Monday, May 17, 2010

I want to send my wife some flowers to work what would you ladies prefer?

A Bouquets nicely wrapped or a Bouquets in a vase. I think a vase would be best what do you think? its for out anniversary I would be sending them to her work no idea when the would arrive and shes not so good at arrangments of flowers

here is a section. I like the ones at i am looking for delivery and am spending £30 including delivery for tommorrow. we are going for a meal and have already been to Italy last week.

Look on there and add any links you thik she may like for delivery tomorrow though. Thanks

I want to send my wife some flowers to work what would you ladies prefer?
yeh would love flowers sent to my work, obviously from my hubby not your lovely self. Just pick what you think looks really nice yourself, I would say 30 quid is a reasonable price for a decent bouquet. I prefer the ones in the vase as at least they will keep till she gets them home. I got a lovely bunch in a vase when I was in hospital having my babies and they were really nicely arranged. Good luck and enjoy your night out.
Reply:A note to "Felicity O" I know she loves lilies but our daughter got her some lillies so did not want to go cliche and get red roses and her to think I had asked somebody else to get them or taken the easy option so I asked for opinions I think 25 years is Special Report It

Reply:An orchid bouquets is the best.
Reply:Just pick some nice flowers she will love anything from you
Reply:How long have you been married? Diamond rings and holidays in Sorrento, yet you still don't know what flowers she prefers?

If you ask me, it's going to take more than flowers. Forget the credit card. It sounds like time for a heartfelt hug and a few sweet words whispered in her ear.
Reply:definately the ALLURE bouquet, it's lovely. Are u 4 real? You are very thoughtful n romantic. You must love ur wife very much.
Reply:everyone prefers different things. do you know her faves yet? if you dont, go by her fave colour
Reply:Get her some pink roses. They say romance and she would expect the red ones.
Reply:A Triffid!!
Reply:send her all your bank balance!
Reply:Personally, if she is not so good with arrangements, perhaps try a small but lovely potted plant. They last MUCH longer than cut flowers and will be a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness! Just think of it this way - a cut arrangement says "I love you enough to cut up some blossoms for you". A plant that will renew year after year says "My love for you is eternal and will continue to blossom for you." ;) Just a few thoughts from a romantic!! Good luck.

Here are a couple of nice ones in your price range just from the site you listed (WITH shipping):

Orchid - 31.75

Calathea - 28.75

Rosy Apricot mini roses - 25.75
Reply:I'd personally go for a nice big boquet, so i have to run around the office looking for a vase and show off a little bit!

Roses are SOOOO cliched, go for something exotic like orchids or lillies.
Reply:I agree, go for something a bit dfferent which suits her decor/personality. My ex always got me yellow roses - gorgeous, because they were a bit different and very personal.
Reply:flippin eck all i get is a kick in the knickers. ummmmmmmm thats not exactly true. However i have seen Next flowers and they are lovely. Women who like diamonds
Reply:No roses, they're just overpriced and overused. My favorite bouquet is always just brightly colored seasonal flowers. And your budget is about what I spend when I get flowers for my husband.

Otherwise, if you give roses, every single anniversary she'll know she'll be getting the same old roses again.

I never know what to expect when flowers arrive for me!
Reply:NEVER GET THEM FROM NEXT !!!!!!!! We have literally spent hundreds of pounds with them on flowers, and they're lousy - they die too soon and they have a poor vase design and don't always hold the flowers well whatsoever.
Reply:I think the ones in the vase are pretty - the £30.00 ones that are the long stemed ones is what I assume you are buying - I think your wife will LOVE them - I would. Have a lovely anniversary xx
Reply:a dozen red roses
Reply:Anyday, i would go for Lilies....they smell ever sooooo gorgeous!
Reply:Boy where are there more men like you? Just getting flowers at work is great. If you can afford them choose Roses. Tell the florist to fill in with Baby's Breath in a nice vase.
Reply:Are you a real person? I didnt think that men like you existed. Your wife is a very lucky woman. Lilys are nice but their pollen does stain, roses may be seen as old fashoined by some, but when you think of a flower to show that you love someone, its normally roses that come to mind.
Reply:send her favourite flower or flowers in her favourite colour

Red Roses are traditional for wedding anniversary, one for each year you have been married shows extra thought,

or a single rose, with a helium ballon, to which the dinner invitation is attached is slightly different, then the main arrangement you could have delivered to the house, in a colour scheme to match the living room or bedroom depending on where she usually puts flowers

sounds like she is a lucky girl!
Reply:It doesn't matter, if someone sent me a daisy I'd love it. It's the thought that really does count. Lucky lady.
Reply:Seasonal flowers are the cheapest.

Do you not have any idea what flowers your wife likes?

Or maybe she has mentioned flowers that she does not like.

Lilies remind me of funerals.

Any flowers are good. It is the thought that counts after all
Reply:my bf from time to time sends me flowers.. (its been awhile since he has mind you)

and i loved the last time he sent them to me at work.. :) its always nice..

he usually gets me a nice variety of different kinds.. with different colours.. :)

so i'd get a nice variety.. :) and with a vase.. that way they will keep while she's at work more easier.. its not like she has a vase waiting :)
Reply:wow, what a thoughtful guy you are...........
Reply:I think these are nice.
Reply:That sounds nice..The BLISS one looks great...
Reply:I guess most women would prefer red roses-the flower of love. I'd prefer white/pink carnations, as they last so much longer.
Reply:Would you like a second wife to pamper. Seriously what a nice idea, I am sure she knows you love her whatever you send. Have a nice meal. xx
Reply:yes that would be wonderful so people can see what a nice husband she has
Reply:Say it with her a triffid

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