Monday, May 17, 2010

Im sending flowers and need something romantic to put on the card. any ideas?

I've given flowers to men with great success before. Though it's typically considered a masculine thing to do, sending flowers, men actually appreciate the gesture. On the card, just write something simple and heartfelt such as "Thinking of you." or "I love you." If it's from the heart, that's all the matters.

Im sending flowers and need something romantic to put on the card. any ideas?
try cupids and hearts and the put your best perfume on the card
Reply:how about,

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Flowers don't stink,

And neither do you!

Wow! i just made that up! pretty good, eh?
Reply:these flowers are as beautiful as you my sweet but just the pure sight of you makes my heart soar into the clouds.without limitations without barriers,without end my love for you grows daily. my dearest love my love grows for you each and everyday as wide as the sea as deep as the deepest rivers. it strength cannot be matched by any other thing.our love is the purest and strongest love of all.
Reply:give me some details on the reason behind sending flowers and Ill write ya a nice romantic poem.
Reply:I agree with Green Eyes - I've been married 15 years and have never sent my man flowers! I have, however, sent other things significant to the occasion and simply put "I love you - Happy "fill in the blank" day! No need to get wordy on a card that strangers will see. Say those sweet words face to face!
Reply:No offense but why are you sending flowers to a man???? Shouldn't he be sending flowers to you????
Reply:I'm not a big fan of a woman sending me flowers.

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