Saturday, May 22, 2010

How can i send flowers online? anyone know?

im trying to send flowers to a girl i live in tx. and she lives in illinois. is there a site to send flowers? any ideas?

How can i send flowers online? anyone know?
Reply:You should try Report It

Reply:I've used or, and it worked fine. I think it's cheaper, though, to google a local (Texas) florist, and charge it over the phone. Look into it.
Reply:Sure, no problem. Click on the link below. I copied the link that will take you to an offer for 10% off if you order today. My son ordered from them last week for my birthday:)
Reply:1-800-FLOWERS has a website, I'm sure, or even FTD florists. Just Google %26amp; go!, their products are great. I use them all the time and they ship all over the place. You even get a free vase with your order.
Reply:I don't know any flower wed sites or anything but that is so cute i wish i had a guy like you. I hope she likes the flowers if you do send them. could send an e card and/or have them delivered by or you can search flower delivery on google or (the biggest seach engine in the world...includes goolge,yahoo, and all that other stuff)
Reply:go to and et the phone number for the city and state she is in

do not go thru 1-800 or FTD they are not florists, just order gatherers and cost more money

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