Thursday, May 20, 2010

POLL: Do you consider sending a girl flowers to her at work impersonal or romantic?

I guess this one's mainly for the guys, but ladies can participate too! =D

POLL: Do you consider sending a girl flowers to her at work impersonal or romantic?
Reply:It's romantic!! However, everytime my husband got me flowers, he delivered them to my desk personally, I loved that!
Reply:I find that easy for me and convenient for her.Works out for everybody. =]
Reply:The times a guy has sent me flowers to work made me the happiest girl alive.
Reply:romantic. he´s not afraid to let everyone know he loves her. and girls looove it.
Reply:romantic. They like the fact that all of the other girls at work will be jealous.
Reply:It is not impersonal.

Ladies love getting flowers....and when they can show them off to their friends, it's even better!
Reply:depends on the occasion
Reply:Sending flowers is very romantic.

It's also very expensive if it's near a "flower" time of year like Valentine's Day.
Reply:depends who they're from!
Reply:ROMANTIC for sure....unless they are from your friendly local stalker!

I want someone to send me flowers at work!,,,but I'm still waiting - sad huh?
Reply:flower are always romantic. i want some flowers
Reply:It's romantic , but don't send a girl at work the very next day after you met her, on the card state, "I Love You" , that is big turn off. Nobody loves the next day after all they did was dance with them and take them home and got their phone number at home and where they work. I had that happen to me I received a dozen long stem roses that were beautiful, this person really didn't know me and that I love you was just plain silly and immature..
Reply:Romantic, nothing better!
Reply:romantic n thoughtful n sweet so yea
Reply:Impersonal or romantic. I go wit romantic. like the other guys.
Reply:Romantic :D
Reply:What girl wouldn't think flowers (delivered anywhere!) wasn't romantic??
Reply:It's typically a romantic gesture but I'm a private person and I'll give her flowers at home.
Reply:A VERY ROMANTIC GESTURE, and I think more guys need to do it to show their appreciation to her!!

id like it at work too though

u know to rub it in!! lol

Any gift that is from the hart is romantic i think if you care for a girl so much that you should allways send her a Romantic gift eather it be a box of chocolate or a bouquet of roses or a 20 year old bottle of Chardonnay but besides that i think love should be shown not given in small gifts
Reply:I've gotten flowers from my boyfriend at work %26amp; thought it was romantic..And I even sent him flowers one time..even though he didn't like it much, I'm glad I did it atleast once. O=)
Reply:Hate to disagree with the rest. But I'm a girl and I find it impersonal. It's so embarrassing and makes me look foolish. Sorry, if you want my heart, deliver me a pizza at work.
Reply:since i rarely get flowers it would be romantic whether a home or at work

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