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Can I send flowers in the mail?

I live in Georgia and my girlfriend is going to be in Colorado for a couple weeks and I want to send her some flowers. Is there any way I can do that? Same-day air is wayyyy too expensive to send out but I was looking to use priority mail (3 days) so is it possible?

Can I send flowers in the mail?
Usually any of the flowers by phone vendors have a variety of options for sending, some quickly - more expensive, some not as fast - more inexpensive.
Reply:Look in the yellow pages. FTD stores can send flowers almost anywhere in the world. Mail is a bad idea as they'd be in bad shape by the time they got there. Your girlfriend can get fresh flowers sent right to her door.
Reply:Using a Floral service such as Tela Flora or FTD would make you both happier. You can choose the arrangement from pictures and the flowers will be made up in the closest location and delivered.
Reply:Well here in the UK we have an answer to that problem - we simply go to a local florist and tell them what flowers we want sent to who and where they are.

The shop then uses a network (interflora is a big one here) to contact a florist shop near where the receipient is - and it is this second shop which actually delivers the flowers with a card printed to your requirements - so the flowers never actually go through the mail and are delivered fresh and new on the day you order them if you wish.

Do you not have something similar where you are - it has been around for 50 years or more here.

I've built a flower site that you can send flowers direct from local florists worlwide

You should be able to take advantage of cheaper postage rates with advance warning AND you can shop by price just pick the bouquet or gift you would like sent to her.

Sending flowers to GF at her work for Valentines?

I have been with her a little over a month. I am going to be gone during Valentines so I was thinking about sending her flowers at her work. Do you guys think it is a good idea?

Sending flowers to GF at her work for Valentines?
You'll score many brownie points with that one! very thoughtful indeed.

Girls love getting flowers at work. It's not only confirmation to her of your feelings, which takes out the agonising guessing as to how you feel about her, but to have it confirmed where other people see it too just makes it all the sweeter.

Nice one bruva.
Reply:yah! thats sooo sweet! She's going to feel so special, it thinks its a great idea!
Reply:SURE! You can just go to for great gift ideas, reviews of online forists and fancy chocolate/cookies. Those things are traditional because the majority of ladies love them! There's something sweet about a guy who sends his love flowers and chocolates. The link above also offers other gift ideas too.
Reply:That's the sweetest thing.

I'm sure she'll love it.
Reply:It's a good idea. But everyone in the office will be jealous. A dozen roses would be great !
Reply:You can never go wrong with flowers. Girls loving getting flowers no matter what day it is; but especially on V-day.

Go for it!
Reply:That works.... but its cliche! Try thinking of something creative that will highlight some good moments you two shared. Or maybe get her something she said she has always wanted. It will let her know you listen to her when she is just rambling, but it will also be something more meaningful than flowers.
Reply:Yeah, I think that's a great idea..sending her flowers. Maybe write a note and send it along with the flowers. Hopefully she will love them.
Reply:that will be a great valentines gift! i would love that!
Reply:Are you guys official? Sth tells me that it may be a bit early in the relationship to do that? Too much too soon? Unless you have known her for much longer than the 1 month you have been dating.

What’s the least expensive way to send flowers or gifts to the Philippines?

I am planning to spend at least $30 and I would prefer to send a bouquet of flowers or if you have any suggestions? What online site could save me some bucks and it should be reliable?


What’s the least expensive way to send flowers or gifts to the Philippines?
There are actually lots of sites online now for sending flowers and other gifts to the Philippines. Is your minimum budget $30? If so you'll surely find lots of gifts and floral arrangements to choose from. Here are some sites you might want to check out before you finally decide which one to use:

I would have to say that among the three, the first site appears to be the cheapest. Their products look lovely and some of the gift items are quite cute. Hope you find the perfect gift!
Reply:Where in the PI are you sending to? The best way would be to find someone here that you can have go to the local flower shop and get the bouquet for you. Then deliver the flowers to whomever you want to deliver to.

I live here in Mabalacat, Pampanga, so if it is near to where you plan to send it to, contact me... I will be happy to do it for you since I am always out and about anyways.

(I know, kinda odd that someone is actually offering to help. Most people get surprised nowadays that total strangers are actually kind. I don't know, I am just like that. I am always willing to help in any way possible)
Reply:I think LBC.. try check there.

What is the least expensive way to send flowers?

Would like to send flowers to a friend in a hospital in another state. Is it more expensive to call my local florist or should I find a florist in another state, or should I go on-line? Thanks!

What is the least expensive way to send flowers?
Go on-line and find a florist near the hospital where your friend is and call them directly. Any time you involve a middleman it is going to cost you extra. Using FTD is really a waste of money nowadays. is THE BEST site for flowers and delivery. My gosh, I bought 2 dozen long-stem roses for $59. Anywhere else in the whole universe would charge you atleast thrice that. Report It

Reply:Pluck off the garden and give it...heheheheh, JK....there are many online flower dealers, you can surely get good deals if you look in this cyber world.


How can an American send flowers to a girl in Paris?

I want to send flowers to my girlfriend in Paris for her birthday(February 12th), but I live in Miami. We're both teenagers, so that might rule out a couple of solutions. Any ideas?

And if possible, I would prefer to send her something small, not enormous Bouquets.

How can an American send flowers to a girl in Paris? the biggest company for flower deliveries in France... almost all florists belong to this group. there's an english version of the website.
Reply:1 800 flowers 125,00 USD gonna prob be at least 100 bucks
Reply:Call 1-800-flowers. They can tell you how.
Reply:yeah just go on a flower delivery website in france and give them the adresse and voila!!!!

Sending flowers to someone in alberta from montreal?

my gf lives in alberta and its her birthday soon but i live in montreal

i figure the least that i could do for her birthday is send her flowers..but i live in montreal so i didnt think it was possible till i thought what if i called a flower shop near her and told them to send the flowers to her but how would i pay for them?

is this even possible?

pleasseee tell me anything you know, its really important to me

Sending flowers to someone in alberta from montreal?
Hey, Many of the top online floral shops deliver flowers internationally especially the USA and Canada. You can do it all online right now!

Go here. Book mark it in case you need to use it again.
Reply:I also live in Alberta. What part of Alberta are you wanting to send flowers to? All you have to do is go through a florist in Montreal and pay for the flowers there. They will allow you to pick the arrangement and tell them what you want on the card. They will contact the florist here and make it up and get it delivered for you. Lucky girl!!

Will sending flowers can affect her job?

my g.f is a waitress and she is not feeling well i am thinking sending her flowers at work to appriciate how hard working she is but i dont know if i should because she is working in a restaurant. i dont want her to get embarrass or something akward like that. or even worse get fired. lol. i odnt know her manager that much so.. what should i do??

Will sending flowers can affect her job?
I'm sure she won't get fired. She'll most likely love the flowers. I don't recommend 1800 flowers or any wire service. Your best bet is to walk into a flower shop.
Reply:do not sent anything coz being a waitress is always bz....might turn out bad.Cheers
Reply:Meet her and give her the flowers yourself. It'll mean more to her than getting them at work when her mind has to be on her job.
Reply:I don't know why a manager would get annoyed about someone getting flowers but your gf may be embarassed. There is a tiny chance that the flowers may not go down well with the boss. If you are really concerned maybe have them sent to the house or meet her after work with flowers instead, that way you have no issue and have the same effect. :o)
Reply:Why do get the feeling that you might be checking up on her..

To me it's like you do not trust her or trying to spy if she is having an affair at work or something...

Or either I'm lying about you and just love her madly.. well if that's the case... There is nothing wrong with admiring/spoiling your babe time en again... So sending her gifts at work wont be a problem at all.. In fact send her a whole bunch...(xxxx)
Reply:I just can't imagine anyone ever getting fired over somone sending them flowers.

When sending flowers across the miles for an occasion...?

Like a new born baby...

How much is a decent reasonable price to pay?

When sending flowers across the miles for an occasion...?
Go to the FTD website and look at the pictures, then see what the extra cost are. How much do you want to spend. Maybe you should just send a card with a check in it.
Reply:flowers are nice but I'm sure the family could use something different. Why not just send a nice card and follow up with diapers, bottles, some part of a christening outfit, a hat and booties set or a quilt.

You don't really send flowers across the miles. You order it local and they wire, email or phone the order to the nearest flowershop to the receiver, and that's why the extra cost.

Way back when I used to send flowers for $25 all the time, these days it depends where the flowers come from and how inexpensive they are (they may be coming from overseas, yeah, seriously).
Reply:A decent reasonable price to pay is in accordance to what you can afford. There are arrangements in all different prices. Only send one that you can afford. It is the thought that counts, not the amount.
Reply:It all depends on what kind of flowers you are sending. I prefer to send something like a plant that will have staying power. However, for a newborn baby I don't send flowers. I usually send a gift card or something practical. If you do go the flower route you will spend at least $50 with shipping charges.

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Sending flowers/Champagne to Stockholm, Sweden?

I am trying to send some Champagne to a friend for New Years eve. I have looked at Interflora, IFlorist etc, but they will only supply flowers and I particularly wish to send Champagne! I have looked at the main department store web sights in Stockholm with out any joy. Can anyone help me. Thank you

Sending flowers/Champagne to Stockholm, Sweden?
Why are you not buying the Champagne and pack and mail it. You need to make hurry, Dec.31 is the last day from 2007.

Happy New Year...
Reply:Google 'champagne online'...there's lots to choose from....even personalised ones

I kind of ruined my plans for sending my gf flowers and i live long distance.what can i do now?

like now if was too send flowers it would be no surprise. cuz it would be stupid cuz she already has in mind that im going to send her flowers soon or later now since she knows..what can i do?

I kind of ruined my plans for sending my gf flowers and i live long distance.what can i do now?
You can send her a care package with little things that she likes. Such as her favorite candy, book, cd, lotion, anything like that. I've been in one for 4 years now, he lives in Germany and i'm her in California. My bf sends me hand written letters in the mail which are great because i like getting something personal from him. you could record yourself on a DVD and give her a message that way she can see you. you can send her a teddy bear with a nice necklace or bracelet. one thing i did for my bf is i bought him a shirt that i really liked for him and i sprayed a bit of my body spray that i always wear on it. When he got the package he smelled it and he said it reminded him of me, he really liked that (you can even put it on the bear). Hope i helped. Good luck :) let me know if you have anymore questions

Sending flowers, what do i write on the card?

i plan on sending flowers to this girl i like for her birthday. we are not dating yet, but almost. what should i write on the card?

Sending flowers, what do i write on the card?
Happy Birthday, can I take you out for dinner or movies/lunch coffee/ice cream, etc.
Reply:Happy Birthday .....can't wait to see you

Love ........( your name here)
Reply:something like..."I saw these and thought they're as beautiful as you are. Happy Birthday" or something to that effect. It will flatter her and make her smile and just might get you an "in" to the whole dating thing.
Reply:hope this finds you having a very good time on your birthday

just thinking about you
Reply:HHMMMMM Happy Birthday.
Reply:Will you wear my ring? Ring pop?
Reply:sorry I've tried to strangle u :)))
Reply:Happy Birthday. Thinking of you.
Reply:"Happy Birthday! These flowers remind me of your beauty"
Reply:well thats prettty daring. if you send her flowrs its gonna be out in the open that you like her so maybe ask her out on a date in the card.
Reply:Maybe something along the lines of, I hope you have a great birthday and spend it with the ones you care about most...then you know how she feels if she chooses to spend it with you :) Or send her a compliment, like These flowers are almost as beautiful as you, Happy Birthday. Either one is sure to get her, even if it is a little cheesy ;)
Reply:happy birthday and ask her if she would go out wit u
Reply:Just Because.
Reply:something sweet for a sweet girl!!
Reply:Something slightly sweet, not some gushy poem...but let a little bit of your feelings out

Can you save flowers just for a couple of weeks without sending them off or using professional products?

The flowers are from prom. I dont plan on keeping them for years and years, so I dont need anything spectacular. I just want to save them for a few weeks. I also am not willing to send them anywhere. So dont tell me to. All I want to know is if there is anything I can do to preserve them temporarily. Thanks :)

Can you save flowers just for a couple of weeks without sending them off or using professional products?
spray them with hair spray
Reply:Dry them out in a warm airing cupboard.

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Sending flowers (envío de las flores) Cochabamba Bolivia?


My girlfriend is currently living in Cochabamba Bolivia and I want to send her some flowers (flores) for the 3rd of June. Does anyone know how I could arrange this, also I'll like a written message on a card also. Websites, phone numbers.

My spanish is really limited... so english answers would be prefered.


Sending flowers (envío de las flores) Cochabamba Bolivia?

Sending flowers to your husbands work?

Would it be stupid or silly to have a single rose with a teddy bear sent to your husbands office for Valentines Day? Something simple, nothing fancy. How many men would be flattered by this and think it sweet or would it be silly and would you be embarrased?

Sending flowers to your husbands work?
men wouldbe publicly embarassed and privately very very pleased. they may confess their delight to best/ family friend that u had sent flower(s) and a teddy bear signifying hugging.
Reply:I always sent my husband a flower with a teddy bear for valentines day to his work and he enjoyed it
Reply:I have heard many men say they are flattered by flowers. However, if you are still unsure, I have placed an order for a cookie bouquet for my boyfriend. You can choose your theme and the price is based on how many cookies are in the bouquet. You should check it out... I think at check out you can add things, like a teddy bear( not totally sure). Hope you have a great Valentine's Day! And remember he will like anything from you, because you put thought in to it.
Reply:i think my husband would be embarrassed. you might have them waiting for him when he gets home.
Reply:What he wants from you. Is for you to wear his favorite outfit or nighties. The smell of your scent. His favorite meal and probably make-love to you. GOD BLESS. My husband is a romantic and still , doesn't want cards , bears. A video game would really turn him on . ( cause he's a gamer) .

Sending flowers to my mother and taking to a lunch with the family?

its a good idea ... but what about dady

Sending flowers to my mother and taking to a lunch with the family?
okkkk sooo what's the question! i dont get it!

Iam sending flowers to my Best Friend (She). What would be the best message to send on card?

Do I need a reason to send these to you? You are my best friend and I love you. Thats all.

Iam sending flowers to my Best Friend (She). What would be the best message to send on card?
Dear _____,

Just a little something to say how much I appreciate our friendship. I know you're working so hard right now, and that makes me even more proud to be your best friend. Thanks for always being there, for loving me, for never letting anything come between us.

Lots of love, forever __________
Reply:What occasion is it for? Just because?

I would say thanks for being my best friend and put in some stories of your times together.
Reply:The best message is without any doubt or question a message that contains your own personal thouights and no one else can answer your question any better because if they did it would be like cheating you out of a Hallmark moment.

Just leave out the word nantucket and youll be fine.
Reply:why are you doing this? well whatever its for put that and then say what a great friend she is and stories of things yall have done
Reply:No matter the occasion for the flowers, she is your best friend, so think of the reasons why that is, and then, write what comes to mind. Quotes are always a great way to express your thoughts too. If you were a little more specific as to WHY you're sending the flowers, I could help you with one. (what kind of flowers are you sending?) Jen

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What are alternatives to sending flowers for a funeral?

Making a donation to charities the family has designated, or in some cases money can be donated directly to the family to help cover any cost left on medical, and funeral expenses.

What are alternatives to sending flowers for a funeral?
Donation to a charity of the family choice
Reply:If you know the departed had a strong interest in a specific charity or cause (such as the united way or space exploration, etc.) you could make a donation of money or time in memorial. You could inform the family by sending a card:

"In honor of Frank, and in hopes of continuing his good work, A memorial donation has been made to the Salvation Army in his name. "

Some Charities will even send the notification or card on their own letterhead.
Reply:I once heard someone got a fruit basket but flowers to me seem the only thing appropriate. Especially, if you just lost a loved one, I doubt you feel like digging your face into some fruit.

Sending flowers for valentines day, need help with the CARD!?

Im sending my gf flowers at work for v-day and Im having trouble coming up with anything to write on the card. Its a little tough because its our first v-day together and so I wanna keep it funny and light you know...ideas?

Sending flowers for valentines day, need help with the CARD!?
Okay,you want to make her smile and have all her workmates sayng 'Ahh ,he sounds lovely,keep hold of him :)'

I suggest

Just to let you how special you are to me.

Happy valentines Day

keep it simple but meaningful .

good luck
Reply:dont say anything about let this be the first of MANY MANY years to come - that'll scare her off.

say: Luv from .... not Love not yet

What is a good message to write when sending a girl flowers just because?

I cant think of anything witty or remotely romantic to write on the card when I send my girl flowers for no reason...any ideas?

What is a good message to write when sending a girl flowers just because?
1st off props to you for being thoughtful.. something many many guys aren't so you already have points right there. Say something sweet really it could be anything point is she knows you're thinking of her which is the main thing. if i were you i'd just say something simple like have a great day i love you.. these are beautiful but you're 1000000 X MORE beautiful.. i'm lucky to have you etc.. like i said, anything.. just so long as you mean what you say :-)
Reply:You could just send a simple message such as "A little something to brighten up your day the way you have brightened mine since you came into my life."
Reply:Write "just because! X"

What is a nice way to thank someone for sending flowers?

when you are just beginning to get to know each other?

What is a nice way to thank someone for sending flowers?
Let the person know how much you like your gift of flowers. It sounds as though they really like you. You might consider treating the person on the next date.
Reply:cards work. emails, txts, or even phone calls, if they are the type to be comfortable with that
Reply:Spend some of your money on him for a change
Reply:Ring them or text them straight away and tell them how much you like them and thank you so much. Never feel that you need to buy something in return, this is just a lovely jester on there part.
Reply:say "thank you"...and maybe give em a kiss....
Reply:Bake cookies

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Sending flowers in the Phils ?

I have a friend who lives in Quezon City and I want to surprise her with flowers on her birthday in September. I noticed on the Manila Times website that there are different companies like "Mahal Gift" and "Gifts2Pinas" that deliver flowers and gifts to places around Metro Manila. Can I trust sending flowers by one of these companies ?? Just because I live in Canada, but I want her to have a nice surprise on her B-Day. What do you think ??? I don't to use this company if there products are in bad condition or stuff like that.

Sending flowers in the Phils ?
My overseas friends use all the time, you can definitely trust them. I've received quite a number of gifts purchased from their website. Here is their website:
Reply:Consider a mixed bouquet of daisies, lilies and wild flowers. This mixed bouquet is appropriate no matter what the occasion. Perfect for the "New" relationships. It simply lets that special someone know that you are thinking of them. A local florist can deliver the flowers to your recipient with a message card.

Someone need a pick me up-

A basket of Flowers or a flowering plant with a teddy bear is just the right touch to brighten someone's day! Perfect for someone who is having a bad day or doesn't feel well.

True Love-

Roses can represent many things. Red Roses have been long known for their association with LOVE. But don't feel confined to just red! If you know she likes pink, then send her 1 dozen pink roses. For special occasions, such as Birthday, Valentine's Day or Anniversary, make more of an impression by sending a spectacular 2 or 3 dozen roses in a vase. To be unique, send 2 or 3 dozen of a more rare flower, like calla lilies:) WOW! Add balloons and a bear for a real surprise!

When in doubt?

Ask the florist. They are the experts! Tell the florist what kind of personality your recipient has. Maybe even what colors they like. With your sentiment in mind, they can recommend the perfect arrangement. Read more tips :

Include a Message?

Always include a message with your flowers. Even if it is simply, "From, John" or "Love, Phil ". It can be very frustrating to some people to receive a gift without knowledge of who sent it. Simple sentiments like?.. "Just wanted you to know I am thinking about you today" or " Thank you for being you" are appropriate. Of course, If the gift is being sent for a particular occasion, mention that. For example, "Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman- With Love, John ". Perfect! Simple and Sweet!

Add something special-

Florists often have many things that can be added to your floral arrangement to make it extra special. Plush Animals, Mylar and Latex Balloons and Chocolates are just a few of the items that can compliment your floral gift!


Remember to order early before busy holidays, especially Valentine's Day! Most florists suggest ordering a week before if possible. This will ensure a better selection of flowers and timely delivery to your recipient.


Don't order your flowers through a call center! These companies charge you a fee to process your order. Even if they tell you that they don't charge you fees, they will absorb a portion of your money, and then pass the order on to a local florist at a decreased value! Make sure you order your floral gift directly from a real local florist in the town you are sending them to. No Middleman, No Extra Fees! This will ensure that you get the best value %26amp; service! Your floral gift will be beautifully designed for presentation. Very impressive! Read more tips :
Reply:try and give them a call if your indoubt..
Reply:I suggest that you check with your local florist in Canada. Usually florists have some international organization, I forgot the name, in sending flowers worldwide...instead of going through those cheap advertised flower shops....Price may be steep but the quality of the flowers and the arrangement are good..not to mention the delivery. There are several flower shops here in the Philippines that are member of that florist organization like Beecheaves, Holland Tulips, Rustan's Flower Shop, etc. Hope it helps and good luck...

and many more
Reply:There is always risk but i suggest that you ask for photos of actual flowers delivered and a picture of your friend accepting the flower. I got one friend who used to deliver flowers in the Philippines being order from various countries and she does take pictures to prove the delivery.

How long should you wait before sending flowers after a fight where your girlfriend says she needs space?

the next day...don't wait too long for her to think in that space

How long should you wait before sending flowers after a fight where your girlfriend says she needs space?
6 month.
Reply:Details on the fight? I would wait til she starts talking to you again before sending flowers. By waiting I don't mean sitting by the phone waiting for her to call and then getting mad if/when she doesn't call. Just do your own thing for a while and if she calls back great go to her with your flowers you're just dying to give her, if not then just move on.
Reply:You can do it right away because maybe she was mad at something you did. The flowers willprob.,make her love you again and also send the type of flowers she loves..... That always works!!!!

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:i think you should respect her and give her the space she asked for
Reply:For the rest of your life.
Reply:Well, coming from a girls point of view, flowers would be awesome, but at the same time, they may piss her off. If she needs space, maybe you should wait until she calls you, or shows signs that she wants to be in contact. Flowers is a good idea, just not right off the bat. Wait a day or two if she doesn't try to contact you.
Reply:NEVER! Your girl is trying to get rid of you, hence, the reason you had the fight in the first place.

Back off and leave her alone. Don't send flowers to someone who doesn't want to be with you. And if you're saying, "She does want to be with me," then why is she asking for space?

I am sure there is somebody you know who would much more appreciate those flowers.
Reply:When a girl says she needs space, that's as much as saying 'ADIOS'.....
Reply:as soon as possible
Reply:You can never do it too soon.

Don't seen millions and millions of flowers, but sending flowers is always better than not sending.
Reply:The next day and everyday after with the flowers being more wilted each time just like your love will be.
Reply:As soon as they can get them there.
Reply:You don't send any; when she is ready to get back with you she will come to you.
Reply:Until she cools down and since you know her and i don't you be the judge you don't want the flowers in the trash.
Reply:you should wait for about a day, give her the space she asks for, then send her flowers with a nice card!!

thats really sweet :]

I really need an alternative to sending flowers?

I really need to apologise to my ex (who i want back). She needs space right now. And i should by all rights be sending her flowers. I unfortunately cant afford this. I really want to send something though, has anyone got any ideas for an alternative?

I really need an alternative to sending flowers?
if she is asking for space,then that is what you give to make yourself feel better,send a card,explian how you feel,send it and wait.
Reply:A heart-felt card is probably your best bet if money is an issue. Regardless of how much you spend on something, the meaning and intent behind it is always more important. Be genuine and honest. If she needs space, be sure to give her that. Don't call and make sure she got it, just put it in the mail and let it be for a little while.
Reply:Send her a cookie gram or balloons. It might seam childish but I think she might smile.
Reply:Just Cruise Down to her 'hood one day and tell her you

got a suprise for her on your cell phone. Grab an empty

pot with plants in it and fill it up with dirt. start picking all

the flowers off of the floor and stand them up strait. Knock

on the door, and hold the pot with both hands behind your

back behind you and when you get inside reveal the gift to

her. Her own pot and her own flowers.
Reply:get a guitar or a guitarist and play in front of her window.
Reply:A card is always nice... you can check on they're actually WAY WAY WAY cheaper than other places so maybe you'll be able to find something in your budget?
Reply:If she needs space, you shouldn't send her anything. But, if you must, send her a teddy bear.
Reply:Yea you cheap bastard send her and email
Reply:Write her a letter. Not an email, not a post-it. A real letter then let her have her space.
Reply:just steal some from people's garden..don't forget to pick and run FAST
Reply:Heart shaped pizza??
Reply:The problem is that anything is about as expensive as flowers when you have them's the delivery fees that get you. Buy an inexpensive floral arrangement, put them in a vase and deliver them yourself to her home or office. You can just leave them at the front step/desk if you don't want her to see you.
Reply:A love letter! You can google love letters and see examples of some of the most famous ones from the greatest writers around. (Don't copy them though, just use them for insperation). You ex-girl will love it trust me. If you write it yourself and express your inner feelings for her, it will go over better than any flowers, candy, perfume or jelwery ever would.
Reply:write her a pewem about what you like about her! what made you want to go out with her

let me know how it turns out but dont be masn about it!

Why is sending flowers so ridiculously expensive?

I wanted to send flowers to my crush at his job. I looked online and geez...Why on Earth is it so pricey? I just wanted to send 1 rose and it costs $50? Does anyone know what I can do for a reasonable price?

Why is sending flowers so ridiculously expensive?
Because flowers are a big business and get used for tons of things. I would not send flowers over the internet again not only because of the price but also because you have no control of the handling or the quality of the flowers selected.

I sent my wife a dozen roses for Valentines Day. They were delivered at 9 am and sat on her company's loading dock for a couple of hours with no water. When she got them at 2 pm they were beat up and wilted. I was pissed. I called the company and got my money back.

The best flowers are available from a local florist. Next year I'm hand delivering them myself.
Reply:because people in love are crazy

and the florist takes advantage of that
Reply:its so pricey bc they know ppl will spend the money to say i love you or to send to a funeral or wedding.

Theres one thing I told my husband when we got married.. dont buy me real flowers.. buy me silk ones or ones made out of diff materials.. when he asked me why i said,, well they are cheaper and THEY NEVER DIE! well he saw my point and buys me silk flowers instead of real ones..
Reply:Because the florists know women adore flowers and that is what men are desperately wanting to do to woo their desired women. It's a ripe off!
Reply:Three reasons: gas prices, fragile merchandise, fast expiration. It's easy to ship a box of ink pens, it's harder to ship something that can't be tossed on a truck in a closed box and shipped over the span of a few days.


What is the stance on sending your boyfriend flowers?

I screwed up with my boyfriend and cannot get him to speak to me so I would like to send him something as an apology. Most things that I see would be teddy bears w/ flowers. Does that look bad?

What is the stance on sending your boyfriend flowers?
yes it does everyone will think he is gay(nothing wrong with being gay but i am pretty sure he doesn't want to look that way) send him a box with a music CD and junk food and an apology ex girl sent that to me and i loved it
Reply:Eh... I wouldnt send flowers. Id send something he could use, like pizza or a video game. Something OTHER THAN flowers, I think that only works on girls.
Reply:I get my hubby flowers delivered on most occasions and just because sometimes, he's gotta have a since of humor though
Reply:Please don't send me flowers - take me to dinner or something. I don't think I would really like flowers.
Reply:if he doesn't want them i'll take them. i like bears and flowers =P
Reply:send him a cake with an i am so sorry on it
Reply:Send a pizza with gum drops spelling "I'm sorry."
Reply:Depends on the guy, and also on where you send it (he could be embarrassed in front of others)...but either way, it could be touchy. Why not go a bit different and send him a Cookie bouquet (Cookies By Design comes to mind), or something really different. And do you have to send it or can you give it to him yourself with your sweetest smile?
Reply:Send him a letter. It works.
Reply:How old is he? The teddy bear may be to "kiddie" but flowers are fine...every guy I've known that ever got flowers thought it was kewl.
Reply:I would not go that route.

Let a few days pass (cooling off period) without contact. Then go over and ask to speak with him. If he lets you in, great. If he says no, then he's no longer your bf and it's time to move on.
Reply:Edible Arrangements is good.
Reply:No, My wife sends me flowers all the time, and I love to get them, they make me feel special.
Reply:that looks guilty...give him time to cool off...

Dont call no more until Monday and act like nothing happened
Reply:i sent my husband a dozen roses for his birthday and he LOVED them!
Reply:I dont think I'd send him flowers. however, do you have those teddy bear making places where he lives? They have cool ones a guy might like, for example, if he likes superheros, they have superman and batman ones. Lots of other things too. That might be a little better. it also depends on how old he is...

What's a good website for sending flowers?

I'd like to send flowers online, but I don't want to pay too much. Any recommendations?

What's a good website for sending flowers?

you can find some nice ones every so often, but be prepared to at least pay $30. There are also nice chocolates and stuff you can send :)
Reply:Well, you have two excellent ones already, and
Reply:use 1800flowers, OR google the city where you want to send the flowers to and find a florist that has a website directly to order from Most larger cities will have florists that can do that.
Reply:I dont know where to send real flowers, but i know you can send virtual flowers on this site.
Reply:Someone hit the nail on the head above. Save yourself time (and money) by searching for a local florist in the area you want the flowers delivered and then call them directly. That way you avoid the fees associated with "wiring" flowers. Meaning you are cutting out the middleman and paying less in the end.

Some online florists charge a handling fee of 10.00 or more just to take your order. Then, they skim money from your order to make a bigger profit before sending your order on to a real florist.

Sending flowers to a funeral? Please advise. When I send the flowers to the funeral?

I want to send them to the deceased's Mother. Or the entire family of the deceased. I only know the Mother. Is this correct? If not how should I do it? Thank you for any and all advise. P.S. the deceased is young , about 22 yrs old.

Sending flowers to a funeral? Please advise. When I send the flowers to the funeral?
I would send them addressed to the family of the deceased.

The florist you use should be able to advise you of the proper addressing of the card.
Reply:The florist should be able to let you know the proper way to do this.I personally feel that sending flowers is a waste of money.Why don't you make a donation on behalf of the family,perhaps to the charity related to whatever caused the death.All the flowers they recieve will have to be taken home and they too will die...who wants a reminder of yet another death?
Reply:Contact the funeral parlor where the service being held and verify the best time to have them delivered. Once you have this information, contact the local florist (the funeral parlor might have one they deal with regularly) and then call for arrangements telling them what you want to order, when and where to deliver. On the card you simply either write your name or if you're sending on behalf of your entire family state "from NAME Family". Do not personalize or address the specific card like "Dear Cindy or Mr %26amp; Mrs So-and-So".

It's simply the thought that counts.

The family will make arrangements with the funeral parlor a head of time on what to do with delivered floral arrangements for during and after the service. It's really low on their priority list (all things considered).
Reply:Direct your note to your friend and family.
Reply:I'd send a plant to the mother's house. Flowers will be dead in a week...she's had enough death.
Reply:Now a days more people are getting away from sending flowers and donating (in the deceased ones memory) to a charity instead. I'd do that and then if you still want to...send flowers to the Mother's house.
Reply:I would address them to the family "with my condolences" and sign your name and followed by something like "Friend of [her name]"

Another meaningful thing that you can always do is to make a donation to a charity in her name that may have been close to her heart or serves a group that she was passionate about. The charity will send the family a card that makes them aware that a donation was made in her name. These types of lasting and impactful gifts can mean more than flowers in many cases.

So sorry to hear about your loss.
Reply:Looks like everyone has great answers, but another thing I was thinking of was maybe planting a tree in his/her memory at mom's house? Since flowers die and donation money is spent ...
Reply:write the mothers name and then include "and family".

When sending flowers to a funeral do you send them to the deceased or to the family?

and how do i send them?

When sending flowers to a funeral do you send them to the deceased or to the family?
To the family and yo may bring them or have the florist bring them by
Reply:To the family. It means more, imo, unless you were close to the deceased person.

If you are sending them to the deceased person, put them by their grave; you know how it is.

If you're sending them to the family, then personally deliver them and say, "I'm so sorry for your loss." or whatever you feel is most appropriate. Hand delivering them shows that you actually care. Anyone can find a site online to have flowers sent to them, but only people who care would hand deliver them.
Reply:To the family of the deceased. Tell the florist to help you fill out the card. They do it every day. They will probably write like 'for the family of jane doe', etc. But be sure to review the card and okay it before leaving the flower shop. And order in person. Too many people handle the order when you do it online and things get left out down the line. And you pay about 25 percent more ordering online than if you go to the florist directly.
Reply:... in my own opinion, the deceased could not accept the flowers for obvious reason.......but you are sending the flowers to the loved ones left behind to show that you are comforting them in their time of sorrow...... you are there in case they need something for support or comfort....
Reply:Usually you would send the flowers to the family of the deceased as a token of your sympathy for the situation. You could have them delivered with a note, or for a more personal way go and deliver them yourself.
Reply:a lot of people unfortunately died in my family. usually we have one rose each and we give them to the dead person when they are in the hole. u cud give them to the family if u want.
Reply:to the family with sympathy .. look up the funeral home online n it usually says how to send flowers and things ...
Reply:the family of : deceased's name

my reptiles

I am interested in sending flowers to a very special male friend of mine in Australia. Any ideas?

This question is for anyone from Tasmania who could recommend a nice flower shop which would offer something worth my money since I am sending it half way around the

I am interested in sending flowers to a very special male friend of mine in Australia. Any ideas?
If you have a major credit card you can have them delivered by visiting
Reply:Save your money, or better yet buy yourself some flowers. Send yor friend some candy instead.
Reply:One of the most sexiest things a confident women can do for the man that she is thinking about. It shows that you know your stuff in the relationship department and not afraid to show it. Just dont over do it. Keep it simple it will have him thinking for weeks to come.
Reply:Send him a combination of roses and tuillips.
Reply:Try FTD
Reply:call 1 800 flowers

they send world wide
Reply:Call Interflora - they'll put your order through to the best local florists anywhere in the world.
Reply:Good, sound's great... go ahead.

Question about sending flowers?

im in nJ, and want to send flowers to my aunt.

I only have $30 to spend that included shipping.

do u no anyway i can buy flowers on line to send to her for $30 MAX.. it seems everywhere i look, it add up to at least 40. i cant afford 40, oNLY 30

Question about sending flowers?
Go to an FTD flower shop or call one and tell them you can only spend $30.00.

They will look in their book and find something they can send for that price.
Reply:Flowers, much like your aunt, are going to die. Keep your money, and send your aunt a card.
Reply:well, I found this website...

Only 19.99 before shipping. Maybe this will work?
Reply:You can also try You are sure to find flowers for under $30 dollars. There are flower deals and discount from various flower shops.

Good Luck !

Everyone deserves a nice bouquet of flowers
Reply:I recommend you to send flower arrangments anywhere worldwide including USA at

I found for a total amount of 29.00 US Dollars the following arrangement

- All major credit cards accepted

- Service Fee 9.99 / No Tax / No Delivery Fee
Reply:Or try this one:

I need some suggestions on sending flowers?

I'm thinking of sending flowers to a crush. What kind, color, how many should I send. I want to keep it annonomous but give a hint to whom I am. I am pretty sure he will know that I sent them. Any suggestions on what to put in the note would be appreciated, thanks.

I need some suggestions on sending flowers?
Believe me, guys don't like flowers..

What will be the appropriate wording of the greeting when sending flowers to a colleague getting married?


in that, choose the wedding category..........they have gud lines.....u can copy that

What will be the appropriate wording of the greeting when sending flowers to a colleague getting married?
Reply:Congratulations! wishing the both of you all the best for the future.
Reply:For God's sake don't do it!!
Reply:may heaven's choicest blessings be showered on the newly wed.
Reply:What about

Wishing you every happyness on your special day


Congratulations and good luck for the future.
Reply:traditionally you say congratulations to a male and best wishes to a female. They say that the male is lucky to have found a female willing to put up with him, so you congratulate that, whereas you wish the female all the best in putting up with him!

It is true, I am not making it up, even if it IS fun to say!
Reply:mazel tov
Reply:Wish you a happy married life.
Reply:Best Wishes, Respectfully..NN
Reply:Just say Congratulations.


What do you think about a grown man sending flowers to his mother on Valentines Day?

What is wrong with that? I can't send either of my parents flowers as they are both dead but when my dad was alive I always made sure he got something for Valentines day. Just to make sure that he knew I loved him, No matter what.

What do you think about a grown man sending flowers to his mother on Valentines Day?
aaaaaawww now you KNOW better than to ask. every woman is gonna think that's the sweetest thing ever!!
Reply:thats sweet
Reply:it's the minimum to do
Reply:That's sweet.
Reply:sure. why not? i think its nice of the man to show his mother that he cares about her
Reply:It's sweet! Moms should get flowers more often!!!!!
Reply:If the grown man is single, and has sent flowers to his mother, then he would no doubt be a good catch, and would probably give you the same respect if he became your man.

A grown man showing his mother that respect is a good sign in today's world.

I am not saying that there are not other Red flags, but this is a definite Green Flag!!!
Reply:i think thats very lovely and a cute idea, shows how much they love their mother!
Reply:I think it's a wonderful thought and gesture and if you are that man, I hope you did send some flowers. You're not going to have your mom forever, so celebrate your love for her while you can.
Reply:It's wonderful! Some day she will be gone and he won't regret anything.
Reply:I think it's a great idea. I would love flowers from my son when he gets older. Valentines day is showing about showing your loved ones you care. Kids love their moms so it's a great idea.
Reply:I think it's a great idea %26amp; this way she can enjoy her flowers and gloat that her son sent her flowers.
Reply:Why not?! It's a nice way to say "I love you" to special people in your life.
Reply:i think its very sweet
Reply:I think that is an awesome idea and I wish my children would have thought of doing that for me.
Reply:I suppose some will say that your a Mo ma's Boy or it's Gay, but I think it's a lovely thing to do. For who was your first love but your mother?

She bore you for nine months and took care of you until you left the nest. A mother's love is the strongest love there is. Only a real man would acknowledge there mother on this day.
Reply:I think it is wonderful! She brought him into the world and guided him into being a fine person. Moms should not be forgotten at 21. There's only one, real Mom. She's irreplaceable. She's made many sacrifices in her life in order that he have every opportunity to succeed. No matter how old we are, when things go awry, we always want our mothers. Next to God, her's is the first name uttered in sickness, stress and on the battlefield. To forget your mother is to leave a bright spot in your life behind. There is an inner spot that only Mother's can fill. Hurrah for the man who honoured his mom and himself by buying her flowers on Valentine's Day. I love you, Mom.
Reply:if my grown son, now 26, even sent me a card I would be impressed. that is so lovely
Reply:i think that is cute
Reply:its sweet!
Reply:I think it's a grand thing to do. If my mother were still alive, I'd send her flowers, too.


CALL ME 555-5555 :) LOL
Reply:That sounds like a very sweet and appreciative gesture--I hope my children will still remember their dear old mother when they are grown men.
Reply:Sweet...should just tell them though that they are for mom so there is no romantic tie-ins...
Reply:After all the things your mother has done for you , it is wonderful to give something nice back, and women love flowers from anyone. I think it is endearing and wonderful for a man to send flowers to his mother. It will make her day knowing that you appreciate and are thoughful enouph to remember her!
Reply:i hope i raise my son like this. that's sweet. as long as he's not crazy. like, cradles himself to her bosom every other day for comfort.....(hahaha)
Reply:I think its very sweet. ♥
Reply:That would be very sweet. I'm sure she is gonna love getting flowers from her son. No matter how old you are, you'll always be her baby boy. :-)

Sending flowers to mom-in-law in SORRENTO, ITALY. How do I find a phone # for a florist in the city?

Aiello Antonio

80067 Sorrento (NA) - 216, CORSO ITALIA

tel: 081 8073808

Fasulo Olga Fiori E Piante

80067 Sorrento (NA) - 18, PIAZZA TASSO TORQUATO

tel: 081 8781263

just ask if you need more, contact me.

Sending flowers to mom-in-law in SORRENTO, ITALY. How do I find a phone # for a florist in the city?
I would use Teleflora- their service can wire flower orders around the world to a flower shop near your mom-in-law so she can get them right away.
Reply:i believe Interflora florists can send flowers anywhere in the world.

try and see if they deliver to that city.
Reply:Go to you'll get any info you need.
Reply:ever hear of information?

I need some suggestions on sending a crush flowers?

I'm thinking of sending flowers to a crush. What kind, color, how many should I send. I want to keep it annonomous but give a hint to whom I am. I am pretty sure he will know that I sent them. Any suggestions on what to put in the note would be appreciated, thanks.

I need some suggestions on sending a crush flowers?
Flowers to a guy ??? oh boy ...., better get the candles out while your at it !

doesn't matter what color they are .. I'm sure he will like them if they were weeds from a garden.

( lol)

Etiquette question about sending flowers to recently deceased:?

Is it "OK" to send flowers or plant of condolences to a family member who just lost a loved one. Do you send the flowers to the house or to the funeral home?

Etiquette question about sending flowers to recently deceased:?
You send flowers to the people.
Reply:Yes, it is okay to send flowers but to whom are you thinking of sending them?

If the deceased was a family member or close friend of yours you could send flowers to the undertaker.

If you are trying to convey your condolances to the living send to flowers to that person. Keep the flowers simple and tone on tone as loud clashing colours are not appropriate.
Reply:That is a very nice gesture on your part. I received lots of flowers when my husband passed away, but the ones I treasure the most are the houseplants I still have. I look at them each time I water them and remember the time I got them. It reminds me of my husband in a very sweet way. It is appropriate to send them to the funeral home OR the home.
Reply:It's a very nice gesture, and you can send to either the home or the funeral home. It's a good idea to ask the funeral home where the family is getting the flowers for the casket, because that particular floral shop can help you coordinate so you don't get the same thing as anyone else.
Reply:It is ok to do either. Letting them know that you care is the purpose. However, you can send them for the calling hours and they will be there for the funeral too, then the family usually picks out the ones that they want from there and takes them home.
Reply:I always had them sent to the funeral home with the person's name it goes to on the back of the card. If the funeral is over, then just have them sent to the home. Nice gesture always. :)


What is the protocol for sending flowers to a funeral viewing?

When to send, how to address card

What is the protocol for sending flowers to a funeral viewing?
Send on the day of the viewing. If I am close to the family I put some thing more personal like, "We are so sorry for your loss. She will be missed. Your family is in our prayers." If I don’t know the family well and still want to express my sympathy, something simple like, "In Loving Memory." Put some sentiment that might help the family deal with their loss.
Reply:Get a contact number for a family member who is in charge, or the funeral service business itself. Hopefully they can give you an address. Contact a local florist, give them your order, and put them in touch with the contact person to arrange delivery. The earlier you do this, the better.
Reply:send them right away,some very beautiful flowers with a card saying(sorry for your loss.)

Im sending flowers, i need ideas for what to write in the card, Its a Sympathy card?

My bfs half brother died today and i want to send his mother flowers but im unsure what to write in the card. We arent close, barely talk cos im shy.

Any ideas?

Im sending flowers, i need ideas for what to write in the card, Its a Sympathy card?
You don't have to say much. Any family that has experienced loss knows that it is hard to know what to say. Here is a suggestion:

Dear Mrs. ........(fill in the blank)

I am so sorry for your family's loss. You are in our hearts and prayers during this difficult time.

Most Sincerely,

your name.

Here is a website with some additional good suggestions:

Don't be too shy to send a card or flowers, that would be a lovely thing to do.

What to write on the card when sending flowers?

This person has had a major operation and is now at home resting.

What would you write on the card?

What to write on the card when sending flowers?
"I Wish You a Quick Recovery"
Reply:it depends on the occasion...if your sending it in a patient in the hospital write get well soon...

to your love one...take care..hope you like it
Reply:Speedy recovery .Many more years .You are a good fighter.My family and I wish you a good recovery.
Reply:just to let you know im thinking of you,

hope you get well soon,

keep your chin up

and stay strong,

Reply:Very Best Wishes for a speedy recovery...
Reply:i am waiting for you to get better so we can do things together again.
Reply:Get better soon.
Reply:I wish you a quick recovery, and help you feel better soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God Bless You today and always,

I think this is pretty good!
Reply:My thoughts are with you during your recovery.


I pray for a speedy recovery for you.


I am thinking of your during your recovery, here is to hoping you get well real soon!
Reply:"i/we wish you all the best for a speedy recovery"
Reply:just write down something like get well or something like that.

or just something that you would usually send to make them feel any better.
Reply:If it's someone you don't know too well, just send best wishes for recovery. If it's a really good friend, then maybe write something funny - but not too silly, because you don't want them to pop their stitches!
Reply:every day you will get back to being the wonderful person you have always been. gods healing hand be upon you.
Reply:depeneds on relation ..

gentle thoughts during these difficult days .

is from webbie

and get some ideas from whats written on them its good
Reply:how you have a fast recovery and everything gos fine
Reply:We wish you a quick recovery.

You are in our thoughts (or prayers.)

let us know if you need anything.

and your name.
Reply:Wish them a speedy recovery and let them know you are missing them (if you are!) and looking forward to seeing them soon.

Cheers :-)
Reply:because our intrested
Reply:I hope it's a big card to fit my words!

"My thoughts were with you during your surgery and I hope these flowers bring some comfort to you as you make a speedy recovery."
Reply:Any 'get better soon' or anything along those lines will do just fine.
Reply:The old line 'Get well soon' just about sums it up.....or any similar message.
Reply:Geez the things you'll do just to get a little attention... If you know them well

Hope your feeling better very soon.

What do you think of sending yourself flowers, especially for valentines day?

What do you think of sending yourself flowers, especially for valentines day? I know i will not be getting any, and I do love they way they look on my desk. But am i just being pathetic to send myself flowers AND let people believe they were sent to me? What CLEVER excuse should I say when they ask who they are from. (not married or seeing anyone)

What do you think of sending yourself flowers, especially for valentines day?
Yes, to me thats pretty desperate. If you really just liked flowers for flowers sake, then you would be bringing in flowers all the time, and likely not having them delivered in for people to see you receiving them. Do you really need attention that badly?

Anyway, if you insist on doing it, maybe you should say that they are from your Parents, who always like to remind you how much they love you on that day. That way, when the next work social gathering arises, people wont be asking you about where the guy is that sent you flowers.
Reply:I did it once! My friend and I sent floer's to ourselves. Hers was home and mine was at work.(I have a bf now) I got so sick and tired of everyone bragging about what they got, so i decided to send myseld floer's, which nobody got! Boy did i feel good!! Treat yourself to a box of chocolates and a eat it while you are watching a sappy love story with a box of tissues!!! Grab your dog or cat! HAPPY HEART DAY!!
Reply:Why the heck shouldnt you get flowers? And its none of thier business who they came from really. Just have them put " a secret admirer" or Just a big question mark on the card. That will get them talking -wow come to think of it the question mark might not work - that would create too many times you might have to lie. Just use the secret admirer - if they ask just say you think it was guy you met last summer or when you went on vacation or somewhere besides where you actually are.

Happy Valentines Day!
Reply:Whatever makes you smile. Some girls get pedicures, you send yourself flowers. Tell them they're from the person who gave you your best orgasm (which is probably true LOL).
Reply:I think you are too worried about what other people think of you and your relationship status. If you want to put flowers on your desk, then go buy some at the grocery store or florist. You don't need to have them delivered because then you are trying to keep up appearances. Honestly, in the end someone finds out and you look sad and pathetic. There is no clever excuse. People can just end up laughing at you, feeling sorry for you but it is mostly because you went to such an extent because you aren't happy being alone.
Reply:Sounds okay to me. The sender could be an 'anonymous admirer'.
Reply:i should do that cause i know damn well my bf would never think to do that....i think im going to buy myself everything i want on valentine's day just incase my bf doesnt get me anything i can say that i got something anyway lol and no its not pathetic.... just say that the flowers are addressed from annonymous and have no clue who sent them!!
Reply:How about an anonymous admirer from Yahoo who decided you deserved flowers on Valentine's Day?
Reply:If it makes you feel good then do it, but if it makes you feel pathetic then back away.
Reply:Sure, why not send yourself flowers, once in a while? This is almost like masturbating. Will people make fun of you if they found out? Yes, of course, but who cares about that if you are getting some enjoyment out of it? Besides, who's gonna tell?

I'd say go for it. Have a great Valentine's day. I'll be thinking of you on Valentine's.
Reply:Just say you dont know who they are from..I'm sure everybody wont be getting flowers so if you dont do it dont sweat it
Reply:Tell them that you got them for your self beacuase you can do that for yourself. And I would say that I want to feel good for one day. I have a bf and sometimes he dose not get me any thing so I meet send flowers to myself beacuse Im a good person and that would make my day for myself.And if you like flowers then there should not be a big deal about. It says that you love yourself dont everyone say that to you when you grow up.
Reply:Ideally one could reply to this with, "who cares what they think?" but we all know this isn't always the easiest to consider in our lovely modern society.

Typically speaking, there's nothing wrong with sending yourself flowers, especially on Valentines'. If nothing else, as a flower-fan this is one of the best times of the season for specials, discounts, and free extras with orders! You *could* simply go purchase them at wholesale florists for a lot cheaper and get just as good an effect, however, if you're leaning more towards smiply having fresh flowers for the ocassion.

With regards to clever excuse, there's nothing wrong with just smiling and saying "it's a secret." You could simply tell the truth - that you were in the mood and wanted to take advantage of the specials (should this be the case). If you're overly concerned with someone else's interest of your flowers,'s not necessarily their business if you don't want to admit that you just wanted a treat for the big day, anyways. :)

Happy Vday~

shoe horns

Which way is fastest and safe payment for sending flowers to Kaliningrad (russia) from manhattan,NY?

I checked some online stores but it didnt seem to me safe. I live in manhattan. I want to send flower to Kaliningrad(Russia),.Actually i prefer to go store and make arrengments overthere but if you recommend any website that you tried, it could be also great.

Which way is fastest and safe payment for sending flowers to Kaliningrad (russia) from manhattan,NY?
I have used: (my preferred, because their price and service is great) (yes, the deliver to Russia. Their selection is more pricey, but they have a more "upscale" selection) (I used to use these people a lot, but their service is not what it used to be)
Reply:1-800-flowers. Call and ask if they deliver to Russia

When sending flowers after a death what do you write on the card?

My Aunt is in hospice care and has been given 3-4 days until she passes. I want to send some flowers to my Uncle but I dont know what to write on the card. I live in another country so I thought this would be the best way to send my sympathy without actually being able to be there. The only problem is that I have no idea what to write on the card when they are being sent. She is so loved by my whole family, but what do you say in a card without sound impersonal?

When sending flowers after a death what do you write on the card?
Please accept our/my sincerist sympathies in this difficult time.

Our/my prayers and thoughts are with you.

Then, include a personal, happy memory of your Aunt to make everyone smile for a moment.
Reply:Thinking of you...from our family to yours!
Reply:Write it to your aunt...

"To my Dearest Aunt Susie....My heart and prayers are with you and Uncle Stan at this time and I do wish I could be with you. You shall always be in my heart and soul, a loving part of my life that I shall never forget. With much love and respect, your niece, ..."
Reply:Don't make it a condolence card and make the flower arrangement as cheerful as possible. Address the card to both your aunt and uncle and express your regrets for not being there in their hour of need. Remind them of happy times you shared with them and how they are always in your thoughts.
Reply:Instead of sending flowers which do not last for long, send a card with a few of your memories written down and then add that you have given a donation (what the cost of the flowers would have been) in your aunts name to a charity that they may have felt strongly about. If you can't think of one then a research group might be best. This will do more than flowers that wilt and die too soon.

My prayers are with you I just lost my brother four days ago and we asked for donation to his favorite charity instead of flowers for his funeral.
Reply:Just tell him that he is in your thoughts and prayers, and maybe mention a personal memory of her that means alot to you.
Reply:If the card is to be included with the flowers just put tell the florist to write on the card "Deepest sympathy from your nephew ... " . Take the time to buy a nice card and write a personal message on it and mail it to your uncle .
Reply:I am very sorry to hear about your Aunt. With certain strong emotions such as love or grief, it is often difficult to find the right words to express ourselves to others...

So, it is no wonder when faced with a situation where you must find the right words to express your own emotions and attempt to offer some comfort to someone else at the same, that we can find ourselves at a loss...

When I was very young, I lost my father and I can say that from personal experience, certain "sayings" or poems felt trite and insincere such as "God picks the most beautiful flowers for his garden!"

I would say that sometimes saying little actually says alot....

"My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time."

"Aunt Jane touched all of our lives, she will be missed."

Below is a site that offers some suggestions.

Best wishes to you and yours...

How do I go about sending flowers to someone in the hospital?

I have a friend in the hospital who just had surgery and I wanted to send some flowers (he's a guy, but I don't know what else to send). I thought I'd order from the 1-800-flowers or somewhere like that online....what instructions do I give in order for them to be delivered to the hospital?? I've never done it before. Thanks!

How do I go about sending flowers to someone in the hospital?
I have worked 4 years as a florist so I will be happy to answer your question. First of all is your friend in a hospital locally? If so go to your nearest florist and pick out what you would like and have them deliver it. If it isn't local, you can still go to the local florist and they will call the florist closest to his hospital and have them sent. You can also see some arrangements such as an FTD bouquet or something that they have done and tell them you want something like that. They can tell the other florist what you want as florist try to keep a variety on hand to duplicate arrangements shown in books. Of course some flowers may not be available due to seasons like tulips. They will often do it on the spot , but sometimes not, but you will know exactly what it is going to cost for the arrangement, the delivery fee and the wire fee. You just pay the local florist and the florists work out payment amongst the two of them. They are the go between and want to make you happy too. You can order from 1-800 flowers if you wish. They will have photos of arrangements on line. You would give them info on where to deliver and pay by credit card.
Reply:The flower place will know what to do. I'm sure they've delivered there before. Just make sure you get his room number to give them. You can get that information by calling the front desk at the hospital.

You should take them in person, I'm sure he'll appreciate it even more.

You could also send one of those cookie arrangements from or some other food gift basket. Guys love food lol.
Reply:hospital name, address, room number, name of recipient.
Reply:here in uk that is banned now.

infections an all that garbage!
Reply:Normally theres a gift shop in the hospital sweetie. Go there..... they have lotssss of flowers and chocolate and cards.

What is the best web site for sending flowers internationally?

I wanna send flowers to my friend who broke leg?What is the best web site to send flowers?By the way this is gonna be international.Place is in Brazil....

thanks for help

What is the best web site for sending flowers internationally?
I would look on the net for a local florist with whom you can place an order over the internet. My father in law was recently very ill while they were on holiday in India and I googled 'florist Dehli' and very easily found an amazing site which was local to Dehli and accepted card payment over the internt. My Parents in law were thrilled, and you get a lot more for your money using a local company than an international company, I imagine. We got them an enormous arrangement for less than £30, and it was really fun to see the different way they present flowers. Your friend will be so happy to receive them. One of the real wonders of the internet to cheer up a friend so far away!
Reply:Just Google " Interflora"
Reply:Contact any Interflora florist. They can handle worldwide as they have members worldwide.

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Sending flowers to Hawaii..any suggestions on where to order from?

I would like to send a plant or some flowers to Hawaii. Does anyone have any suggestions of a decent place and fairly reasonable?

Sending flowers to Hawaii..any suggestions on where to order from?
You might want to also check

They've been very reliable for me. I don't know if they do Hawaii, but it's worth a look.

Mostly, I wanted to respond so I can say I like your name!! ;)
Reply:look up a florist in H.I. you will pay more if you order more from your local florist, I was a florist and I know this to be true. you will get the full amount of flowers you pay for by ordering from a local florist in H.I. look up "find a florist" on the web and put in the city and state you are trying to get them delivered to. hope I helped
Reply:I personally would see what I can get from and in my price range. My reason is you can see what you are ordering. If the delivery isn't up to par you have something to compare with in your complaint.
Reply:In Hawaii
Reply:I find it best to find a reputable florist very near the address of the recipient and call them directly instead of using something like 1-800-flowers or FTD or something like that.

Look on the Internet for reviews of florists in that town. If you have a dollar amount budgeted for the flowers or plant call the florist and tell them what you have in mind, describe the occasion, and ask what they can provide.

The flowers and plants in Hawaii are wonderful. You should be able to order a beautiful arrangement or a lovely plant that will grow in that climate.

What is the etiquette for sending flowers to a church if there is no visitation?

A friend of mine has passed and my husband and I would like to send flowers. There will be no visitation the night before-just the funeral at the church Saturday morning. My question is should I send the flowers to the funeral home to arrive the day before or send them directly to the church the day before? I don't want to create more work than necessary. Just need some input please.

What is the etiquette for sending flowers to a church if there is no visitation?
different places have different ideas on the matter. i would think to send them to the church. give the church rectory a call and see what they might want you to do. that is what i did in that situation when my brother passed.
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Reply:Usually when a family requests no visitation they also request that either a donation be put in the deceased's name, or you send flowers to the grave site. It would be best to call the funeral home and get the specifics for sending flowers with no visitation. Thank you and GOD bless.
Reply:Don't send flowers--donate to a good cause in your friend's memory. For example, if she died of a heart attack, donate money in her memory to the National Heart Association. Chances are, she'll probably have many people giving flowers, and the church will be so packed with them, yours might be lost in the shuffle. It's nice to remember your friend this way, but what happens to cut flowers? They die. However, that $50 or $75 you spend on a donation to a worthy cause will never die. As a matter of fact, it may just save someone's life.
Reply:Normally, if there is no wake or viewing, then the proper thing to do is send the flowers directly to the family's home. The only time it is proper to send it to the funeral is if it is a proper funeral spray. What you should really do is ask where to send the flowers to, if you get no response, you should send them to the house.

Why would you send flowers to a funeral home if there is no viewing?

Sending flowers?

my gf just left for the summer and i wont see her for a while, so i thought i'd do something nice and send her some flowers, is there a good place where i can order them online and have them sent? any suggestions?

Sending flowers?

or go online to the yellow pages and look up a local florist in her area and call them direct....