstatic. Report It

Reply:Go to

Is it appropriate to send flowers in this situation?

Is it appropriate to send flowers to a coworker if she recommended you for your job and you are quitting only after a month? I worked with her somewhere else and when I found out the place she's working at was hiring, I applied and she spoke highly of me to the Boss and to the people at HR which resulted in me getting the job. But I've accepted a better job offer elsewhere and I feel bad that I'm leaving after a short time,but I'm very appreciative that she got me the job.

So do you think flowers are ok? If so, what kind of flowers?

Is it appropriate to send flowers in this situation?
Flowers are nice, but it's almost like "dressing" the problem rather than directly addressing it.

What is truly at stake here is your friend's reputation with her co-workers. Whenever someone sticks out his/her neck for a new employee, they are taking a big risk in front of other co-workers, HR and the boss. Certainly the firm would not have hired you unless you brought certain skills and experience to the position. However, your friend's high recommendation gave you that edge over the next best candidate. And given the circumstances now, she probably won't (or can't) recommend another friend again. So, you should tackle the problem head-on and face-to-face. Not with flowers--yet.

I suggest that you have a frank discussion with your friend. Express your appreciation for what she did on your behalf. You shouldn't feel guilty for making a career move that's best for you. However, you should acknowledge and empathize with the awkward position you have left her.

Also, to make sure there are no residual feelings, try to smooth out things with the HR and her boss. And do it with your friend in mind. Remember that your friend has got to maintain a cordial relationship with her co-workers long after you're gone. Think about it like this: If a friend of yours had put you in the same awkward situation, then what would you want that friend to say to your HR and boss?

You obviously already know how to make a classy entrance, b/c you got a new job-- twice!! But really the more challenging thing to do here is to make as classy an exit. Just do it with grace, sincerity and integrity.

Talk to everyone individually. Then, let the dust settle and in a few weeks send a notecard and flowers to your friend, the HR and her boss. That way, you'll exit with style, too.

Good luck on the new job!!
Reply:I would certainly do something as you quitting so soon will be a definite blow to her credibility. An assortment of cut flowers in seasonal colors would be appropriate with a short note.

Also, make sure you have spoken and explained the situation to your current boss as well as HR. Perhaps that will help her reputation a bit.
Reply:Of course thank you flowers are appropriate. I like lilies because they last a long time.
Reply:yes, thats a nice way to show ur appreciation. as far as the flowers, get something bright and fun. also im sure she's happy that you've found a great job.

good luck =)
Reply:That would be nice. If you know her favorite color, try to get her an arrangement in that. Carnations are always good.
Reply:Saying "please" and "thank you" are not empty gestures. When you say, "thank you," you are showing appreciation and displaying confidence and maturity.

If a co-worker or business associate referred you for a position, thank them for their assistance. A short note will let them know how much you appreciate their endorsement. And they are more likely to refer to you again.
Reply:I think that is very nice of you.

So many people only think of themselves.

It would be a very nice gesture based on what she did for you.

A spring bouquet.........or even some type of houseplant.
Reply:ABSOLUTELY SEND THE FLOWERS OR EVEN A MUFFIN BASKET!!!! Remember, your co-workerr did you a great favor and even though you decided not to take the position, you do need to thank her for her thoughtfulness. Also remember, sometimes positions and decisions don't work out. You may want to accept this position at a later date and to not acknowlege her would create an "awkward" situation. Always be kind and return favors, you may need to use this coworker as a reference in the future or even exchange information from this position. Anyone who would reccommend you so highly should be considered friend and those are hard to come by. HOPE THIS HELPS!!

Reply:You are sooo sweet, sure, it is very appropriate. You should get the kind you like. (Me, I love roses).
Reply:If you are sending them to her home then yes. If you are sending something to the office it might be better to send a card and some smaller gift that others in the office won't see. Even if you are leaving on good terms someone else in the office might see the kind gesture in poor taste and the working world is a small place. Other things, maybe a starbucks card w/ the note, a small box of stationary is always a kind gesture, flowers are sweet just not a large arrangement if you go that route.

Reply:Flowers are okay, but so is a handwritten notecard.

Either way, the thought and consideration of her feelings are very nice of you. I'm sure she'll appreciate anything you send in earnest.


Is it customary to send flowers to a grieving family in Belgium?

A friend passed away in Belgium. Do I send flowers to the family? Is there something else more fitting?

Is it customary to send flowers to a grieving family in Belgium?
No, you send a card expressing your condoleances. Might be preprinted, but add some personal words.

A women sending flowers to a man....?

I don't get why women find it O.K. to send flowers to a man. Flowers are suppose to represent what a man thinks of a women...beautiful, soft, fragile with a nice fragancy. It also represents a womens Vagina...a bud that "opens" that is delicate and soft to touch and smells good (seriously) WHY on earth would a women send flowers to a man. I think it demasculates're saying he's soft and delicate like a vagina lol. NO, no, no...why are women now-a-days sooooo very much into demasculating our males! Men are suppose to hard, rough and tumble.

Women please explain your motive behind sending you man flowers and men please tell me how you feel about receiving flower from a lady. Is it not embarrassing..wouldn't you get ribbed and made fun up relentlessly by your male peers if you received flowers at your work from you women?

A women sending flowers to a man....?
there is no motive for that. at all. its only done by women who aint got a clue! were not all like that. and flowers representing a womens vagina? im not sure bout that one!!nicer than the beaver likeness though!
Reply:Are you serious? Shakespeare was a Misogynistic pig. Everything he talked about represented Vaginas and penises.
Reply:We dont' like flowers the same way women do.

We would appreciate it if she would send herself as the flower! :)

Sending flowers on Valentine's Day to a girl far away?

Okay, I have a few questions about Valentines Day.

I'm sending flowers to my true love out of state. Should I do something online like 1-800-Flowers and FTD? I'm concerned about a local place because I have no information about them and she lives in a small town. I would be very embarrased if something went wrong.

Also, I don't know what to send exactly. I'm all about tradition so I want to send roses and lots of them.

On the other hand, alot of flowers I see online look like funeral items and not Valentine items. How do I send something that shows my love without looking like it belongs with a coffin?

Thank You!

Sending flowers on Valentine's Day to a girl far away?
Go online (I like ProFlowers, but the ones you mentioned are good) and see what they are offering specifically for Valentines Day. You will be able to pick better when you can see them. Roses are great if you can afford them, but I think I'd go with something like forget-me-nots. Also, some come with extras, like a small stuffed animal or something.
Reply:roses are good but not like 3 dozen. Get a cute arrangement that has several different tyoes of flowers those always work the best.
Reply:well, for rose colors here's a site with a bunch of meanings and whatnot:

Don't go overboard on the roses. Try a bouquet [or since you said "lots of them" a few bouquets] that has more than one type of flowers. Or a bouquet of roses in varying shades of pink [or another color] with little white flowers in it.

Is there any possible way you could give them to her in person? Even if you just went down to visit for a short while to give her the flowers, that would mean an awful lot.

Hope that was helpful, but either way I wish you the best of luck %26lt;3
Reply:Want something even better?

Send her a four leaf clover necklace for good luck and a new or good condition cast iron horseshoe without rust with the U shape facing up for good luck.

Sending online flowers..serious question!?

ok im sending some roses to a very special girl. but i want it to be a surprise, like a mystery for her till i tell her it was from me. this is my first time sending flowers,

and i was just wondering if once they are delivered, will they attach my address and visa name account all on the delivery flowers for her to see?

Sending online flowers..serious question!?
If you order online, they will include a packing slip most likely. That would have your info on it. But, if you call her local florist, you can do it anonymously.
Reply:yes,definitely....u try email her...and tell her that she is gonna get tell her on YMes....or call...her...she would be surprised to see them
Reply:As a florist, I can tell you that many of us are very wary of sending anonymous gift. Most of states now have what is called "anti-stalking law" including our state, NY.

Sending a flower to someone, whether it's anonymous or not, can be threatening to a certain recipient, depending on the circumstances. Most responsible florists would refuse to lend a helping hand to someone whose gift is not appreciated by the recipient. Most of us have this kind of experience from time to time.

Now, if the person who orders flowers asks to remain anonymous, it raises... well... a yellow flag. It depends on each florist to deal with the situation. The difficulty is that it all depends on the actual relationship between the sender and recipient, which the florist has no information of. So we tend to play safe.

If a florist knows you personally, then it should be OK. But if you place an order with one of the online "florists" (who by the way are just sales agents, not florists), then the actual florist who delivers your flowers don't know you. They might refuse to deliver, in which case your order won't go anywhere.
Reply:no you can ask the flower company for it to be anonymous and she would have no clue and its would be a fantastic surprise!
Reply:Ok are you slow? go to a flower shop in person, pay in cash... wow, never ever commit a crime......
Reply:no they wont... call and check too

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Is it appropriate to send flowers to boss's parents ( Ismaili) if the grandfather has just passed?

my boss's grandfather just passed away and the older lady in the office (always needing to show me how thoughtless I am) suggested we send flowers to his parents...I don't want to offend them culturally by doing so. Are flowers on such an occasion ok in the Ismaili (Muslim) community?

Is it appropriate to send flowers to boss's parents ( Ismaili) if the grandfather has just passed?
It depends on how close u are to ur boss. If u must send it, ok wit ur boss and send. Maybe send it from the entire office. but just to b nice a card mayb better and (a few bucks - very optional).so stay sweet and safe.
Reply:It can vary. I guess if you're sending them directly to the parents then that would be fine.

"Muslim or Islamic cultures may have differing opinions concerning funeral flowers, depending on their ethnic origin and perhaps even on what particular branch of Islam they are from. Ask the opinion of someone close to the family, if you can."
Reply:Flowers in this case seem to be overkill. A nice card signed by everyone would be more appropriate. Sounds like those old ladies are just trying to butter up the boss. That may be fine for them but if you add your money and your signature to the flowers-you're doing the same thing.
Reply:Screw what the old biddy thinks. She obviously likes having her nose up the boss' hind end. YOU do what you wish and what feels right. Sending flowers would be her ideas and you can bet she'd let the boss know it.
Reply:a friend of mine died recently and he was muslim.

women, not even his mother could attend the funeral

its a very very strict culture

i personally dont think you should send his mother flowers

Sending an oversea greeting card + flowers.. i need some help with the messages!!?

Things are going well between me and this girl.. so i decide to send her an early birthday surprise by having a flourist deliver flowers + card.. We haven't really met each other yet.. but she is flying oversea for my graduation just 1 day after her birthday.. so i want to do somethnig special before she comes over

I am planning to send flowers + greeting card with messages I dun really want to ruin anything by sending some silly messages.. so i need some help!

Note* i am sending this flowers from australia to singapore

I need a happy birthday greeting that is sweet but not too strong with words..


Sending an oversea greeting card + flowers.. i need some help with the messages!!?
check it out - they have so many messages that I'm sure you will find the right one for your girl. Good luck pal.

Is sending flowers appropriate as a gift to an orthodontic office for the completion of my treatment?

That would be a very nice gesture. I'm sure they will appreciate it.

Is sending flowers appropriate as a gift to an orthodontic office for the completion of my treatment?
Very nice, but very "over the top" they should send YOU something in thanks for the thousands of dollars you and your insurance paid. LOL Report It

Reply:Only if you want to ask your dentist out on a date.

Other than that, a simple thank-you card will do.
Reply:no, not at all i think that is a lovely gesture and will really make someones day go for it! really depends on the situation
Reply:I'm assuming you're in the States in which case you probably paid through the nose for the treatment. So: no thank you required, unless there are extenuating circumstances. It is a nice gesture though; just don't feel obliged.
Reply:Do you not think he makes enough money? Thank him and refer him to others.
Reply:I think it's a wonderful idea! The staff will appreciate your gesture tremendously. You are very thoughtful. Great idea. It's much better than candy. My orthodontist often scolded me on what candy and junk food I ate while undergoing treatment. So, in keeping with good dental health, flowers are best.
Reply:Yes it is appropriate.
Reply:I'm sure that it would be much appreciated by everybody that works in the dentist office. It would also make them feel appreciated.
Reply:I am sure they will love it. I was at my dentist's office when a bouquet came as a thank you from a patient. The office went wild the girls were so happy so I bet the same thing will happen if you do it. How thoughtfull of you
Reply:No, they should send you flowers for giving them the business.
Reply:They'd probably rather you paid your bill.

Seriously, it isn't considered necessary to send a gift to a professional office on completion of treatment. Nor do you tip your orthodontist, or the receptionist etc. Just flash them that great smile!
Reply:Absolutely not. They should be sending you flowers for all the money they have from you.
Reply:yes, but i think there are other things that would be more appreciated........i think a gift of food would be better....some baked goods, candies, etc.....whenever i wanted to say thank you to an entire office in the past i've given krispy kreme donuts

Can you send flowers to your girl the day before valentines day?

Im wondering if it is ok to send flowers to my girl the day before valentines day the ensure that she actually gets the. I fear she may leave work early on valentines day and if they are a late delivery she may never get to enjoy them. Ladies, how do you feel about getting flowers the day before valentines day? Is this acceptable?

Can you send flowers to your girl the day before valentines day?
If I were to get flowers the day before valentines day I would love them just as much as if they were on valentines day...If you are planning anything else, such as a dinner, then that should wait until the 14th, but the flowers the day before will be fine!

Just to add to it

I think that getting the flowers the day before will make it even more special, since she may be the only one to get flowers sent to her office on the 13th. So not only is she getting flowers from you, but she is also the center of attention!
Reply:Go for something original - every other man on the face of the earth is buying flowers and chocolate - show your woman you're different by going for something completely original and unique to her taste
Reply:I don't see why not. And women like to receive flowers at work. Go for it!
Reply:Yes of course, it's very sweet.

You can send flowers oline free .Send to her flowers and also you can win a $100 Hallmark gift card. Sooo, something for her and maybe something for you.
Reply:I'd just be glad to be getting flowers. It's nice that you thought about her.
Reply:Ok, after reading everyone elses answers I'm going to be the "bad guy" I was awoken this morning from a knock at my door. It was the flower guy. I got my Valentines day flowers 4 days early and I'm on fire. I think this just might be the straw that breaks the camels back. Take it from me, I'm being honest, my girlfriends and I have been talking about it all week amongst ourselves... IT IS NEVER OKAY TO SEND FLOWERS EARLY. NEVER, EVER, EVER. Trust me. Please. We all know its WAY cheaper to have them delivered the day before and no matter what excuse your using, we'll all think deep down inside, your trying to save a few bucks. I dont even want these flowers. I want to open my window and throw them out. I'm embarrassed by them. I'm actually on here trying to find an article about how its NOT okay to send flowers early. Maybe its just something us women talk about amongst ourselves, but none of us WANT Valentines day flowers on any day OTHER THAN Valentines day. Dont do it. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years and we dont have the best relationship. This whole flower incident just made me dislike him that much more. Maybe your in a new relationship and everyone's on their best behavior and lovey dovey and thats cool. But after a few years, sending flowers a day or two early WILL NOT FLY!!! Dont do it guys... Wednesday is NOT valentines day. Its just any other day... DO NOT DO IT!!!
Reply:Well usually, the florist will ask for a specific time you want them delivered. So have the florist deliver the flowers during the time she will be at work. I think, sending flowers is a good idea. Giving red roses is the norm so I would suggest having a different arrangement done. Like orchids or whatever her favorite flower is.


How would you serach for website to send flowers to poland?

Just imagine you want to send flowers to Poland. How would you search for it and what would make you to purchase?

How would you serach for website to send flowers to poland?
Reply:The best website and flowers - "Flower`s Post Office": . Around the world services!

SEnding Flowers LADIES HELP?

dO sending flowers to a girl at her job, does that makes you feel HOW?

SEnding Flowers LADIES HELP?
do it thats cute
Reply:that would be really sweet
Reply:That makes me feel so wanted. It is a really sweet thing to do and very romantic. It is unforgettable
Reply:i would feel special and honored but at the same time i would probably blush
Reply:AW that would be ADORABLE. Your so sweet :] Do it do it do it!
Reply:awww thats so sweet. i would love to recieve flowers at work.
Reply:that would be really cute especailly if you sent them out of the blue for no reason at all and with a little card attached saying how you were thinking of her adn wanted to tell her you love her. and it would definatly win you some bed room points :)
Reply:Awww... I wish I had a guy that would do thatfor me. All girls love flowers, and sending them to her at work... even better!
Reply:thats really cuteeee!! all her coworkers will be so jealous and shell totally fall for you because its so cute. flowers make a girl feel great especially if theyre from a boy she likes!!
Reply:I LOVED IT !!!!! I had a %26lt;smile%26gt; the entire day...but at first was shocked surprised and swept off my feet all at the same time.

Question about sending flowers post-funeral?

A friend of mine died recently, and I was unable to make it to the funeral (which I feel awful about). It was only yesterday, and I wanted to send her parents some flowers, but I don't want to intrude during their time of grieving (also, I've never met them). How do I get the flowers and card to them?

Question about sending flowers post-funeral?
If you can't afford to have them delivered by the florist, just get your bouquet together (with a heartfelt card or note) and leave it on their doorstep. Hopefully you can time it when they're home or will be getting home.

So sorry for your loss.
Reply:if you have the address - you can have the florist to deliver them for you. Do a pot plant instead of a funeral spray - this will also cost you less but still be very nice.
Reply:I think it would still be a nice gesture. Drop them off or send them via FTD

Sending my girlfriend flowers at work for the first time?

Im gonna send my gf flowers at work for the first time, weve been dating a couple months now, and I know girls like that kinda stuff. I dont wanna send anything extravagant, just simple..I know she likes pink roses, so should I just send half a dozen of those? And should they be in a vase or just wrapped in that flower paper? Remember, I dont wanna overdo it.

Sending my girlfriend flowers at work for the first time?
That would be really sweet of u.. girls do like that..when u show themu care...some surprises.......and to that u could add some little box of chocolate...that she likes...

really sweet of u :)
Reply:Unless you know she's already got a vase at work, you'd better include at least a basic vase.

She'll love it.

One other idea is to splurge a little bit on a nice vase and then supply the flowers for it every so often.
Reply:I always preferred the flowers to be in a vase, it looks like you spent more money and thought. Pink roses are nice, make sure they add pretty filler to make the boquet look bigger- not baby's breath though! That looks cheap. Grocery stores always put the babys breath!
Reply:a half dozen pink roses in a vase.. that should put a smile on her face :)
Reply:you're a sweet boyfriend!

anything will probably make her happy, but here is my suggestion:

give her 12 pink roses, and just leave them wrapped in flower paper

also, give her a sweet card with a poem or something sweet

you could also add a small box of chocolates or other candies

Reply:4-5 flowers in a small vase. And a note saying, ' I'm thinking about you...'

That is SOOO sweet of you! Your girlfriend's lucky to have you.
Reply:I think vase.

That is SOOOOO sweet of you!!! I hope I get a boyfriend like you!
Reply:well, you may want to make sure she will be able to put them in water. if not, send her flowers with a vase.
Reply:General rule of thumb for sending flowers to a girl is that they judge their value to you on the cost of the flowers, so if you send cheap looking flowers, she will think you don't value her much. I'm not saying everyone's the same, but if you really want to make a girl feel special, the bigger the bunch and the more extravagant the better.
Reply:The florist can do a small flower arrangement with pink roses in it. Yes, it should be in a vase because she'll want to display it on her desk. You're so thoughtful!!!
Reply:in a vase and write "if you dont know who its from, then im in trouble"

Reply:yes, she would love a half a dozen of pink roses...but u should get them in a vase...thats always better, she can set them on her desk and show them off and when she takes them home she doesnt have to search for something to put them in. by the way, what ur doing is very sweet and im sure she will love what ever u decide :)
Reply:I would not want flowers at my workplace...check and see with her in a round about way if this is something that she has seen in the office before and try and gauge her response.

Don;t assume that she is "like all girls" We women are all very, very different.


Sending flowers to a woman?

What do you think of the act of anonymously sending flowers to a woman in the office, to attract her attention?

Sending flowers to a woman?
an anonymous bunch wouldnt do jack shite for me.

give them to me to my face or leave a card in them,

dont like games...

to be honest mate, if your girl left you just cos somewone sent her flowers? then shes shallow, and you can do better
Reply:great idea, but give her a clue as to who sent them so that she can figure out how much you like her.
Reply:how can you attract her attention if you're going to do it anonymously????????????????
Reply:I think its sweet to send flowers to a woman but if the woman doesn't really like you the flowers may be a turnoff
Reply:I think it's kinda creepy, it would make me wonder-if I was going to get anthrax in the mail. lol
Reply:I would love it if it had a clue who sent them!
Reply:Go for it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, you are a long time dead!
Reply:It may be just my work, but I would think someone was taking the Michael! Plus I'm not a flowery girl, I would prefer if a guy asked me if I fancied lunch, in that hour you will find out if you like her even more or not...
Reply:Very nice, but I think it would freak me out in a stalkerish kind of way if I didn't get to find out who they were from pretty quickly!

Perhaps follow it up with an email?
Reply:I agree with the answer above mine... it will get her attention, just make sure you take credit for it sometime soon after.
Reply:its sweet. Woman love it. It lets us know that someone is thinking about us. It makes us feel special, and important.
Reply:well if she's not allergic to them go right ahead!
Reply:She may figure out that u like her soon, but until then I'd suggest that you find out her favorite kind of flower and color, then put a personal message in there letting her know its from u. Maybe u would like to add a little package of her favorite scent. (find that ou too) Chocolates might work too.
Reply:good but dont leave her in suspense forever!!
Reply:If she doesn't know you sent them -- why bother. Either ask her out for lunch or leave it alone. Work isn't the best place to date anyway in case things go wrong.
Reply:I think she will feel they're from a stalker!

Attract her attention by complementing her, being interested in what she says, and being interesting yourself.
Reply:sounds good ill send you the address!!
Reply:Just give her a smile first , if she responds well (not just polite) then flowers could be ok. But be bold and put your name on the tag.
Reply:i know it wprked a treat lol it was me
Reply:I would love to recieve flowers from anyone. Go for it! Just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into, think ahead of all the outcomes.
Reply:That sounds really sweet,.. except how will you attract her attention if you send them anonymously? Maybe send a bunch, and a few days later send one with a card? Oh, but if you can, first find out what her favorite kind of flowers are, and if there's any kind she doesn't like or is allergic to.
Reply:I don't know abt that and sorry for what that *******did to you but l personally don't like flowers that much- l mean l would never let someone seduce me wit flowers coz flowers die but the person wins u.

l think ur girl shouldn't have done that coz nowadays some guys take advantage coz girls are so obsessed with flowers. Good Luck!!
Reply:its a good start but eventually you want her to know they are from you go for it
Reply:Very romantic gesture but might scare her if she doesn't know who they are from.Might think they are from someone else,and then get with them or think she has a stalker.If you want her to notice you maybe flowers are abit to personal,if she doesn't find you attractive she might ridicule you in front of everyone.I would get her a nice cake or something to have with her morning coffee as a gesture of kindness that can not be seen as overly romantic or in appropriate should she not find you attractive.
Reply:it could be romantic..however the fact that they did it while she had a boyfriend thats disgusting. That is why they did it anonymously. So they did not get battered
Reply:your girlfrinend is pretty shallow mate.

Better for you that you found out now . You can move on and send your own flowers to a girlie.

If you can't get to a florist here is a free but very effective text message rose


I'm sending flowers for someone else - what to write on the card?

I should explain: My best friends boyfriend called me in the middle of the night with his credit card and wants me to send flowers for their 2 year anniversary. . . He's a thousand miles away.

I know his nicknames for her, I just need a really good romantic line from a guy's perspective to put on the card.

Help me out!

I'm sending flowers for someone else - what to write on the card?
try: 2 great years past by in a blink. the time doesn't matter. what matters is that i just keep on falling in love with you again and again every single day.
Reply:a phul to a fool who is thousand of away from me and is celebrating her 2 anniversary may the fragrance of this phul might bring us closer.................FOREVER.............
Reply:Mmmmm, looks like he called the wrong person..j/k.. anyway, just say something sappy like "always on my mind and in my heart"...or, "counting the hours til I see/hold you again", you know.
Reply:Write "Flowers for Algernon". If they don't get it, tell them to look it up.

Sending flowers: by UPS... will that mess up the flowers?

Ok sending GF flowers through ftd and it says shipping through UPS. Will that mess up the flowers? whats the deal?

thanks peace

Sending flowers: by UPS... will that mess up the flowers?
I use to work for the florist and when you send flowers through FTD the flowers are sent to a local florist and they get the arrangement put together and either they send out the flowers through their local delivery or through a shipping company that does same day deliveries. There is no need to worry that they flowers will get messed up. That or you call a local florist and make the arrangements directly with them. This will save you a bit of $$ from not having to pay a fee for the FTD service.
Reply:i work for FedEx and we ship flowers everyday trust me Ur flowers will be safe. As long as they put it in a secure package don't worry she will love the flowers when she sees it.

What is the best way to send flowers to europe?

I need to send flowers to italy and would like some help from somebody that has had experience with this. I have talked to a few people that have had problems with hidden charges from the companies. Also I have browsed around online and some of the companies I have found only offer bouquets for hundreds of dollars. Also I live in the US. Thanks

What is the best way to send flowers to europe?
I've used Flowers To Europe a few times - the prices were about the same as in the USA.

Here is their web address:

shoe horns

What's a good, cheap online site for sending flowers?

What's a good, cheap online site for sending flowers?,, hope some of these sights r helpful ;)

How should my mother sign the thank you cards she is sending to people who sent flowers for my fathers funeral

how should my mother sign the thank you cards to the people that sent flowers and donations for my fathers death. Should she sign it the family of ( his name) should she sign it her name and then "and the family of (name) What is the proper way to sign the thank you cards

How should my mother sign the thank you cards she is sending to people who sent flowers for my fathers funeral
Sorry to hear of your loss, that can be very difficult to get through. May God's love and guidance see you and your family through.

It depends on how you know the person who sent them. If you all know them. It should be signed "The family". If it was a co-worker or a work relation person. IT should have his name and family of. If it is her acquaintance It should be her name and if she chooses put your names.
Reply:You can order preprinted condolance thank you cards. They typically say something like:

Thank You for your thoughts during this difficult time.

The Smith Family.

Nobody expects a grieving widow to handwrite thank you cards.
Reply:You do not have to send thank you cards,nobody expects them as the family is still grieving.
Reply:no, i think she should not send cards, she is the one with the lost, i lost my husband, and, dont have the mind to deal with that.
Reply:If she does send out cards then what ever way makes her feel better is fine. No one expects perfection at a time like this. It is just fine for them to see that she fells like the flowers have meant something.

Should we send flowers during the viewing or the funeral?

We are attending a viewing on Thursday and the funeral on Saturday. When would it be more appropriate to send flowers? Since the viewing is two days away, will the flower arrangement wilt before the funeral?

Should we send flowers during the viewing or the funeral?
I've been told the number of flowers sent will be an indication of the turnout on the funeral. Send them early for the viewing or as they say here down south, the wake.

The flowers will be on display for the viewing/wake and the funeral as well.

A lot of flowers sent are potted plants of some type are not cut flowers. The family may order sprays for the funeral which would arrive the day before possibly.
Reply:Typically sent to the funeral home for viewing unless the family requests donations sent to an org. in lieu of flowers.
Reply:Thursday, the day of the viewing.
Reply:It may depend on the religious faith/church conducting the burial ceremony for the late. Some prefer flowers during the viewing while others prefer at the funeral. Since the funeral is close, just trust your instincts to guide you.
Reply:No the flowers will not wilt. The florist knows how to keep them fresh. Let them know it is a 3-day service when you order. Send them asap.
Reply:Have the flowers delivered to the Funeral Home on Thursday before the viewing begins.
Reply:send it for thursday it should be fine till saturday if the arrangement was made on thursday but your florist will know more. you can also water it if you get there really early on saturday. The furneral director may also do this for you.
Reply:Flowers should be sent to the viewing. The flowers will be fine by the funeral. We had flowers from my grandfather's funeral around for a long time afterwards. In fact, we still have some plants from there *he passed in october*
Reply:I think it's better to send the flowers in time for the funeral itself so the arrangement is fresh when it is taken to the graveside or given to family members to take home.
Reply:I would send the flowers to the viewing. They should last. If you have further concern about this, consult with the florist.
Reply:I've never been to a viewing so the sending flower's to the funeral will be fine. When my grandparents died. At each funeral (there was no viewing) people would send flower's to the funeral.
Reply:Send them to the viewing. On the day of the funeral, the family most likely won't even see them. When my mom died, they only took a few of the arrangements to the burial and the rest we elected to have them sent to area nursing homes. We did see the ones at the viewing, though.

What other things besides flowers can I send my mother for mothers day?

Best answer Easy 10 points!sites also please.Also sites you recommend for sending flowers.

What other things besides flowers can I send my mother for mothers day?
You could try something like Tupperware, Pampered Chef or a gift set from Tastefully Simple. They have some cute ideas on the websites. My mom always wants things she will actually use or needs not candy or flowers. You can browse the websites and choose if these are right for your mom. Good Luck

Marissa Chupp

Independent Consultant for:


Pampered Chef %26amp;

Tastefully Simple
Reply:Bought a mother's ring for my mom last year. It had all the kid's birthstones with the names engraved next to each birthstone. She still wears it I think she really liked it.

Bought it from
Reply:What about an apology card for the pain, and suffering you have caused her. I mean the birth pains, and her waiting up and worrying about you as all good mothers. do. lol
Reply:a gift card for having her nails done or a spa treatment.or a gift from you to clean house while shes away for the afternoon.
Reply:box of chocolates.

really cute card.

spa treatement gift card.

teddy bear. lol

another item to something she mite collect.

good luck %26lt;3
Reply:I purchased my mother a star. Now that she is gone, I look out at the evening sky and think of her shining brightly out there forever.
Reply:I handwritten letter. She would know it was from *your* heart!

Include a basket with candles, stationary, little things that she'd enjoy.

imax theatre

Sending flowers overseas, is it safe?

hey, I'm sending flowers to another country, but I don't wanna use my card. A florist promises to deliver flowers to another country. how do I know that I'm not getting ripped off? apparently they use an international system called 'transflora'

Sending flowers overseas, is it safe?
Try sending flowers via . I have been using them and so far ( knock on wood ) , they have been doing a good job cause the people i send to flowers to sends me an e-mail saying they got it. There on time as well .When you request the flowers to be there on a Thursday , it will get there on a Thursday
Reply:Yes it is quite safe. I live in England and have had flowers delivered to family members in Africa and the States. I used

They are a reputable company so you shouldnt get screwed but use your credit card for online transactions because most CC companies will offer you protection from online fraud. Hope this helps...
Reply:Most florist have contacts with this system, you just pay your local florist however you wish too, and let him wire the order and the money. Either that or use one of the online services like ltd or 1800flowers or whatever that is.
Reply:i dont know sorry i couldnt help

What is the cheapest way to send flowers??

I want to send to my mom for vday flowers and i wanna know which is the cheapest way to send flowers??

What is the cheapest way to send flowers??
go shoppings and compare prices... lol

if you wanna send online go to and you can send her flowers and you can win a gift hallmark card with 100$, so you shoot to bunnies with one bullet.
Reply:buy her carnation flowers of her favorite color and give it to her yourself. buy a card also if you can and write down a very sweet message on it.
Reply:Buy them and bring them there yourself :) Or have a buddy she doesn't know to come and give them to her on V-day.
Reply:Take them yourself, that way its free...!

Getting shop to deliver can end up costing a fortune. Besides she will then probably be happy to see you aswell.
Reply:big 'L' on Matt's forehead. Open the wallet man!
Reply:email iFlowers
Reply:Here's an easy site to find a thoughtful yet inexpensive gift to have delivered http://www.Online-Florists.Reviews-n-Rat... There are special online coupons for flower delivery, special gift ideas, and fancy chocolates too. I know flowers and chocolates are traditional, but that's what us ladies like! :)
Reply:steal them from someone's garden and mail them

Reply:my vote is for the iflowers answer.
Reply:deliver then yourself.
Reply:just draw on something %26amp; send yourself

What is the best website to send flowers to India?

i need a fast, and reliable website to send flowers %26amp; chocolate to Hyderabad India. Any suggestions?

What is the best website to send flowers to India?
Reply:Take care. I sent flowers to somebody in India through a website and though I paid for it with my credit card the delivery people had the cheek to ask the recipient to pay the equivalent of ten dollars as well. Whatever for I dont know. This time they were out of luck. The receiver promptly called me and put me on the phone and I gave the guys an earful. Never thought they would try something like that.

Is it customary to send flowers as a gift to someone who is getting married?

This friend of mine is getting married, she invited me but I wont be able to make it. Would sending her a bouquet of flowers be recommended?

Is it customary to send flowers as a gift to someone who is getting married?
flowers is a nice gesture but I think she'd prefer better to receive something more practical and/or she could use in their new home as she is getting married.

I would suggest you just give her a gift certificate to a household stuff store (that sells bedsheets, pots and plates, etc) which she can use later and buy whatever they may still need (that the guests possibly didn't come up with for their gifts) or a dinner/spa voucher for two which she and her then husband can use to just simply get together for some quality time.
Reply:If you are a good friend then you should go. But since you cant make it send flowers with a lovely greeting card.

Reply:No its not customary to send flowers to someone getting married, it is far more customary to send a "sorry i can't make it" note and buy something from their wedding gift list, that is what its there for after all - to let you know what they need.
Reply:Naw, just let her go.
Reply:I say yes. Sending some kind of gift (even if it's just flowers) is a nice gesture to someone who's getting married.
Reply:I think it might be uncomfortable for her if flowers arrived on her wedding day. She will have already paid a florist for her bouquet, as well as decorative arrangements throughout.

Ideally, you would find out where she is registered, and purchase a gift from the registry. It does not need to arrive with you at the ceremony, but instead can be delivered to her home.
Reply:It's not the usual wedding gift but any gift is nice. I would send a card that says "congratulations on your wedding, sorry I can't make it" along with the flowers.
Reply:yes, put a lucky horseshoe (the gift ones from shop) on it 2 and a card wishing her all the best
Reply:Send something else with. Anything you know will be of use to her now that she is getting married. Well it depends on your income. Even a microwave oven isnt a bad idea.
Reply:While flowers and other gifts are always charming gestures, no matter what the occasion, the usual wedding gift is something for the new home, something like bath or kitchen linens, china, glassware, etc. Most couples also appreciate cash.
Reply:It sounds nice - but it's not a traditional gift and considering flowers die in a week, this is really not a helpful gift for a bride and groom. A gift card or money would be a lot nicer for them.
Reply:The tradition is to still send a gift that is either on their registry, money, or a gift card. While flowers are a nice gesture, they will be dead by the time the honeymoon is over.

If you want to send flowers, send a live one in it's own pot with proper decorations. That way she will have it longer to treasure.

Don't forget the card no matter what you chose to send.
Reply:No, it's not customary to send flowers. She will be ordering lots of her own flowers for the actual wedding. It would be silly to send more flowers on top of that. If you can't attend, it's not customary to send a gift. But if she's a good friend, send a little gift as a token of your friendship. It can be small and simple, and send it with a note telling her that you're unable to attend. has some great wedding gift ideas that are affordable. Either that, or send a small gift card from the store where she is registered along with your note.
Reply:absolutely not! You send either cash, cheque, money order, certified cheque, gift cards or you pick a gift from the wedding registry.
Reply:It would be a nice gesture. You could also send any other type of gift, something you normally would have brought to the wedding were you able to attend. It's the thought that counts after all. :)
Reply:No it is not customary to send flowers although it is a good gesture. I am newlywed of 6 months. I can tell you that all I wanted were things that were on my list, money or a gift certificate. I did not want to recieve anything that I could not use. With the money that you are opting for flowers you can get a cheap card and put the amount that you were gonna spend on the flowers in the card.


How do I send flowers in Colombia?

There is someone in Medellin Colombia I'd like to send flowers too. All my google searches are showing me Colombian flowers I can buy here in the US. Anyone know of local places in Medellin I can buy flowers using my credit card and have them delivered to someone there? I don't think the currency makes a difference with the card.

How do I send flowers in Colombia?
I would try daflores. They are on time, the flowers are nice. (Not cheap, but nice) The boxed ones are spectacular. The 100 bud boquet wasnt that impressive.

I use them regularly to send flowers to fam. in Colombiia.
Reply:Send poppies. They know what to do with them there.
Reply:If the ditance is a problem then you can buy them locally in a flower shop near where you are delivering them (via website or phone) and this will be cheaper as you don't need to spend a lot of monry on sending them, even if you need to pay extra for the currency change.

Can you tell me what to write to this girl im sending flowers too?

I saw this gorgeous girl near my friends appartment, we have been textning for sometime, the furthest ive went is asking her name:( im pretty sure she doesnt have a bf per my friend has never seen guyz around her house

I was thinking of sending her flowers, can you give me some ideas or tell what to write when i send her the flowers...thanks

Can you tell me what to write to this girl im sending flowers too?
I saw these group of beautiful flowers sitting at this flower shop and thought to myself... this amount of beauty needs to be surrounded by so much more beauty and knew just who to send them to.... You!
Reply:say something short and simple. you can tell her she's beautiful, or that she makes you smile... dont write too much. she will be happy enough with the flowers, girls LOVE flowers.
Reply:"looking forward to getting to know you"
Reply:youve been on my mind since i seen you last **whenever ***

idk that sounds good
Reply:well if ur already in a relationship, u should deal with that first.


What to say when sending flowers ?

Im not sure what to say here... Im sending my girlfriend flowers at her work. I really like being with her and enjoy the time we spend together. We have been dating like once a week for 2 months.. and she seems really interested in me. What do you say to someone at this point in a relationship ? We are taking a vacation together in 2 weeks. What kind of flowers should I send ????

What to say when sending flowers ?
Do you know what her favorite flower is? No, do you know what her favorite color is? Then when you call the green house specify that you want a flower of that color. Tell her in the card that you can't wait till vacation comes, only two more weeks to go, sincerely ....

Can I send flowers to someone that works in an air traffic control tower?

I want to send my bfriend flowers on valentines day, but he works in air traffic control. Seeing as how this is a federal facility, I'm not sure what the rules are... anyone in ATC out there that can answer this for me?

Can I send flowers to someone that works in an air traffic control tower?
I am an air traffic controller. It shouldn't be a problem sending it to the tower as long as you know the address. Keep in mind we love nothing more than the chance to tease each other. He won't live it down. If you're still not sure, call the facility and talk to the secretary.
Reply:send him a bottle of jack and a case of beer instead
Reply:men dont want flowers for v day b elieve me
Reply:No.These are high-security areas in an airport. I think the FAA rules prohibit unauthorized civilian visitors without a security clearance to the ATC (Air Traffic Control) areas, including the tower areas. You would have to seek prior approval of your friend's superiors, and I don't think they would approve. You might be able to have a messenger leave the gift for him at an office somewhere; however, with new and heightened security concerns these days, I would not count on it.
Reply:send him the flowers just don't take his attention away from those planes!!
Reply:Forget the ATC...worry about his co-workers!!!!! If I were a man, I'd find it inappropriate and humiliating at work...especially in such a regulated setting! Keep those things private, dear!
Reply:You can send him snowflowers...since the clime is changeing...,so conusult a weathear sorccerer...
Reply:you could have some of those candy bouquets made. those would not require water and are an awesome valentines day gift.
Reply:I sure hope not. Won't that distract them from their duties up there?
Reply:Probaly not

My friend is in the hospital and I want to send flowers?

Whats a good company I can use to send flowers that dont cost a lot and that will send them to the hospital?

My friend is in the hospital and I want to send flowers?
Call your local florist if you call 1-800 flowers your just throwing yourself threw another middle man. I work for a flower shop and deal with them all the time they actually charge you a service fee to go straight through them instead of paying less to go through the florist. then your order goes to the florist anyways. if you call proflowers this could happen to you
Reply:I'd call a local florist or two and get quotes. The flowers can be delivered that day (if ordered quite early) or the next day. Web companies vary. Some ship flowers themselves and they arrive in a box! The recipient has to unpack them. Not good. Others deal with local florists.....the same ones you can call.

If the friend is in another city, you can use your local florist and they will order the flowers for you with a companion florist in the city.

Right now, Valentine's period, flowers are expensive, especially roses, red, pink and white. You can keep the costs down by requesting "yellow" type flowers (daisies or mums for example) and a disposable tray, not a glass vase...which adds a few more dollars to the order. The exception would be a bud vase which only holds a few flowers anyway.

If you want to look at flowers on the web:,,,

Delivery fee is about $10.
Reply:Try FTD
Reply:You could try Bouquet Express, its free delivery! They have good quick delivery time. Based on Holburn St.
Reply:any local florest, and if you have a credit card call the hospital gift shop they always have a display of flowers on hand tell them your price range and they and tell you what they have and take it right up to her room for you. and the money will go to local charity or to the hospitals childrens ward or cancer wards
Reply:Instead o sending cut flowers, which will die in a matter of days, send a green plant. Not only are they good for the environment, it will last a long time....something your friend can enjoy for years.

Call a florist in the town where your friend lives, or 1-800-Flowers.

When and how can i stop sending flowers to girl who i met recently?

i bring flowers everytime we met. she likes flowers, but i cant afford doing this for a long time.

When and how can i stop sending flowers to girl who i met recently?
so don't bring her flowers every time. and if she's offended because you don't bring her things every time you meet, then she's greedy and needs to work on that, and you should dump her. she should be meeting you because she wants to see you, not because she wants boost her own ego.
Reply:you can send her flowers anytime you wish .. there are no rules


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Reply:Just stop. Duh!
Reply:why dont you try to bring something less expensive. Its cool that you do that. And I'm sure she appreciates it, but man you gotta save some cash for dinner.
Reply:next time don't and if she ask why tell her it because you can't afford them at this time ....are she may not say anything
Reply:Just stop and think about it for a second. Does she give you presents every time she sees you? Probably not. Then you don't need to feel obligated to keep giving her flowers. She will end up taking you for granted.