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I want to send flowers to My girl friend who lives in china. What is the best way of doing this. I live in USA

I want to know what is the best way to send flowers to My girlfriend who lives in china. I look and seen a lot of online stores that deliver to where ever she lives and Just want to know what is the best store or online place to order from. I'm live in the USA and want to send her some flowers.

I want to send flowers to My girl friend who lives in china. What is the best way of doing this. I live in USA
surely that relationship cant work? have u even seen or met her (not over the internet)?
Reply:FTD florists deliver beautiful bouquets all over the world and are a very reputable company.
Reply:Why Don't You Give Them To Her When You Bloody Meet Her FFS.
Reply:for one why does your girl f riend live in China? that is kinda odd... but i do think it is sweet thatyou are willing to send her flowers even though she is so far away what a sweet man

Is it appropriate to send flowers to an Islamic funeral or family after a death in the family?

Co-worker is Islamic and her aunt just died. Our department wants to do something appropriate to show our support for her. Any suggsestions would be greatly appreciated.

Is it appropriate to send flowers to an Islamic funeral or family after a death in the family?
Dear reader i don't think the question here is about what's appropriate or not,i think it's more about the sentiment and how it flows into people's heart,people's soul.

if you send flowers it will be a respect of two cultures one that doesn't know what to do to appeal to the other but tries by having flowers sent, i am sure good will will be understood and highly appriciated,and that person will know that out there beyond the realm of family and relatives there people who do Really care in a world where people pretend that they do ,you have a complete and pure heart towards that person,and that will always be clear regardless of the religion at hand.

wish you all the best
Reply:I don't see why sending flowers would be wrong.

It shows you care and are there for her.

That's all that matters.
Reply:Of course, flowers would be very thoughtful.
Reply:Yes, maybe a plant would be another choice. I know that they would appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Ex sends flowers to my girlfriend at work?

My girlfriend has a kid with another guy

he has sent he flowers today... we agreed to not do the flowers thing... so she is receiving flowers form her baby daddy

everyone is asking me (we work together) did you get those for her i say no...... is it fair for her to be disappointed for getting me

Ex sends flowers to my girlfriend at work?
Yah mistake number 1. ALWAYS SEND FLOWERS ON VALINTINES DAY. She may say she doesnt want any blah blah blah, she wants them.

And I would seriously ask her about the flowers her "ex" sent her. You might be getting played.

I'm sorry that you are going through this, I'm in a similar situation myself, She is your girlfriend now, him being the father of her child doesn't mean anything more than that he is father of her child, plain and simple....

That's not normal behavior, I'd look into it....
Reply:ok two main thing..had she got over the daddy dad and had the daddy dad got over her???? asked her on her side nicely and then if she says yes she got over him that means you have competition. but dont do the same as what he does. if he send her flowers you make her a nice home dinner........if you do not know how to take aways but pre heat and put in nice plates............its the thoughts that counts
Reply:Seriously, you need to excuse yourself and run to the store to buy her something. If nothing else, it makes you look bad to the people you work with that she's getting flowers from someone else and nothing from you.
Reply:He might just be getting them in appreciation for what she is doing for their child.
Reply:You need to go over the top of this guy or she's gonna start second-guessing!!!

Hurry up.... you don't have much time left!
Reply:well u should ask the baby's daddy y did he send those flower to her...

good luck

happy hearts's day

Well, that's the danger of getting with a girl that has a kid. That child means a major connection with someone else.

Think of something to do for her with a quickness, pal.
Reply:Babby Daddy gives flowers? That may not be appropriate. That's for them to discuss. But trust me Dude ALWAYS get your lady flowers on V-Day DON'T EVEN ASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now got get a bigger bouquet than Babby Daddy's NOW! Go!

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Should I send flowers after the first date to say thanks for a great time?

I was thinking of sending a bouquet of flowers to the girl I just went on a first day with to say thanks for a great time and I can't wait to see you again. What do you think? And what if she doesn't want any of her co-workers to know about it?

Should I send flowers after the first date to say thanks for a great time?
i think it is very romantic idea and would hit home to me.. if you do not want to send them to her work then send them to her home.. and this is really a nice thing that you are doing.. kind of things that melt good luck with your next date......
Reply:The flowers were a big hit. Thanks for everyone's advice! Report It

Reply:yes flowers are the best idea for stared love and u should not west ur time go on
Reply:YES YES YES...respect and consideration goes aloooong way
Reply:do it, you only live once, but dont make the flowers too over the top someting simple and sweet.
Reply:send it to her house,but it is gud to know some guys do care,good luck.
Reply:Only send one rose. With a question of when can you see her again? This shows interest with out instilling a feeling of obligation.
Reply:That's a really nice way to say thanks. I'm all for it. If you want, you can send the flowers and card to her house address, instead of at work (if she does work). I think it would be better to send a rose, a white or pink rose, with the card. Good luck, Criseaker, if that's your name.
Reply:I think this is so romantic...she will love it! I am sure she wants everyone to know about that...and you sending flowers would make her feel really great. So just do it!

By the way, roses are the best, if you don't know which is her favorite flower...Good luck!
Reply:I say go for it. My now husband sent me flowers the day after with a note that said thanks for last night. Dinner tonight?

I said yes. We have been married almost a year now... very happily too.
Reply:if her attitude seemed positive, just SEND it :)

may be you can add a little card asking simply if you can do it again ..

and yes, if you are worried about her co-workers knowing about it, try sending it to her residence. if thats not possible, may be you can arrange someone to wait for her near the office to catch her before or after she is in .. may be a sweet little boy!
Reply:maybe send them to her house before or after she goes to work, but i think its a sweet idea.
Reply:that is a wonderful idea... basically... as most other women... we love flowers... and find it cute and romantic... am sure she would be delighted by your actions... and would love to see you again on your second date
Reply:don't worry about her co-workers. she's only gonna brag about it. the more people gonna see it, how more impress she's gonna be. woman just love flowers and to show off!! flowers is a very good idea, if you are serious about her... good luck!!!
Reply:try a bouquet of "forget-me-nots".
Reply:well its a good idea but dont rush into it dont be easily available this soon
Reply:Thta's an awsome idea.... she would love them no metter where you'll send them. I don;t think she will be bothered that her co-workers will see that... on the contrary we love that....Good luck , I 'd like a guy like you...
Reply:I think the flowers are a great idea but send them to her house. That will show respect for her privacy.
Reply:frOm a woman's point of view...that's a very sweet thing to do. if you want to and if you really mean it that you had a great time with her, then go ahead and send her those lovely flowers. it will make her feel really special. and if she doesn't want her co-workers to know, then maybe you can try sending it somewhere else--like her home, or somewhere she stays.

and... just be sure that your motives and intentions for her are real and PURE. that is, that you're not thinking only about how great might she be in bed or things like that---by now that should be out of your option---until you marry her.

before you do anything, you should consider your real and honest motives... because everything starts there. a thing, no matter how right it seems to the eyes, depends all about the motive of doing it. just make sure yours are pure and clean. then...have a great time!
Reply:Very romantic, a little old fashioned, I say yes.
Reply:I think that's a very sweet gesture and I think she would love it. But, if she doesn't want her coworkers to know, then send them to her home. And if that's not possible, then send the flowers with just a "thinking of you" message" and call her with the real message.
Reply:not a bad idea!

The girl I like's birthday is comming up and I don't know what kind of flowers/roses to send her. Any help?

Well.. Like it says.. I like this girl.. It's been about a year.. We were together for a bit and then we went seperate ways.. But I still feel for her.. I would say it's love, but I just want to tell her with a special present.. I was thinking jewelry, but I thought flowers would be good too.. I am not sure yet, but .. If I am going to send flowers.. I'd really like to know what kind of flowers I should be sending her to send a message saying I still care.. I was thinking about roses.. But it seems each color or quantity makes a big difference.. And I have no clue what to do.. Hopefully you guys can help.. And hopefully the ladies can give some tips...

Thanks for all the help.

The girl I like's birthday is comming up and I don't know what kind of flowers/roses to send her. Any help?
First of all, if you're paying $100 for carnations, you're being ripped off! For that price, you should be able to get a nice dozen roses sent to her! I don't know the girl that you're talking about, but I always liked roses (it doesn't have to be a dozen--just nicely arranged.) Chocolates are even better though, along with a cute card that will make me smile. I had a boyfriend that sent me a teddy bear for my birthday, which was really cute--I kept the teddy bear longer than the boyfriend though! Jewelry is a little too much unless you're already going out. Think about what SHE likes and make the gift personal. If you're still interested in this girl, then you want to try thinking about what she would want and how to make her feel special. Don't spend a fortune on her, but instead just focus on making her feel like she's lucky.

Good luck and best wishes.
Reply:Wow wow wow! Dude....I would think it was pretty weird if you guys have "gone your seperate ways" and then you send her a couples hundred dollars worth of gifts.

How about something simple. Maybe a single red rose with a note attached that tells her how feel even after all this time? Or if you want to give more (though sometimes simple is more romantic), a dozen roses (red for love / pink for I really like you) with a letter.

And if you were really set on jewelry, a nice necklace (but not this plus roses...that might be getting too much yet).

Best wishes!
Reply:bunch of red roses are beautiful and very romantic. red roses are very meaningful to us girls. just be yourself man and show to her how much you really care and love her. jewerly is not really important at all. make yourself nice and neat on her birthday it adds up on your handsome look!

Reply:Get her a nice silver/white gold necklace with her birthstone and a card telling her about how you feel. This same thing surprisingly happened to me. If you really want to get her flowers, ask some of her friends what kind of flowers she likes.
Reply:Red roses to me always says something special but my favourites are carnations they smell beautiful just go with your heart if she is so special she will love anything you choose because its the thought that really counts,and you are thinking of her so you can't go wrong,good luck.
Reply:Give her your heart not gold.
Reply:Take a deep breath, and then go out and get a nice card. Any gift is going to seem like you are rushing her. Let her know you care with a card; if she calls to thank you you will know there is a place for friendship. Friendship and then a relationship. I remember when someone sent me flowers in the same situation, and I was not happy about it, as it seemed as if he was trying to get back with me. That had to be my decision. I would have loved a card, and then would have let him know I appreciated his thoughtfulness.

If you do send flowers, pick carnations, and not for $l00. Start small. Carnations last a long time, whereas roses are dead in a week, and also send words of love. Don't scare her away by doing too much. Good luck. And in the meantime, look around. Lots of girls would like a man like you who thinks of others.
Reply:Actions speak louder than words dude.

Tell her that I have a gift for you. Go to a private place of something then tell her to close her eyes.

Then say "here's your gift", then kiss her. If she stops you then you know that she doesn't want you back.

The girl I like's birthday is comming up and I don't know what kind of flowers/roses to send her. Any help?

Well.. Like it says.. I like this girl.. It's been about a year.. We were together for a bit and then we went seperate ways.. But I still feel for her.. I would say it's love, but I just want to tell her with a special present.. I was thinking jewelry, but I thought flowers would be good too.. I am not sure yet, but .. If I am going to send flowers.. I'd really like to know what kind of flowers I should be sending her to send a message saying I still care.. I was thinking about roses.. But it seems each color or quantity makes a big difference.. And I have no clue what to do.. Hopefully you guys can help.. And hopefully the ladies can give some tips...

Thanks for all the help.

The girl I like's birthday is comming up and I don't know what kind of flowers/roses to send her. Any help?
Well get the present that you think is the best for her and that you know she will really like and that for a fact she won't regret. Think about the stuff she used to ask you for she might like something like that. I wish you good luck with her and hope that you get another chance.
Reply:dont send white. that means death. red means love. send carnations.
Reply:Find out her favorite kind of flowers.
Reply:white orchids
Reply:send her ballons
Reply:Honestly, it doesn't really matter what type of flowers you send. If you know what her favorites are, send those. I would recommend Gerber Daisies. They come in a variety of colors and they're long stem-ed which is always romantic. And if you're not sure about the 'love' thing, it's a great way to say 'I like you a lot'. Good luck.
Reply:For get about quantity and what they mean and all that hoopla....she probably won´t know either. Get her something different like dahlias or something, Bright colors always makes someone feel good so If you can find any flower in bright pinks or blues go for them. And always go for a dozen. Ask the florist for any kind of flower that are large, bright and uncommon. That way you´ll stick out from the rest.
Reply:yellow roses mean friendship..... i would go with yellow roses

Do you think it's ok to send flowers to your valetine in her school?

I was about to send some roses to my girl to her house on valentine's day but then i found out you could also send her roses in school. I wanna surprise her with flowers but do you think it's kinda too surprising when a girl gets flowers in her school?

Do you think it's ok to send flowers to your valetine in her school?
I guess it depends - will she have to carry those flowers around all day at school with her books too? Put yourself in her shoes and see what you think.

Reply:It is absolutely ok and is a very sweet idea :)
Reply:mate for starters are you stalkin g he or harrassing her? secondly erm i dont think the school will allow it cause of a high rallergy risk factor
Reply:Yes, girls love to get things at school!
Reply:No, its a great idea. I bet she would love it.

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How can i send flowers online? anyone know?

im trying to send flowers to a girl i live in tx. and she lives in illinois. is there a site to send flowers? any ideas?

How can i send flowers online? anyone know?
Reply:You should try Report It

Reply:I've used or, and it worked fine. I think it's cheaper, though, to google a local (Texas) florist, and charge it over the phone. Look into it.
Reply:Sure, no problem. Click on the link below. I copied the link that will take you to an offer for 10% off if you order today. My son ordered from them last week for my birthday:)
Reply:1-800-FLOWERS has a website, I'm sure, or even FTD florists. Just Google %26amp; go!, their products are great. I use them all the time and they ship all over the place. You even get a free vase with your order.
Reply:I don't know any flower wed sites or anything but that is so cute i wish i had a guy like you. I hope she likes the flowers if you do send them. could send an e card and/or have them delivered by or you can search flower delivery on google or (the biggest seach engine in the world...includes goolge,yahoo, and all that other stuff)
Reply:go to and et the phone number for the city and state she is in

do not go thru 1-800 or FTD they are not florists, just order gatherers and cost more money

I want to send flowers or a gift to a friend for valentines. Im not dating her or anyone, i know she isnt?

either, but is it okay to send flowers to just a friend for Valentines day?

I want to send flowers or a gift to a friend for valentines. Im not dating her or anyone, i know she isnt?
Sure! Just write on the note "To a great friend" so she does not get the wrong idea - don't send red roses, if you want to do roses, make them yellow or white - I'm sure you will make her day, a small gift or chocolates would also be fine, just nothing extavagant. Great idea!
Reply:Sure, try telafloral. I use them all the time.
Reply:I think it is fine to send a gift to a friend, just make sure the card let's her know it is a friendship thing, nothing more....unless it is??

Flowers are nice, but they die in a week! How about sending her a gift basket! We can custom design a one-of-a-kind gift basket ful of lots of suprises based on what you know about her. If your interested, check out my website,
Reply:Go for chocolates. I'd rather get that than flowers.

Put in a cute card "from a friend".

Cracker Barrel has tons of stuff (I'm not connected with them).
Reply:yeah, but she may take it the way that you might not like. she might think that you want her as something more than a friend. but then again she might appreciate what you gave her.
Reply:That would be very sweet of you to do. If I could make a suggestion, don't give her red roses. Those signify "love". Don't do red "anything". White pink and yellow are great "friendship" colors. Good luck, and happy Valentine's day!
Reply:What a sweet thought. Any female, girlfriend or friend, would appreciate a thoughtful gesture like flowers. She's lucky to have you as a friend.
Reply:yea man, very cute idea.

do it.

Is it possible to send flowers FTD from Pennsylvania, USA to Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam?


Call me at 773 506 7811. Ask for Mai. We deal with Vietnam.

Check out my website here

Cake will be under the category "Creamcake to Vietnam".

Tiệm hoa chúng tôi là member của FTD.

Is it possible to send flowers FTD from Pennsylvania, USA to Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam?
I'm not sure,but if you can be very care full what you send,i took flowers to a friend in hospital,these flowers signified a death of a near relative.They take flowers very serious here,and many have different meanings.
Reply:we have a service called international dien hoa . dunno if thats ftd as u meant
Reply:y? there are hundreds of florist in VN.....
Reply:Call FTD and ask them, or go to

Sending 2 arrangements of flowers, 1 to gf and 1 to her parents; do I address the latter to mom or mom and dad

-girlfriends getting rose and a few of her favorite flowers

-other arrangement is carnations and some kind of christmas-y thing

-havent met either parents, or even talked to them, but they know we have been dating for 4 months now

Sending 2 arrangements of flowers, 1 to gf and 1 to her parents; do I address the latter to mom or mom and dad
Address the other arrangement to Mr and Mrs.....

Better still, you may want to include a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine with it.

Have a happy Christmas!
Reply:depends if that was all you got her parents? if ur bringing wine or chocolates or something else along with it then you could prob just address it to her mother... otherwise adress it to both of them
Reply:Address it to Mr and Mrs (name of the father) Smith or whatever their last name is. Be formal first and don't be too fresh with greetings.
Reply:Mr and Mrs so and so
Reply:adress to the parents should be Mr. and Mrs.
Reply:Address to her parents as Mr %26amp; Mrs would be appropriate since you do not know them well. You are not close enough to be on a "mom %26amp; dad" basis with them yet.
Reply:Address it to them as Mr %26amp; Mrs or "The [last name] Family"

Like "Mr. %26amp; Mrs. Smith" or "The Smith Family" if there are younger family members in the house.


Is it bad to send flowers to yourself to make your partner jealous? we work together and i just ordered an?

arrangement to be delivered to our office, with a note from a "Secret Admirer" LOL

Is it bad to send flowers to yourself to make your partner jealous? we work together and i just ordered an?

It seems innocent enough in the game of love. He might feel flattered if/when he finds out the truth (I think I would)." But it's not clear what you mean by "partner"--business or personal or both?

However, romance allows for a lot of things, and what you've done hurts no one that I can see and unquestionably helps the florist industry.

Since the flowers have already been sent, focus now on how you're going to handle it from here. What will you say if he asks about them? Put yourself in his place, try to think like he does. If he's strictly a business partner to date, how might this affect your business relationship?

But by all means, ENJOY your beautiful flowers when you get them, and ENJOY your secret admirer note! There's no law that says the secret admirer can't be you.
Reply:its childish

and could do more harm than good

what if he got something delivered that said that?

i do not think you would appreciate it one bit

and even if you confessed it was you i doubt he would believe you

play with fire-you will get burned
Reply:This is pretty immature. You're basically lying - not to make yourself feel better, but to manipulate someone else.

This isn't a very healthy relationship if you have to resort to tricks like this.

Just tell your partner straight out that you sent them to yourself because you DESERVE flowers, and no one else is providing what you need.
Reply:Bad? No.

Immature? Yes.

It could cause more problems in the long run. Like, what if he doesn't even get jelous?
Reply:Its a little juvenile. Even more so if you guys are in a relationship. But if it works..... lol
Reply:ahaha, not a bad idea, its kind of funny actually. hey whatever works in your favor! i might use that trick in the future lol.

I'm sending my girlfriend flowers and i'm having a hard time coming up with something to put on the card

whats something sweet i could say?

I'm sending my girlfriend flowers and i'm having a hard time coming up with something to put on the card
"Just because"
Reply:get it from a song lyric or something

"ur my true love my whole heart, please dont throw that away"
Reply:glad that you are in my life


because of you i am a better man


baby you are my everything
Reply:How 'bout,

"holla atch'yo boy"

- your big_papa_trey
Reply:what about

Im whipped
Reply:Just print what you wrote in this question...exactly word for word. This will be your own thoughts from your heart and she'll appreciate that more than something coming from someone else.
Reply:Send her 11 real roses and 1 fake one. On the card write 'I will love you ntil the last one dies'.
Reply:"Wish you were here", and I miss you!

When i buy my girl flowers i just tell how much i love her and how much having her around makes me happy!

that all they just want to know, you love them and your happy with them....but make sure your sincere about it and all will go well!
Reply:Thinking of you
Reply:You could get a card that has "Thinking of You" written across the top, and then handwrite the word "Always" across the middle of the card....


What is a good replacement for flowers to send to a guy on his bday?

I want to make my fiance feel special on his bday/our anniversary the way flowers make a girl feel special when they're delivered to her. The only thing I can come up with is chocolate-covered fruit but he doesn't really like chocolate-covered anything. Any other suggestions? I want to be able to call this in and have it delivered to his office.

What is a good replacement for flowers to send to a guy on his bday?
i dont think u can really do that for a guy...
Reply:We men are easy, just give him a card while he's at work and give him his real present when you two settle in for the night, catch my drift?
Reply:Insted of Roses on his piano, how about two lips on his organ.
Reply:if he has a sense of humor, a singing telegram
Reply:balloon will beembarrassing enough, maybe a letter from you with, well, whatever ou choose to put in that letter...

they also sell fruit arrangement w.o the choc.
Reply:Hey! Do you know making anything with your own hands? Okay, if not then simply get a nice wrist watch for him and put a message tag like this: I will always have time for you.

I woul love a hand-made gift if you were going to send it to me. Haha!!!
Reply:You can get the eatable fruit arrangements.
Reply:Oh man, this works really well! Get him a candy bar bouquet!! These are sooo cool, and they can cost about as much as a bouquet of roses! He can show it off at work or at home, and the best part... he can eat it instead of watching the flowers rot.

Reply:ok send him some tickets to a concert or something but if uu cant afford that send him ... idk guys dont like much but cars and sex ... lets see here... ... ... i know send him a real nice watch cant go wrong with a good watch (not mechanical get the old regular type)
Reply:i don't think that there is anything quite like flowers, but..... maybe..... a really nice card or something, and hey, maybe you could just send him some flowers, guys aren't as sentimental as girls anyway.
Reply:so that he doesnt 4get to use them 4 ur safety, box of condoms
Reply:I sent my boyfriend a cookie bouquet for Valentine's Day and he loved it. (It ended up arriving the day before, which was even more of a surprise.)

I got mine from and he was quite pleased with it (although I thought the cookies didn't taste very good, lol -- I'm sort of a cookie connossieur though). If you do a web search for cookie bouquets, you'll find many other providers to try.
Reply:They now make "cookie bouquets" It looks like it would be a flower arrangement, but it is made out of cookies. Really cute, and good!
Reply:For Valentine's Day, I asked all my guy friends what men really want.

"You really wanna know?"

"Other than a good lay."

"Can't really think of anything else."

Try something that involves him coming home to you wearing an apron and heels. Position yourself in the bedroom, on your knees at the front door or draped over the dinning room table.

That'll work.

I want to send my mom flowers for her birthday.?

does anyone know any places where they will deliver them at a low cost? she loves sunflowers. under $25

I want to send my mom flowers for her birthday.?
The least expensive way I have found to have flowers delivered is to call a florist in the town in which your Mom lives. Look for the names/numbers of the florists on the internet and call direct. You cut the "middle man" fees that way.
Reply:That is so sweet!
Reply:Sorry cant help with the flowers But your Mum should be proud she has a lovely caring daughter

How can i send flowers ?

i gone through but i want to know more details.

How can i send flowers ?
Well, you could go through a company like 1-800-flowers or you could call up your local florist and ask them if the wire flowers. But I would recomend you call a florist in the area that you want to send them and tell them what you want. You can get ideas from those websites if you are unsure.
Reply:Sending your own flowers? Try wrapping the stems in wet newspaper, lots of it. The bubble wrap, pack loosely in a box. Mark the box fragile and fresh plants and use overnight express. OR.......take them to your local florist and see if they will send them and at what charge.
Reply:It is best to call a florist in the city which the flowers will be delivered

Is it ever too early in a relationship to send her flowers?

I am dating a wonderful young woman, who I have known for awhile. We have been going out now for only a week. She has a very stressful major, and has a next couple of really hard weeks coming up with her college work, and her job as an RA. I was thinking to make her feel less stressed about her classes and job, I would send her some flowers. My question is this, is it ever too early in a relationship to send flowers? I don't want to come off as coming on too strong and chase her away. I feel her and I are right for each other and I do not want to lose her. We get along wonderfully as a couple. What should I do?

Is it ever too early in a relationship to send her flowers?
Sending her flowers is a very high class way of communicating that you think the world of her, just make sure the card is, thinking of you, hope you have a good week :)
Reply:Yes, flowers almost never go wrong. it's a nice gesture from guys that shows they're sweet and caring. Heck, on my first date a guy gave me flowers. Report It

Reply:if you want to do it . cant nobdy stop you it's your choice to make . woman love flowers and we think it's sweet okay
Reply:Send her flowers, but not roses. Send them with a note saying that you were thinking about her, and that you just wanted to brighten her day.
Reply:I think if she is stressing about her classes and her job, she would like you to support her, and by sending her flowers, that would just make her delighted. It would let her know you care about her and maybe she'll be less stressed.
Reply:Send her flowers but, with a card that is not super mushy, just with maybe a smiley face...
Reply:Personally, I thinks its NEVER too early to send flowers.

But if you stay together for a long time, don't forget that if she liked it early in the relationship she will like it later too!
Reply:Send the flowers with a casual message that states that you hope she has a great week. keep the number of flowers to a minimum after all you will want to give more flowers down the road. What a nice gesture.
Reply:sending her flowers is a great idea because its letting her know that u care...
Reply:wait to the first day that she has a test or whatever and just surprise her.. it will make her feels special and extremely happy.... but it's never to early
Reply:No! It is never too early to send a woman you have feelings for flowers. The woman herself doesn't even NEED a reason to receive them. Flowers are the best way to tell a lady friend 'Hey, have a great day; I'm here for ya'. Send them to her at work, it has the best impact.


Why do people have there husbands/boyfriend send flowers to work?

Are they trying to show off or something. If you go home and see your husband/bpyfriend at home. Why bother to have it send to work?

Why do people have there husbands/boyfriend send flowers to work?
Usually it's done as a SURPRISE from their husbands/bfs. Now if there were others just to show off to their co-workers that someone is actually in love with them, it's pitiful.
Reply:Do they instruct them to deliver at work??? Or do the men just choose that themselves. ?
Reply:I think it's a matter of convenience most of the time. Boyfriend calls florist, the florist is open during regular business hours when everyone else is at work, so it makes sense to have them delivered to the workplace during regular business hours. If boyfriend works an odd shift he might go by the florist and pick them up himself, but otherwise, delivery is the way to go.
Reply:I spend more time at my desk than I do awake at my house. Therefore, it's a nice treat to have some flowers brightening up my workstation.

(I didn't get any yesterday though!)
Reply:It's a boost thing. Yea, showing off. They do that not only to show the recipient of the gift that they thought of them but to make sure everyone else can see how thoughtful they are also. That's my take on it anyway. I think it's more special to receive flowers and the like in private. I don't care if the whole office knows how wonderful you think you are, I only care how wonderful you are to me. Make sense?
Reply:well i get my flowers at home! and it's nice when i get home around 6 pm I have a hole 4 hours to spend with those beautiful flowers!

i don't get to see them in the day light because it's dark when i leave for work and dark when i come home! :( so i only get the light from my house!

Here is my deal! I want them to be at home but i want them to be at work so i can enjoy them! however i don't want the embarrassement of getting them at work!

does that make any sence!

That's why i asked my partner to bring them home and personaly give them to me! it means more! but the only part i hate about that is i don't get to see them unelss it's a weekend and to day is FRIDAY!!! ~! :) YIPPY!

so this time i will get to enjoy them!
Reply:Because we are at work and there is no one at home to take them in if they are delivered and of course all your colleagues see them and give there partners a hard time because they did not get any
Reply:To make the day better. Getting flowers at work relieves stress and just makes you feel good. I got a bouquet at work, and each of my female coworkers got a box of chocolates. When I got home, I got the roses. My coworkers think my husband is thoughtful.
Reply:i think because it shows them they care about them, and they don't care who see's that theyre in love. and it shows the husband or boyfriend is thinking about them all the time.

i think it's very cute, once it happens to you.

they want the whole world to know that someone special works there......i don't think people HAVE there significants send flowers...i think the sender makes the decision.
Reply:Most girls I know don't HAVE them send the flowers to work that's entirely the guy making the decision and the girl doesn't know until the flowers arrive. Most girls I know are more embarassed by it. Why are you bothered by what other people do? the flowers don't affect you (or at least they shouldn't)
Reply:Public demonstration of love.

When I love a woman, I want the world to know. I want her to smile, and feel wonderful.
Reply:Simple.You get more attention .Eveyone looks at it and tells you how lucky you are to have an man that loves you that much
Reply:It's OK for men to send women flowers at work. a.) It lets the whole world know they love each other. b.) The woman can enjoy the flowers for a few extra hours on Valentine's Day. c.) If the woman is having a bad day at work, it is a huge pick-me-up.

Just to let you know, you can have flowers sent to yourself at work on Valentine's Day and tell everyone you decided to pamper yourself. Women do send themselves flowers. Valentine's Day is just a friendly, harmless day. No need to get upset over it. I mean, I have someone, and they live 6 hours away, so it's not like I was able to spend time with my boyfriend. Did I let that get me down? Nope.
Reply:no they just want to feel special
Reply:It's more often than not a surprise when you get flowers anywhere. So I don't think it's a question of why do people have them delivered to work, coz you don't normally ask for flowers. It's called being romantic........
Reply:I will think only to show off that their husbands or boyfriend do special things for them, unless the sender really mean it and want to show the whole world that he loves that person!!
Reply:Because it is nice to get flowers at work (at anythme).
Reply:Well, considering that flowers are a gift, I'd seriously doubt the woman would know about it in the first place, therefore she couldn't "tell" him to send them to her work.
Reply:I really think that us women, don't encourage men to send flowers to work, I think that the men in there lives,really want to do it.And the women should be happy that there man even thinks about them on that holiday.most women don't even get anything. it sounds that your very bitter, you really need to chill out.
Reply:I think that men send the flowers to where the women are going to be - if she's going to be home, they send it to the house but if she's at work they send it to the company address. I've sent flowers to my mother and mother-in-law - the florist doesn't guarantee what time they will deliver and someone needs to be available to accept them. If they were left out side then they would wilt in the heat or freeze in the cold. And most florists deliver during the safer to send to the job adress.
Reply:No they are not showing is a way for them to have them and enjoy other than at home and allow others to bask in the beauty of flowers......
Reply:My girlfriend and I don't live in the same city, so we don't get to see each other every day. I had flowers sent to her office because I wasn't going to see her, and there was nobody to accept them at her house during business hours. Also, I sent them because I was thinking of her and she likes flowers, not because she had me send them.
Reply:Yes, My husband is showing off that he is kind, thoughtful, romantic, and generous. And it makes the other ladies envious. :) :) :) :)

People send flowers on birth ,birthday,promotion, anniversary&on demisecant be let them blossm on the tree?

I am thinking flowers should remain as they are and charm the entire longer as they can.

People send flowers on birth ,birthday,promotion, anniversary%26amp;on demisecant be let them blossm on the tree?
Flowers look lovely wherever they are,as blosssoms on a tree,giving cheer in a hospital room or saying love you to someone special.
Reply:Absolutely true! Flowers belong to the nature and beautiful where they are .The flower may symbolize love or affection or relationship but thrown away/or kept in a vase and forgotten after a few minutes. It is only a formality and can be done with a wish ,more so in this present day world of materialistic outlook with wishes or greetings being more for head count by superiors and respect with a motive or grudging -inside-smiling -outside gesture or but a step towards 'love' or whatever that may mean to different people!

How do you send flowers to somone so that they don't find out who sent them?

In other words how can a person send flowers without the receiving party asking the florist or knowing who they came from.. Should you pay with cash?

How do you send flowers to somone so that they don't find out who sent them?
No card. Cash is fine, credit card is fine also. The florist is NOT required to give that info out.

If you are still concerned, just tell the florist to handle this purchase with the utmost repsect to your privacy.
Reply:Look for a place that delievers and give tell delievery boy/girl to jus give them a card that says from someone who loves you, or just sign it with something mysterious with a printor or stamp or something that isn't pen and you haven't written out, also dont make it obvious your sending it to the person. Just act natural ALWAYS around them
Reply:that's easy to do cash sure you don't want a little recognition
Reply:Pay with cash and don't send a card
Reply:i don't know

My exgirlfriend has a 2 year old girl she is gonna be 3 years in 1 month i was thinking in sending her flowers

And your question is.......?

My exgirlfriend has a 2 year old girl she is gonna be 3 years in 1 month i was thinking in sending her flowers
If you send flowers to her for her three year old daughters B day it could be takin in the wrong way. I would send a gift for her daughter aswell. I have dated women in the past that have children and I still send gifts for B days and such there is nothing wrong with that. Besides it is always smart to never burn a bridge that you may need to cross again one day.
Reply:Well as considerate as that sounds...

Depending on why you two broke up and your friendship (if it exists) now, she MIGHT just toss them in the trash. Or does she have a boyfriend now...he might toss them in the trash.

But if you and she are civil around eachother and you feel like it's right...go for it if it's for the right reasons.

Even if you and the kid get must be okay with her mother before anything can happen.
Reply:I think that would be a great idea, if you are sending them to the child. Were you guys close? were you a father figure?

I remember as a child, i got flowers and i felt like a princess!!!

if all else fails and you dont want to cause prblems, send them to her without a card. she would never, know, but she would feel like a princess. and you would know withtin your heart what you did.
Reply:it would be really cute if u did....if u are still talking to the ex...then dont hesitate to send it.....but if u dont talk to her anymore....i guess u should still do it....its like, u obviously care for the little girl....u can maybe write a seperate card to the ex saying that u care for the little girl but dont want her to get u wrong about wanting to use the daughter to get back together....make it clear to her...
Reply:I think it would be cute as long as u are geniunely sending them to the daughter for her birthday with no other motives. If it is really just to wish the daughter a happy birthday, go for it. If u are trying to win the mother back by going through her daughter ... not a good idea.
Reply:What for if she's your ex? Is the kid yours? if not then let the dad do the sending of flowers... stay out of it..
Reply:not flowers. she is too young to appreciate them. a toy is best. one with a mirror and buttons. i have a niece that loves those toys. lol.
Reply:as a father of a daughter who just turned 3 i would not recomend sending flower maybe a small toy or doll but flowers would seem odd and a small child like that would have no use for flowers


What can I send to a friend other than flowers?

A close friend of mine is going through a tough time, but I live on the other side of the country. I wanted to send her something to let her know I'm thinking of her, but I don't really want to send flowers. Anyone have any other ideas?

What can I send to a friend other than flowers?
If this is a truly close friend, think about the things she likes, ie: music, collectibles of some sort, a hobby she enjoys, etc....

then pick out something that befits her based on this.

A gift of this sort conveys a message from you that is unique and special.
Reply:I would say a HUGE peice of chocolate, not like heart chocolates or whatever, like 10 Hershey chocolate bars. That would brighten anyone's day up, But it would probably melt. So maybe something more personal like homemade cards. Like when you were little.
Reply:how about a fruit basket
Reply:Why don't you send like a care package of things that would cheer her up a little bit. Some of her favorite foods and candies, or just something that makes her smile. Maybe a nice cd that got you throug some tough times. She would definitely appreciate the personalization of the gift...

How do you send V Day flowers w/o a credit card?

Hi, I'm in NJ and I want to send Valentine's Day flowers to someone in FL. The problem is that I'm not 18, so I don't have a credit card. How do I go about doing this?


How do you send V Day flowers w/o a credit card?
Go t o a flower store that is nationwide and place your order there.
Reply:Just go to your local flower store or grocery store with a floral department, they will take your order and you payment and contact either a store within their chain of stores closest to where you are sending the flowers or they will contact another FTD florist and handle the delivery arrangements for you. Happy Valentines, choose some beautiful flowers and something nice like a bumble bee to go in them so that your friend can keep it once the flowers are dead.
Reply:go 2 the mall and get a pre-paid creit card they work the same
Reply:find a site that you can pay with paypal. You can link your paypal acct to your checking acct. or you could ask your p's to put in on their cc and pay them back.

here...I took the liberty of finding a florist that accepts paypal:
Reply:Try a flower shop that's an FDT florist and has reciprocating flower shops in the town you're sending to, then go over there and pay for it.
Reply:you can do a search for a local florist in that city and see if they would take a check number or money order number over the phone.
Reply:Find a florist with a good reputation. Pick out an arrangement that you like. Then make sure they will take a money order. Have everything set up to where all they need is payment, then send said payment with plenty of time for the florist to receive it and process it. Typically around 5 to 7 days.
Reply:Go into a florist (almost all have affiliates in all states). Pay for the flowers, fill out the card, and they will be sent from a florist near the person you are sending them to.
Reply:18 year olds are allowed to have credit cards...
Reply:You can pay with cash at any flower shop and they will wire the order for you to a flower shop in FL.
Reply:Hi, one way to do is. go to wal-mart or a cvs store or whatever store like that out there and buy u a gift card or u can buy a pre-paid visa card. that way u can order it over the net, i do it all the time but make sure the card is visa and MasterCard because a lot of people only take visa and MasterCard. DO NOT USE AMERICAN EXPRESS is doesn't work all the time. Have a nice vday. hope that helps
Reply:go to a national florist chain, like 1800flowers, some florists will take your order and have you pay cash there and they will place your delivery order with another florist local to that area . another option is to ask someone you know with a credit card to help you out and give them the cash right then. but i am pretty sure if you go into a florist and tell them what you want to do, they will help you out

Is it OK for my husband to send flowers to his best friend which by the way is a girl for her birthday?

I just found out that my husband has been sending flowers to his best friend for her birthday. I am very upset. He told me that he has been doing it for years. That it does not mean anything. He says that they are best friends. Should I be upset.

Is it OK for my husband to send flowers to his best friend which by the way is a girl for her birthday?
No, you should not.

Why it is just a friendly gesture. I would be fine with it.
Reply:No, it's not okay. Especially if your just finding out about it. It's okay to have friends , but at the same time he has to respect you. The fact that he remembers to do it every year is cause to be concern. How would he feel if you did the same? Tell him to stop and respect your wishes. A married man should send flowers to you or family member. What ever happened to a card or picking up the phone and just wishing her a happy birthday? Flowers are to personal. What does he give you for your birthday?
Reply:It's only wrong if he doesn't do the same for you and he is spending money that you don't have to do it.

It's also wrong if they are flowers associated with romance--that is roses. Wild flowers, seasonal flowers, live plants...all perfectly alright.

also: this isn't new behavior, he's been doing this for years.

Do call him on it if he doesn't get you flowers. He shouldn't be treating his best friend better than his wife.
Reply:Marie, I am a married man, and my best friend is a woman. Before we got married I introduced the two best women in my life, and they are friends, too. We exchange gifts on Christmas, and it is great.

Have your husband introduce the two of you. If all is above board between them, it should not be a big deal.



PS I never sent roses, a romantic flower, but potted plants.
Reply:Why are you upset? My best girlfriend's boyfriend brought me flowers for Valentine's day last year. It was a thoughtful gesture, it didn't mean he "wanted" me.

Unless you know their relationship is inappropriate, I'd say you've got a considerate guy. Why be jealous that he treats his friends sweetly...unless he treats them better than you?
Reply:As long as he is not keeping her a secret from you AND MOST OF ALL, you are comfortable with it, then it's OK. Your wedding vows said "forsaking all others", so if there is anything your husband is doing that makes you uncomfortable, he needs to cease %26amp; desist.
Reply:YOU need to quit being so jealous or is it the fact that he doesn't get YOU flowers that often. They are friends, you need to learn to trust more it will help your marriage. If he wanted to cheat on you do you honestly think he would let you know by buying her flowers for cryin out loud. Jealousy = unhappiness and you are on the fast lane to this.
Reply:Not ok. Does he send you flowers if not there is a big f'in prob with that if he sending her flowers he better be sending singing f#cking telegrams choc and the works to you and how did you find out. If it aint his mama the b#tch aint getting no flowers...Ya Know
Reply:Hell yeah you should be upset! How would he like it if you were doing it? You should be the ony woman receiving flowers from your man. Let him send her *** a B-day card and if that aint good enough for her then oh well. Let her get her own man!!!
Reply:Okay readers, she says he has been doing it for years.

Your husband should stop once he knows that you do

not like it, and he should have enough respect for you to

not have done it at all.
Reply:I'd be jealous. I don't believe in males and females being friends. There's always something more to it. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial.
Reply:he didnt know it before. but since he knows it now, that you're upset, he should stop.
Reply:if i were you i would be i would watch them very closely and i would tell him how you feel GOD BLESS
Reply:Theres nothing wrong with sending her flowers there friends.

and you should trust him
Reply:as long as he is honest about it and not doing other things it should be ok
Reply:If he were smart, he would stop. Does he do the same for you?

I'm doing everything, morethan girl can do, i'm sending him flowers, food.. jus to please?

him...... he appreciate it, but now i'm so tired and hurt... for the whole month i'm doing my project for him, just to get him back... but coming from him, i don't like the idea, friends with benefits, its so unfair.. i'm giving everything...

I'm doing everything, morethan girl can do, i'm sending him flowers, food.. jus to please?
You shouldn't do all this! Try completley ingoring him for a month, you'll be surprised!
Reply:I think if he just wants friends w/ benefits you should stop all this extra stuff. He may appreciate it but it's not swaying his mind. Don't put so much into a guy that is not equally into you.

You deserve better.
Reply:Hi Sophie,

I appreciate ur kind heartedness and the dedication that u have for ur guy but in vain,this is really heart breaking isn't it?But guess what happened to me? The same.Let me tell u that when u like someone n u want them in ur life unfortunately they do not respond in the same way i know its horrible feeling .My girlfriend too appreciates everything i do for her but never reciprocates her feelings back to me.i still love her.It should nt be oneway traffic.I wanna tell u that in reality they will extract all the help from u and forget u after the help is done.They r called selfish narrow minded persons.I suggest move on with life n forget such people though u like them.The real people r who reciprocate ur feelings and who r there for u all the time not these sort of people.I hope u get my point.sorry to say this.U deserve better guys than this fellow.Cheer up girl! Best of luck.

U take care n c ya.
Reply:yeah you shouldn't be doing all that. if you are to be together you will but damn he is just taking advantage of you now.

you will do anything for him in hopes you will get back together...WELLL

that will just get you used and abused and broke!

STOP IT NOW! find you a guy that does all that for U !
Reply:It can never be fair, know that he is too comfort when you did all the big and little things for him. However, it should not be done by you only. Try to stop and let him know that you want him to do something for you to return
Reply:lose him, he's using you. find someone who respects you for the person you are. you're worth it!!!!!
Reply:I do not know your age, but from what you wrote you are tired of this one way street relationship.

So just cool it, you want some thing more then he is willing to provide or can ever provide, so you need to get out of this relationship and find some one more compatible. It is never easy.

Please read my article on related subject and do as you please.


General Advice to Young People



This is my general advice to all.

You sound very young and if you are under 25, then study hard if in school or college, stay and finish it. Or join a school or college, acquire higher education.

Avoid distraction while studying at home or at school, just concentrate on the thing that you do at the time you are doing.

Build a carrier, youth comes but once take full advantage of it. Study hard, play some enjoy friendship, and then at age 30 or 40 or 50,-- if still unattached then try the sites like.



Most good relationships are not 50-50, but they are usually close to it. no one should keep track of taking or giving, in a relationship but it is about all true understanding between the people involved.
Reply:Girl, I know you care about this guy, but guess what? You're just selling yourself cheap. There's a saying that says, never make someone your priority when they only make you an option. You obviously want more. He doesn't. As hard as this may be to hear, you need to give him up. Maybe he'll come to his senses later and realise that you were worth more than that, and he'll appreciate you for you. Or, maybe not. Either way, for now, you're better off without him. Find yourself, and be true to you
Reply:When the time come's, who would you choose to get to heaven. friends with Benefits was not one of the comanments
Reply:your on a down-fall and it's gonna be because of him...I wish you lots of luck
Reply:What is the question?

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Would sending a girl flowers as a secret admirer be inappropriate if she already has a boyfriend.?

It's a sweet idea but it could really get her into trouble with her boyfriend if he thinks she's lying about not knowing where they came from.

Change the flower idea, go for a card maybe....?

Would sending a girl flowers as a secret admirer be inappropriate if she already has a boyfriend.?
it may be a waste of time and money.
Reply:yes, what it someday you were the boyfriend...
Reply:yes inapropriate, bad no no. be pateint young grasshopper, your time will come.
Reply:Yes . . . there are other ways to let her know you are interested. I would still wait until they break up and then pounce ( I mean . . . express my interest).
Reply:yes because she dose have a boyfriend and that could cause serious damage between them, and if she finds out you caused that she may never give you the time of the day, just let her know that you like her and that if something happens with her and her current boyfriend, you would really like that chance to get to know her better

Why is my proctologist sending me flowers?

Maybe going to see him 3 times a week is giving him the idea that you might be into him!!! Stop teasing the poor guy.

Why is my proctologist sending me flowers?
Don't know you tell me??? Huh??? What have YOU been doing?
Reply:ask your proctologist
Reply:Because he ran out of lollipops.
Reply:Is clarence again sending you flowers??????
Reply:Maybe he wants his roses to smell like poo poo poo!

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Is it okay to carry flowers into a funeral home instead of delivering them?

My Aunt died and she will not have that many flowers at her funeral. I feel bad because I cannot afford the $50 - 150 that flowers cost from FTD florists. I was wondering if I could carry them in a bag and place them in the office when you first walk in. That way the funeral home would place them in the room where my aunt is. I am embarassed at the thought, however I cannot afford to send flowers. Am I better off going empty handed? Also to add, My aunt lives in a very low populated area and I dont think she will have many flowers. I would love to see a few sent flowers around her, especially for my cousin's sake.

Is it okay to carry flowers into a funeral home instead of delivering them?
yes carrying them would be fine. who cares how they get there as long as it get there. Sorry about ur Aunt
Reply:I think that carrying flowers in will be fine. It's the thought that counts, and you obviously care a lot.
Reply:Some people don't want flowers at the funeral anymore. The flowers are left at the graveside and they just wither away and die.

As a rule you don't bring flowers to a funeral. What you can do is bring a plant to your aunts home for her family. A plant will live forever...much longer than flowers at the funeral.

I'm sorry for your lose.
Reply:I have seen wealthy people that can afford to send flowers carry them in. Its not that big of a deal on how it gets there. Its the though of that its there.

You could take it early in the day to the funeral home when there are not a lot of people and give it to the office and then they could place as well.

A potted plant lasts alot longer than flowers. Or u can get a plant and flower mixture.
Reply:yes it is
Reply:don't ever be ashamed of any gift that comes from the heart and soul. don't go empty handed. this is something that you want to give to your aunt. never be ashamed of any gift -- big or small - just do it with love and it's the biggest gift on the face of the earth to the person you are doing it for. people worry too much on what others think. you are not trying to please them. this is something you are to doing to give thanks to your aunt. my hat goes off to you. i think it's beautiful. God Bless YOU!
Reply:that's a wonderful idea. i just see one thing wrong with what you want to do.i don't think you need to place them in the can walk them up to her casket and place them at the closed end of it.i have done this in the past and see nothing wrong with it at all. and you don't need to tell anyone it was because you could not afford to have them sent, if you are asked {and i doubt that you would be} just say that you wanted to do one last thing for more thing, don't bring them in a bag, carry them.PS. sorry about your aunt
Reply:yes absulutely usually people have flowers delivered when they dont attend

I want to send my wife some flowers to work what would you ladies prefer?

A Bouquets nicely wrapped or a Bouquets in a vase. I think a vase would be best what do you think? its for out anniversary I would be sending them to her work no idea when the would arrive and shes not so good at arrangments of flowers

here is a section. I like the ones at i am looking for delivery and am spending £30 including delivery for tommorrow. we are going for a meal and have already been to Italy last week.

Look on there and add any links you thik she may like for delivery tomorrow though. Thanks flowers one flowers two flowers three flowers four

I want to send my wife some flowers to work what would you ladies prefer?
you should trust your own instincts, considereing that you are married you should have a fair idea of what she likes and dislikes.

Then think how chuffed you will be when she loves her flowers and deep down you picked them yourself.

go for it!
Reply:awwww thats so sweet! why are all the good blokes taken :(
Reply:Your links don't work
Reply:Flowers in water rather than a bouquet - in water they won't die at work during the day and she'll love the surprise and should be able to carry them home. Good for you.
Reply:A pretty bouquet in a vase sounds very sweet. She will be able to keep the vase too. :-)
Reply:Sorry, I coundn't see them but, I prefer a bouquete of various colored roses. (Pink, Red, White and Yellow.) But, I would rather would like to see a bunch of flowers tied up on a bed full of red rose petals when you come back from work. Then you all wrap it up with a bubble bath with floating flowers!
Reply:For some reason I always thought big stem roses in a box with a ribbon were soooo nice. No one ever sent me those so I'm still waiting. You wouldn't want to send a box of roses to a stranger since your'e making an order anyways? LOL

What are your wifes favourite flowers? Colour?

Happy anniversary
Reply:links don't work..NEXT has a problem!
Reply:I can't open this links , but I think that your idea is awesome and she'll be very happy , you're very cute as I see!

Just present her something what she likes :)

I don't like something very grandiose, but it doesn't really matter 'cause it's not for me , hehe :)

Keep on fun kin! :)
Reply:umm the links aren't opening, so i just clicked on the flower section.

I think the one called grandeur is really nice! go for that one! but the white flowers are really nice i think they are called eden something (but I just love white flowers, it depends what your wife likes)

Reply:Awww.... that is really sweet! =)

but yeah...wish your links were working.
Reply:pick up a bunch from the garage, dont be a 'show-off'

Reply:pick some flowers bu your hand from any garden

carry them within a mandel.

give a beautiful smile

that is the best
Reply:I'm not a bird but I will tell you. You are not sending your wife flowers. You are making the OTHER girls in the office think "I wish I had a boyfriend / husband like him. You are so Lucky" That's what makes the ladies feel special. The more envious the other ladies are. Go for it matey. Have a great evening.

Reply:u r really romantic um CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Happy Anniversary
Reply:Bouquests are very nice but sometimes overkill. A woman sometimes would prefer that one perfect bloom in an unusual color or an arrangement of lillies and nasturtiums and such. I would prefer to come home to a clean house with a dinner hot and waiting on me. Maybe champagne and strawberries for dessert. And a trail of rose petals leading down the hall to the bedroom ending in a pile of rose petals strewn across the sheets. Or perhaps run me a bath with my favorite scented bubbles, as hot as I can stand it with a glass of merlot chilling on one side and soft music playing in the background and to have my husband bathe me with a loufah sponge or washing my hair with sweet smelling shampoo.
Reply:I always think unwrapped flowers in a box are the most sexy...
Reply:that's so sweet :]

a vase for work, she'll love that and can keep it on her desk. i wish my man does that one day, lol
Reply:Buy her a tree and go plant it somewhere special
Reply:flowers are alright, but earings or necklace with diamond in it

much more classy!!
Reply:My personal opinion is go bold. They will arrive at work, so you'll want the arrangement to turn heads as they make their way to your wife. Nothing better than gladioli in a suitable vase. They are big, tall, make a statement and can't be ignored. A single color or a mix will work.
Reply:The majority of women prefer roses, however this is a very personal choice, dependent upon your wives taste. If you are really unaware of her favorite flower send her two dozen roses one in red and one dozen in various shades. this makes a very beautiful and aromatic bouquet. Yes, definitely send with a vase included. Good for you for being so thoughtful, this is really going to make her day. Congratulations on your special day and many more to follow! God bless you
Reply:To be honest, I'd prefer not to have the case. I think just a really nice big bunch of flowers is good enough and then she can put it in a vase when she gets home. Everyone's different though, so go for what you think she'd like best.

What kind of flowers should I send my girl at work?

I have been dating a girl for 6 weeks and want to tell her tomorrow that I want to be exclusive with her and I want to send her some flowers to her place of employment to say this. What kind of flowers and how many should I send her? I don't really want to say "I love you" just yet and I'm afraid a dozen roses might imply that.

What kind of flowers should I send my girl at work?
Send her a bunch of tulips.
Reply:no roses...they are way over the florist and ask them to arrange a very nice arrangement of spring flowers. Include a card....which says something like..... "spring gives gifts of beautiful beginnings...happy spring!" best of luck!
Reply:Consult a florist. They will assist with type and best cost options too.
Reply:Ya so true and plus every guy always sends a girl roses. You should be unique and send her something different, I couldn't really tell you what to send cuz its your choice and all. But my fav flowers are lillies, I would love to receive them from a guy so maybe try that. Good Luck.
Reply:roses are sooooo overdone...

Gerbera daisies are awesome, and come in tons of colors...

Or try.. lilies, tulips, hycaniths.... or other spring - themed arrangements.

You could always order a "spring" arrangement, with a few roses put in, if that's truly what you want, but do pink, yellow or white...

That's my opinion anyway... =)

Good Luck !
Reply:u should get her some daisies or roses she would really like that.
Reply:I would send carnations, you can get them in plenty of cool colors, and they smell really good and its just a nice gesture type flower harmless.

Need to send flowers for Anniversary...where is the best website to do this?

Yahoo! Shopping has a nice page for Anniversary Flowers. I put a link under "Sources" below. That page has links to online merchants that you can go to to order flowers.

Another idea: Use some means to find florists located near where the people who will receive the flowers live. Many of them have web sites where you can order by credit card, or you can call them directly. This will usually give you a better deal than FTD or 1-800-FLOWERS. I put links to Yahoo! Yellow Pages and Yahoo! Local under "Sources" below. You can use those to find florists.

Need to send flowers for Anniversary...where is the best website to do this?
Check out

You can search for a florist in the city and state you wish and find a LOCAL florist to handle your flower order. You can send flowers and avoid wire service fees this way.
Reply:I always had very good luck with FTD. I have sent a LOT of flowers as I used to travel a lot on business. I never had a single problem with FTD.

Good luck.
Reply:I use pro-flowers. Always fresh and everyone that receives them says they are beautiful. The 1 time I had a problem, they were unable to replace them (holiday season) so they refunded my money. They usually have deals that send a free vase with your purchase. They can send flowers all over the country! my husband sent me flowers for my birthday through them when he was in Iraq and they arrived on time

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What doi write on the card with the flowers?

does any1 have any ideas on wut to write on a card with a dozen roses? im lost here....umm well i just started dating this girl and want to send flowers to her work...but stuck on wut to write in the card...some1 help me.

What doi write on the card with the flowers?
Thinking of you or Roses for a beautiful lady.
Reply:How about...

"One delicate petal for each thing about you that facinates me"


"Each perfect rose is jealous of your beauty"

Whew! If one of those doesn't make her the toast of the office and keep her giggling with glee all day long there is something wrong!
Reply:Exactly hw you are feeling at the moment you send it..."thinking of you??????? is a good beginning no?

Good luck!
Reply:From you secret admirer, wink wink.

Use full words, not the text message type letter-number combos you used in the question., they look immature and stupid
Reply:You could write: I want a girl with extentions in her hair! Bamboo earrings at least two pair!

How do you keep sent flowers fresh?

cut the stem ends off (about an inch or two) at an angle. Put them in a vase with cool,not cold, water and put an aspirin in the water. Make sure not to place them direct sunlight or heat . Change the water every couple of days and depending on the type of flower the should stay nice for a week or two.

How do you find out who flowers were sent to?

My friend opened her husband's personal bank account statement, which she is not on, and saw a $70 purchase at a florist for February 13th. She did not receive any flowers on Valentine's day. Is there some way she can learn who the flowers were sent to or where they were sent? (It's too late to call and say they never received them.)

How do you find out who flowers were sent to?
she should call his mother %26amp; make sure she liked the flowers %26amp; if it was'nt her she should confront him

When is too late to send flowers after the death of a loved one?

He passed 6 years ago but I just found out; is it too late to send flowers to his family? I found out from his mother and sister, so they know I just heard about it....

When is too late to send flowers after the death of a loved one?
Hello Amelia,

If you would like to send flowers, then do it even now. The family would probably be very happy that you are so thoughtful and caring. Send a hand-written note with it to say that you know nobody can take the place of your friend, but you hope your flowers bring back some happy memories for them and bring them peace and joy for his life that enriched all of you.

Good luck to you girl. You are a sweet girl for thinking of their loss. Even after those years, the worst of the grief is past, but you never forget and always have a special place in your thoughts and heart for the family member.

Kind regards

Reply:6 years is probably too long to give the family flowers, but you could consider putting some flowers on his grave.
Reply:Instead of flowers, send pictures they may not have.
Reply:My father has been dead for 8 years. If an old friend were to find out after this length of time, I think our family would feel awkward receiving flowers.

My suggestion to you would be to send a card. In the card, tell the family that you just recently found out, and how much that person meant to you.

Words of recognition about our loved ones who pass away never ever get old.
Reply:It is never to late. If you are to late for the funeral then have them sent to the grave site.
Reply:Instead of sending flowers go the picture route. I work in a cemetery and we see flowers appear all the time. Take the flowers to a local home for the elderly. They will appreciate them.
Reply:you can still send it, but put on the card that you did not know about it sooner (to explain the delay)
Reply:it's never too late.. especially if you found out from the family.

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Have you sent or received flowers this year?

yes I've sent a few bouquets this year. I usually send flowers to my female friends (when I know where they live lol) even some of my online friends whom I've never met xx

Have you sent or received flowers this year?
yep, just sent a few water starts to a friend and some cannas to a YA questioner looking for them.

Another YA friend sent me beaucups seeds. THANK YOU RS, you know who you are. *kisses* The red and white Plumeria are a huge success....I digress.

Cousin gifted me with beautiful addition for my "purple patch" - only purple flowers allowed after I gifted her with IG (instant gratification) white caladiums....she made an incredible display.

Two dozen roses to my mom.

Hello, I'm reynwater and I'm a plantaholic.
Reply:i have received some lovely flowers
Reply:Not this year no. Does plants to my mum count on mother's Day count?
Reply:How nice of you! I havent recieved or sent!
Reply:No. Do I look gay?
Reply:i sent some to my niece

Is it ok to send someone flowers who is in a hospital and IS slowly recovering from an accident?

He is a family friend and met with an accident and is now slowly recovering.

Is it ok to send someone flowers who is in a hospital and IS slowly recovering from an accident?
Reply:yes a nice gesture, but check with the hospital first as there may be apolicy or the flower may be allergic to others in the ward.
Reply:yes it shows that you care and are thinking about them just make sure they are not allergic to them
Reply:Of course!
Reply:Yes it would be wonderful to send flowers as it shows your expression of love for that person and desire his speedy recovery.
Reply:Yes. Why not?
Reply:Most definitely. It shows that you're concerned %26amp; would be greatly appreciated. If you're a guy %26amp; sending a guy flowers, then you could put from you %26amp; your family, etc.
Reply:YES! Send away. When I was in the hospital ICU didn’t allow flowers, but they did allow balloons. Check with the hospital first to make sure what is allowed. I have to say I rather enjoyed the balloons people sent, since they lasted longer than the flowers and were easier to clean up.

That said, the best gift I received was a care package. Magazines, Lip balm (your lips really dry out) lotion, mouth wash, a good tooth brush, good slipper socks, and nice soap.
Reply:Yes, unless they are in a Burn Unit, or ICU.

A lot of these types of medical care will not allow flowers due to the fact that they collect dust more easily and can cause not only the patient you sent them to, but other patients to have dust, dirt and allergens in their rooms.

Otherwise, its an extremely nice gesture.
Reply:yes it is that shows you care
Reply:Of course it is. It shows you care about them.

:) Great question
Reply:yes, that is a nice gesture to let them know you are thinking of them and hope they recover soon.
Reply:The only time it would be inappropriate to send flowers, baloons or gifts to someone who is recovering in the hospital would be if it would affect their recovery or it goes against hospital policy.

If you have any questions, call the nurse on duty and ask if it would be ok.
Reply:Yes, but make sure your friend isn't allergic to them.

When did you last send flowers? How do you feel about it?Do flowers have any special meanings in your country?

The last time i sent flowers was in 5th grade. I sent a rose to my secret crush on valentine's day in the valentine mailbox and later that day, i found the flower in the trash can outside our classroom.


When did you last send flowers? How do you feel about it?Do flowers have any special meanings in your country?
I gave my mom and grandmother flowers for mother's day. They absolutely LOVE flowers and gardening, especially my grandmother. I love it when my boyfriend gives me flowers. The last time he did he got me my two favorite types: daisies and white roses, it was awesome! When he gives me flowers it shows me love and endlessness in our relationship, because I know that we will truly be together forever:)
Reply:I last sent flowers to a friend on her birthday at her office. She is single and her family isn't near by, so I knew her expectations of her birthday were low. Since I couldn't see her that day, I wanted her to know that I was thinking of her. I think sending flowers to celebrate a happy occasion as well as to mark your respect for someone's sickness or loss is extremely thoughtful. It is a traditional way to show affection to almost anyone on any occasion! I love receiving them and try to send them to a few people every year.
Reply:My family sent flowers for the funeral when my grandmother died. Lots of people did. it shows sympathy to the family and friends who lost the loved one.
Reply:Most of the time, flowers mean "I am sorry for being such a jerk."
Reply:i sent flowers to my exgirlfriend ...because i still love her with all my heart ... she will never know this but when you love some one you put their dreams before your own ...and that makes me a better person......also i send flowers for no reason they always look beautiful unless your from france and send em death flowers thats an ya....=)
Reply:last month, my friend went into labor 8 weeks early and it was on her birthday, I sent flowers to let her know that she was in my thoughts and to help brighten her day with her favorite kind of flowers. It made me feel good to know i could send them to her since i couldn't be there.
Reply:Mothers day----I felt good in my heart, broke in my pocket---Just a nice gesture or a way of showing that you care, in my country
Reply:My husband sent me flowers recently.. It's awesome to get flowers delivered to you (or given to you in person!)

It means the person really cares about you, you mean a lot to them and it's one of the best ways to tell someone that you love them, or that you're sorry :)

Flowers always make you feel awesome! No matter what kind they are, they are just so beautiful !! :) I don't know many women (and sometimes even guys!) who doesn't love getting flowers sent to them or given to them by someone.

It will always have a special meaning here in the US, I think that it would be the same in most every country :)
Reply:I sent roses to my mom for mother's day.

Sure, they're just...nice to send. For anything--funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, little surprises, etc.
Reply:it brings life
Reply:I last sent flowers a week ago for someone who was ill. I feel good about it because it let the person know that I was thinking of them and hoping they felt better. Flowers represnt sevral things in my country. They can be sent to be romantic and to court a loved one or they can be sent to wish one well when one is ill or sad. You can even send them for all occasions to friends/family /co-workers.
Reply:I don't send flowers I think they are a waste of money and the earths resources. I much prefer to send and receive plants or seeds. I think they are a better choice because they don't die after like 3 days. Its sad to see your flowers that a loved one got for you all shriveled up and dead. Instead, Its nice to enjoy your plant over and over and to watch it grow as you put love and time into it. Plus its better for the environment.

HELP. I want to send flowers to my man in south Korea?

My boyfriend is in the air force. I would like to send flowers to him from Texas. He mailing address is a mail box. Does any one know where I can get online to order flowers?

HELP. I want to send flowers to my man in south Korea?
try interflora

look at this link
Reply:Since he's in the air force, you can send flowers to him from AAFES (Army and Airforce Exchange Service aka "the BX"). If you are allowed to shop there (a military member or eligible dependent), you can send him flowers online from

If you are not too committed to flowers, also try sending him something that will remind him of home. Most military members (myself included) want things from the states that aren't readily available overseas. Ask him what he what he misses the most (besides you) and send him that in a care package with pictures, etc. It'll be much more appreciated!
Reply:his 'juicy' already sent him, joking...


I wish to send flowers to terminate a relationship. what is the proper flower and quantity?

flowers is not a good idea.. it will give mixed signals. you should talk to the person face to face.. and then how about a big hug..wish them well in their life... unless both people feel the same way, there is really no easy way to to do this..

I wish to send flowers to terminate a relationship. what is the proper flower and quantity?
Flowers will not make it easier to take.

It may make you feel better, but perhaps not the recipient.

You should see him / her face to face and be truthful.

Imagine receiving flowers- perhaps even at work, and the excitement ... only to open the card and find you have been dumped.

Forget the flowers.
Reply:Good grief, that's mixed signals.

Don't send black flowers... that means you wish death upon someone.

Yellow = don't forget me

Red = true love

An in-person dumping is always the best way. If you're breaking up over long distance, you can phone. Be brave and do it yourself instead of using some object like flowers or a card to do it for you.
Reply:Don't send flowers. Buy a citronella plant and keep it near by thy repeal pests
Reply:send her 6 white roses,white rose represents friendship,as red represents love.
Reply:Dark pink roses say "thank you" (you could use these to say thank you for the relationship, but you are moving on). If you intend to still be friends, any pale-colored rose would be good (in general, pale-colored roses signify friendship). The quantity isn't as important as the type of flower. For more details about flowers and their meanings, you could go to Google and just type "flowers and their meanings".
Reply:a rose with the thorens left on
Reply:Send her three dozen red roses with another guys name on them, show up the same time they do and dump her right there for cheating on you. She gets nice flowers and you're out of there!
Reply:Good idea! If you wish to revive your relationship at a later date, consider a carnation! If you wish to forget it for ever, look for a 'black' rose!
Reply:That's kinda nice.
Reply:That's the worst way to get dumped. That happened to me in high school. All the expalntion I got after a two year relationship was some flowers and one sentence note. By the way, the flowers were black roses and there were twenty four but that was apparently one for every month the relationship lasted. Someone also gave me six cactuses as a dumping gift once too. They all died because I was too sad to take care of them. At least send a plant that will last. Like a rosebush or a tree. Maybe an edible plant so they can have some comfort food. At least have some guts though and end the relationship face to face. I think the flowers are a bad idea though because after you get dumped you don't want something that reminds you of that person around.
Reply:One black or white rose, with a letter expressing your intention to leave the relationship, your gratitude for time spent together, your acknowledgement that you are at fault in this matter. Do not, under any circumstances, say anything to give her hope, like you are sorry it didn't work out, or that you hope you can be friends. A nice clean break is best.
Reply:why,why would you do that????

just write a "dear john" letter like everyone else!
Reply:i think is yellow roses. not too sure about the quantity though
Reply:Well, sending a black rose typically means the person is going to die, but it could stand for death of the relationship. Sending a yellow rose for "friendship", as opposed to romance, would be sending a message. There are many varities of meanings for flowers, esp. roses. Definitely don't send "forget-me-nots".

However, sending flowers as a breakup gift is one of the absolute worst ways of doing so I have ever heard. This is setting up a person for heartbreak when expecting a romantic gesture. Find another way, even the crass phone call/email method is lesser cruel.

Is it to soon to send flowers to her work?

Was wondering when is it ok to send flowers to her work place, just saying thinking of you. I am currently thousands of miles away, yet at the same time we have only gone on 3 dates. I am flyin in to see her in two weeks and she has already talked about comming to visit me for two weeks in july and end of June she has asked me to be her date for a wedding. (so again flying in for that) Wanted to know if it was wrong to just send some flowers for no reason just as a hello. Am i too sudden?

Is it to soon to send flowers to her work?
No, it's never too soon. Thats a great sentiment and I'm sure she would appreciate it!
Reply:i think it would be absolutely sweet of you. With all the distance btw you two it would def show her your thinking about her. Definite reassurance!
Reply:I don't think there is a time limit. Girls love getting flowers no matter when or where or how. I think is so sweet. You can send me flowers if you want.......
Reply:At a place where I worked, a girl received a basket with two dozen red roses. She was mortified and upset because she

had dated the guy only two times.

Perhaps she did not like the fact that the flowers were sent to

her place of work. I could say, one learns by osmosis.

On that note, I would be cautious and send the flowers to where she lives instead.
Reply:It's a perfect time. You'll win big points from both her and her co-workers.
Reply:I think that it would be fine to send flowers. She is obviously inerested in you since she thought to ask you to a wedding to be her date and you are planning on making trips to visit eachother, so I don't think she would take it as a "stalkerish" move, I think she would think it was sweet!
Reply:It is never too soon! She will be very appreciative. I know I would be. Good man! :)
Reply:Sending flowers is always a good idea, jag. Only a fool would not enjoy getting flowers for no reason. Go for it!
Reply:That would be quite sweet actually. I'll bet she'll be pleased. ☺
Reply:No, flowers would be great. Most girls love to get them at work. It will show her you are really thinking of her and I am sure will definitly make her day. Just don't be too mushy in the card and I think she will really appreciate it. Say something like "Just thinking of you and can't wait to see you in two weeks." I think it would be really sweet.
Reply:Flowers express the beauty and the heart. Sooner the better.
Reply:sounds right to me, it would also make her feel good and let her know that you are thinking of her.
Reply:I would go for it! A girl always loves to get flowers :)
Reply:No, but don't do it too much and you probably should send something other than a rose. Just write a friendly message or joke on the card to go with it so she doesn't feel pressured.
Reply:Send them. She'll love it!
Reply:It is never too soon to send flowers!
Reply:Sure, send her flowers now...she would love that!
Reply:not at all. bc if you guys are alrady planning for june and july then you can send flowers now and get a boquet for when you go to see her. be romantic
Reply:No, what a sweet gesture- Send them flowers on over to her! That's very nice of you, it is not too soon and this is why, if you two are flying all over the place to see each other it's never to soon to send flowers to say "just thinking of you".