Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm thinking about sending my new boyfriend flowers as a surprise, just because. What do guys like?

Would balloons or one of those fruit or cookie bouquets be better? It's been years since i've done this and i'm feeling unsure. If you're a man, what would you like? and if you're a woman, what has your experience been in this area?

I'm thinking about sending my new boyfriend flowers as a surprise, just because. What do guys like?
i'd go for the cookie bouquets.

The way to a man's heart is his stomach. . or something like that, so i prefer the cookie lol. Yeah you should do it, it's cute. My boyfriend likes me doing random "cute" things too. He'll appreciate it (if he's the sensitive type of guy but dont worry most guys will appreciate things that their girl does for them). And do put a note too, something that will surely put a smile on his face :)

If he's not finicky about food, cook something and give it to him (if he's finicky, like many men are, he'll start to question your cooking skills)

If he reads, give him a book based on his interests.

Has he mentioned his favourite sitcom or movie? Gift him a DVD of a romantic film (no "Terminator" no matter how much he loves action flicks: that just ain't romantic is it?)

Is he a sports fan? Give him a shirt of his favourite sports team.

Well, these are some things I would like from my girl...if any of this makes sense please go ahead....
Reply:my husband would laugh if i brought him flowers,cant you cook him a surprise meal or take him out
Reply:give him urself i think he'll like that better
Reply:think about something he likes and relate a gift to that!
Reply:Get him food bouquet or make him a food he realy loves...The way to a good mans heart is thru his stomache and what is a little further south,if ya catch my drift....
Reply:nothing better than a woman in present you can give
Reply:you should not give him flowers cuz men give flowers to the girlfriends so it would be nice to give him a kit of shampoo and purfume (for men !)

hope this helped

Reply:Have you been intimate with him yet?

In my experience guys like being intimate with their ladies the best...

Buy some sexy lingerie for you as a gift to him :)
Reply:Send him a sex toy and say this is for you to use with me baby!

Reply:not flowers get him a hat or sumthing..... kiss him ....makeout with him deffenantly not flowers
Reply:uhhhh, no flowers. food is good. like something you make yourself.
Reply:flowers are so girlie no guy likes them. send him a nice bottle of booze or a pizza or a stripper gram anything but flowers or balloons.
Reply:I think a cookie bouquet is a great idea. You could get him flowers but i think he would have to be pretty sensitive to realyl appreciate/like them etc. I've just bought my boyfriend a belt (geez mens belts are so much more expensive than womens!) as he;s been saying ow his jeans are too big etc.
Reply:Um.. thats a big no no!!! Flowers are too corny.

Buy him something like balloons.

Just dont be so desperate or whatever....

be yourself.
Reply:Flowers would be great!!!! I would really like that.


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