Saturday, May 22, 2010

When is too late to send flowers after the death of a loved one?

He passed 6 years ago but I just found out; is it too late to send flowers to his family? I found out from his mother and sister, so they know I just heard about it....

When is too late to send flowers after the death of a loved one?
Hello Amelia,

If you would like to send flowers, then do it even now. The family would probably be very happy that you are so thoughtful and caring. Send a hand-written note with it to say that you know nobody can take the place of your friend, but you hope your flowers bring back some happy memories for them and bring them peace and joy for his life that enriched all of you.

Good luck to you girl. You are a sweet girl for thinking of their loss. Even after those years, the worst of the grief is past, but you never forget and always have a special place in your thoughts and heart for the family member.

Kind regards

Reply:6 years is probably too long to give the family flowers, but you could consider putting some flowers on his grave.
Reply:Instead of flowers, send pictures they may not have.
Reply:My father has been dead for 8 years. If an old friend were to find out after this length of time, I think our family would feel awkward receiving flowers.

My suggestion to you would be to send a card. In the card, tell the family that you just recently found out, and how much that person meant to you.

Words of recognition about our loved ones who pass away never ever get old.
Reply:It is never to late. If you are to late for the funeral then have them sent to the grave site.
Reply:Instead of sending flowers go the picture route. I work in a cemetery and we see flowers appear all the time. Take the flowers to a local home for the elderly. They will appreciate them.
Reply:you can still send it, but put on the card that you did not know about it sooner (to explain the delay)
Reply:it's never too late.. especially if you found out from the family.

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