Monday, May 17, 2010

Is it okay to send a man flowers?

I was thinking about sending flowers to my husband's office for Father's Day, but my step-dad thinks it is inappropriate to give a man flowers. So what do I send? A Jigsaw?

Is it okay to send a man flowers?
I think is cool just don't do it in front of his buddies (male ego) you know, but is cool, my fiance gave me roses once and I loved it, I was very happy with her gesture and gave her a Lil' reward afterward (if you know what I mean). Just don't give him a big ol' bouquet or something fruity like that, with one is enough, up to half a dozen I think is fine. I put mine in a bowl in my living room and made my house look alive, just make sure you deliver the roses yourself, and I will recommend you to wear some sexy lingery with it.
Reply:Yes, it is wonderful, ask the Florist to do something imaginative %26amp; masculine!
Reply:What ever you think is right for him
Reply:Depends on your husband. If you think he would appreciate and like something like that, then I would send him a small bouquet. Maybe add in tickets to a game, dave and busters, or something like that. If you don't like that idea, go with a small gift basket of things you defintely know he will like. Keep in mind that it's father's day, not husband's day. Hope this helps.
Reply:Yes, it most certainly is. I was married for 18 years. In that time we had many people over. I timed it just right to have them delivered, a more 'masculine' arrangement, in front of 'Everyone' and the note was romantic and he blushed, one of the ONLY times I ever caught him That off guard...and the room applauded...I simply stood there and said..."I love you..." and smiled.....*wink* ~ The Truth! ~ No holiday, or reason other than, I wanted to show him in front of our friends. It was lovely.
Reply:My gf sends me flowers all the time.
Reply:I disagree with your step-dad. It is a perfectly appropriate and wonderful gesture to give a man flowers. But the most important consideration is how you think your husband will react. Some guys love it, some don't. Some do, but wouldn't want them sent to their office because they might feel embarrassed. What do you think?

If you decide not to send flowers, think about other things he likes. What are his or sports or gardening or cooking or barbecuing (okay, also cooking, but a different category altogether!)? I once sent a boyfriend monogrammed golf-balls. A friend once gave her husband, who absolutely loves cooking, a wood-burned-engraved (it said something like King Bob of the Kitchen) utensil...I think a big spoon or wooden spatula. He loooved it!
Reply:Flowers may not be viewed as a masculine gift. I never really thought about that until a pupil about 7 years old told me that a pencil that I was lending him was a girls' pencil [i.e the pencil's design]. He insisted that I lend him a more masculine look-ing pencil.
Reply:A good ideas are YELLOW roses accompanied by a bottle of wine with a BLUE ribbon on them and a raunchy card.

Something like this
Reply:sure I think it would be great to have a little role reversal on this planet.
Reply:you can , I gave my husband roses and he was ok with it. if you look on line at 1-800-flowers they show gift ideas for guys
Reply:It is completly apropreate, but don't expect him to be nearly as excited about them as you would be, or as you would want him to be.
Reply:Go For It. I am sure he will LOVE whatever you send!!!

Maybe sending the flowers/plant in a cute Car, Truck, Golf Ball etc. Something that has MEANING for him/you.

Go into the florist or check some floral shops on-line to get some ideas first.

Maybe add a balloon for him.

Ahhhhh what do family members know???
Reply:I havent heard sending flowers to a man.
Reply:A truck load of cowliflowers.
Reply:instead of sending flowers, you could probably send a small pot plant like a cactus or other decorative pot plants....

Reply:i think sending flowers is a wonderful idea. send him roses -

a red one (symbolizing love) that represents you, and a yellow one (for fun and friendship) for each of your children. he may find it a little strange to begin with, but once you explain that to him, i have no doubt that he'll just melt. ;)
Reply:yes..that's what thoughts counts..
Reply:It's unusual..
Reply:Absolutely! I think it's a big compliment! Even a commercial recently showed a man getting flowers something to do with his helping people with their computers or something!

Send him a tie!

Maybe he's afraid of his inner self - you know the fem side. A homo phob.!
Reply:When my oldest son was a Senior in High School I had the flower shop deliver to him at school (on his birthday) a balloon,with a Card. He really enjoyed it,and it was not embarrassing for him as flowers might be. Have them deliver a balloon bouquet to him at work. He will like it trust me.
Reply:I think that's a perfectly acceptable thing to do
Reply:Absolutely it is okay and he will probably love it. Listen to your heart not your relatives ;o).
Reply:Yes, but only if he is Dead Dying or Gay.
Reply:"Inappropriate"? I think not. It's just that it's not done that often, but I think it's a wonderful idea, depending, of course, on your husband. Would your husband think it a unique, innovative idea? Follow your heart and don't listen to what other people (men) might tell you to do or not to do. If you think flowers are "too feminine" (which they're not), you could send him a plant -- as long as he has a place to keep it at his office.
Reply:do send only roses but guns too as it is guns and roses
Reply:I think that it all depends on a man. some men are "man enough" to recieve flowers and some men are not. If your step dad is a man with an open mind then i'm sure he wouldn't mind flowers.
Reply:If ya want

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