Saturday, May 22, 2010

Have you sent or received flowers this year?

yes I've sent a few bouquets this year. I usually send flowers to my female friends (when I know where they live lol) even some of my online friends whom I've never met xx

Have you sent or received flowers this year?
yep, just sent a few water starts to a friend and some cannas to a YA questioner looking for them.

Another YA friend sent me beaucups seeds. THANK YOU RS, you know who you are. *kisses* The red and white Plumeria are a huge success....I digress.

Cousin gifted me with beautiful addition for my "purple patch" - only purple flowers allowed after I gifted her with IG (instant gratification) white caladiums....she made an incredible display.

Two dozen roses to my mom.

Hello, I'm reynwater and I'm a plantaholic.
Reply:i have received some lovely flowers
Reply:Not this year no. Does plants to my mum count on mother's Day count?
Reply:How nice of you! I havent recieved or sent!
Reply:No. Do I look gay?
Reply:i sent some to my niece

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