Thursday, May 20, 2010

What can have delivered to my boyfriends work other than flowers for a surprise?

I want to surprise him with something b/c he sends me flowers at work, how can I return the favor.

What can have delivered to my boyfriends work other than flowers for a surprise?
send him a card. make the message sincere and loving, add a bit of cute, and he will be totally taken back. if he sends you flowers at work then i'm thinking he is a pretty alright type of guy and is appreciative of gestures.when he sees what you have sent (it's not the card but the message) he will be thinking 'damn, i'm a lucky man!'

now go and send him your love message and don't be diverted by any bars along the way!
Reply:What about stripper. True, depending on what he does for work he may get fired but he would still thank you. Report It

Reply:a gift basket with snacks and goodies!
Reply:Have someone deliver a spicy hot gift certificate that you made up on the computer with naughty messasge on it i.e. "The special person holding this certificate will be covered in hot oil and lots of kisses this evening after work!" Something like that! Make it juicy! Make it like and invitation, put a time, place and a RSVP with your number on it so he can call you and say, "Yes baby, I'd love to." : )

This should work for you! Try it, good luck!
Reply:Don't send him anything at work......just be there and pick him up from work and take him for dinner and a movie.
Reply:Send his and his co-workers a pizza party. Have one of the pizza's spell out in pepperoni "I Love You". Not only will he enjoy it, but he will be "The Man" in the office.
Reply:A nice expensive wallet or a watch. Thats what I will want my special other to gift me.
Reply:a card at his house and u in his offices with a coat and u only wear underwear for him or put a ribbon around Ur waist and say surprise
Reply:Invite the best Friends he have at home for a nice dinner (Surprise!!!)
Reply:have someone deliver him something he really loves. like a golf club, fishing rod, and such.
Reply:send him a naughty picture of you in underwear and tell him you have a special treat for him when he gets home.

The good thing about it is, you can send it to his phone.
Reply:Hiya. Send him some sexy underwear or massage oil tell him he will get the second part of his present when he sees you later!
Reply:Definitely a singing telegram during his lunch hour. You won't be there to see it, but I'm certain you'll hear all about it!
Reply:good pizza, call up with your credit card
Reply:email him a picture of you naked.... it will make his day and he won't gain weight
Reply:How about lingerie that you'll wear later that evening for him. Get the mood going early.
Reply:maybe someone who looks better than you for lunch break :)
Reply:Send him some ice cream:-)))))
Reply:A stripper
Reply:all guys love food. have someone deliver him his favorite food thats already paid for. when the guy delivers it, send a note telling him you love him with it.
Reply:a lot of the flower places deliver candy, coffee or nut packages. There's also balloons. There is also this site that delivers teddy bears dressed up in cute little outfits. I would also say why not flowers! I have read quizes and stuff saying that most guys would actually appreciate that. I would just pick more blue and darker colored flowers that would be more "manly"
Reply:a watch, a perfume, or a book that he likes a lot. Or anythin that ur boyfriend likes the most!
Reply:a trail... little things that each lead to other clues, and other clues.. and then find a pot of gold to put at the end of the rainbow.
Reply:Your panties...
Reply:pop corn
Reply:I once got pickes up at work in a red firebird by my recently new girlfried, who was dressed only in a towel. She said she was going to send flowers, but thought this would be better....
Reply:go to his work that would be the best surprise
Reply:a hooker i guess but not at work
Reply:Send him food. Men always like food. Works for me.

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