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Is it OK for my husband to send flowers to his best friend which by the way is a girl for her birthday?

I just found out that my husband has been sending flowers to his best friend for her birthday. I am very upset. He told me that he has been doing it for years. That it does not mean anything. He says that they are best friends. Should I be upset.

Is it OK for my husband to send flowers to his best friend which by the way is a girl for her birthday?
No, you should not.

Why it is just a friendly gesture. I would be fine with it.
Reply:No, it's not okay. Especially if your just finding out about it. It's okay to have friends , but at the same time he has to respect you. The fact that he remembers to do it every year is cause to be concern. How would he feel if you did the same? Tell him to stop and respect your wishes. A married man should send flowers to you or family member. What ever happened to a card or picking up the phone and just wishing her a happy birthday? Flowers are to personal. What does he give you for your birthday?
Reply:It's only wrong if he doesn't do the same for you and he is spending money that you don't have to do it.

It's also wrong if they are flowers associated with romance--that is roses. Wild flowers, seasonal flowers, live plants...all perfectly alright.

also: this isn't new behavior, he's been doing this for years.

Do call him on it if he doesn't get you flowers. He shouldn't be treating his best friend better than his wife.
Reply:Marie, I am a married man, and my best friend is a woman. Before we got married I introduced the two best women in my life, and they are friends, too. We exchange gifts on Christmas, and it is great.

Have your husband introduce the two of you. If all is above board between them, it should not be a big deal.



PS I never sent roses, a romantic flower, but potted plants.
Reply:Why are you upset? My best girlfriend's boyfriend brought me flowers for Valentine's day last year. It was a thoughtful gesture, it didn't mean he "wanted" me.

Unless you know their relationship is inappropriate, I'd say you've got a considerate guy. Why be jealous that he treats his friends sweetly...unless he treats them better than you?
Reply:As long as he is not keeping her a secret from you AND MOST OF ALL, you are comfortable with it, then it's OK. Your wedding vows said "forsaking all others", so if there is anything your husband is doing that makes you uncomfortable, he needs to cease %26amp; desist.
Reply:YOU need to quit being so jealous or is it the fact that he doesn't get YOU flowers that often. They are friends, you need to learn to trust more it will help your marriage. If he wanted to cheat on you do you honestly think he would let you know by buying her flowers for cryin out loud. Jealousy = unhappiness and you are on the fast lane to this.
Reply:Not ok. Does he send you flowers if not there is a big f'in prob with that if he sending her flowers he better be sending singing f#cking telegrams choc and the works to you and how did you find out. If it aint his mama the b#tch aint getting no flowers...Ya Know
Reply:Hell yeah you should be upset! How would he like it if you were doing it? You should be the ony woman receiving flowers from your man. Let him send her *** a B-day card and if that aint good enough for her then oh well. Let her get her own man!!!
Reply:Okay readers, she says he has been doing it for years.

Your husband should stop once he knows that you do

not like it, and he should have enough respect for you to

not have done it at all.
Reply:I'd be jealous. I don't believe in males and females being friends. There's always something more to it. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial.
Reply:he didnt know it before. but since he knows it now, that you're upset, he should stop.
Reply:if i were you i would be i would watch them very closely and i would tell him how you feel GOD BLESS
Reply:Theres nothing wrong with sending her flowers there friends.

and you should trust him
Reply:as long as he is honest about it and not doing other things it should be ok
Reply:If he were smart, he would stop. Does he do the same for you?

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