Thursday, May 20, 2010

If a guy likes a woman and she is a "hopeless romantic" , should he send flowers to her on Valentines Day?

I like this woman and I think she likes me back but I need to know whether or not to send flowers on Valintines Day...I don't really want to mess things up.

If a guy likes a woman and she is a "hopeless romantic" , should he send flowers to her on Valentines Day?
If she is a "hopeless romantic", give her roses, chocolates and a cute cuddly soft toy!
Reply:I think that every girls dream on valentines times day.
Reply:i say go for it buddy....and through in a teddy bear as well, she'll love it
Reply:flowers would be great for a hopeless romantic. I wouldn't get the typical dozen red roses tho, I think that's a little heavy for some one you're not even dating.
Reply:If she is a romantic she will be expecting flowers. It is traditional for Valentine's Day, so if you want to have any chance at all you BETTER send flowers
Reply:If you're not sure how she feels....send her flowers..but not roses. Send her a pretty arrangement with hearts etc for valentines. They usually have some made up at the florists. To me, roses have almost gotten to be too common They used to be special..but not so much now. Except maybe yellow roses...or pink. Don't overdo it....if you're not sure about how she feels. She might just want to be friends. "Don't rush love until it's time!"

You know what would be pretty....send a dozen of mixed roses..all different colors...with a happy valentine thing sticking out of it.
Reply:YES!! send her red roses and chocolates!!! She'll love it..
Reply:i think that you should go for it, but before you do it make sure that she really, really likes you
Reply:send her red roses
Reply:Duh! IF she's a hopeless romantic she will absolutely love roses. Go for something more unique and special to her than roses. And no baby's breath!!

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