Thursday, May 20, 2010

How does one give/take flowers to a graveside service?

can i purchase cut flowers and just bring them wrapped?

Or will a florist deliver to the graveyard?

Or do i have to go thru the funeral services folks (that are driving the body to the graveyard in a hearse from a distant city)

There is no funeral or memorial service happening (there has been a viewing in another city)

I don't want anything socially awkward but i didn't send flowers to the viewing...The flowers are from a big group, my brothers, me, my mom; all our famlies.

I want the answer for what would be socially normal for american christians. the expected etiquette.

I know i can actually do absolutely anything i want.

How does one give/take flowers to a graveside service?
If you are going to attend the funeral / graveside service yes bring flowers with you to lay on the grave or casket.( if that is your thing..)

If you will not be attending the ceremony and would like to show your respect and condolences I feel that you should send the flowers to the family. The florist can deliver them to the house .. give the name and address details. As for having them sent to the graveside Im not too sure about that.. who is going to lay them for you?

Alot of times there is a request .. " in lieu of flowers a donation" .. to a charity of the family's choice... this is always nice and what I prefer to do.

I do this because of what my grandmother said before she died. " please dont bring me flowers when I die, Im not going to be there to enjoy them."

I still every so often bring flowers to her grave but its usually wild flowers that I pick out of the garden. Those were her favorites.

Flowers are a nice sentiment, but I would send them to the family to enjoy instead of to the grave to just sit there.
Reply:If you are making a trip to the graveside to show respect, carrying flowers would be appropriate. If you are not actually going to the gravesite, you can request a delivery by the florist. (Have all the, site #, etc. available for the florist).
Reply:Sometimes cemeteries have their own rules. If the funeral hasn't occured yet, the florist would probably deliver them to the funeral director, who would bring them along. If it's over %26amp; you want to bring them yourself, ask the cemetary what there rules are.

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