Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can I bring flowers to a funeral, or do they have to be sent ahead of time?

I am attending a funeral of a neighbor who passed away recently. The funeral is in a very small coastal town, and there are no local florists. It would be very expensive to have them sent. In the obituary it says "friends and family may bring flowers or, flowers can be sent to"...(home address of the brother). Do you think that means bring them to the brother's home, or bring them with you to the funeral? If I hand deliver them to the brother's home, should I do so the evening before the funeral? If i bring them to to funeral, should I show up early so that they can be placed near the casket?

Can I bring flowers to a funeral, or do they have to be sent ahead of time?
Not sure why this is in law and ethics instead of etiquette. Legally anyone of the options you offered would be LEGAL. And I suspect from and etiquette standpoint any one would be ok too.
Reply:Usually this means to have the flowers delivered by the florist in which you are using to make the arrangement. Otherwise, I would either call the person it states to send them to and ask what should be done. If all else fails, bring them to the brothers house before the funeral...usually the flowers are set next to and around the casket at the wake and/or funeral so youd want them to be there before either of those you were getting them for.
Reply:When my grandmother passed away some people sent flowers to the funeral home and some people brought them with them then on the day of the funeral all of the flowers were put into the hearse the ones that were in vases the director gave to my parents to take home. I wouldn't take flowers over to there house the night before because they probably are going to have alot of things to do and it is a very emotional time when there is a death in the family.Also depending on the size of family might have a lot of family over.

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