Saturday, May 22, 2010

Do you think people like to give flowers as a gift?

Do flowers have any special meanings in your country?

On what occasions do your country's people send flowers to each other?

Do you know What are the functions of flowers at weddings and restaurants?

When did you last send flowers?

Do you think people like to give flowers as a gift?
In South Africa the Protea is the official flower.

I think all countries send flowers for the same reasons, usually for mother's day, christenings, funerals, when someone is in hospital, birthdays. Basically for any reason you want to.

The function of flowers at a wedding or restaurant is to beautify the room or hall. Also if it is nice smelling flowers, for the aroma.

The last time I sent flowers wer 3 years ago to my mother.

I don't send flowers, because it is extremely expensive and a waste. Flowers that are picked die faster than when they are still on the plant. It is cruel to pick flowers in my opinion.

I'd rather, and I do, send or give someone a plant. It makes more sense.
Reply:well people like to give flowers because its very cheap. but in minutes it will be in the bin. almost every country has a national flower india has the lotus. we can probably recognise a country by its flowers canada has the maple leaf. on a wedding or festival look quiet pleasant at weddings and restorants.

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