Saturday, May 22, 2010

How do you send V Day flowers w/o a credit card?

Hi, I'm in NJ and I want to send Valentine's Day flowers to someone in FL. The problem is that I'm not 18, so I don't have a credit card. How do I go about doing this?


How do you send V Day flowers w/o a credit card?
Go t o a flower store that is nationwide and place your order there.
Reply:Just go to your local flower store or grocery store with a floral department, they will take your order and you payment and contact either a store within their chain of stores closest to where you are sending the flowers or they will contact another FTD florist and handle the delivery arrangements for you. Happy Valentines, choose some beautiful flowers and something nice like a bumble bee to go in them so that your friend can keep it once the flowers are dead.
Reply:go 2 the mall and get a pre-paid creit card they work the same
Reply:find a site that you can pay with paypal. You can link your paypal acct to your checking acct. or you could ask your p's to put in on their cc and pay them back.

here...I took the liberty of finding a florist that accepts paypal:
Reply:Try a flower shop that's an FDT florist and has reciprocating flower shops in the town you're sending to, then go over there and pay for it.
Reply:you can do a search for a local florist in that city and see if they would take a check number or money order number over the phone.
Reply:Find a florist with a good reputation. Pick out an arrangement that you like. Then make sure they will take a money order. Have everything set up to where all they need is payment, then send said payment with plenty of time for the florist to receive it and process it. Typically around 5 to 7 days.
Reply:Go into a florist (almost all have affiliates in all states). Pay for the flowers, fill out the card, and they will be sent from a florist near the person you are sending them to.
Reply:18 year olds are allowed to have credit cards...
Reply:You can pay with cash at any flower shop and they will wire the order for you to a flower shop in FL.
Reply:Hi, one way to do is. go to wal-mart or a cvs store or whatever store like that out there and buy u a gift card or u can buy a pre-paid visa card. that way u can order it over the net, i do it all the time but make sure the card is visa and MasterCard because a lot of people only take visa and MasterCard. DO NOT USE AMERICAN EXPRESS is doesn't work all the time. Have a nice vday. hope that helps
Reply:go to a national florist chain, like 1800flowers, some florists will take your order and have you pay cash there and they will place your delivery order with another florist local to that area . another option is to ask someone you know with a credit card to help you out and give them the cash right then. but i am pretty sure if you go into a florist and tell them what you want to do, they will help you out

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