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What are the functions of flowers at weddings and restaurants?

Do flowers have any special meanings ?

On what occasions do Chinese send flowers to each other?

What are the functions of flowers at weddings and restaurants?
Flowers at weddings means lots of things. Here is a list of their meanings in:

Rarely do Chinese people send flowers to each other. We are more pragmatic and send food :)
Reply:Yes certain flowers have different occasions and meaning and they are different between cultures.

Except for a wedding, There are no traditional flower its up to the bride.
Reply:At very first movement u think that u r in heaven.

Yes flowers have diffrent meanings like yellow rose stands 4 frndship

pink for good health etc.

Is sending flowers appropriate in this situation?

Here's the situation: I met this girl during the course of my internship. My internship ended, she is still in the office. When still working in the office, I asked her out to dinner and she said yes. I then asked her out a second time and she said she wasn't ready for a relationship at this time, but she liked spending time with me and would like to remain friends. Now, I've been out of the office for a month and I've not seen or heard from her. I should mention we do live roughly 120 miles apart. I've sent her an email or two and even left a voice mail message on her phone, but no response. With seemingly no options left to keep in contact with her, would it be appropriate to send her a "just because" flower bouquet? Not roses or anything, but something like tulips? I really have nothing to lose at this point.

Is sending flowers appropriate in this situation?
Flowers will be too elaborate and grandiose at this stage, I would send a small but exquisite Box of chocolates and a note, simply saying ' From an old mate, hope its not something I did wrong '. ( That's British irony for,' you rude b***h, you don,t even have the manners or class to respond, yea or ney'. ) Then wait and see, if no respond, take the hint and move on.
Reply:i wouldn't send the flowers she might think that is creepy or obsessive or a little to over the top
Reply:You could. It's not inappropriate or outlandishly appalling. Personally, though, I think it's a waste of time. Any girl who says she's not ready for a relationship and just wants to be friends is lying. If she thought the guy was right, then she'd be ready in a hurry. The fact that she's been ignoring you (which to me is the BIGGEST slap in the face imaginable, as if to say you're not even worth the time to say, "sorry not interested") is a strong indication that she doesn't want to be friends or in a relationship w/ you. She said what she said to let you down easy and avoid a confrontation that might've ended w/ you being hurt.
Reply:I guess you can.
Reply:sorry but don't do it!

if she hasn't even replied to your emails then it's just embarrassing for the both of you. How can you like someone that's brushed you off?

Look elsewhere for affection....if she changes her mind she can always email you!

good luck1
Reply:I think she's trying to say she's not interested by not replying to your emails or voice mail. You're right in that you have nothing to lose so I don't think you can go wrong by sending them but it will probably be a waste cuz she doesn't sound interested.

When a guy is interested in me but I'm not interested in him, it's hard for me to stay friends and keep in contact with him because I don't want to "lead him on" and end up hurting him. If I'm sure there's no way I will ever date him, I don't want him to pass up other opportunities because he thinks he has a chance with me. I usually say that I don't want a relationship. If he calls or emails frequently I keep my responses short or don't respond at all. I'm not trying to be rude. I just don't want to give him a false sense of security.

If you want to send the flowers I would wait 3 weeks after your last message to her. If you haven't heard from her say something in the card about still being interested in her and if she ever wants a relationship or needs anything you hope she call. Then stop trying to contact her. She'll be aware of how you feel and that you'd like to hear from her. She'll contact you when and if she's ready.
Reply:you can try to send her a flower..and a piece of card written there by sumone who loves you miss you or etc... but dun write your names on it..let her shock, let her find, and let her think who been sending her a flower..after you play a role, then be a gentlemen go to her place surprise her the same flower that you gave to her, ask her out for dinner, then explain to her, let her realise that you been lovin her.. who noes she might change her mind..
Reply:If the thought of flowers enters your mind sendx them. It makes a womans day
Reply:You could certainly try, I don't see anything wrong with it.

At this point if she doesnt respond back then you basically know, and can move on.
Reply:I dunno if the flowers mite be pushing it...i mean, she's not responding to u....give her space. Maybe eventually she'll come back to u. Give it a few weeks...then maybe send her flowers just saying "thinking of you" or something.;...

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Is there a reasonably-priced and efficient online service to send flowers/plants as gifts to Spain?

Sorry don't know about flower/plants but if you want to send some delicious biscochitos from Albuquerque NM go to this website.

No this is not my company, but I eat there all the time and it is delicious.

Is there a reasonably-priced and efficient online service to send flowers/plants as gifts to Spain?
Go to Report It

Best way to send flowers in the dominican republic from the USA?

I was just wondering if anybody knows any local florists in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic or an internet florists that can deliver flowers specifically in the capital city Santo domingo. Thanks

Best way to send flowers in the dominican republic from the USA?
carrier pigeon and it will fly back home to you
Reply:Here are a couple florists that I've used for international delivery:

Good luck:)

Can anyone suggest a good website to order flowers?

I want to send flowers to my friend for her birthday but she on the opposite side of the state from me so I wanted to know if anyone could advise me on a good reliable but inexpensive floral service.

Can anyone suggest a good website to order flowers?
I've done this many times. The FTD site is wonderful. They also have a toll free number. You can specify how much you want to spend. They have special arrangements for different occasions. You can buy a small or large - same arrangement different prices. VERY reasonable.
Reply:1-800-flowers has the best selection and they use a local florist to deliver the product. i've received numerous arrangements from my honey this way. they also have other gifts available. candy, gift cards, all kinds of goodies. and most importantly, you can search any price range!
Reply:The best way to send flowers to your friend is to call a florist in your hometown - tell them what you want to send, how much you want to pay and where to send them - they will take care of it for you from there, you don't have to search for a florist on the net (will probably cost you a whole lot more doing it that way) - I do it all the time! Tell your friend happy B'day for me!

So... what's the best and least expensive way to send flowers internationally?

So I've got a friend that went on vacation for a while in another country and i'd like to send some flowers and a stuffed animal. Anyone know the best way to get this accomplished?

So... what's the best and least expensive way to send flowers internationally?
I can mention a couple of options (sorry for my bad english).

I have trusted in both companies for deliveries abroad, you dont mention to which country do you want the flowers to be delivered. - -

Hope this helps.
Reply:That's very simple my friend:

Lookup flower shops on the internet that are in that place, give them a call and order by credit card!!

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Sending flowers to my wife's work?

What can I write on the card? I'm trying to make these seem not-very-special. Just wanting to surprise her with something that will make her office prettier.

What would WOW her?

Sending flowers to my wife's work?
Put on there "This will take care of that empty corner of your desk!" Just joking. Just write, "Just because," on there. I guarantee that will do the trick.

And if you send her flowers, they will be special.
Reply:That's so sweet. I don't think it matters what they are. As long as they are pretty to you they will be pretty to her. Just write on the card that you thought she'd like these and that you love her and thinking about her. That's more than enough.
Reply:You're contradicting yourself... "not-very -special" that would "WOW" her? Anyways, how about a simple "I love you" or "Thinking of you" or "Hope you are having a wonderful day".
Reply:I agree with "Just Because" nothing makes a women happier then feeling like you still think she is worth it. One lucky lady!
Reply:Say something like "To make your day brighter"
Reply:How about:

"Just a little something to help your office look a beautiful and special as you."
Reply:Wow ur a special to my husband!!!! lol

How about

Remember that time I... Remember the time you... How about the time we... Oh heck, remember all our good times? I do! Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you.

When I think of you, I think about your pretty smile, your sexy voice, our first kiss and it make me wish I can see you, at least hear from you. I'm Thinking of you!
Reply:just a reminder of my love for you and to brighten up your day.
Reply:just put -------------to my love hope this brightens your day love u always
Reply:I'm confused. You say you don't want them to be "not-very-special" but then you want to "WOW" her. So I'm not sure how to answer you. Receiving flowers from my husband "out of the blue" would definetely "WOW" me. All he would have to do is sign his name. But he would probably add things like...

Any special phase that we share,

Words from my favorite song,

or a simple compliment about (my hair, my butt or boobs etc)

Good Luck!
Reply:Well, I knew someone who sent his wife a card just saying "I want you tonight" and his wife didn't come home from work that day until about 11:30 pm and didn't answer her cell or anything. When he asked her about the flowers she turned white as a ghost.

You can guess how the rest of that went.
Reply:Why don't you write on the card that you are think of her.
Reply:Flowers sent to the workplace are tacky, and for most men, a sign of guilt. Bring flowers home and arrange them in a nice vase on the table, with the message "Just Because" on the card - it will be so much more appreciated.
Reply:Just say "Thats right becuase I felt Like it" that brings humor and sincerity into the situation. A women loves to laugh and loves to be loved so your killing two brids with one stone
Reply:There's no such thing as not-very-special flowers. Flowers make every woman feel very special. *don't care who you are! That is very sweet I hope someone helps you with what to put on the card. My mind just went blank.
Reply:have them put on the card: just thinking of you!
Reply:Why would you want them to seem not-very-special? Once I got flowers for no reason and it was AWESOME! She will be the envy of all the other women in the office!!! Just put a little note with some bright colored flowers and say "just something to brighten your day!"