Saturday, May 22, 2010

I want to send flowers and a condolence card! Which would be the proper way?

I have been going to the same salon to get my hair and nails done for the past 7 years! It is owned by a Mother and Daughter. Today when I called to make an appointment, I found out that the mother passed away last week. I would like to send flowers and a condolence card to the daughter. But I am not sure if I should send them to the salon or to the daughters home. I also socialize with the daughter out side of the salon! Which would be the proper place to send them?

Thank You

I want to send flowers and a condolence card! Which would be the proper way?
I would send the flowers to the home, especially since you know the daughter outside of the salon. A live plant might be a meaningful tribute, rather than cut flowers. Florists can help you with selection and with the proper etiquette (I recently had to purchase flowers as a condolence for the first time, and the florists were great in suggesting what I should do since it was my first time!).
Reply:Her private house! Use a local flower delivery shoppe. Not sure what flowers is meant for rememberance of a mother. Dark red roses? Or the persons favorite flower? Have flower shop attendant put on a few words on the card and have her print your full name on the card.

One thing I never like were those plastic pitch fork things used to hold the little business card that states who the flowers are from.
Reply:Personally I would send them to the funeral home or place of visitation, when these sad events happen, most families aren't found home, as far as sending it to her place of business, at this point I wouldn't send it there either--that might be the only place for the daughter to get away right now from feeling overwhelmed. Good Luck
Reply:The home. I used to work in a salon for 11 years. At home would be really nice. Espically since you know them outside of work.

If you know her home address, send them there.

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