Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ladies, do you ever send flowers to a guy?

yes, but only after one night stands.

Ladies, do you ever send flowers to a guy?
Yes I one guy friend for his birthday and another guy just to show him how much I liked him. They were both completely taken by surprise and they loved that the flowers were from me.
Reply:I did once, to my ex, and he said it was 'gay'...
Reply:Yeah, my Ex was in the finals of Lacrosse. I had 24 roses airbrushed the exact team colours. I think it's cool when a man can appreciate flowers.
Reply:I used to leave roses on this guy I was dating windshield when he was at work. He loved it. It was free. Daddy had a big rose garden. Now he is into wild flowers so I don't tend to pick those for my husband--I am enough wild flower for him.
Reply:I have received houseplants for my office from my wife before and I look those very much. Maybe I'm too much of a redneck, but I prefer this to flowers which have more of a feminine connotation.
Reply:Yes I have on a dozen occasions.
Reply:*in a rediculous falsetto (just for the two points)* yes, i do
Reply:I have never sent flowers but I have sent many many cards (real live cards not ecards). Mostly funny ones. I like to let someone know I am thinking of them and more importantly make him stop and think of me.
Reply:I'm a guy and personally I hate it when girls spend money on me. I wouldn't have a problem if they did, but I would much rather spend money on them than they on me...
Reply:no. mine likes dvds as a gift.
Reply:There is nothing effeminate about sending a man flowers, although here in North America, men seem to feel that it is.

In Europe it has been done all the time and personally, I enjoy doing that.

I would do it every time I had the chance.
Reply:Nope, sorry. I just send them a six pack and me. :)
Reply:If I knew he would appreciate that kind of thing. My boyfriend isn't big on flowers but he is big on grooming things, so I'll buy him lotions and soaps and stuff. He loves the coconut lime lotion from Body Works.
Reply:yep, and i'm not afraid to buy them for myself, either
Reply:yea, why not? Some guys love flowers too..
Reply:no I never have.
Reply:no only for my dad when he was sick,.
Reply:Now that you mention it, that's something I've never done. I've given men different kinds of plants, but never flowers. Hey, I did send a guy friend a big bunch of balloons once for his birthday! But flowers, no, never did.
Reply:Personally I've never done it but I know someone who sent flowers to her BF on his birthday.
Reply:Guy flowers is a case of beer with a bow on it! My guy thought it was hysterical when I told him it was guy flowers!
Reply:Yes Sir I have sent flowers to a guy,,,,,,,, for his funeral, its traditional you know, the poor man passes THEN he gets pretty flowers
Reply:Yes, if he really means something.I mean its about time that we ladies do something for guys,ex specially the one you are with or just for your male friend.They is nothing wrong with that.
Reply:Yeah! Sent a rose a state away to a boy. :P
Reply:I have in the past, but it all depends on the guy, the situation, the status of the relationship...and my wallet! I would never buy flowers for a guy that isn't into the "gushy girlie stuff," for instance. If it was a more tender, emotional guy (who's secure enough), then yeah, I'd buy flowers. I wouldn't go overboard with a huge, elaborate bouquet, but a few well-chosen buds go a long way for the right guy.
Reply:yes but only something simple like 2-3 roses
Reply:I don't really send them, but I'll go out and pick some for a picnic with him.
Reply:yes, do unto others as they do unto you.
Reply:yep sure did..1 year for my husband....masculine arrangement...bird of paradise,dark rich colored vase and raffia ribbon..reeeaalllly nice!
Reply:With bees when I get them.

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