Thursday, May 20, 2010

How do you guys feel about flowers/candy for Valentines day?

So how do you guys really feel about being sent flowers or candy for Valentines day at work?

Last year I sent a candy/cookie package to my boyfriend to work and he loved it, said he loved everyone stopping at his desk to steal some and that he felt loved and special. So I could do that again but I was thinking of a cake or something different.... what do you think? and do you guys like the fuss? and what about flowers?

How do you guys feel about flowers/candy for Valentines day?
I've gotten flowers over the years a couple of times and though I appreciated the gesture......... flowers are just not really the way to go with a guy.

If he appreciated the cookies last year you simply have to stick with it. A cake takes a little more effort to eat and it's easier for people to stop by his desk and just pick one up.

You could do a "guy" gift basket. Add a small giftcard from the grocery store and put a heart shaped sicker on it saying "for beer". A Best Buy gift card as well. One year I got a basket with cookies, both of those and a guy movie that she would never watch in a million years. Plus slim jims, a tube of pringles, a can of nuts and a twenty dollar gift certificate for the bar that I went to happy hour with the guys. When I told the other guys what I got the consensus was that my wife was the coolest wife in the world as they had gotten candy and such. I thought it was amusing and thoughtful for her to think outside of the box.
Reply:it is really nice to get a gift-especially at work among peers and extra-especially one you can share. although it is a little old/overdone, its still an extremely sweet gesture and def makes the person on the receiving end feel good.

i dont have any original ideas, but whatever you do he will love it/appreciate it.
Reply:its getting a little old but some people like old traditions. flowers and it should be like sex toys or something. Valentines day is just an excuse to have sex
Reply:My husband loves chocolate. And plants, not flowers. He's a total green thumb. So instead I got him a topiary tree last year and had it delivered. He was amazed. (Cost ~$120). It's still alive and thriving and it's a constant reminder, whereas flowers just die. I think I had something on the card like "May this continue to thrive like our love."
Reply:Myself and my bf never buy each other things to prove our love!

Its only a big huge advertisment farse that has gone WAY too overboard!. I see nothing wrong with others doing it though. Whatever they want to do but me and my babe....... nothing like a warm bath with mounds and mounds of bubbles and candles is they way we like to celebrate!

Happy Valentines Day to both of you!

Reply:If you have a place that does fruit boquets, I think those are awesome. We have a place called Incredible Edibles that does chocolate covered strawberries on sticks turned upside down in a flowerpot made to look like a boquet of flowers. Thay are soooo cool!
Reply:Mine will probably say for me not to send anything to his office, but he'll love whatever I send. I bake for his office every week, so I'll probably send something extra tasty and then slip a card with a sexy note in his coat pocket for him to find...........

Have a great weekend!
Reply:I would not like to get flowers, or candy, too girly. If you want to surprise him, give him a BJ in the car on the way to dinner.

what a thoughtful girlfriend!

I really like that idea!

maybe brownies this year?

i don't know about the flowers though. you'll have to get a response from a guy. maybe like a picture of you and him framed or somthing.

but i LOVE how thoughtful you are for your boyfriend! cute!

Reply:its great!!

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