Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sending flowers !! which website can i get CHEAP -$40 roses/flowers sent to someone.?


Sending flowers !! which website can i get CHEAP -$40 roses/flowers sent to someone.?
google..... promotional flowers
Reply:Don't use the internet to send flowers. Use a local florist. Make sure they have an actual location. Many listed in phone books don't have a physical location, they are just middlemen making a fast buck.

"The Internet makes it easy to order the crappiest, overpriced bouquets"


Would sending flowers to my ex- girlfriend with a note that says just because, and not signing it be wrong?

since she is now dating another guy? I dont want to break them up but i still think she deserves it. ( I heard her saying how it would make her day)

Would sending flowers to my ex- girlfriend with a note that says just because, and not signing it be wrong?
That would be fine...except she'll never know it was you. She is going to assume it is the guy she is dating now, or that other guy that she wishes she was dating, or maybe that guy that she was having sex with while she was dating you. If you're going to do it sign your name to it.
Reply:You ever hear the saying:you can't go back? Its true.She is dating someone else,not really thinking of you.Don't send her anything.Find a new one,send it to her, sign it.
Reply:Depends on whether you want her back and whether she is secure in her new relationship. If you want her back, then send the flowers and sign your name, tell her that she deserves it! If you do not want her back and she is secure with her new relationship, then it is fine to send her the flowers too and signing and not signing your name does not matter! But if she is not secure with her new relationship, this will create a mess.....
Reply:Yes thats wrong, you shouldn't interfer in her new relationship.
Reply:awwww!!!! I think that is sooooo sweet.....i say go ahead maybe tell her that you thought she deserved it....signed anonymous ...lol....thats so sweet
Reply:It's not wrong, but it will also not bring her back to you. Stop looking for more from her. Let go and be free.
Reply:I think that sending her flowers and not signing it may cause problems in her new relationship. She will obviously think that they are from him and when she thanks him he'll probably get mad and think that she has another guy behind his back. Giving her flowers without signing the card may cause trust issues in her new relationship
Reply:I think it's a sweet idea, but if you don't sign the card won't she think they are from the other guy?
Reply:who would she know the flowers came from and just the gesture of sending her flowers would,nt break her relationship with her new man if it did her relationship with him was,nt worth her time at all
Reply:i think its fine, but dont get psycho with it.

How do you think it is ok if a woman sends flowers to a man on his birthday?

He lives abroad and I would like to make surprise for him.

How do you think it is ok if a woman sends flowers to a man on his birthday?
ummm..will he like it? i guess some men like flowers.

why not try a cookie bouquet? its made of big cookies on sticks like flower stems. and the cookies have icing and can be in whatever shape u want. u can have it sent whereever.
Reply:i see nothing wrong with this idea... especially if he is your boyfriend or fiancee or husband... just nake sure that he likes flowers, though....
Reply:that would be cool.
Reply:There's no big deal
Reply:Sure, why not?


Without being a bf/g/f,sending flowers while she is at work, what is next???

If you're not "together" (and espectially if you haven't been together for a while) do NOT send flowers to her office. If she hasn't told her officemates about you yet or if you're just the guy she started seeing recently, then you could be putting her in the awkward position of having to explain where the flowers came from, or explaining that you two aren't as serious as the flowers might belie.

Give her flowers at home, dude.

Thinking about sending EX flowers for V Day..Should I?

Me and my ex broke up 2 months ago have had very little communication with her. as far as I know she is with someone else. Would it be wrong to send her flowers for V Day if i send them without any evidence it came from me? I used to give her flowers all the time. and if i could get her to spark my way again i would do anything.

Thinking about sending EX flowers for V Day..Should I?
You can do anything you please, but if you want her to start thinking of you as a possible bf again, you'll have to sign the card.

Why don't you try something simple like a note that says "Just thinking of you" and sign your name.
Reply:sure poisen ivy
Reply:Yeah, maybe it would work. The anonymous part would add some of the mystique. Try it, but are you really sure you want her back? Sounds as if she was the one who left you, and what makes you think she wont leave you again. It is better for someone to love you than for you to love someone. Too much heartache and pain, and if you really want to love back the person who loves you, it is not too difficult, if you work at it. Didn't mean to come across as being so philosophical and all.
Reply:She would know they came from you, if you sent all the time to her anyway.
Reply:Forget it! You're wasting your time and your money.

You would be better off sending some flowers to someone else. Even if she doesn't reciprocate the way you want you can bet she would appreciate them.

My experience is that you are not going to gain a thing, not only will your ex not appreciate it; but her current date will receive the residuals of your misplaced gift.

I don't care who else you would send a gift of flowers to, but she would care more for it than an ex.

By the way .....is your ex giving you what you want? Because if she isn't then you're delusional to think that you would do anything for her. A man will do anything for a woman who gives him what he wants, not a woman who is not with him.

Go find a woman you think will give you what you want and approach her with your gifts. The ex isn't worth your time and money.

She may be worth bittersweet memories, but that is all you should be giving her.
Reply:If you send them anonymously, she's not going to know you sent them so she'll probably throw them out, or worse, she may assume they're from her current boyfriend and you'll get the guy a nice "Thanks, You're so sweet" hummer. If you let her know you sent them, she'll probably think you're a loser, and her and her boyfriend will have a nice laugh at your expense. Either way, it's a bad idea.
Reply:hahahahhahah, you are making me laugh.
Reply:okay. become her secret admirer then...

i have absolutely no idea y i am answering q.s from singles and dating cat. ... maybe i'm just bored...
Reply:Sure, why not? I'd send some dead dried up roses and some weeds.
Reply:I don't think you will do yourself or her any good by this. Take some steps to get over it, like she obviously has.

What's an alternative to sending flowers to your gf? (something cool!)?

Have you ever heard of Cookies by Design? You would have to check their website to see if there is one in your area. The cookes come in all shapes (dogs, cats, flowers, etc) and are arranged in a decorative basket. It is a fabulous gift. I have used them many times and the receivers have loved them. Go here to see if there is one near you:


What's an alternative to sending flowers to your gf? (something cool!)?
teach a parrot to say, "___ %26lt;-**insert girlfriends name** __%26lt;-(insert ur name) loves u
Reply:Spoiling the pants off of her. Not literally:)
Reply:If she's a music fan you can always buy her a cd...
Reply:Checking out an adult toy store can certanly be a surprise a quite spicey! %26lt;grinz%26gt;
Reply:Does she have a hobby? Like if she paints, you could buy her some new brushes or get her a gift certificate for a pedicure or manicure.
Reply:how about a fruit basket? or a spa kit or a certificate for a day at the spa? or some little thing that is part of an activity that she can do with you? a weekend trip? sporting gear if she is into adventure stuff? not sure what you are celebrating or context.
Reply:does she colect anything? maybe send her something she collects

like I collect ducks so I'd love it if someone sent me a rubber duckie
Reply:A card is always the best. It expresses how much you care about someone and she can keep it forever. Flowers will die, candy will make her fat but a card will last forever!!!
Reply:a gift certificate to victoria secrets
Reply:make up cards of iou's eg iou a massage - iou a candlelite dinner - iou ????? ' get the imagination going you just use things she like or would like to try and have fun!!!

suprise dinner made by you

suprise reservation at a fancy place and tell her yo dress up first
Reply:a nice card with a personally written note along with it!
Reply:I always send cards, just little cards that have a "I miss you" or "I love you" or "just thinking of you" in them. It seems to work for me. You should try that.
Reply:If you can find any elaborate candy stores near you they may sell candy boquets. Stuffed animals also work, or you could do something completely off-the-wall like a golf ball or something, but only so long as she knows your intention behind it and you're sure she'd take it in good humor.
Reply:You could do something unplanned by saying your going somewhere then go to the first place you got together or some place special to you and her.

What could I have delivered to my boyfriend who is away at work in Canada for Valentine's Day? Not Flowers.

My boyfriend is a beer drinking sports fanatic, especially when it comes to hockey. He's just not the type of guy you would send flowers or wine to. Are their any other options of things I could have delivered to him for Valentine's Day? If anyone had a link to an online store that will deliver to Canada and also take payment from the U.S. I would really appreciate it!

What could I have delivered to my boyfriend who is away at work in Canada for Valentine's Day? Not Flowers.
You could see if Sears has anything.
Reply:there are different kinds of gift baskets to send him like cookies, steaks, fruit bouquet, candy baskets or movie theater baskets with popcorn and old fashion treats. Harry %26amp; David has a good website with options.
Reply:I guess it would depend on where he is, or where he is staying, but you could google beer stores or something in his area and ask if they have a delivery service and drop him off some, you can pay with credit card over the phone. Thats an idea! Or call the front desk of his hotel and ask them for beer store locations close and see if they have any ideas of getting his favourite kind there.

my reptiles

Is it too soon to send flowers to someone I am seeing at work?

I have been seeing this girl for a month, I have known her for 2 years we used to work together. I no longer work where she does. Some people at her work know we are dating others do not. I am thinking of sending some mixed flowers not roses.

Is it too soon to send flowers to someone I am seeing at work?
yea go for it wish my ex did that when we were dating and we worked at the same place lilies are nice and smell real good those are my fav...
Reply:Interesting idea. My most recent ex girlfriend I met her while we worked together and then we got together in a relationship after I left the job. She sent me flowers lol at my job. Honestly I felt a bit weird about it, but maybe because I'm a guy.
Reply:i would definatley send the roses! thats a beautiful gesture and im sure she would appreciate it.
Reply:go on send them....you never know....

How do I send flowers from New York to London for my BF on his b'day?

Since I don't wana use any credit card to make payment online, I prefer not to send them through internet ! Are there any international florist in Queens, New York who might accept cash payment ?? :)

How do I send flowers from New York to London for my BF on his b'day?
You dont!
Reply:Short answer: most local florists can take care of international order.

Long answer: most local florists are members of at least one floral wire network: mercury (FTD), dove (Teleflora), or bloomnet (1800flowers). What we do is that we take your order and electronically transmit the order over one of these wire networks to another local florist in the destination town. That's what FTD.com, 1-800-flowers do. Same thing.

For an international order, your wire order must go through the Head-Quarter of the Wire-Service company (except Canada). Because of that, there will be a service fee.

First call a local florist in Queen to make sure if they can handle an international order. Then ask about their "wire" fee. $12-15 is reasonable for international orders.
Reply:** Ring the florist in his area direct and direct debit the money before hand
Reply:Ring up Flortists In London, give them your credit details. Works the same way, Otherise request their banking details and you can do it online.
Reply:check online for Tele-florists, find one in your area, then go pay in person! I've done it.
Reply:Check your phone book for an FTD or a 1-800-flowers store in your area. You can go in and pay cash if you wish.
Reply:Yes. This is how it works: You go to your local florist, and tell them that you want to "Wire-Out" flowers to England. This system is becoming increasingly out-dated (and is being phased out) because so many people use the internet, but any established flower shop should still be able to meet this request.

Each flower shop has a different way of handling things, they may show you a book and allow you to choose a design, or because you are sending soooo far away, they may not give you much of a choice. In most cases, you will not be able to be demanding, you cannot choose specific flowers, or specific designs...why? because who knows what flowers are available in England during this time of year.

Additionally, make your order EARLY. A lot of international orders need like 1-2 weeks advanced noticed. And, expect to pay A LOT more money, because you have to pay a handling fee to have the flower shop place the order. And, many flower shops are shady, and will charge you a lot more since international orders can be huge hassle, and they only make like a 20% commission on it.

Plan on spending anywhere from $80 to $150 on a dozen roses. And, don't expect them to be the nice long, stemmed kind either.

Still don't want to use the internet? Sorry Sistah, but that's the way to go nowadays.
Reply:No and besides you wouldn't want to send flowers from NYC to London, they would be icky by then. What you need to do is call a flowershop in London and have them deliver. You will have to use your credit/debit card but over the phone...not on the internet.
Reply:Do you have Interflora there?
Reply:Most good florists will be happy to be a middle man and charge you $200 to call another florist and pay them $100 to send some flowers for you. Find one you trust and go see them.
Reply:you may want to check online to see if they accept electronic checks...if thats an option youre willing to go with. Other than that, Im not sure o.O
Reply:use the net.. easy ! get a prepaid credit card since you don't want to use yours.. ! I have yet to meet anyone that has had their c/card abused off the net! esp from a flower shop!

What are some reasons for sending FLOWERS?


i'm sorry


thinking of you


mom's day

grandparents' day


new years


get well

arrival of spring

birth of a child


valentine's day

secretary's day

boss's day

just because

What are some reasons for sending FLOWERS?



to say I'm sorry
Reply:Graduation,Marriage %26amp; Engagement Proposal,Festival Holidays-Christmas,New Year,Thankgiving,Father %26amp; Mother Day,Surprise For Spouse,Parents,Siblings,Girlfriend,Boyfr... Opening of Company %26amp; Shop.
Reply:My favorite reason is "just because." And if I'm feeling especially mushy, I'll toss in the old Mister Rogers saying "You make every day special, by just your being you."
Reply:"im sorry"

"happy birthday"

"i love you"

"Get well soon"


"just cuz"



Just Because

Reply:Someone in the hospital

Valentine's day


Birth of a child

Reply:birthday. good luck.
Reply:when someone is sad



valentines day
Reply:Sympathy (funeral).
Reply:boss' day
Reply:"last night was horrible ,but thanks for the laughs"
Reply:Just to let someone know i care about them.
Reply:when you really pissed her off



just because
Reply:thank yous


mother's day
Reply:a funeral
Reply:Illness, sympathy, friendship, death.

Reply:to show your love.
Reply:mothers day - or any holiday


Mother's Day



to perk up someone's spirits
Reply:A sign of affection

Get well Soon

Cheer some up.

Valentine's Day

Thinking about you

Gratitude for something


Mother's Day


Where did the tradition of sending flowers at funerals arise from?

The Egyptians. They aromafied the air for the deceased and also burned scented oils. Hail the Lotus Flower... For it was the first to be reconise as a sacred plant!

Where did the tradition of sending flowers at funerals arise from?
the roman goddess flora. the greeks started the whole thing from there myths and legends
Reply:Flower pollens have been unearthed in almost every ancient grave that has been discovered...so the answer is, people have been putting flowers on graves from a time well before any records have survived. Its a gesture of hope in a rebirth. Plants dies every year in winter adn are reborn again in spring...a powerful idea to primitive man.
Reply:I dont know but a lot of countries bury there dead the same day
Reply:Plants and flowers are symbols of life. They are given with the hope that the deceased will find a new life in the next world.
Reply:It's only a tradition, on significance at all.
Reply:I believe it was to cover the smell of the dead. I don't know who started it.
Reply:Archeologists are always digging up graves where flowers were buried with the person. Even the very primitive people, before actual recorded history, did this. So I guess it's something that just "stuck" with people.
Reply:I think it's just like..flowers are sweet smelling, and considered very..wonderful. So it's like, if you love someone, you send them flowers. Even if they're dead...it's a respect/love thing. At least, that's my guess.


Should I send my guy friend flowers to his job on Valentines?

Simply something I'm considering! We've been seeing one another for about 3 months, and he sent me flowers on my birthday and gave me a really awesome Christmas present. Would it be awkward to send him flowers rather than vice versa? Also do you think he'd be annoyed at getting them in front of his coworkers?

Should I send my guy friend flowers to his job on Valentines?
yeahh. kinda depends on the guy. i asked my boyfriend if he'd ever want me to send him flowers and he said 'its always nice to get a present from a girlfriend'.. then again im not sure if id send them to him in front of his co-workers. i wouldnt want to embarass him. when i asked him this he said 'are you kidding? then i can rub it in their face that not only do i have an awesome girlfriend, but she cares enough to send me flowers %26amp; they have nothing!'

:) it might be fun to laugh at later! i would do it just because this isn't 1950 %26amp; girls can play the "guy role" sometimes.
Reply:Most men don't go for flowers, but my dad is the only one who I know who absolutely loves them, he has about 12 gardens and gives my mom boquets all the time. Most guys are not flower arangers like my dad. Although one of my best friends Matt knows what the flowers mean, each one has a meaning, but not many people do. And even if they do they might not be all that thrilled to get flowers. The three best guy gifts I know that are universal are:

1.A zippo lighter

2. Anything dangerous, zoom, boom, and bump in the night

3. Homemade Cookies (siriously, I have never met a guy that does not LOVE to get cookies!!!)

don't get him deoderant or cologne usually, they might think you think they stink, which is not good
Reply:flowers are so expensive, I have sent flowers to my husband before, he liked them, but really didnt mean the same to him as they do to me, he appreciates other stuff instead, he would much rather I spend the money on something like going out to eat, the movies.
Reply:It depends on where your honey works... construction site? Definitely do not send him flowers. Professional office with mostly men? Definitely do not send him flowers. Professional office where he is the only man? Sure, send him flowers.

It's a really sweet and thoughtful idea, but I don't think that most guys really get excited about that and might be embarrassed instead. If you really want to give him flowers, I recommend a single rose delivered by you to his home. :-)
Reply:no, it will emasculate him
Reply:As a man I think it would be a sweet thing to do but he will probably get a lot of crap from his coworkers for it.
Reply:Maybe it is just me, but you just dont get a guy flowers, especially in front of his co workers! It is a very sweet idea, but if you wish to show him you care for him just buy your self something sexy and wait for him to get home.... That is all the more we want for valentines day lol
Reply:No.. send him some lingerie... COOL
Reply:Wouldn't bother me, I would say go ahead.
Reply:Don't do it. My wife brings me flowers home every once in a while and that's cute, but sending to his work is a little overboard.
Reply:no going ahead and send the flowers
Reply:Depends on where he works. If he's in manual labor, he'll never live it down. If he works in an office, or is a professional, that would probably be okay. BUT be sure you pick the right kind of flowers. DO NOT send a bouquet of roses, or other spring flowers. Send a simple orchid, or a Japanese inspired arrangement with antheriums and bird of paradise. Flowers can be very masculine when arranged correctly. Some orchids are very exotic and come in unusual colors like brown.
Reply:Honestly, I think that most men would NOT like that.
Reply:Send him beer flowers. This is a nice basket with beer %26amp; snacks versus traditional flowers. Of course it will be wrapped in cellophane so it won't be all taboo with alcohol at the job.
Reply:Yeah Send him the Flower's in his Job
Reply:it depands !!! if he is conservative or an openly person. Some people really wants some special things to happen in special places and its all about the timing.

Guess in 3 months u know much better what kind of a person he is, so its upto you...good luck.

My Personal feeling - i feel little embarassed to receive flowers infront of my collegues, i would choose to receive it elsewhere where two of us are together n having a wonderful time !!!
Reply:i think its weird to send a guy flowers

get him a really nice present
Reply:I think they would tease him about it...I wouldn't take that chance..he might get embarrassed.
Reply:what about take him to a dinner and watch movie
Reply:I personally wouldn't get a guy flowers...my boyfriend's coworkers would give him hell about it for weeks! (I know them) I get my boyfriend stuff that lasts a while longer. I get him gift certificates so he can work on supping up his car or 4-wheeler. I think that if he has a hobby and you get him something that he can use towards it, it will show how much you pay attention and he'll appreciate the thought that went into it!
Reply:I think his friends would rag on him but if he is the boss go girl with your bad self..
Reply:Guys love that sort of thing to happen . I wouldn't make a habit of it or do more than once but he's gonna love it that one time. He'll feel like a big deal in front of his co-workers...works like a charm from my experience!
Reply:I think it is a sweet idea and I would do it to my boyfriend. Why not?

I am sure your guy friend would smile and who cares what the co-workers think.
Reply:I think its a GREAT idea! Will you send me some too?
Reply:I would probably be more inclined to surprise him with a card or something with like dinner reservations or something inside. That would probably be less awkward and more meaningful, too.
Reply:okay get him a wtach he should give you flowers and remember always wear protection
Reply:Sure, I have received flowers at work.

Follow it up with a fax so everybody knows.

He'll love it.
Reply:I think you should go for it girl!!

What flower companies can i use to send flowers to arequipa peru?

my wife to be lives in peru in arequipa can i find an english speaking florist to deliver flowers to her for a special occasion?

What flower companies can i use to send flowers to arequipa peru?
www.rosatel.com, you can also call them to pay over the phone, they speak english.
Reply:The best in Peru is Rosatel. Go to www.rosatel.com.pe and you then find Arequipa for delivery. You buy the flowers with your credit card, you can even write a message and select a gift to go with the flowers like a Teddy bear or a box of chocolates. Try it, they work in Peru, US, Chile, Mexico, and all through internet!!!

Good luck, you seem quite a romantic guy and I congratulate you for the flowers you'll send to your bride, there are few men left who still consider flowers to be romantic.... and we chicks love flowers!!!
Reply:Try www.rosatel.com it is very well recognized in the country, although sometimes they dont have the best prices. Once you go to the website, choose Arequipa for the city in the drop down for Peru, once you are in the website, click on the right corner to see everything in english.
Reply:Check FTD

What type of flowers should I send my friend for her graduation?

I'm grauduating also, but I want to send her flowers, I thought about roses, but those seemed too romantice...any ideas..it would be nice to get help from a girls perspective

What type of flowers should I send my friend for her graduation?
most everyone loves yellow roses...and they say friendship, not romance...or, depending on what her school colors are, you may be able to find a bouquet that has that color scheme in it...good luck...you sound like a good friend to me
Reply:flowers are nice, but don't last long. is she your best friend ?

a picture say's a thousand words, you could get a really nice frame for it and wrap it up with a bow %26amp; ribbon, with her

graduation card from you 2 her.
Reply:yellow roses are for friendship. A friend of mine sent me a dozen yellow roses on my birthday. Everyone in my office was jealous. LOL!!
Reply:Do you know what her favorite flowers are?




Lol :)
Reply:whatever looks pretty and smells nice :)

Daisies...maybe? or Carnations.
Reply:suflowers or lilys......or their combination ......or flowers of her choice of colours.......
Reply:yellow roses
Reply:friendship daisies

Best flowers to send to my best friend's family whose uncle just passed?

My friends uncle just passed and i'd really like to send her family flowers...what are appropriate ones to send? And how many?

Best flowers to send to my best friend's family whose uncle just passed?
Peace Lilies.

When my great grandmother passed away, we had 3 or 4 peace lilies given in memorial. We divided each one up (they can regenerate to make larger plants) and each family member took a part. Now, even though it's been 8 years, we each still have a peace lily from that day--my grandmother remembers her mom, and my mother can remember her grandmother each time they water their plant.

It's a nice plant regardless, but it serves as a beautiful symbol of how we still remain a part of everyone, even after we pass.
Reply:A Ivy plant because they last.. I know because I lost my Lil Sis . It is my most special.......Not because of her death but of her everlasting life..........
Reply:Peace Lillies. Doesn't matter how many, it's the thought that counts.
Reply:Go to a florist shop and ask them to help you with an appropriate selection. They will show you photos of different choices. You'll find exactly the right thing for your friend and her family.
Reply:sunflowers, carnations (white), roses (yellow), or Easter lilies

like the other person said.
Reply:Lillies. They mean everlasting friendship. And alot of them.
Reply:Peace lillies.
Reply:Check out http://www.ftd.com/yssp/catalog/category... to order peace lilies.
Reply:chrysanthemums they have such a nice smell and pretty colors. Its also the time of year for mums. Send them in a tall vase or planter.
Reply:Flowers should be for the living. So, I would send a donation to a charity in the uncle's name. Did he die of cancer-heart disease-etc.,? Send to that charity.

Send the family a card with a note on it saying you are sending to a charity in his name. The charity will also send them a notice to acknowledge the donation. Your money will be much better spent.
Reply:I have always sent house plants to funerals.It's something the family can keep.Fresh flowers just die.
Reply:Peace Lillies or if you can afford Calla Lillies. About the amount... it depends on how much you can afford.
Reply:discuss it with the florist...they know best...just tell them the price renge you can afford and let them work through the rest of the details with you
Reply:a nice basket of daises would be good

try www.1800flowers.com---they even have a condolence section where they give you suggestions.
Reply:Your best bet might be a breakfast basket (wicker basket filled with muffins, bagels, donuts, assorted pastries etc etc) because that is something a little bit different than usual. The suggestions on the peace lily plant are excellent too...but be careful, the big one can get REALLY big when taken care of properly.

Go to your local florist for help and guidance, they will be glad to help you out!
Reply:ask a florist they will be happy to help
Reply:When my husband's father died we got a woodworking book and donated it in his name to the local library. When my father died, we went more toward artificial flowers that stayed in the casket with him. They were beautiful because we used an irish theme for one of them and then roses (1 blue, 3 pink and 1 red representing his son, three daughters and his wife).
Reply:Since you are not family, my suggestion would be to send a sliced honey ham. But if you really want to send flowers I would give the florist $50.00 for a sympathetic seasonal arrangement and tip them a fiver and thank them for their artistic efforts. I swear, everytime I do that, I get the best flower arrangements and top quality efforts.
Reply:Star Gazer Lilies - they smell nice and look nice.


How do men feel about having flowers sent to them?

I have a friend who lives out of state. We have not been seeing eye-to-eye on things lately. We are at a bit of a cross roads. His birthday is coming up on Tuesday. Should I send flowers? I would have to send them to him at his place of work. Good idea? Or would he be mad/embarrassed/etc.?

How do men feel about having flowers sent to them?
I wouldn't send flowers, but how about one of those lucky bamboo trees (the small desk kind) and a sweet card? Also communication is key, talk to him about the way your feeling, be open and honest...you and he will both appreciate it in the end! You don't have to see eye to eye to get along and communicate, and be good friends, it does take a bit of compromise too! :)
Reply:I asked my hubby...

he thought it was "really cool" when I sent him flowers last month. I sent them to his work...of course everyone was curious and it made him the center of attention for the day especially with the ladies at work. You know how we are, we just gotta know :)
Reply:i think he would appreciate a creamy, chocolatey chocolate cake more!!!!ummmm
Reply:I'm not a guy....but it would freak me out - stalker style stuff!!!

Honestly Birthday or no Birthday

What do you really owe him?
Reply:Was not my birthday but I had some flowers once and I did'nt

like'it, I am very sure that it is bad idea.
Reply:I personally feel offended because I don't know what I'm suppose to do with them. I'd rather not get them. And the card doesn't have to be "cute" for a guy. Just a card.
Reply:Girl, that is so homo!
Reply:Ehhh seems a little weird to me xD

Maybe you could sent him a cute card just saying happy birthday :)

What's the cheapest company to send flowers?

I'm planning to order online.

What's the cheapest company to send flowers?
Don't know about cheapest, but I had a good experience with Proflowers this week. 43 bucks, delivered when they said, and one happy Yankee gal.
Reply:Your neighbour garden? Why send it just show it to her while chatting online.

Sending flowers to girl i like, graduation, what 2 write?

We met in Italy while studying here, I'm still in Italy, she's back home

Sending flowers to girl i like, graduation, what 2 write?
"Congratulations on your graduation. I'm proud of you". If you want to send her flowers to express your love, do it on another occasion. Keep in mind, that by sending her flowers for her graduation, you are showing that you care about her.
Reply:Maybe don't use as strong words as I love you because you may come out too be strong or alianate her. Write "Congratulation on your big day. I hope for the best in the future. Remember you always have me here if you need someone to lean on. Take care and know that someone in Italy cares about you very much." Well, something like that. Don't come out to strong and if you tell her you like her don't say that you love her until you find out how she feels about you.
Reply:tell her you want her to be your boo. And when you come home you all should be together.
Reply:just tell her congrats and then say something like " Miss you since you've been gone. Can't wait to see you again."
Reply:just wanted to let you know i really like/love you or wutever!
Reply:I wish I was there to help you celebrate your great accomplishment! I miss you......Congratulations!
Reply:Half way across the world

I find myself

always thinking of you.

Thinking of me too?
Reply:Hi, when u do send flowers to this girl. and just say smething sweet to her and hopes she likies it . good luck
Reply:"I find myself smiling when I think of you"

Love, ___________
Reply:Send her some nice flowers but don't swamp her with a lot on the card. Tell her something nice and she will know you are thinking of her. Then, send her a more detailed letter or something letting her know your feelings.
Reply:Hopefully you can travel the world some more, now that you are free!!! Congradulations on you graduation!
Reply:Congrats, I hope to see you again someday.

Either that or if ur some god like poet.
Reply:I love you!
Reply:Love you
Reply:Send some. keep the note, simple that you enjoyed her time there, and you'd liek to keep in touch, leave an email and phone and address
Reply:Dear girl,

i miss you passionately and uncontrollable. i wish i could be there with you right now, in person. You know that's not passable. i love you with every pump of my heart. that will never change.

how dost that sound?. i think she will like it, put more to it with your own stuff.you know to make it like you.good luck.=)
Reply:U r the most amazing person i ever met.Wish u luck, luv and success in future.Wud u like to see me sometime?
Reply:Try to catch her.
Reply:congratulations hope to see you soon
Reply:congratulations, This is just a begining.

I love you.
Reply:Write something in Italian then, i like this one:

In un momento

Sono sfiorite le rose

I petali caduti

Perché io non potevo dimenticare le rose

Le cercavamo insieme

Abbiamo trovato delle rose

Erano le sue rose erano le mie rose

Questo viaggio chiamavamo amore

Col nostro sangue e colle nostre lagrime facevamo le rose

Che brillavano un momento al sole del mattino

Le abbiamo sfiorite sotto il sole tra i rovi

Le rose che non erano le nostre rose

Le mie rose le sue rose

P.S. E così dimenticammo le rose.

Author Dino Campana.

Good luck
Reply:This is just a reminder of the beauty that's to come! Congrats on your first step towards your new life...I'm proud of you. Love, Me

Sending flowers to a Brazilian girl who is the ex girlf of your current boyf cos of Birthday - is that weird?

not if you are friends. If you're not friends then yes it's wierd. I think thats nice of you though.

Sending flowers to a Brazilian girl who is the ex girlf of your current boyf cos of Birthday - is that weird?
uhh sorta yea, and wuts up with adding the brazilian in? :)

shoe horns

Sending flowers as a way of saying "I'm Sorry" ...?

Which roses (colour and type) as well as the number of flowers mean "I'm Sorry" to a girl you care about?

Sending flowers as a way of saying "I'm Sorry" ...?
Exactly what SK said, it should do the trick!!!
Reply:why not roses of all colors, thats nicer and prettier for both cases...

but what u do wrong? what r u sorry about? don't mean to be a prune but before u go saying im sorry make sure u really are. I am sure u have good intentions but can u successfully fulfill them? we all have good intentions but most likely we fail cause we overestimate ourselves. u get this hero attitude 'oh i'll make it better i won't fight with her no more' but thats just stupid. these are peoples feelings and lives u are dealing with u need to be careful and sincere. before u go ranting about going her the sun and the moon think about what are ur shortcomings and what are u capable of fixing then are u truly sorry and u can fix things..
Reply:If she's your friend, then yellow roses. A dozen is okay, number doesn't matter as much, as far as I know.

If she's your gf, pink or red would be a good idea.
Reply:well send her 3red roses and tell her you are very sorry and will never hurt her feelings again!
Reply:it depend on the situation. like why are you sorry ? i would love some roses 1 dozen of red roses.
Reply:Red for love, white for loyalty, and pink for sweet thoughts.

Good luck!
Reply:I think 3 red roses, and have a note saying one representing me, one for you and the other for the two of us together.... what my bf did to me on vday along with other stuff.

Nan always tells me flowers mean i'm sorry and chocolates say i love you.
Reply:every beautiful flower u can find and id say like a million lol
Reply:I think there is a yellow rose that has pink lining along the petals, called peace rose I believe... Those would work well with card. :)

My boss had a death in her family. Do I give a card or send flowers?

My boss had a death in her family so she will be taking time off work to make arrangements. Should I find out her address and send flowers to her house? Should I leave a card for her at work? I do not know what is most appropriate. Also if I do leave a card for her what should I say? Is it rude to do nothing? We are not close and I am unsure what to do. Please help!

My boss had a death in her family. Do I give a card or send flowers?
Yes you do both. It's only polite. Send flowers, with a card. Write, I'm sorry for your loss. The card will say the rest. Sign, sincerely, and your name.

When she gets back to work, you say nice to have you back, and work as usual.
Reply:you said u are not close...so do not send flowers....send a card....or if there are a lot of you that work for that same boss get together, and all sign a card , and then you might want to pool your money for some flowers....but if its just you an 1 or 2 other ...just the card....and only say i"m sorry for your loss.
Reply:Send a card.
Reply:Depends on who the death was and your relationship with your boss. If it is appropriate depends on whether you are good friends with them I think.
Reply:A card is fine, and sending flowers is very thoughtful and caring.

Are there other members of staff who would also like to contribute to this gesture. It is always very welcome to receive a card signed by several people on an occasion such as a death, as it shows people are thinking of you.

You can usually find a notice of the funeral arrangements in a local newspaper (the funeral directors insert them), and sending flowers to the funeral home for the service is very nice. The funeral directors will retain all the cards and give them to the family.

You should make sure you direct the card to your boss "and family", to ensure no-one feels left out, even though you don't know the family.

If you feel uncomfortable giving a card or flowers, you can simply say to your boss "I was sorry to hear about your loss, please let me know how I can help make it easier for you here in the office so you'll have the time you need to deal with things" (in your own words, of course).

It does not sound much, but it means a lot to people when they lose someone to have it acknowledged by others.

And, while it can be hard to know exactly what to do, the fact is, anything you do with a kind intention and real sympathy will be appreciated.

Best wishes :-)
Reply:If you are not close, I'd send a card, and maybe get an office pool together to chip in for some nice flowers.
Reply:This all depends on how close you are to your boss.

Me and my old boss from my old job are good friends. I would send him flowers and might even attend the funeral with him. I'd probably give him a card and make him dinner.

Me and my new boss do not know eachother as well. If the death is know to your other coworkers I would suggest getting a card that all of you sign and give to them. Maybe you can all chip in and get some nice flowers. Doing this as a group takes the guess-work out of it and still gives the boss something they will appreciate.
Reply:If you're not close, then it will just look like a.ss kissing. The next time you see her a "I'm sorry to hear about your loss" would be most appropriate.

How many different people have sent you flowers in the last year?

Men, how many women have you sent flowers to?

How many different people have sent you flowers in the last year?
3 ...
Reply:Ahahahahha :( none.
Reply:Just one. :-)
Reply:none, as I really don't have any use for flowers.
Reply:Just one
Reply:No one has ever sent me flowers before.
Reply:None in the last past year. I guess that is what happens when you date the same person for almost 10 years.
Reply:My husband brings me flowers every two weeks.

My daughter sends them on Mothers Day.
Reply:Three (one set was from my dad, though)
Reply:my husband is the only one who buys me flowers, but my son picks them for me when we are at the park :)
Reply:1. My husband gave me a rose for our anniversary.
Reply:No one, I have severe allergies and I didn't even have flowers at my wedding and boquets were fake too. Sneezing my head off today, crappy spring and fall.
Reply:None for me.
Reply:zero, I don't spend money on woman, that would mean I'm paying for a woman which means I date prostitutes
Reply:I don't think anyone has sent me flowers.
Reply:*sniffles* none :(
Reply:No one has ever sent me flowers:(
Reply:i got flowers once this year from my husband for our anniversary, but they weren't sent he just brought them home after work, with a mushy,lovey card and a ring out of a bubble gum machine, and in the card it said,"like this ring, it is an eternal circle, never ending, just as my love is for you" and i was like ,my uncle Larry helped with that didn't he? cause he would never come up with that on his own, and he spent like $5 in the gum ball machine just trying to get that one certain ring, corny but sweet!!!!
Reply:I will say 0 from a man, I haven't received flowers like that in 10 years. Now from my kids... my 3 yr old goes to the neighbors house and picks me a flower everyday.....
Reply:No one sent me flowers over last year up to today. Sent me one
Reply:Four people gave me flowers, but they didnt send them they brought them to me
Reply:i have to beg my bf for flowers
Reply:2 people -- my boyfriend and my mom.

On my birthday they each sent me a bouquet and one of the girls in my office asked me if I was juggling 2 men. Lol.
Reply:i sent my girlfriend a basket of orchids, water lillies, roses, and irisis
Reply:Zero, zilch!
Reply:Not one.

Any unique "delivery" websites? I'm tired of sending flowers and cookies!!?

My parents live 1200 miles away from me..... Mother's day mom gets flowers.... Father's day dad gets a cookie "boquet"..... they gotta be tired of the same old crap by now!!!! Anyone out there know about any other cool stuff that can be delivered? No.... mom wouldn't appreciate a stripper.... dad might..... but I'm talkin' something similar to getting flowers.... but NOT flowers!! Make any sense? Let me know if you have any cool ideas!!!

Any unique "delivery" websites? I'm tired of sending flowers and cookies!!?
Smuckers.com Gifts/Food

Hickory Farms.com Gifts/Food

Hershey.com Gifts/Food

Swiss Colony.com Gifts/Food


Ebay.com Variety of Items

Reply:Try QVC or HSN. They are both shopping sites that have all sorts of interesting items. Also go to CNN's website. At Christmas time they do bits on great shopping sites, I'd be willing to bet that they keep it up all year. Another unique site is Pyramid.com. Good luck finding your gifts.
Reply:Go to Amazon.com and check all the great deserts you can send. There is a million different things to send besides flowers.

imax theatre

Is it socially acceptable to receive flowers from someone at work who is going through a divorce?

I myself am going through a divorce and feel that people might judge me if they knew that the person sending flowers is indeed over his spouse.

Is it socially acceptable to receive flowers from someone at work who is going through a divorce?
They're flowers. He isn't bending you over your desk and playing hide the sausage in full view of your office-mates. Relax! Thank him for the flowers.
Reply:not acceptable. really what was the sender thinking,... at work. bad place to mix in home/personal life especially in a questionable time for both parties. Nothing like airing all your laundry to the nosy. The work place is not the place, you need to be maintaining integrity and respect there. you both should cool the public displays until the divorces are final and you are truly free to date.
Reply:You should graciously accept them, but don't display them on your desk or something. Maybe the person has no romantic feelings for you. Maybe the flowers are to say, "I know what you are going through; you can do it" or something.
Reply:you already know the answer but I will say it for you NO is your answer. Neither you nor he are in any position to be taking up with each other and I am not just talking about how it will look. You should not accept his advances while he is still married. You should also be careful that you are not willing to jump into something that will take your mind off of your own failed marriage and the pain of your divorce. Slow it down and let his jets cool off. You might be the one to help him through his divorce but if you are I will bet you cash that you won't be the one he takes up with once he gets over his divorce. Do not let yourself be used, girl. Get on with your own new life building.

Men.........Do you enjoy sending flowers to your sweetheart?

How often do you send them?

Men.........Do you enjoy sending flowers to your sweetheart?
I do like to, and do it often, but never when expected...
Reply:Yes and at least once a month

Reply:yes/major holidays.
Reply:nice pic by the way ....

What's the best way to send flowers in Kiunggido?

I don't know korean language and i have to make a present to a person but i don't want to spend lots of money as it says in the korean/english websites. yes of course you will say ohh then why is he asking about some local/cheaper and only koreran store if he is not able to use it?? you are right:) at least i will try to translate it or to write them a mail;)

thank you so much!

What's the best way to send flowers in Kiunggido?
try to watch korean telenovelas..

these are great..

It's a friends b-day and I'm sending her flowers at work,I need to know what to put on the card?

The thing is i'm in love with her but as of right now we're just friends,I don't want to tell her how I feel she already knows,just something nice and sweet...

It's a friends b-day and I'm sending her flowers at work,I need to know what to put on the card?
Do not send flowers until she reciprocates the feelings you have for her or you will be a laughing stock, just get the card
Reply:Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one because you deserve it!
Reply:Send her flowers but certainly NOT red roses. Yellow roses are nice, but I'd still steer clear of them too. Send her a nice mixed bouquet. It doesn't scream LOVE like roses do.

Sign the card very casual and you will probably get more points than if you try to be mushy. "Thinking of you on your birthday"

"Here's to another great year" or even just "Happy Birthday - I hope it's as special as you are. kinda corny but might hit her in the heart :)
Reply:Just let her know that she is special and wish her a happy birthday.
Reply:Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship, send them and write You are special and I hope you will enjoy these beauties.
Reply:i hope you will have a great birthday. it is a very special day for you, so you should spend it in a very special way. This day only comes once a year.
Reply:Ask the florist to make something simple only. Like a single pink rose along with some other plant that goes with it. Pink roses mean friendship and caring.

On the card say "Best wishes on your birthday." Yours truly, Johnny

She will fall for that and it doesn't look and sound desperate either.

I know cuz I have fallen for something like this and I married him.


Best Online Flower Store Sending to a DORM ROOM?

I want to send my girlfriend who lives across the country some flowers to her dorm room, recommendations?

Best Online Flower Store Sending to a DORM ROOM?
FTD Florist 1-888-758-4141

delivers across the USA and CANADA


How do I send flowers to Osmond funeral?

Hi. I'd like to send a bouquet of flowers to the George Osmond funeral. I know it's to be held in one of the LDS churches. But I do not have the address or phone number. Would the local florist shop in Provo know where to direct it? Any advise? I've never sent flowers before.

How do I send flowers to Osmond funeral?
Oakhills LDS Stake Center,

925 E. North Temple Drive, Provo.

A viewing will begin at 10:30 a.m. with the funeral at 12:30 p.m. Burial will follow at the East Lawn Memorial Hills Cemetery in Provo.
Reply:The Osmond family asked that instead of sending flowers, people should make a donation to Children's Hospital Network. Report It

Reply:call the local florest, 99% of the time they know the funeral homes address. What you will need is, an amount you want to spend, a credit card, and a type of flower arrangement you would like ( they will recommend if you dont know) and what you would like to say on the card. They will take care of the rest.................


What do I send to a guy at work whom I've just started seeing? what is the equivalent to sending flowers?

want to say thanks for last night

What do I send to a guy at work whom I've just started seeing? what is the equivalent to sending flowers?
You don't. You just say thanks.
Reply:Are you saying thats what flowers mean when a guy sends them to you if it was the other way around? Hmm, then send flowers by all means.

Gives a whole new meaning to flower sending.

What would the guy do with the flowers though. He would never think of bringing it home. It will make him feel uhmmm-less macho. Think about it, he will end up giving it to an attractive girl in the office. Competition ! So whatever you do, please dont be a dummy. You are paying for these flowers withyour hard earned money!
Reply:really, then just say thanks for last night, and give the man details.(dont have to be crude, romance novel crap will work too) then ask when the next night will be, and wear something sexy. we're easy. stroke our ego and were good to go!
Reply:Gold Bond.
Reply:there's something a little more personal you can give him at lunch time. guys appreciate those gestures more than flowers. trust me
Reply:Well most guys arent interested in material things too much i would say just ask him to go out for a drink or something after work your treat.
Reply:Your front door key!!
Reply:Keep your personal life out of the office. It could ruin his career. If you want to show him appreciation, do it outside the office.

What types of flowers to send to a Chinese funeral?

My friend's father passed away recently and I want to get her family some condolence flowers. They are Chinese and quite auspicious. What type of flowers should I send? Is there another type of gift that would be more appropriate? Are certain colors of flowers inappropriate?

What types of flowers to send to a Chinese funeral?
hope this helps

Any color will do, except red. Black or dark color is more common than white. White is usually for the family only.

You can buy them some flowers, especially chrysanthnum, or other kind of flowers of yellow or white color, pink may do too, but never be red.

In some Chinese societies you're expected to give some donation (called "Bai jin", the number must be odd, never 100, make it 101, as it means that when you die, die yourself only, never die together, just avoid any even number.)
Reply:Not really sure, but chrysanthemums are usually an arrangement sent for this purpose.
Reply:White or yellow chrysanthemum. No red colours.
Reply:White flowers will do. White is the symbol of death in Buddhist culture.

Is it okay to send flowers to a woman other than your wife?

I just picked up the mail and a postcard from 1-800-flowers came to remind my husband that a friend of his is having a birthday soon. I called my husband about it right now and he said that it was an old friend from high school and he sent her flowers for her birthday last year. He didn't give me flowers for mother's day or our anniversary either. Am I being paranoid?

Is it okay to send flowers to a woman other than your wife?
Yes... it IS okay for a man to give another woman flowers!!!


No you are not being paranoid! He is completely in the WRONG!! To give another woman flowers when he didn't even get YOU flowers??? That's completely wrong!!!

He sent her flowers LAST YEAR and you are just now finding out about it??? So, basically, he has lied by omission... failing to tell you made it a lie!

By not telling you, he has completely ruined your trust! Now you will wonder what else he hasn't told you about, particularly with this "old friend from high school"... how do you even know if that's the truth?? If you ask him if he slept with her, he will (of course) say no... How will you know if that's the truth either??? The trust is gone!!!

I'm sure he had more than one female friend in high school... Does that mean that he sent them ALL flowers for their birthday?? Why just this one???

I'm sorry for you... I don't know if I could make myself stay with him anymore...
Reply:i would be pissed
Reply:he likes or liked her
Reply:I wouldn't accept it. If he cared enough to send an old friend flowers, then he should have cared enough about what his wife would think about it. Sounds like you have your hands full to me with a husband who isn't very concerned on how it made you feel. Especially if you didn't get flowers and the other woman did.

The only women that he should be sending flowers to besides you, is his/your mother, his/your grandmother, great grandmothers, sisters, daughters and only with your consent; sister-in-laws, and close mutual friends where you would both have your name on the card.

Tell him you don't like it and how it made you feel. He may be clueless.

Good luck..............
Reply:he is interested in this woman, and not as a "friend". no, you are not being paranoid. a man should only give flowers to his wife, mom, grandma, sis and daughter. try to find out more info on this so called "friend". this might be evil, but check his email and voice mail. better safe than sorry.

good luck.
Reply:if u are tired of living
Reply:You're not being paranoid at all!! I would be really suspicious if my husband ever bought flowers for another womean....I don't know how your husband is but it sounds like that's a little out of the ordinary for him??!! Why would he send flowers to a woman he knew in high school?? Does he ever talk about her or have you ever heard her mentioned before? These are ?'s I would ask myself.....That's pretty messed up that he would do that for another woman and not for his wife....sounds like he has some explaining to do.....good luck
Reply:no,you are not paranoid...men love to do things for their mistresses or hope to have mistresses.they don't do for their wives.watch him like a hawk...and don't let his lies blind you.use your senses.
Reply:oooooo girl,i'd have his **** packed and sitting out when he came home! the nerve of some men, not that he sent the flowers to a woman,but that he forgot all about u! mothers day,anniversary,etc. thats bs....im lying i would be pissed about sending any other woman other then family flowers! theres def something going on,or he's very interested in her and trying to impress her!! kick his *** 2 the curb girl!!!
Reply:If I were you....I wouldn't make too big of a deal about the flowers (YET). Keep Quiet and open you eyes. Listen and look for other clues. Keep tabs on him and make notes. Lots of men are very good at hiding affairs. When he says he is going to be late for work...make sure he is really working and check to make sure the pay equals the extra time. Check his phone records on recently called numbers. Usually a man will call his mistress as soon as he leaves the house and right before he comes home. If you make too big of a deal about the flowers, he may try and cover his tracks too hard.....let him get his guard down so you can catch him if he is seeing this woman or any other woman. You go gurl!
Reply:No your not. It sounds like he is trying to rekindle an old flame. Sorry to tell you that but When I sent flowers to a female friend I told my wife first and it would only be 1 flower with a card that said from both of us.
Reply:Only if she is a muual friend of yours and even so you should have agreed together to send the flowers. Otherwise you have just sprung the cheating so and so. I guess he wasn't as clever as he thought he was.
Reply:Why wouldn't it be? Send 'em.
Reply:I don't think there is anything wrong with him having flowers sent to her by a florist. It could of been more personal and he could have delivered them to her in person. He had them sent for a reason it was her birthday. If it was valentines or other day it would be different but truthfully what else does a male send to a female friend that would be appropriate for her birthday when they are only friends.
Reply:She gets flowers and you get none? Sounds like something's up. I can understand sending flowers to a relative but an old friend from high school. I'd talk to him and tell him exactly what it looks like. I bet he's showing other types of suspicious behaviour also.
Reply:There are 2 sides to every story, but from what you're saying, it doesn't sound like a good situation.
Reply:I think I would have a good talk with him
Reply:Ditto sungirlie's response.
Reply:I agree completely with DearAbby!
Reply:No its not unless its his mother or sister. If its just a old female friend, a friendly birthday card is plenty.
Reply:I would also find out what type of flowers he sent...roses, carnations or some odd flower could mean that he sent them in a more romantic attempt or that he knows her enough to know what kind of flowers she likes...plus if you can find out what the flowers cost it would be helpful...men don`t spend money on "nobody`s"

try getting a statement of past purchases from that company. Good Luck.
Reply:i don't know about paranoid, but i know i would be very unhappy if my husband acted this way. at least you now KNOW about the situation and can therefore TALK TO HIM about it. tell him how unhappy and suspicious you are about it,tell him how much you feel it's inappropriate and tell him that it wasn't a nice thing for him to do...ESPECIALLY since he doesn't buy you - his WIFE - similar gifts. who knows why he did it??? men can be so thoughtless at times....what i think is more important now is using this situation to evaluate your marriage as a whole...it could be the making of you if you talk it out, learn from it and move on all the stronger because of it. if he isn't willing to discuss it rationally or accpet how wrong he has been, and how insensitive, then that IS a problem....good luck with it and i hope it works out .god bless both of you
Reply:I agree with dearabby, girl my words exactly you think like me, going into detail and all. So i will agree with you or end up writting a book lol.

What can I suprise my boyfriend with for his bday by sending something to his office, other than flowers?

Preferably something a little more manly and affordable. Thanks!

What can I suprise my boyfriend with for his bday by sending something to his office, other than flowers?
A bottle of nice wine to share with co-workers, in celebration!
Reply:Maybe send him something he is into and get a delivery man to take him that. Or if you go the romantic route I wouldn't mind flowers so guessing he might not either. That or perhaps send him a crate of beer or something. Or a bag of donughts for everyone to share. Maybe a giant card. Something like that hope it helps.


Anyone know website for sending flowers & gifts to india? wesite i cantrust..?

nice flowers and good gifts?????????

Anyone know website for sending flowers %26amp; gifts to india? wesite i cantrust..?
I think FTD offers that service.
Reply:indiatimes shopping do it.I have tried.

If a guy you went out with twice is fixated on you and sends flowers and gifts what should you do?

He tells everyone he loves me and wants to marry me. I am just not interested in him and like someone else. He isn't really stalking me but he sends love notes and flowers and expensive presents almost every day. He is rich and thinks he will win me over.

If a guy you went out with twice is fixated on you and sends flowers and gifts what should you do?
"What's love got to do with it, got to do with it?" I'm with Tina Turner on this one. Gracious! He sounds wonderful. Does he have a gay brother?
Reply:Be nice.

Tell the guy you're interested in someone else, so he can move on and be interested in someone else.
Reply:Just tell him that you only want to be friends and not interested in him like that. Guys are used to that. It's called the "friend zone" and they all know what that is. He will be a disappointed and get a crushed ego for awhile but I think it's much worse to keep taking his gifts because your leading him on and that can hurt him more. Just be kind, but honest and let him know thanks but no thanks. He probably won't go crazy on you. He just won't call you anymore.

I dont know her that well, would sending her flowers be wierd..?

The thing is, i know she is interested in me, and i am interested in her, i met her before i was sent over seas, and "you guessed it"

Im still overseas, so i cant exactly get to know her, but would sending her flowers be wierd, or come off a lil creepy?

I dont know her that well, would sending her flowers be wierd..?
I think it would be sweet. I wouldn't send a lot of flowers, maybe just one rose or something with a card that says "thinking of you".
Reply:No flowers! As in not because it is creepy or weird, but many girls i know hate getting flowers. Flowers are boring and you can't keep them for long. Go ahead and give her something else and just get to know her more like chatting with her in any Messenger or send her emails, ecards, etc. Tell her your feelings after both of you know each other well enough. It shouldn't be difficult since you mentioned she is also interested in you. Good luck to you! hope you get the girl!
Reply:if u know her address{break the ice that way}...If she replys she is also thinkin of u...LOL
Reply:flowers are the loveliest way to break ice...dont send a corny one liner with it though :)
Reply:NO, send the flowers. She will love it!
Reply:send her the flowers she will definetly love them and i think it is the nicest and romantic thing to do
Reply:If you liked her, it might be a safe way to let her know she has an admirer overseas. It could be construed as a little creepy by some people, but I think most would think it's really sweet.
Reply:No, send the flowers! Write something nice on the card like
Reply:sounds really nice. Some girls might find it creepy, while others will completely be warmed and touched by it.

I would love it, personally, but I would also be wondering why someone I don't know that well yet would send me flowers when he's away.

If you sent fun flowers then it would be really cute and thoughtful. Like daisies and stuff, just no roses or anything romantic like that.

She'll be flattered knowing that you're thinking of her in that way instead of a "I love you" way. That might creep her out.

Reply:taking a step.....is better...then doing nothing

dont afred ...do that...she will like that

girl like the bold boys who takes ...the 1st step...
Reply:well if u don;t send her red roses then i don't think will be weird and if u don't send her sm dead flowers then it wont be creepy.......so i think if u send her sm daises or cute flowers like that it will do the trick.
Reply:not at all. do it.
Reply:it wont be wierd as long as she remembers who you are,send her some flowers with a note,she may well be surprised that ur still thinking of her,
Reply:Not a bad idea. Give it a try
Reply:Every woman that I know loves to receive flowers. It will not be creepy as long as you don't do it in a creepy way, make sure you say who they are from, don't send them to her home address even if you know it. Sending to her work place will be much better. Even better ask her out and arrive to pick her up with flowers. Sorry just read the continuation of your question, being that far away you can't ask her out on a date, but you could accompany the flowers with a note asking for a date the next time you are in the same country and say you will be thinking of her everyday until that day comes.
Reply:not creepy...flowers are nice to receive...send the flowers!

Sending cheap flowers?

is there any websites that have flowers u can send to people for under 30 dollars? not including shipping and handling?

Sending cheap flowers?



Is it appropriate for my boyfriend to send his ex girlfriend “friendly” flowers on her birthday?

They were together 10 years and have remained good friends (she lives across the country) and she still wants to get back together with him. What message does this send ex girlfriend? And more specifically, what message does sending flowers send?

Is it appropriate for my boyfriend to send his ex girlfriend “friendly” flowers on her birthday?
10 years? Damn sorry hes not over her at all. Cant compete with that.
Reply:Flowers are never friendly... A card is friendly. A phone call - with you in the room - is friendly.
Reply:If they are truly friends (and after such a long relationship, it's nice that they are), I do not think it would be inappropriate in that sense to send her flowers...

However, I think it is sort of inconsiderate of him to do so while he is in a committed romantic relationship. (especially if he's not getting you flowers that are at least twice as beautiful!)

And if the ex is also in a romantic relationship, I don't think her man would be very happy with it at all.

Even if the intent of the flowers is friendly, I think that a gift card to a restaurant or something general like that would be a lot more appropriate, if he insists on giving her a gift.
Reply:Oh dear oh dear.

Sending flowers is a bit much. Shouldn't she have someone else doing that? Like er, I dunno, her OWN boyfriend.

Tel your boyfriend off. He REALLY shoudn't be doing that. Especially if you know she still wants to get back with him.
Reply:In the category of appropriateness - you probably wrote 60 words and used the word "send" four times. It hurts my eyes to read this.

In the category of your boyfriend - there is a clear message that this should SEND to you. Do you get flowers on your birthday? I think he may care a little bit more than sending "friendly" flowers...
Reply:He should not be sending her flowers. Not only is it rude to you, it gives her false hope. Tell him if he sends them, you are done with him.
Reply:whoa! that's really inappropriate. if i were her, i would feel like he's telling me there's still hope.
Reply:I would be annoyed if I were in your situation. But if he wants to do it really, just let him.

Why is Sending flowers to a girl makes her heart flutter?

bec. girls love flowers so much!!

Why is Sending flowers to a girl makes her heart flutter?
It makes you feel special that he was thinking of you and your were worth the cost of the flowers, which is kind of expensive now a days.

Plus, if you get them at work, OMG do you feel special.

My hubby use to bring me home a rose, everyday.

He worked with his dad and would pick it from his dad's neighbor.

We had 5 kids and no money for roses, but I got them anyhow, it was very nice, just showed me he was thinking of me everyday.
Reply:it makes her feel your thinking about her and the fact your willing to spend money and go look for flowers for her its so sweet
Reply:It's the thought behind it that you are willing to buy flowers to please me, make me happy and flowers are beautiful!
Reply:it's not the flowers themselves so much as the fact that she knows you spent some money on her
Reply:Women love men who try. Flowers are beautiful and are a classic gesture of romance. Flowers also have meanings too A informed woman can get a message without you really having to say anything. Everyone knows that red roses are "I love you". Whether it is flowers, a poem, jewelry or as simple as running after her hat that got swept off , She'll adore you for the effort.

Is there a florist who sends flowers anywhere in the world?

i live in the uk, i'd like to send some flowers to a great friend of mine who lives in new zealand, can anyone help?

Is there a florist who sends flowers anywhere in the world?
Check the phone book for the FTS logo!
Reply:You could go to Hallmark.com and find out if they send flowers over the world. I thought hallmark was all over.

Go to ftd.com. They might be able to send flowers to New Zealand.

How do you send gifts or flowers to someone from the states to another country?

I live in the states, my best friend lives in Sweden. If I want to send flowers or gifts to my best friend in Sweden, how do I do that? I do speak some swedish and I am going there to live soon......but I want to send my friend some flowers for her Birthday and I don't know how to do it from here to out of the country.........does someone know how I do this? thanks

How do you send gifts or flowers to someone from the states to another country?
I normally use these guys: The NetFlorist Bunch [mailer@netflorist.co.za]. I don't know if they deliver in Sweden, but you can mail them and find out. Maybe they know of someone who does. Good luck!

PS: I think it's really really sweet of you! xxxx
Reply:there is a local gift or flower shop in the town there or close. they may have a internet page, if not a search may find one. put in the town name and search for flower shops. and then contact them and find out if they take orders and if they will accept payment. ive done that before but to france.
Reply:Interflora. Don't know the address. probably www.interflora.com. They will send flowers from anywhere to anywhere
Reply:You can set up for a flower shop there to send them....... it may cost a lil more for the call and delivery but sending then from here to there means they will be dead or rotten
Reply:Just take a picture of a bouquet of flowers. Then e-mail the picture to the person!

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What's the cheapest way to send flowers to someone in another state?

I know it's hard to do that if you are on a budget but maybe some of you know something.

What's the cheapest way to send flowers to someone in another state?
send them a ecard with flowers on it
Reply:Don't order from your local florist. I'm sure there is a florist near the destination. If you can find one that's within 5 miles and does a good job with arranging 'em(flowers), you're good to go. Doing it online would be better too. At least you get to see it first before you pay for it.
Reply:Enlist their friend, relative or housemate to do it. Of course, bribe them for their time with a box of chocolates or a fiver. I'm sure they would be very happy to help.
Reply:goodness. An animated e-card and a scratch-and-sniff sticker when they visit yah!
Reply:1800 flowers
Reply:Locate a floral delivery service online in the person's country and make an order. Pay by credit card number. There's no cheapest way. Sending flowers is expensive.
Reply:go to www.images.yahoo.com %26gt; type in "Flowers." You should get some pictures of flowers, choose the one you like and send it over as an attachment. In the email, state "honey, this is for you... from my heart".

Real flowers will probably die by the time they reach the person you are trying to give them to... it's better to send a pic of fresh flowers :p
Reply:I recently found out all of this because of Valentines day! The best answer I can supply is to compare, compare, compare....

There is like 1-800 Flowers, Teleflorist... etc. I went online to find flowers and ended up with the one that had maybe not the best deal on the flowers but with the shipping! Also some of them may have specials, always something to ask about!?!?!
Reply:Telephone the nearest neighbour(with a landline) and ask them to 'pick and deliver'.

Just throw the flowers into the next twister heading to that state...
Reply:tell someone in that state to give it to the person they could go to a field and pick some send that person 2 bucks in the mail for their effort
Reply:As expensive as it is to have flowers delivered, the cheapest may be if you buy them at Sam's and drive a 1000 miles to deliver them! But seriously, if you have an friends in the area where the recipient is, why not ask them? Send them $30-40 and tell them to get a $15 bouquet at Sam's and deliver %26amp; for them to keep the difference. It seems like last time we had some flowers sent, it was a pitiful bouqet for about $65 or $70.
Reply:i have found it cheaper to find phone a florist in the area the recipient lives in and order flowes from them. it is usually cheaper to pay the long distance phone call than to pay the florist at your end all the additional charges they levy for doing the same thing - phoning the florist at the other end.
Reply:i think there are some services maybe you can find in internet you pay with credit card and they will do for you, try to find some that is known other wise coudl be a scam, i hope that helps.

Oh you mention cheapest.. ididnt read that, cheap will be buy a flowers your self, and put in a nice box and send througth the post office, they will be ligth not heavy , so you wont pay much money.
Reply:send her rose seeds tell her to plant them and have her watch your love grow..........nah that's gay...

What kind of flowers should i send?

my best friend's dad died last night and i want to send their family some flowers and a card. what kind of flowers should i send to them? its not for the funeral its just for kind of a "Still thinking of you" type of flowers. trying to kind of brighten the room or something like that. what is the best kind of flowers to send for that?

What kind of flowers should i send?
I would suggest a Peace Lily plant. I had only been on my current job 3 weeks when my father passed away. The whole office sent me that beautiful plant. Much nicer than cut flowers, those just die within a couple days.

I'm still with that office, it is going on 7 yrs come June. That plant reminds me of how wonderful they all are.
Reply:A life plant or small shrub that can be planted outside later. I sent an azalia plant to a friend when his mom died. His dad planted it outside about a week after the funeral. My dads family likes to do a tree for the yard, a memory tree. Whatever the family likes that is good for the area you live in.
Reply:i'm terribly sorry...that sucks!!!!

there really isn't a specific answer to that. it is really the opinion of the ones u give them to. ask them or pick ones that remind u/them about better times.

if u really have no idea then purchase peace lilies. they're really comforting.

Godspeed to u all
Reply:Blue rose.

It means, rare and unique. You maybe want your friend that he/she is unique in so many ways and for that will always be remembered. Moreover roses signify love and lot more love.
Reply:See source.

You will find some lovely arrangements and/or live plants delivered from local florists.
Reply:A florist can make up a small mixed arrangement of flowers for them.

If you go to the florist and tell them what you want to do then they should be able to help you pick out something.
Reply:I would try white roses. Also though another really unique thing you could do is if you have some pretty flowers at your house go cut some and dry them out. Then when there dried out tie them all together with a pretty ribbon and send those with a nice kind card.
Reply:call your local florist and ask the designer what THEY would send if they needed to send flowers out. They can best tell you which flowers are in stock that are the nicest and I can tell you from personal experience you will get the nicest arrangements when you let the designers do what they are best at...choosing flowers and combinations and creating arrangements that are as nice as possible :) If you have preferences for colors or containers, you can certainly request that, such as baskets or vases, bright colors or pastels. Tulips are great this time of year, as are lilies, daisies, roses, carnations, alstromeria, stock, snapdragons and waxflower. Good luck.
Reply:Alstroemeria are long lasting cut flowers, come in many colors and the cost is usually on the low end. The other name for these flowers is Pervuian lillies. Here in CA, they can be found at most markets, flower stands and florist. A good friend is born for a time of distress. Glad your there!!!
Reply:Tell the flower owner the situation, and they will be able to help you perfectly? Anything is a nice gesture!

Reply:you should send something that the family likes, like anything that will seem comforting- you're a good friend in doing so ....I'm really sorry to hear that...best wishes to you all.

What is the best way to sent flowers to someone in china from the US?

What ways have you used, worked best?

What is the best way to sent flowers to someone in china from the US?
No shortage of flower shops doing that. Just google "flower delivery china"and place your order.
Reply:In which city of China?Maybe I can help you .
Reply:Any online flower shop would be good. I have done it 2 times but to HK from Canada. Same stuffs.
Reply:check c2c webs such as ebay or taobao(If you can read Chinese)

Or ask anyone here you know(in China)to do it for you

Why will people send flowers to a funeral home instead of contributing to the most expensive casket there is?

Do you feel it would be inappropriate to ask for money to help buy an expensive casket?

The flowers will die the Casket is forever!

Why will people send flowers to a funeral home instead of contributing to the most expensive casket there is?
People don't like to be questioned about how much they spend on something. Flowers have an anonymous price. Checks for any other item have a dollar value that exposes their gift value.
Reply:A lot of families will have donations in lieu of flowers....I would not find it inappropriate to ask for donations in lieu of...everyone knows that financial hardship usually follows the loss of the loved one. What are the people really going to do with all those flowers after it is over anyway? I think giving a card with cash is a great way to show your care and sympathy.
Reply:I disagree with the expensive casket. When I am dead, what do I care what I am buried in.

I think flowers are a waste of $ too.

If you want to commorate the life of the person who died, ask for donations to be made in their name to their favorite chairty or organization. Or if they died of a particular disease, have the donations made to the research organizations trying to cure the disease.

But if you are stuck on the expensive casket, I think it would be inappropriate to ask for money to help purchase it. But you could probably ask for contributions to offset the funeral costs if you really need it. Just becareful of the wording, and make good use of the money (ie not the most expense casket, not the biggest full color obit ad, etc).
Reply:I ask you this:"Will you only send me flowers when I'm lying in a grave?"...(Song I wrote)....Phantom of Deep Thought
Reply:No I help out when asked, that is the right thing to do. If someone is so lame not to have it all done so there loved ones don't have to go through all that, I will help. But do plan for your death its the most important purchase or urn you will ever buy.
Reply:People want to express thier individuality with flowers that can be personal. A casket will never be seen once the funeral is over.........personally I would rather people contributed to charity, now that really is providing a lasting legacy.
Reply:Being dead cost money. Ask for donatons but buy moderately priced stuff.

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Is it okay to call someone after you send flowers to make sure the flowers arrived?

I sent flowers to a very close friend of mine, whose mother passed away. She and I were close. The funeral is out of state. I sent flowers, but do not know if he received to the flowers and card. Is it appropriate to call and ask

Is it okay to call someone after you send flowers to make sure the flowers arrived?
NO!!! Wait till they call you....if they don't call you then the flowers didn't arrive
Reply:This is a real time of grief and obviously he isn't likely to take the time to call everyone who sent him flowers. He got them, leave it at that. If you call, only call to see how he is doing and don't ask about the flowers, he knows and he feels up to it or thinks about it, he will thank you. You should ask the flower shop for confirmation, not him.
Reply:I think that is nice! I think it's a good idea to call your friend and ask if she got the flowers, and tell her how sorry you are for her loss.

During hard times a lot of people really need someone to talk to, and to know that people are there for them, so making more personal contact then sending flowers is a good idea.
Reply:Yes, but do not call and just ask that. Simply call and ask how everything is doing, explain that you wish you could have been there for them but that you did send some flowers their way and hope that they will contact you if they need anything.

I am sorry to hear of your friends loss.
Reply:i wouldn't mention it. your friend is going through a tough time and will thank you for it when she has other things on her mind. right now, she probably is thinking about her mom and not your flowers. i would call her and talk to her and give her words of sympathy, but not mention the flowers.
Reply:of coarse it is OK, it shows them that you care about them and it shows that they mean a lot to you. That is always good when you are feeling down to kn ow that somebody is there for you. BE a sensitive caring person and go and see if those flowers arrived is what I say
Reply:As a friend you can always call and ask if she got the flowers and you can also mention that you're sorry to hear about her loss
Reply:Call after a day or two. Right now, they're kind of preoccupied and can't thank everyone. (Also, you can call the florist - someone had to sign for them.)
Reply:No, but leave a good few days after funeral. Say you are making sure they are coping and give them a chance to tell you that they received them ok.
Reply:you should call to check on your friend and support their loss. if she got them she will definitely tell you thank you, or if she doesn't just say "i hope the flowers i sent brightened your day a bit "
Reply:Call, and talk about what you felt...........if she mentions it........it is good........otherwise you can ask.........
Reply:Thats fine!

It's good to let the person know you sent them anyway!
Reply:i think its fine

Has any one had trouble with sending flowers, my mothers birthday flowers went to the wrong address.?

i had trouble when ordering flowers from a shop they showed me a beautiful basket that they would put the flowers in i paid abit of money and when they arrived it was not same basket was quite small and the shop just blamed mothers day for prices my mum still loved the flowers but i never told her the shop had made a mistake .the shop didnt offer anything i just said id never use them again

Has any one had trouble with sending flowers, my mothers birthday flowers went to the wrong address.?
Sorry. I work with morons.
Reply:I hope you yelled at the florist. I have heard of instances where people call directory assistance for a phone number and when they give the town name the operator says it does not exist; meanwhile the person calling for information lives in that very town.

This is all part of the same problem of illiterate, unskilled illegals being hired by businesses for almost no pay. the dumbing down of the workforce will get worse as more and more illegals flood the job market and take jobs at a fraction of the price of more qualified legal citizens.

I bet the florist had hired some illegal for $25 a day to take the delivery info and that person put it down all wrong. I would complain and threated to turn them in to ICE.