Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is it ever too early in a relationship to send her flowers?

I am dating a wonderful young woman, who I have known for awhile. We have been going out now for only a week. She has a very stressful major, and has a next couple of really hard weeks coming up with her college work, and her job as an RA. I was thinking to make her feel less stressed about her classes and job, I would send her some flowers. My question is this, is it ever too early in a relationship to send flowers? I don't want to come off as coming on too strong and chase her away. I feel her and I are right for each other and I do not want to lose her. We get along wonderfully as a couple. What should I do?

Is it ever too early in a relationship to send her flowers?
Sending her flowers is a very high class way of communicating that you think the world of her, just make sure the card is, thinking of you, hope you have a good week :)
Reply:Yes, flowers almost never go wrong. it's a nice gesture from guys that shows they're sweet and caring. Heck, on my first date a guy gave me flowers. Report It

Reply:if you want to do it . cant nobdy stop you it's your choice to make . woman love flowers and we think it's sweet okay
Reply:Send her flowers, but not roses. Send them with a note saying that you were thinking about her, and that you just wanted to brighten her day.
Reply:I think if she is stressing about her classes and her job, she would like you to support her, and by sending her flowers, that would just make her delighted. It would let her know you care about her and maybe she'll be less stressed.
Reply:Send her flowers but, with a card that is not super mushy, just with maybe a smiley face...
Reply:Personally, I thinks its NEVER too early to send flowers.

But if you stay together for a long time, don't forget that if she liked it early in the relationship she will like it later too!
Reply:Send the flowers with a casual message that states that you hope she has a great week. keep the number of flowers to a minimum after all you will want to give more flowers down the road. What a nice gesture.
Reply:sending her flowers is a great idea because its letting her know that u care...
Reply:wait to the first day that she has a test or whatever and just surprise her.. it will make her feels special and extremely happy.... but it's never to early
Reply:No! It is never too early to send a woman you have feelings for flowers. The woman herself doesn't even NEED a reason to receive them. Flowers are the best way to tell a lady friend 'Hey, have a great day; I'm here for ya'. Send them to her at work, it has the best impact.


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