Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is it ok to send someone flowers who is in a hospital and IS slowly recovering from an accident?

He is a family friend and met with an accident and is now slowly recovering.

Is it ok to send someone flowers who is in a hospital and IS slowly recovering from an accident?
Reply:yes a nice gesture, but check with the hospital first as there may be apolicy or the flower may be allergic to others in the ward.
Reply:yes it shows that you care and are thinking about them just make sure they are not allergic to them
Reply:Of course!
Reply:Yes it would be wonderful to send flowers as it shows your expression of love for that person and desire his speedy recovery.
Reply:Yes. Why not?
Reply:Most definitely. It shows that you're concerned %26amp; would be greatly appreciated. If you're a guy %26amp; sending a guy flowers, then you could put from you %26amp; your family, etc.
Reply:YES! Send away. When I was in the hospital ICU didn’t allow flowers, but they did allow balloons. Check with the hospital first to make sure what is allowed. I have to say I rather enjoyed the balloons people sent, since they lasted longer than the flowers and were easier to clean up.

That said, the best gift I received was a care package. Magazines, Lip balm (your lips really dry out) lotion, mouth wash, a good tooth brush, good slipper socks, and nice soap.
Reply:Yes, unless they are in a Burn Unit, or ICU.

A lot of these types of medical care will not allow flowers due to the fact that they collect dust more easily and can cause not only the patient you sent them to, but other patients to have dust, dirt and allergens in their rooms.

Otherwise, its an extremely nice gesture.
Reply:yes it is that shows you care
Reply:Of course it is. It shows you care about them.

:) Great question
Reply:yes, that is a nice gesture to let them know you are thinking of them and hope they recover soon.
Reply:The only time it would be inappropriate to send flowers, baloons or gifts to someone who is recovering in the hospital would be if it would affect their recovery or it goes against hospital policy.

If you have any questions, call the nurse on duty and ask if it would be ok.
Reply:Yes, but make sure your friend isn't allergic to them.

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