Thursday, May 20, 2010

What hospital is Teddy Long at so I can send him flowers?

He had a heart attack on Tues. I hope he's fine.

What hospital is Teddy Long at so I can send him flowers?
After looking at Kristal and seeing the "girls" peeking out of the wedding dress.. Poor ol' Teddy's heart couldn't take much longer ..
Reply:Don't waist your money babes its kayfabe
Reply:Send fake flowers to the fake hospital for the fake heart attack
Reply:You have got to be kidding.

That was like the worst fake heart attack ever. But I was fond of Kristal's shrieking as the cameras faded out. It reminded me of how Melina used to scream at ringside.

Oh wait, I wanted to punch my tv set when Melina did that. AND when Kristal did it!
Reply:Save your allowance and buy a clue.
Reply:no, it was a storyline. the WWE will kill off Teddy Long (and after faking McMahon's death and the Chris Benoit tragedy where he killed his family, it would be in bad taste.) and they will announce his "death" on WWE.COM this weekend. and will mention it on Raw and ECW as well as SmackDown! this week.
Reply:ha aha aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah aha ha aha ha ha h ha u dumb........
Reply:its fake,hes at home on yahoo answer right now looking at this question
Reply:it is nowhere near real but just playing along i hope he is in hell
Reply:he's at the same hospital that HBK, Dusty Rhodes, Undertaker and all the other "wrestling injuries" go to.......the Hospital of Make Believe next to the GumDrop Mountains in Never Never Land.....

Haven't you ever noticed when there is an actual injury, WWE will focus on it and the rehab (HHH, Mysterio, etc) but the "devastating" matches that put wrestlers out for 6 months and they make a dramatic comeback aren't followed up on??? It's storyline and its scripted........they're better actors than Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington rolled into one.......
Reply:heartbreak hotel. do know that was fake right?? a he is acting..
Reply:sorry to tell you this but it is a storyline... shocking isn't it....
Reply:well lets can i say this nicely to a girl???..sorry to disapoint you but its fake..
Reply:wow how old r u again im not even gonna bother answering this question.
Reply:It's not real honey.
Reply:He isn't in a hospital the he just got married and you need to keep up with smack down
Reply:I dont kno Probally in Atlanta georgia
Reply:lol, that was just part of a storyline
Reply:Ok, let me say this slowly, so you can understand it................ IT WAS ACTING, AND TEDDY LONG IS FINE!! THAT WAS THE WORST ACTING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIVE IN THEIR WEDDING!
Reply:No need to send.It was fake.
Reply:He's On Hell now!!

Keep in touch with him!!
Reply:HAHAHAHA! he is fine dont worry that was a kayfabe (storyline). hes probably at home right now...
Reply:Nope, it was real guys!


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