Monday, May 17, 2010

Is It possible to have a bouquet of flowers sent to my house for my mums birthday?

I've never done it before though so i dont really know what to do- do i just look for a florist in the phonebook? much would it cost?

Is It possible to have a bouquet of flowers sent to my house for my mums birthday?
Marks and Spencers online do delivery to most the UK, at better priced than Interflora.

Just follow the link and chose what you want, they ask for your details, and you type the message you want to put in the card.

Prices start at 20 pounds.
Reply:If you live with her, just go to a florist and pick it out yourself. Much cheaper and more personal.

Get a vase if you would like or just bring them in stems.

Write what you feel about her on the note.

If you want to get them sent, there's too many options. Ask a friend if they have a florist they like or just order it over the internet.

The trouble with sending flowers is that they can send substandard flowers when you've paid for the best quality.

Who would ever know?
Reply:It certainly is possible! And a very sweet idea! Since you've never done this before, I'd say visit the florist. Tell them what you'd like to do and ask them to help you. Cost is usually based on size, type of flowers. If you get a "fancy" container it will cost more but if you'd like Mum to have a keepsake as well, go for it! They do arrangements in china tea cups and all kinds of containers!

Wish Mum a Happy Birthday!
Reply:yes it is possible.

if ure mum lives near u, then u cud go to a florist in ure area. and all u do is give them the address you want them to be delivered to.

its really simple..

it can depend on the prices, although, the bigger bouquets are obviously more expensive.

but u can have these things where they put flowers in little baskets and things like that.

its worth asking the florists about.
Reply:If you do it on the phone you need a credit go to the nearest florist in your town and arrange it in person then you can pay with cash.
Reply:go to a florist and they will make a bouquet for you and give you a price before they make it up , 15 quid approx . start to whatever you like .
Reply:Don't you have a local florist? Like when there is a funeral, where do people get their flowers? Phone book is the best way to find it.
Reply:Of course, people do this all the time.

Just call a florist and compare prices.

It probably ranges from £15-£100,000!!
Reply:yes you can my dad does it for my mom.
Reply:any flower shop that does delivery will take them to any house if its in your area intreflora is all over the country so they are more likely to send anywhere

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