Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is it okay to carry flowers into a funeral home instead of delivering them?

My Aunt died and she will not have that many flowers at her funeral. I feel bad because I cannot afford the $50 - 150 that flowers cost from FTD florists. I was wondering if I could carry them in a bag and place them in the office when you first walk in. That way the funeral home would place them in the room where my aunt is. I am embarassed at the thought, however I cannot afford to send flowers. Am I better off going empty handed? Also to add, My aunt lives in a very low populated area and I dont think she will have many flowers. I would love to see a few sent flowers around her, especially for my cousin's sake.

Is it okay to carry flowers into a funeral home instead of delivering them?
yes carrying them would be fine. who cares how they get there as long as it get there. Sorry about ur Aunt
Reply:I think that carrying flowers in will be fine. It's the thought that counts, and you obviously care a lot.
Reply:Some people don't want flowers at the funeral anymore. The flowers are left at the graveside and they just wither away and die.

As a rule you don't bring flowers to a funeral. What you can do is bring a plant to your aunts home for her family. A plant will live forever...much longer than flowers at the funeral.

I'm sorry for your lose.
Reply:I have seen wealthy people that can afford to send flowers carry them in. Its not that big of a deal on how it gets there. Its the though of that its there.

You could take it early in the day to the funeral home when there are not a lot of people and give it to the office and then they could place as well.

A potted plant lasts alot longer than flowers. Or u can get a plant and flower mixture.
Reply:yes it is
Reply:don't ever be ashamed of any gift that comes from the heart and soul. don't go empty handed. this is something that you want to give to your aunt. never be ashamed of any gift -- big or small - just do it with love and it's the biggest gift on the face of the earth to the person you are doing it for. people worry too much on what others think. you are not trying to please them. this is something you are to doing to give thanks to your aunt. my hat goes off to you. i think it's beautiful. God Bless YOU!
Reply:that's a wonderful idea. i just see one thing wrong with what you want to do.i don't think you need to place them in the can walk them up to her casket and place them at the closed end of it.i have done this in the past and see nothing wrong with it at all. and you don't need to tell anyone it was because you could not afford to have them sent, if you are asked {and i doubt that you would be} just say that you wanted to do one last thing for more thing, don't bring them in a bag, carry them.PS. sorry about your aunt
Reply:yes absulutely usually people have flowers delivered when they dont attend

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