Saturday, May 22, 2010

When did you last send flowers? How do you feel about it?Do flowers have any special meanings in your country?

The last time i sent flowers was in 5th grade. I sent a rose to my secret crush on valentine's day in the valentine mailbox and later that day, i found the flower in the trash can outside our classroom.


When did you last send flowers? How do you feel about it?Do flowers have any special meanings in your country?
I gave my mom and grandmother flowers for mother's day. They absolutely LOVE flowers and gardening, especially my grandmother. I love it when my boyfriend gives me flowers. The last time he did he got me my two favorite types: daisies and white roses, it was awesome! When he gives me flowers it shows me love and endlessness in our relationship, because I know that we will truly be together forever:)
Reply:I last sent flowers to a friend on her birthday at her office. She is single and her family isn't near by, so I knew her expectations of her birthday were low. Since I couldn't see her that day, I wanted her to know that I was thinking of her. I think sending flowers to celebrate a happy occasion as well as to mark your respect for someone's sickness or loss is extremely thoughtful. It is a traditional way to show affection to almost anyone on any occasion! I love receiving them and try to send them to a few people every year.
Reply:My family sent flowers for the funeral when my grandmother died. Lots of people did. it shows sympathy to the family and friends who lost the loved one.
Reply:Most of the time, flowers mean "I am sorry for being such a jerk."
Reply:i sent flowers to my exgirlfriend ...because i still love her with all my heart ... she will never know this but when you love some one you put their dreams before your own ...and that makes me a better person......also i send flowers for no reason they always look beautiful unless your from france and send em death flowers thats an ya....=)
Reply:last month, my friend went into labor 8 weeks early and it was on her birthday, I sent flowers to let her know that she was in my thoughts and to help brighten her day with her favorite kind of flowers. It made me feel good to know i could send them to her since i couldn't be there.
Reply:Mothers day----I felt good in my heart, broke in my pocket---Just a nice gesture or a way of showing that you care, in my country
Reply:My husband sent me flowers recently.. It's awesome to get flowers delivered to you (or given to you in person!)

It means the person really cares about you, you mean a lot to them and it's one of the best ways to tell someone that you love them, or that you're sorry :)

Flowers always make you feel awesome! No matter what kind they are, they are just so beautiful !! :) I don't know many women (and sometimes even guys!) who doesn't love getting flowers sent to them or given to them by someone.

It will always have a special meaning here in the US, I think that it would be the same in most every country :)
Reply:I sent roses to my mom for mother's day.

Sure, they're just...nice to send. For anything--funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, little surprises, etc.
Reply:it brings life
Reply:I last sent flowers a week ago for someone who was ill. I feel good about it because it let the person know that I was thinking of them and hoping they felt better. Flowers represnt sevral things in my country. They can be sent to be romantic and to court a loved one or they can be sent to wish one well when one is ill or sad. You can even send them for all occasions to friends/family /co-workers.
Reply:I don't send flowers I think they are a waste of money and the earths resources. I much prefer to send and receive plants or seeds. I think they are a better choice because they don't die after like 3 days. Its sad to see your flowers that a loved one got for you all shriveled up and dead. Instead, Its nice to enjoy your plant over and over and to watch it grow as you put love and time into it. Plus its better for the environment.

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