Thursday, May 20, 2010

I've been seing this girl 4 about a month and feel like sending her flowers at work..Should I?

She is so lucky to have u.Of course u should u will make her melt cuz that is just to sweet.Chow

I've been seing this girl 4 about a month and feel like sending her flowers at work..Should I?
definately- nothing crazy, but sweet and simple. I'd love it!
Reply:Sure go for it,I am sure that will make her very happy and it will be a surprise =]
Reply:I would think it's okay. I wouldn't get too weird on the card though.

I think I would keep it sort of friendly, but the flowers are a special touch. It's not too strong and not too blah either. The price of the bouquet is also something I would consider as well. Maybe about 30 or something.
Reply:absolutely it will make all her friends jealous and make her feel special.
Reply:Yes, I would make it a small bouquet. Don't send red roses, though, that says "I love you."
Reply:if she's the kind of person who'd appreciate that, go for it. it's always so sweet when a guy gives you flowers
Reply:Flipping heck yes if you think that she feels the same way go for it dont send a dodgy doll or bear that says i love you because i got that once and it was a bit too much.... Send the flowers though the ladies dig it!
Reply:yeah you should but just one rose they like that more... can i get some back up on that?
Reply:if she likes that sort of thing and most girls do i think u should go for it girls appriciate the small little things that make us feel like u actually care

she will luv u for it
Reply:Yes. girls love to have flowers sent to them and at work she can show them off. i would suggest roses or lilacs
Reply:Depends on what your reason for doing it is. If you're doing it because you want to, then that's fine. However, if you're doing it in an effort to "buy" her affections, then you'd better think twice about it. That is never a good idea.
Reply:Yes! do it.
Reply:so do it
Reply:I think that is a very sweet idea. The most memorable flower arrangement I received was 3 red roses with a note from my b/f that said "The first rose is for the love I have for you, the second rose is for the love you have for me, and the third rose is for the love we share" Although this might not work for you, something along those lines would be extremely memorable. Maybe "1st rose is for the times we've already shared, 2nd is for the dates we've had, 3rd is for the possiblities to come" Of course plain old flowers with your name is good, too!
Reply:why not, right?

Go for it.
Reply:Yes, there is no reason you shouldn't
Reply:never to soon for flowers. Dont listen to the girls. go all the way especially if you really like her. If she likes you you wont chase her away. Be creative man.
Reply:Don't think about it..!!!

DO IT!!!!!



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