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Should I send flowers after the first date to say thanks for a great time?

I was thinking of sending a bouquet of flowers to the girl I just went on a first day with to say thanks for a great time and I can't wait to see you again. What do you think? And what if she doesn't want any of her co-workers to know about it?

Should I send flowers after the first date to say thanks for a great time?
i think it is very romantic idea and would hit home to me.. if you do not want to send them to her work then send them to her home.. and this is really a nice thing that you are doing.. kind of things that melt good luck with your next date......
Reply:The flowers were a big hit. Thanks for everyone's advice! Report It

Reply:yes flowers are the best idea for stared love and u should not west ur time go on
Reply:YES YES YES...respect and consideration goes aloooong way
Reply:do it, you only live once, but dont make the flowers too over the top someting simple and sweet.
Reply:send it to her house,but it is gud to know some guys do care,good luck.
Reply:Only send one rose. With a question of when can you see her again? This shows interest with out instilling a feeling of obligation.
Reply:That's a really nice way to say thanks. I'm all for it. If you want, you can send the flowers and card to her house address, instead of at work (if she does work). I think it would be better to send a rose, a white or pink rose, with the card. Good luck, Criseaker, if that's your name.
Reply:I think this is so romantic...she will love it! I am sure she wants everyone to know about that...and you sending flowers would make her feel really great. So just do it!

By the way, roses are the best, if you don't know which is her favorite flower...Good luck!
Reply:I say go for it. My now husband sent me flowers the day after with a note that said thanks for last night. Dinner tonight?

I said yes. We have been married almost a year now... very happily too.
Reply:if her attitude seemed positive, just SEND it :)

may be you can add a little card asking simply if you can do it again ..

and yes, if you are worried about her co-workers knowing about it, try sending it to her residence. if thats not possible, may be you can arrange someone to wait for her near the office to catch her before or after she is in .. may be a sweet little boy!
Reply:maybe send them to her house before or after she goes to work, but i think its a sweet idea.
Reply:that is a wonderful idea... basically... as most other women... we love flowers... and find it cute and romantic... am sure she would be delighted by your actions... and would love to see you again on your second date
Reply:don't worry about her co-workers. she's only gonna brag about it. the more people gonna see it, how more impress she's gonna be. woman just love flowers and to show off!! flowers is a very good idea, if you are serious about her... good luck!!!
Reply:try a bouquet of "forget-me-nots".
Reply:well its a good idea but dont rush into it dont be easily available this soon
Reply:Thta's an awsome idea.... she would love them no metter where you'll send them. I don;t think she will be bothered that her co-workers will see that... on the contrary we love that....Good luck , I 'd like a guy like you...
Reply:I think the flowers are a great idea but send them to her house. That will show respect for her privacy.
Reply:frOm a woman's point of view...that's a very sweet thing to do. if you want to and if you really mean it that you had a great time with her, then go ahead and send her those lovely flowers. it will make her feel really special. and if she doesn't want her co-workers to know, then maybe you can try sending it somewhere else--like her home, or somewhere she stays.

and... just be sure that your motives and intentions for her are real and PURE. that is, that you're not thinking only about how great might she be in bed or things like that---by now that should be out of your option---until you marry her.

before you do anything, you should consider your real and honest motives... because everything starts there. a thing, no matter how right it seems to the eyes, depends all about the motive of doing it. just make sure yours are pure and clean. then...have a great time!
Reply:Very romantic, a little old fashioned, I say yes.
Reply:I think that's a very sweet gesture and I think she would love it. But, if she doesn't want her coworkers to know, then send them to her home. And if that's not possible, then send the flowers with just a "thinking of you" message" and call her with the real message.
Reply:not a bad idea!

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