Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ex sends flowers to my girlfriend at work?

My girlfriend has a kid with another guy

he has sent he flowers today... we agreed to not do the flowers thing... so she is receiving flowers form her baby daddy

everyone is asking me (we work together) did you get those for her i say no...... is it fair for her to be disappointed for getting me

Ex sends flowers to my girlfriend at work?
Yah mistake number 1. ALWAYS SEND FLOWERS ON VALINTINES DAY. She may say she doesnt want any blah blah blah, she wants them.

And I would seriously ask her about the flowers her "ex" sent her. You might be getting played.

I'm sorry that you are going through this, I'm in a similar situation myself, She is your girlfriend now, him being the father of her child doesn't mean anything more than that he is father of her child, plain and simple....

That's not normal behavior, I'd look into it....
Reply:ok two main thing..had she got over the daddy dad and had the daddy dad got over her???? asked her on her side nicely and then if she says yes she got over him that means you have competition. but dont do the same as what he does. if he send her flowers you make her a nice home dinner........if you do not know how to take aways but pre heat and put in nice plates............its the thoughts that counts
Reply:Seriously, you need to excuse yourself and run to the store to buy her something. If nothing else, it makes you look bad to the people you work with that she's getting flowers from someone else and nothing from you.
Reply:He might just be getting them in appreciation for what she is doing for their child.
Reply:You need to go over the top of this guy or she's gonna start second-guessing!!!

Hurry up.... you don't have much time left!
Reply:well u should ask the baby's daddy y did he send those flower to her...

good luck

happy hearts's day

Well, that's the danger of getting with a girl that has a kid. That child means a major connection with someone else.

Think of something to do for her with a quickness, pal.
Reply:Babby Daddy gives flowers? That may not be appropriate. That's for them to discuss. But trust me Dude ALWAYS get your lady flowers on V-Day DON'T EVEN ASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now got get a bigger bouquet than Babby Daddy's NOW! Go!

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