Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to preserve fresh flowers for a long time.?

I wana send fresh flowers as gift to my beloved and it would take around 6 days for the delivery. I want to know in details how to pack the flowers and keep it fresh for her to receive with joy and fervour as it is her birthday.

How to preserve fresh flowers for a long time.?
Forget it.... they won't last. You'd be much better off contacting a florist that has FTD... they will make sure she gets her flowers fresh.... You can call any FTD florist in your area and they will contact another FTD florist near where your beloved is and they will deliver the flowers fresh.

Here's a link... you can even order online
Reply:The Redesign Diva is RIGHT ON POINT. I sent flowers this way while overseas. Also, to family and friends that live in other states. This way is WAY better than trying to send flowers through the mail. As hot as it is, and we are talking six days!!!......anything you do to preserve them might be in vain, and also add to shipping weight/cost. It is not written that all the mail/package processing locations in route will be cool or condusive to preserving flowers. On top of that, I don't think I have seen a refrigerated USPS, UPS, DHL, or FedEx truck.

There is another option, besides FTD, there is Teleflora, just to give you a couple to choose from. Personally, I have had better results with FTD. You can even provide the words you want on the attached card, as well as add other things like balloons, etc. You have the option to 'do it up', or just keep it simple. Your beloved should feel special and loved getting flowers delivered. The mail man comes 6 days a week. LOL

GOOD LUCK, and hope this helps.

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