Thursday, May 20, 2010

What are good flowers to send my girlfriends mom?

-Sending my girlfriend something specific but i dont know much about what to send her mom, still havent met her mom and she lives far away

What are good flowers to send my girlfriends mom?
i would suggest sending her a boutique of flowers, not roses but a variety of maybe lillies and different flowers almost like a easter boutique because a specific kind may be a little much but a nice variety would be a beautiful gesture
Reply:You're not sure if she even has any allergies to flowers. Since you've never met her, do the simple thing and send a generic, $25 giftcard from American Express that can be used everywhere.

Send it in a card with "Best greetings for a new year, Love (name)" and get it in the mail asap :)
Reply:send her violets or Lilly's
Reply:beautiful ideas...w/prices
Reply:I tend to send daisys to mothers. They are a very simple flower but they are a happy flower that usually makes them smile and think of better days. And they tend to be cheaper so you can get more of them. :)
Reply:none send a gift card.
Reply:Tulips or pink roses.
Reply:Talk to a florist in person and ask about plants that are common allergins and scratch those off the list.

I usually send potted plants (in season) when it's someone I particularly want to please. If they love the plant, they'll think of you every time they see it. Bear in mind her climate. And a lot of bulb-type flowers are in season right now. They're gorgeous, but fragile. Most of them bloom for only a few days out of the year. I prefer hearty plants.
Reply:I'm all about the tulips. They're cheerful, and lovely. And if you order from, I have a coupon code for 15% off at checkout. It's 6CH15. Just put that code in at checkout, and you save 15%. Good luck to you! I am a DIEHARD teleflora fan. They do the most exquisite work.
Reply:I would suggest going on and just getting a nice arrangement in your price range. If you enter her mom's zip code, you'll get the list of arrangements available. Also, I have sent the "cocktail" arrangements, which are flowers arranged in a martini glass, etc. They are absolutely beautiful and make wonderful centerpieces.
Reply:I would go with Lilly's, Daises or Carnations.

Go to:

They all have nice arrangements.

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