Saturday, May 22, 2010

What is a good replacement for flowers to send to a guy on his bday?

I want to make my fiance feel special on his bday/our anniversary the way flowers make a girl feel special when they're delivered to her. The only thing I can come up with is chocolate-covered fruit but he doesn't really like chocolate-covered anything. Any other suggestions? I want to be able to call this in and have it delivered to his office.

What is a good replacement for flowers to send to a guy on his bday?
i dont think u can really do that for a guy...
Reply:We men are easy, just give him a card while he's at work and give him his real present when you two settle in for the night, catch my drift?
Reply:Insted of Roses on his piano, how about two lips on his organ.
Reply:if he has a sense of humor, a singing telegram
Reply:balloon will beembarrassing enough, maybe a letter from you with, well, whatever ou choose to put in that letter...

they also sell fruit arrangement w.o the choc.
Reply:Hey! Do you know making anything with your own hands? Okay, if not then simply get a nice wrist watch for him and put a message tag like this: I will always have time for you.

I woul love a hand-made gift if you were going to send it to me. Haha!!!
Reply:You can get the eatable fruit arrangements.
Reply:Oh man, this works really well! Get him a candy bar bouquet!! These are sooo cool, and they can cost about as much as a bouquet of roses! He can show it off at work or at home, and the best part... he can eat it instead of watching the flowers rot.

Reply:ok send him some tickets to a concert or something but if uu cant afford that send him ... idk guys dont like much but cars and sex ... lets see here... ... ... i know send him a real nice watch cant go wrong with a good watch (not mechanical get the old regular type)
Reply:i don't think that there is anything quite like flowers, but..... maybe..... a really nice card or something, and hey, maybe you could just send him some flowers, guys aren't as sentimental as girls anyway.
Reply:so that he doesnt 4get to use them 4 ur safety, box of condoms
Reply:I sent my boyfriend a cookie bouquet for Valentine's Day and he loved it. (It ended up arriving the day before, which was even more of a surprise.)

I got mine from and he was quite pleased with it (although I thought the cookies didn't taste very good, lol -- I'm sort of a cookie connossieur though). If you do a web search for cookie bouquets, you'll find many other providers to try.
Reply:They now make "cookie bouquets" It looks like it would be a flower arrangement, but it is made out of cookies. Really cute, and good!
Reply:For Valentine's Day, I asked all my guy friends what men really want.

"You really wanna know?"

"Other than a good lay."

"Can't really think of anything else."

Try something that involves him coming home to you wearing an apron and heels. Position yourself in the bedroom, on your knees at the front door or draped over the dinning room table.

That'll work.

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