Saturday, May 22, 2010

My exgirlfriend has a 2 year old girl she is gonna be 3 years in 1 month i was thinking in sending her flowers

And your question is.......?

My exgirlfriend has a 2 year old girl she is gonna be 3 years in 1 month i was thinking in sending her flowers
If you send flowers to her for her three year old daughters B day it could be takin in the wrong way. I would send a gift for her daughter aswell. I have dated women in the past that have children and I still send gifts for B days and such there is nothing wrong with that. Besides it is always smart to never burn a bridge that you may need to cross again one day.
Reply:Well as considerate as that sounds...

Depending on why you two broke up and your friendship (if it exists) now, she MIGHT just toss them in the trash. Or does she have a boyfriend now...he might toss them in the trash.

But if you and she are civil around eachother and you feel like it's right...go for it if it's for the right reasons.

Even if you and the kid get must be okay with her mother before anything can happen.
Reply:I think that would be a great idea, if you are sending them to the child. Were you guys close? were you a father figure?

I remember as a child, i got flowers and i felt like a princess!!!

if all else fails and you dont want to cause prblems, send them to her without a card. she would never, know, but she would feel like a princess. and you would know withtin your heart what you did.
Reply:it would be really cute if u did....if u are still talking to the ex...then dont hesitate to send it.....but if u dont talk to her anymore....i guess u should still do it....its like, u obviously care for the little girl....u can maybe write a seperate card to the ex saying that u care for the little girl but dont want her to get u wrong about wanting to use the daughter to get back together....make it clear to her...
Reply:I think it would be cute as long as u are geniunely sending them to the daughter for her birthday with no other motives. If it is really just to wish the daughter a happy birthday, go for it. If u are trying to win the mother back by going through her daughter ... not a good idea.
Reply:What for if she's your ex? Is the kid yours? if not then let the dad do the sending of flowers... stay out of it..
Reply:not flowers. she is too young to appreciate them. a toy is best. one with a mirror and buttons. i have a niece that loves those toys. lol.
Reply:as a father of a daughter who just turned 3 i would not recomend sending flower maybe a small toy or doll but flowers would seem odd and a small child like that would have no use for flowers


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