Saturday, May 22, 2010

The girl I like's birthday is comming up and I don't know what kind of flowers/roses to send her. Any help?

Well.. Like it says.. I like this girl.. It's been about a year.. We were together for a bit and then we went seperate ways.. But I still feel for her.. I would say it's love, but I just want to tell her with a special present.. I was thinking jewelry, but I thought flowers would be good too.. I am not sure yet, but .. If I am going to send flowers.. I'd really like to know what kind of flowers I should be sending her to send a message saying I still care.. I was thinking about roses.. But it seems each color or quantity makes a big difference.. And I have no clue what to do.. Hopefully you guys can help.. And hopefully the ladies can give some tips...

Thanks for all the help.

The girl I like's birthday is comming up and I don't know what kind of flowers/roses to send her. Any help?
Well get the present that you think is the best for her and that you know she will really like and that for a fact she won't regret. Think about the stuff she used to ask you for she might like something like that. I wish you good luck with her and hope that you get another chance.
Reply:dont send white. that means death. red means love. send carnations.
Reply:Find out her favorite kind of flowers.
Reply:white orchids
Reply:send her ballons
Reply:Honestly, it doesn't really matter what type of flowers you send. If you know what her favorites are, send those. I would recommend Gerber Daisies. They come in a variety of colors and they're long stem-ed which is always romantic. And if you're not sure about the 'love' thing, it's a great way to say 'I like you a lot'. Good luck.
Reply:For get about quantity and what they mean and all that hoopla....she probably won´t know either. Get her something different like dahlias or something, Bright colors always makes someone feel good so If you can find any flower in bright pinks or blues go for them. And always go for a dozen. Ask the florist for any kind of flower that are large, bright and uncommon. That way you´ll stick out from the rest.
Reply:yellow roses mean friendship..... i would go with yellow roses

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