Saturday, May 22, 2010

What kind of flowers should I send my girl at work?

I have been dating a girl for 6 weeks and want to tell her tomorrow that I want to be exclusive with her and I want to send her some flowers to her place of employment to say this. What kind of flowers and how many should I send her? I don't really want to say "I love you" just yet and I'm afraid a dozen roses might imply that.

What kind of flowers should I send my girl at work?
Send her a bunch of tulips.
Reply:no roses...they are way over the florist and ask them to arrange a very nice arrangement of spring flowers. Include a card....which says something like..... "spring gives gifts of beautiful beginnings...happy spring!" best of luck!
Reply:Consult a florist. They will assist with type and best cost options too.
Reply:Ya so true and plus every guy always sends a girl roses. You should be unique and send her something different, I couldn't really tell you what to send cuz its your choice and all. But my fav flowers are lillies, I would love to receive them from a guy so maybe try that. Good Luck.
Reply:roses are sooooo overdone...

Gerbera daisies are awesome, and come in tons of colors...

Or try.. lilies, tulips, hycaniths.... or other spring - themed arrangements.

You could always order a "spring" arrangement, with a few roses put in, if that's truly what you want, but do pink, yellow or white...

That's my opinion anyway... =)

Good Luck !
Reply:u should get her some daisies or roses she would really like that.
Reply:I would send carnations, you can get them in plenty of cool colors, and they smell really good and its just a nice gesture type flower harmless.

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