Thursday, May 20, 2010

What would you do if your husband sent another woman flowers?

My husband sent a woman who works at the bank flowers because she helped him open a line of credit that was needed? I am outraged by this to be honest. He doesnt even send me flowers (mostly because I tell him it's a waste of money, I'd rather have something that will last)..but regardless, I dont think a married man should be sending any other woman flowers period, unless it's a family member or an ill friend. He spent $50 on flowers that could have gone towards paying off that line of credit. Argh!!!!! Am I over-reacting?

What would you do if your husband sent another woman flowers?
I would ask him to put himself in my place... then ask him how he would like it if a handsome guy helped me open a line of credit %26amp; then I gave the guy expensive sexy undies as a gesture of thanks?

To a wife%26gt;%26gt;%26gt; a hubby giving flowers to another woman is just as personal as... her giving undies to another man... it doesn't help spouses feel that they can trust one another.

That ought to get his attention %26amp; help him understand how he made you feel... it's like a big slap in the face.

Make sure he gets the point clearly by%26gt;%26gt;%26gt; speaking to him in a calm manner... otherwise he may think he's just being attacked (fussed at, criticised) %26amp; he wouldn't focus on the point you're trying to make, but would only be focusing on defending himself.
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Reply:No a card or a simple thank you would have been more appropriate. It's her damn job for sake. Unless she did something shoddy with his paper work.
Reply:I'd be packing my stuff.
Reply:It really comes back to his intentions. It sounds like it was his way of saying thank you no more no less. You can couch him if you disagreed with him but don't start war with a good person.
Reply:I would be furious with him too.I feel like that about flowers,I am way too sensible.I would rather have something to last.What I would do,would be to buy myself something that is the same cost of the flowers!!! A nice new top,or skirt,or perfume.From his account!!!!!! Then I would say to him,isnt this nice?Her from the bank got a nice treat from you,so you have bought me this.thanks.Dont get mad,get even.
Reply:If it was my Husband he would be residing on his Mother's couch until he learned his lesson. And by lesson I mean making it up to me BIG TIME. That is inappropriate for any married man to send anyone flowers other then his wife, mother, and mother-in-law. Only on special occasions for the last 2.
Reply:What would I do? Would that be before or after his funeral?
Reply:no you are not over reacting,I'm sure he ment well but $50 for opening a line of credit? It must've been alot.Ask him how many people he thinks sends a $50 gift to a person who does their job.(at a bank) I know my friend's hubby bought a couple of bed and bath basket for a Christmas party for his co workers that was $70 each but he said he didn't look at the price and was too embarassed to take them back after he got to the car and realized how much they were....but he did get her one too.She was mad at how much he spent but knew how stupid is about looking at prices.She just holds it over his head when she wants to buy something for someone.
Reply:People, People, some of you are over reacting. It is just flowers and he didn't do it without his wife's knowledge. It is perfectly normal for you to be upset but don't go crazy over it. Just tell him in a non confrontational way that it bothered you and next time you both can discuss what would be a more appriopriate "thank you" when a similar situation arises. Marriage is too complicated as it is so don;t make a mountain out of a mole hill.
Reply:you have a right to be pissed.I would be.But at least he did tell you.Alot of men would not of told their wife.
Reply:I would be beyond pissed off. But maybe it was just an act of gratitude. Talk to him about it.
Reply:I would be pissed too. My husband flirts wherever he goes, but doesn't send flowers. But, maybe he bribed her by saying he'd send her flowers if she made the deal go through, and he had to keep his word. The only way i wouldn't be mad, would be if I met her and she was an old or very ugly lady.
Reply:First off, he made a stupid mistake. But before you go jumping all over him take time to go down to the bank and see this woman who helped him and see if this is about liking the woman or him just being over nice. If it was just a stupid mistake and he was just doing something nice then you need to back off and just calmly let him know how you feel and why. If it was because she was good looking then feel free to really unload on him.
Reply:I'd send him flowers as well placed on top of his newly painted coffin.
Reply:He was probally grateful that she did this and was not thinking clearly before he did it. You are right though. How ironic, He spends 50 dollars in flowers, but he could have used the 50 to pay off his much needed line of credit. I would be mad about the money, and the impulsive buy. I think it was un-neccessary for him to send her the flowers. Maybe this is why he needed someone to help him out getting credit because his impulsive spending has contributed to his financial problems.
Reply:He would be picking rose thorns out of his butt.
Reply:My gosh he never never get you flowers and now he gave flowers to other woman worth $50 dollars. and My gosh, I am a male and I always sometime get flowers for my wife I even get 120 red rose for my wife and she tells me oh my god why? and I told her because I love you and she was shocked and her sister was so jeaous and I was happy to do that.

But for him to do that to you that Disrespect to you. I won't ever think ever give flowers to a woman worth 50 bucks.. I would tell her myself thanks you for what you done for me.....

Yeah I agree with you that should be gone toward paying off the line of credit.... you not beng over-reacting. He being dumb *** for not giving you flowers all those years and now that woman get flowers from him???????? He is just a Dumb ***.
Reply:I'd be pissed too. Its her job. Yes, she was helpful. A simple thank you is all that is needed. He doesn't need to send flowers. Mine would be picking them out of his A$$! I wouldn't put up with it either!
Reply:wooooow!!!!! fight fire with fire, tell him you need money to send to guy at the grocergy store slowers because he helped you put in the grocergies because your back hurt and he saved you. tell him you would also like to get him a lil gift. and see what he says. would that be ok to send him flowers or the guy at the cleaners. see if he would like you sending lil gifts to another guy?
Reply:ummm lets say he would be sleeping in the dog house he sent her flowers cause maybe he is interested in her
Reply:Been there, my husband and my father in law both have done that before. Both are completely honest about it. They don't spend 50 dollars but maybe you're husband didnt know he could spend less. My guys said they did this for a few reasons 1) to show appreciation 2) to make her day 3) to make an impression in their mind of them that way when they come back , say your guys messes up and forgets a payment, she will remember him and most like forgive his mistake.

I felt weird at first too, but it only happens like once or twice a year, so as long as they are open with myself and my mother in law I see no problem, however if this makes you uncomfortable, perhaps you can reason with your husband to do something a little less on the romantic side next time like a thank you card with a ten dollar star bucks card or something- hope this helps
Reply:No u arent overeacting.I dont even want to think about my husband doing that.Has he sent u flowers since?if he hasnt, kick his a** out for a few days
Reply:His sending a gift of any kind is not inappropriate. In business when someone does something helpful it is always a good thing to acknowledge helpfulness. Flowers don't signify only romance.

I'm guessing you have something more going on in your relationship that this has pissed you off so badly. You have already told him not to send you flowers and now you're pissed. Hmmmmmm.... I think you must think he is neglecting you in other ways. Is he?
Reply:I know it was probably wrong that a married man sent her flowers but you also have to think you said that you would rather him spend it on bills and the lady helped him open a line of credit that was needed. That's all if he does it more than once okay then you have a problem.


  1. I understand your anger! Mines sent his "friend" a $100 worth of flowers because she told him she was having a bad day. I don't know what to think of that. I love him but it's so shocking! I don't know what to do

  2. My darling husband of 10 years sent $105 worth of roses to be delivered today to a Hooters girl that worked next to the company booked hotel while he was working out of town for the past 6 weeks. Now this is 1 week before we fly out for our dream family vacation. He swears it is innocent... I am PI$$ED and hurt. I just happened to call this waitress on the phone tonight and asked her if my husband made her day and made her feel special.... She dumbly replied "YES" So I told her I wasn't blaming her but he made me feel completely insignificant and that I hoped her boyfriend didn't ever do such a thing to her, told her to take care and hung up. Now I'm in the dog house for embarrassing him, can you imagine?? I want his head on a platter right now!!!