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What are the functions of flowers at weddings and restaurants?

Do flowers have any special meanings ?

On what occasions do Chinese send flowers to each other?

What are the functions of flowers at weddings and restaurants?
Flowers at weddings means lots of things. Here is a list of their meanings in:

Rarely do Chinese people send flowers to each other. We are more pragmatic and send food :)
Reply:Yes certain flowers have different occasions and meaning and they are different between cultures.

Except for a wedding, There are no traditional flower its up to the bride.
Reply:At very first movement u think that u r in heaven.

Yes flowers have diffrent meanings like yellow rose stands 4 frndship

pink for good health etc.

Is sending flowers appropriate in this situation?

Here's the situation: I met this girl during the course of my internship. My internship ended, she is still in the office. When still working in the office, I asked her out to dinner and she said yes. I then asked her out a second time and she said she wasn't ready for a relationship at this time, but she liked spending time with me and would like to remain friends. Now, I've been out of the office for a month and I've not seen or heard from her. I should mention we do live roughly 120 miles apart. I've sent her an email or two and even left a voice mail message on her phone, but no response. With seemingly no options left to keep in contact with her, would it be appropriate to send her a "just because" flower bouquet? Not roses or anything, but something like tulips? I really have nothing to lose at this point.

Is sending flowers appropriate in this situation?
Flowers will be too elaborate and grandiose at this stage, I would send a small but exquisite Box of chocolates and a note, simply saying ' From an old mate, hope its not something I did wrong '. ( That's British irony for,' you rude b***h, you don,t even have the manners or class to respond, yea or ney'. ) Then wait and see, if no respond, take the hint and move on.
Reply:i wouldn't send the flowers she might think that is creepy or obsessive or a little to over the top
Reply:You could. It's not inappropriate or outlandishly appalling. Personally, though, I think it's a waste of time. Any girl who says she's not ready for a relationship and just wants to be friends is lying. If she thought the guy was right, then she'd be ready in a hurry. The fact that she's been ignoring you (which to me is the BIGGEST slap in the face imaginable, as if to say you're not even worth the time to say, "sorry not interested") is a strong indication that she doesn't want to be friends or in a relationship w/ you. She said what she said to let you down easy and avoid a confrontation that might've ended w/ you being hurt.
Reply:I guess you can.
Reply:sorry but don't do it!

if she hasn't even replied to your emails then it's just embarrassing for the both of you. How can you like someone that's brushed you off?

Look elsewhere for affection....if she changes her mind she can always email you!

good luck1
Reply:I think she's trying to say she's not interested by not replying to your emails or voice mail. You're right in that you have nothing to lose so I don't think you can go wrong by sending them but it will probably be a waste cuz she doesn't sound interested.

When a guy is interested in me but I'm not interested in him, it's hard for me to stay friends and keep in contact with him because I don't want to "lead him on" and end up hurting him. If I'm sure there's no way I will ever date him, I don't want him to pass up other opportunities because he thinks he has a chance with me. I usually say that I don't want a relationship. If he calls or emails frequently I keep my responses short or don't respond at all. I'm not trying to be rude. I just don't want to give him a false sense of security.

If you want to send the flowers I would wait 3 weeks after your last message to her. If you haven't heard from her say something in the card about still being interested in her and if she ever wants a relationship or needs anything you hope she call. Then stop trying to contact her. She'll be aware of how you feel and that you'd like to hear from her. She'll contact you when and if she's ready.
Reply:you can try to send her a flower..and a piece of card written there by sumone who loves you miss you or etc... but dun write your names on it..let her shock, let her find, and let her think who been sending her a flower..after you play a role, then be a gentlemen go to her place surprise her the same flower that you gave to her, ask her out for dinner, then explain to her, let her realise that you been lovin her.. who noes she might change her mind..
Reply:If the thought of flowers enters your mind sendx them. It makes a womans day
Reply:You could certainly try, I don't see anything wrong with it.

At this point if she doesnt respond back then you basically know, and can move on.
Reply:I dunno if the flowers mite be pushing it...i mean, she's not responding to u....give her space. Maybe eventually she'll come back to u. Give it a few weeks...then maybe send her flowers just saying "thinking of you" or something.;...

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Is there a reasonably-priced and efficient online service to send flowers/plants as gifts to Spain?

Sorry don't know about flower/plants but if you want to send some delicious biscochitos from Albuquerque NM go to this website.

No this is not my company, but I eat there all the time and it is delicious.

Is there a reasonably-priced and efficient online service to send flowers/plants as gifts to Spain?
Go to Report It

Best way to send flowers in the dominican republic from the USA?

I was just wondering if anybody knows any local florists in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic or an internet florists that can deliver flowers specifically in the capital city Santo domingo. Thanks

Best way to send flowers in the dominican republic from the USA?
carrier pigeon and it will fly back home to you
Reply:Here are a couple florists that I've used for international delivery:

Good luck:)

Can anyone suggest a good website to order flowers?

I want to send flowers to my friend for her birthday but she on the opposite side of the state from me so I wanted to know if anyone could advise me on a good reliable but inexpensive floral service.

Can anyone suggest a good website to order flowers?
I've done this many times. The FTD site is wonderful. They also have a toll free number. You can specify how much you want to spend. They have special arrangements for different occasions. You can buy a small or large - same arrangement different prices. VERY reasonable.
Reply:1-800-flowers has the best selection and they use a local florist to deliver the product. i've received numerous arrangements from my honey this way. they also have other gifts available. candy, gift cards, all kinds of goodies. and most importantly, you can search any price range!
Reply:The best way to send flowers to your friend is to call a florist in your hometown - tell them what you want to send, how much you want to pay and where to send them - they will take care of it for you from there, you don't have to search for a florist on the net (will probably cost you a whole lot more doing it that way) - I do it all the time! Tell your friend happy B'day for me!

So... what's the best and least expensive way to send flowers internationally?

So I've got a friend that went on vacation for a while in another country and i'd like to send some flowers and a stuffed animal. Anyone know the best way to get this accomplished?

So... what's the best and least expensive way to send flowers internationally?
I can mention a couple of options (sorry for my bad english).

I have trusted in both companies for deliveries abroad, you dont mention to which country do you want the flowers to be delivered. - -

Hope this helps.
Reply:That's very simple my friend:

Lookup flower shops on the internet that are in that place, give them a call and order by credit card!!

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Sending flowers to my wife's work?

What can I write on the card? I'm trying to make these seem not-very-special. Just wanting to surprise her with something that will make her office prettier.

What would WOW her?

Sending flowers to my wife's work?
Put on there "This will take care of that empty corner of your desk!" Just joking. Just write, "Just because," on there. I guarantee that will do the trick.

And if you send her flowers, they will be special.
Reply:That's so sweet. I don't think it matters what they are. As long as they are pretty to you they will be pretty to her. Just write on the card that you thought she'd like these and that you love her and thinking about her. That's more than enough.
Reply:You're contradicting yourself... "not-very -special" that would "WOW" her? Anyways, how about a simple "I love you" or "Thinking of you" or "Hope you are having a wonderful day".
Reply:I agree with "Just Because" nothing makes a women happier then feeling like you still think she is worth it. One lucky lady!
Reply:Say something like "To make your day brighter"
Reply:How about:

"Just a little something to help your office look a beautiful and special as you."
Reply:Wow ur a special to my husband!!!! lol

How about

Remember that time I... Remember the time you... How about the time we... Oh heck, remember all our good times? I do! Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you.

When I think of you, I think about your pretty smile, your sexy voice, our first kiss and it make me wish I can see you, at least hear from you. I'm Thinking of you!
Reply:just a reminder of my love for you and to brighten up your day.
Reply:just put -------------to my love hope this brightens your day love u always
Reply:I'm confused. You say you don't want them to be "not-very-special" but then you want to "WOW" her. So I'm not sure how to answer you. Receiving flowers from my husband "out of the blue" would definetely "WOW" me. All he would have to do is sign his name. But he would probably add things like...

Any special phase that we share,

Words from my favorite song,

or a simple compliment about (my hair, my butt or boobs etc)

Good Luck!
Reply:Well, I knew someone who sent his wife a card just saying "I want you tonight" and his wife didn't come home from work that day until about 11:30 pm and didn't answer her cell or anything. When he asked her about the flowers she turned white as a ghost.

You can guess how the rest of that went.
Reply:Why don't you write on the card that you are think of her.
Reply:Flowers sent to the workplace are tacky, and for most men, a sign of guilt. Bring flowers home and arrange them in a nice vase on the table, with the message "Just Because" on the card - it will be so much more appreciated.
Reply:Just say "Thats right becuase I felt Like it" that brings humor and sincerity into the situation. A women loves to laugh and loves to be loved so your killing two brids with one stone
Reply:There's no such thing as not-very-special flowers. Flowers make every woman feel very special. *don't care who you are! That is very sweet I hope someone helps you with what to put on the card. My mind just went blank.
Reply:have them put on the card: just thinking of you!
Reply:Why would you want them to seem not-very-special? Once I got flowers for no reason and it was AWESOME! She will be the envy of all the other women in the office!!! Just put a little note with some bright colored flowers and say "just something to brighten your day!"

Can you carry flowers into a funeral home?

My Aunt died and she will not have that many flowers at her funeral. I feel bad because I cannot afford the $50 - 150 that flowers cost from FTD florists. I was wondering if I could carry them in a bag and place them in the office when you first walk in. That way the funeral home would place them in the room where my aunt is.

I am embarassed at the thought, however I cannot afford to send flowers. Am I better off going empty handed?

Also to add, My aunt lives in a very low populated area and I dont think she will have many flowers. I would love to see a few sent flowers around her, especially for my cousin's sake.

Can you carry flowers into a funeral home?
you can place them in a vase, and yes take them in with you, or else hand them to the funeral personnel,, you also could take them by ahead of time, then they could place them
Reply:i hope you brought the flowers..... your aunt would have loved to see you walking in with flowes i'm a florist and i always tell my customers you buy the flowers to honor the person not to impress the family Report It

Reply:I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt. Well you could find a nice basket or container, pick some nice flowers, and put them in it. You could find a nice ribbon and find a way to attach a nice card to it. Or you could make a framed collage of some pictures of her. They did something like that at my cousin's funeral a couple years ago. Well take care.
Reply:My condolences to u n ur family. I lost an aunt just recently too. Yes, u can take flowers in urself n put them where u want them or ask the staff to do it for u. I hv done this n hv seen other do it too. Don't b embarrassed, no one knows its cuz u can't afford it, they will think u picked them up from a florist u prefer.
Reply:galbee Your story? Very interesting......

Reply:Of course you can. There are no hard and fast rules about things like that. And if there ARE such rules, thumb your nose at them and take them anyway. If anyone objects or complains tell them they can kiss you rosy butt on main street.
Reply:If you can, take them early. Give them to one of the personnel. When my son died, the funeral director said someone had brought out a plant earlier. So it is perfectly fine to take them yourself.

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt.
Reply:Sure, why not.
Reply:Yes-it really is the thought that counts. Just don't hand them to the mourners-find the funeral director and ask him/her to find a suitable place for them.

I'm sorry for your loss!
Reply:yes you can bring flowers it is not uncommon
Reply:Call the funeral home and just explain to them the situation. I'm sure it'll be fine, just then tell them that you'll carry the flowers to them ASAP. Funeral homes understand alot of this stuff, so.
Reply:sure why not, it's better than nothing, right?

My girlfriend will be moving today to different state I need like a flower place that can send flowers?

We live in boise idaho and she will be movin to Ohio Cleveland I need like a flower place that I can pay with my card and they can deliver them to her door

any body know of any good ones ?

My girlfriend will be moving today to different state I need like a flower place that can send flowers?
look up flower shops on line in a directory. if they use FTD or Teleflora then they should be able to meet your needs. if they have an on line ordering service u can pay with a credit card. call the shop to confirm your order and her address and they should deliver the flowers to her door or wherever else you want them delivered. place your order in the morning so you don't get stuck with extra charges for your delivery.
Reply:I use if you click on the microphone in the top corner and put "bobandtom" in the blank that pops up, you get a discount. They either route your order through a local florist or ship it next day via Fed Ex.

Also FTD is also integrated with all of the good florists.
Reply:1-800-Flowers. The use something called a Wire. They will find you a nice florist in the area of where she is moving. Most flower shops use 1-800 flowers. Just go to a shop near you and tell them you need to wire flowers to Cleveland. Good luck and i hope she likes them. I'm sure she will!
Reply:1-800-flowers is good too.

Anyone know how I can send flowers to my sweetheart deployed in Iraq? She is in Bagdad at a US Base?

She is in the Victory Base complex. I want to send them for valentines day.

Anyone know how I can send flowers to my sweetheart deployed in Iraq? She is in Bagdad at a US Base?
They won't make the trip. Try this site out I know it's cheesy but my husband used it when we were both in Iraq (different bases). I still have the"glazed Orchids" he sent.

Reply:i know some post do special deals for deployed soliders you may want to check with a manager at your local aafes if not i dont think you can send flowers but you can buy the fake ones they last forever and wont die unlike the real ones you can send lil flowering bush plants to her mabe or get creative and make your own

last year i made my husband roses out of duct tape the guys kinda picked on him but it was a really cool idea for a guy good luck and may she come home safe and sound
Reply:If she's on Victory the PX should be able to accommodate you. The easiest thing to do would probably be to go to your home PX and ask about it at customer service. I know in the past they've had gift baskets; I don't remember flowers, but that was at smaller bases than Victory.

If you don't have PX privileges, I'm sure there are plenty of wives in the unit who'd love to help you out.

Reply:I think it would be best to send some nice silk ones. I don't think real flowers would make it over there very well.
Reply:ya silk ones would be best. you can even get rose purfume to spray on them and make them smell real. i did that for mothers day and i bought ones made of wood shavings, really cool.


What do you think of someone who sends flowers to themselves?

The card contains inspirational messages. Is it a self-esteem thing or what?

What do you think of someone who sends flowers to themselves?
I would honestly think they are not very happy deep inside and need to do little things to cheer themselves up. Im not saying they are desperate or something bad like that, I just think they are a little bit lonely or need some cheering up in their lives.
Reply:well that's sad unless they just wnt some decoration!! lol!!!
Reply:I guess it makes sense if you'd like some flowers and you can't pick any up. Why not call and have them delivered!?!
Reply:The only flowers I plan on sending myself are for my funeral.... and I'm going to put it on my credit card.
Reply:i think they should seek professional help
Reply:That would be fun. If you don't love yourself, who will. Now if they are pretending like it came from someone else, then there is a problem.
Reply:I haven't sent any to myself, but I have bought them for myself when I have had a bad day.
Reply:Depends on why they are sending the flowers to themselves if it is just a treat I guess it is OK kinda dumb but OK you can just go out and buy them and put them on you desk or in your home.

But if they are doing it so it would like like someone sent them then that's sad!!!!
Reply:that jus sounds great

i love my self and i'll do it ,

if you love your self do it too,be nice to your self theres nothin' wrong with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:conceited and or vain
Reply:It sounds like this person is being their own best friend. Instead of dismissing this person out of hand, be nice %26amp; send him/her flowers or a card w/some kind words.
Reply:Well, I've sent myself flowers before because I really love flowers and I've never had a person in my life who is big on flower sending. I wouldn't think too much about it. Maybe she was going through a tough time and needed cheering up. You never know-- maybe they were sent on the anniversary of her mother's death or something. When I was in training at my job for pharmaceutical sales, (8 weeks away from home), I sent myself and, (and my roommate) a beautiful bouquet of flowers because I needed cheering up. I don't think it is strange. Now, if you said the card said, "You are so perfect. I love you. Never leave..." then, that would be strange. :)
Reply:Wow! That is interesting. I have never heard of anything like that before. Maybe they feel better when sending flowers to themselves I guess. I don't know.
Reply:that is very common.. and i personally think it is a great idea. especially when u forget you have sent them. wow surprise.. you shouldnt have.
Reply:when ever i have to leave my self a email (for whatever reason) i leave my self a nice/funny message and i usually forget about it and it makes me laugh.

i think its good, as a person going into psychology. its a great tool not only because you leave yourself words of encouragement, but it brightens up the room for days to come.
Reply:they don't find anyone who cares for them , they need to be loved, and they are insecure.
Reply:Either someone with a sense of humor, or a very lonely person trying to get the message through.
Reply:Many possibilities. Insecurity;loneliness;for the fun of it;to make themselves feel better, the possibilities are endless. I think it's kinda of cute. Shows that the person who does this has high self-esteem of themselves ( that's MY opinion) and that's good. definitely NOT desperate
Reply:It is wonderful like buying food for the soul. What a great thing to do for oneselve, maybe they can become the flower.
Reply:i suppose i would think she likes fresh flowers and its a pick me up to her day...

try it- u might enjoy it too

Reply:to make their self feel good about themselves
Reply:That is too funny,, I have never heard of anyone doing that..although they could of done it, and no one would ever know.

But now come to think about it,,, I am sure it is done all the time...

I think flowers would make my day..

What color should I order?? lol

(just joking// i think it would ruin the meaning)
Reply:It sounds like this person thinks alot of themselves! I love the idea! Why wait for someone else to do what you can do for yourself? It's nice to have them from someone else but why wait? I am sending myself flowers Monday! Thanks for the idea!
Reply:I guess it's the easiest %26amp; fastest way for a, "pick-me-up?" on a blue day for that person.

I don't think it's so much of a self-esteem issue is more that sometimes we all need a little "me" time to ourselves to treat ourselves better.

Nothing wrong with that so long you don't go overboard =)
Reply:not getting enough attention from others.
Reply:Do what makes you feel good. Getting flowers makes you feel special then do it!

saying I love you in the merror and patting yourself on the need to love yourself and be good to is good and we all need to make the best of it. she is not hurting anyone so why do you all say things negative to a girl who sends herself flowers?

I think she is brilliant!
Reply:some that needs to feel loved and needed
Reply:Sounds like they are in some need of attention or they just really love fresh flowers hehe
Reply:hmmm must not be any fun to run around in large groups of one
Reply:that person is very lonly she or he needs to have a boy friend or a pet but i dont no

What is the best way to ship fresh flowers??

My friend is getting married the end of this month and I need to have some fresh flowers shipped to us--does anyone know if this is possible and if so how would you send flowers through the mail without them getting ruined?--they are tiger lilies if that helps

What is the best way to ship fresh flowers??
call 1-800-FLOWERS
Reply:wrap the stem end with wet cotton ,next wrap around again with wet thick rugs .put in the plastic bag only the stem end .seal with rubber band at the plastic bag and taped .put in long enough plastic bag with cutting small holes .place it in cartoon and send it

I am trying to seduce a girl to go out with me. Is sending her flowers a good way to go?

I am trying to seduce a girl to go out with me. Is sending her flowers with a card a good gesture? A friend of mine said that if you send a lady flowers it looks llike you're trying to buy her, but my interpretation is that it is a romantic gesture. What do you guys think? Any other suggestions for seduction (G-Rated please)?


I am trying to seduce a girl to go out with me. Is sending her flowers a good way to go?
Seduce means to persuade to have sex. But yes, surprise her by having someone send her flowers at her job or at her house with a card signed by you.
Reply:i don't think you really meant seduction, right? seduction is sexual. i think you actually meant you wanted to approach a girl, didn't you?

well, sending flowers is a good gesture. give her a call after she has received the flowers and ask her out. if she said no, don't push her. just wait for the good timing and ask her out again. good luck.
Reply:Try writing a small poem about her. Send her a one liner about once a day for a little while. One liner such as : ' Your smile makes the sun shine bright'.
Reply:flowers are nice. send them to her workplace with your name on it.

it depends on the girl and what she thinks.

just don't try too hard because she either likes you or she doesn't. you can't force it on her.
Reply:r u handsome?

r u el macho?

r u her type?

is she open for any -you know...

if yes...then go to her and let her watch some movies with you (R 18s) then seduce beating around the bush, pal!
Reply:ye u should find out her fav flower and sent her them but dont b to pushy u no tk 2 her aswell and b nice but dont be to pushy send her chocolatez to i love chocolate it may be a natural thing but it nice
Reply:I don't think it sends the message that you are trying to buy her but it will send the message that she can expect little gifts from you which can get costly. I'd recommend against the flowers for that reason alone.

Listen, having a lot of money just means that you have more to lose. The money you make is yours. Its best to not to even let her know you have much. I know its easier to pick up chicks by flaunting cash but its better to try and weed out possible gold diggers from the beginning rather than encourage them. Keep a good woman, good. If you start spoiling her with gifts she's liable to start acting like a spoiled princess. There is more to you than your money. Just try to be confident and figure out a way to ask her out.
Reply:Seduction generally works the other way, you have to impress her, not seduce !!
Reply:Your friend is a moron..(sorry) any lady would have a smile on her face if you send them flowers and a small card saying something nice asking her out
Reply:yeah but don`t try too hard
Reply:You dont seduce a girl.. that is not a good thing... if you want to date with her, ask her out properly.. with her parents permission... and bring her to nice and cozy resturant and dont do anything beyond expected ;-)

The girl will have impression that you are a gentleman and can be trusted, then you can get your second date ;-)

What is the url of a good website to send virtual flowers and can preview before sending them?

This is a nice site that lets you send real flowers but offers free virtual flowers to send via e-mail.

What is the url of a good website to send virtual flowers and can preview before sending them?
Try these sites

lnformation off site :

Send a surprise gift of Free Virtual Flowers over the Internet -- for a special occasion, to say thanks, or for no special reason at all. Our Free Virtual Gifts can be sent to almost anyone worldwide with a valid Internet e-mail address (e.g., and Web access. (Free Virtual Gifts can NOT be delivered to recipients on private e-mail networks -- such as registered dating services -- or without browser access to the Web.)

Just click on the flower on the homepage

my reptiles

Does anyone know if lists who sent the flowers or if it can be from a "secret admirer"?

I want to send a girl flowers but I don't want her to know it was me(not directly, anyway, the card would be a fairly obvious clue). The flowers I want to send are from Does anyone know if they list who sent the flowers on the box/package?

Does anyone know if lists who sent the flowers or if it can be from a "secret admirer"?
just put my name on them
Reply:When you send the flowers and you submit the order online, just specify that you want the sender kept secret in the notes area.

Sending flowers for a miscarriage?

A good friend just had one at the end of her 1st trimester. I know later today she'll be home resting, do you think its better to stop off in person and try to deliver them, or have the store do it?

Sending flowers for a miscarriage?
I think it would be nice for you to stop in person, and visit, she would probable like to have you comfort her like only a good friend can.
Reply:I'm currently preganant and my biggest fear is a miscarraiage. I'm four and a half months along, and thus far, everything is going good. I think if it were to happen to me, I would prefer somebody stopping by (and phoning first) and not necesarily bring flowers, but maybe a potted plant, so that life, even in a small form, continues. (Also, I don't like cut flowers because they're expensive and they only last a week and a half to two weeks, even with good care.)

I hope this helps.
Reply:I would stop by yourself...andmake it small...too big and it will remind her of her loss..make it a small bouquet.
Reply:Although I know you want to take flowers as a symbol of sympathy, I don't think that I would. Every time she'd see the flowers throughout the day, it'd remind her that she just lost her baby. Instead, why don't you just offer yourself? To simply be there, should be enough. Why don't you make a few cookies and go to her home and just offer to listen to her for a while or just to talk of other things?
Reply:Either way will let her know that you are thinking of her and she will appreciate this.
Reply:I'd send them and have the card read that your thinking of her.
Reply:I would say it was better to drop them off yourself if you are a close friend.
Reply:Give your friend a call, and ask when she might feel up to a visit. If it is soon, stop off and get a bouquet in a container and take it yourself.. If it is going to be awhile, send the flowers, and write something nice on the card.
Reply:Stop by briefly with the flowers; and just let her know you are there for her.
Reply:I think you might want to call first and ask if it's ok if you stop by for a minute. That way you won't catch her off guard and if she's not up to company then you'll know it. What a thoughtful friend you are, it's so hard when you miscarry and even worse (at least for me) when people don't acknowledge it as a true loss, because it is one of the most devastating things to go through.
Reply:I have had three miscarriages, 1 in the first trimester and 2 in the second trimester. The best thing after I got home from the hospital was knowing people cared. I think having them delivered would be the best thing. You really don't feel like visiting after because you are so sad, but flowers just show that you care and you are feeling her pain. In the card tell her you love her and when she is feeling up to it you two can go for a lunch together and just talk. She is lucky to have a friend like you!
Reply:I went trough that ordeal myself five times, and every time I did not wanted to see anybody, but still wanted to know they were there for me. (Strange, huh?) I say you send her the flowers now and call her a few days later. Please, dont tell her “Its going to be ok“, or “Youll see, you will have your child eventually“. Just be there, ask her if you can help her in any way, and bring her some gossip from work, or some jokes, or something to take her mind off her miscarriage.
Reply:I would call her and ask if she is up to company or not. If she isnt, then have the flowers sent. If she is then bring them over yourself. I know one thing that was very helpful to me, was when someone brought over a meal for my family every day the first week after I miscarried. I personally would rather have flowers as a gift then a plant.
Reply:You should go and visit and maybe take a plant and a personal card
Reply:If she's a good friend she might need your support now. Go ahead and bring them by yourself and give her a hug and be there for her if she needs you. If not, just let her know you were thinking of her and she can call you when she is ready. Best Wishes! :)
Reply:I had several miscarriages myself, and trust me, we don't want to see people. I didn't even want to pick up the phone for a few weeks. It's very nice of you to think of her but please give your friend time to grieve. Let the flowers be sent by the store, she will appreciate that and will talk to you when she's ready.

When & where do you send flowers for a funeral?

Do you send the flowers prior to the time of the funeral? I know this sounds like a silly question, but I'm not hip to funeral etiquette. Thanks for any help.

When %26amp; where do you send flowers for a funeral?
Call the local florist and have them delivered to the Funeral home... It doesnt matter as long as they are there before the funeral.....

Hope this helps....


Unless you want them delivered afterwards to someone particular... Then do this a day after the funeral to that person....
Reply:Send them as soon as you get the details!!! And send them to the funeral directory making the arrangements!!!
Reply:You can call the florist as soon as you know the name of the funeral home. In a small town, the florist will probably run that down for you too. The florist will see that the flowers are there in a timely manner.
Reply:call the funeral home and they will tell ya what to do.
Reply:Find out where the funeral is being held - in a funeral home or in a church or whatever, and call the florist to have the bouquet delivered to the location where the celebration of life is taking place.
Reply:Contact a florist in the community where the funeral will be held. Give them the date, the name of the funeral home, and the name of the deceased. Give them at least a day or two warning, and they should be able to do a very nice job for you. It's OK to contact the florist earlier than that, but later won't do much except make you look like a doofus. Early is good.
Reply:Flowers should be sent to the funeral home because they arrange them around the casket. Often there will be a picture of the person set up near some flower arrangements.
Reply:Call the florist in the town the funeral is to be held, try to call as soon as possible, they will get the flowers there on time.
Reply:You can send flowers to the funeral home, to the church, or to the family's home. Most funeral announcements specify where, if they don't call the funeral home and ask. That is part of their job to help get the flowers to the right place at the right time. The place you order the flowers from is usually pretty helpful too - sometimes they work with a particular funer home often enough that they know what they want.

1. Look at the death notice, see if they specify.

2. Call the funeral home and ask.
Reply:you send flowers to the deceased, in care of the funeral home or mortuary, that is doing the care.
Reply:You send the flowers to the funeral home on the day of the funeral. If you feel close to the bereaved person, it may be acceptable to send them some flowers at home to let them know u r thinking of them.

Ensure you check the funeral notice - often they request flowers not to be sent in lieu of a donation to a charity e.g a cancer charity etc.
Reply:Generally you send the flowers to the church or funeral home where the service will be held. That way, they are at the service but the family can take them home afterwards.
Reply:Send them before the funeral to the funeral home. That way at the viewing there are a ton a flowers there and the family goes around and looks at all of them.
Reply:A friend of mine is a florist and she has gotten orders for flowers almost as soon as a person has died. In fact I think she prefers the orders to come in as soon as possible. The florist usually knows where the person is going to be taken. A lot of people send them to the funeral home, but I know some also go to the home. I think it depends upon how well you know the family or person.
Reply:Flowers should arrive at the Funeral Home after the body is laid in state. That way they are there in the room as a show of your sympathy toward the family. And may I extend my condolences on the loss you have suffered.
Reply:Contact the funeral home where the deceased is being interred. They will tell you if the family wishes flowers, or donations to a certain Charity instead or what ever arrangements that needs to be made.

This is the standard way of funeral etiquette
Reply:The funeral home the before the funeral. That way they will still be fresh and able to be viewed by everyone.
Reply:It's best to send flowers the day of the first viewing, and you would send them to the funeral home. The Funeral director would then arrange them for the viewing.
Reply:When? After the person has died and before the mourners arrive.

Where? To the funeral parlor where the wake is.
Reply:Most peole have answered this, so I thought I would add something new. A lot of times, the family receving the flowers doesn't want flowers, esp since they typically get so many. Sometimes they request that any money spent on flowers be sent to a specific chairty insteaed. So check that this isn't true before you send flowers. Also, I know when my grandfather past away, some people got me fruit baskets, which were absoloutley wonderful. Iwasn't in the mood to cook, so I had some fresh food at home to munch on when I was hungry. I appreciated this much more than tons of flowers that made my home smell like a funeral.
Reply:Best thing is to phone the funeral directors and ask if flowers are accepted. They will tell you where to send them. Usually it is to them.
Reply:You usually send them to the funeral home the day of the wake. Some families also ask to give a donation to Charity in the name of the deceased in lieu of flowers!!!! Maybe you could look into that...the donation will live longer than the flowers.
Reply:Usually people send them to the funeral home for the wake, then the funeral home takes them to the cemetery for the family. Hope this helps you.
Reply:It would probably mean more to the loved ones if you brought them yourself.

Can i send flowers or leaves in an envelope?

Such as a small daisy, or a 5 inch leaf from a tree. Or small seeds like half an inch long and a quarter of an inch thick?

Can i send flowers or leaves in an envelope?
Depends where you are mailing them to.

If you are only mailing them to (say) your grandmother in another suburb... then no problem.

However, if you are planning on mailing them overseas, you had better check the quarantine regulations for that country. For example, no plant matter (whatsoever) is allowed to be mailed into Australia or New Zealand.
Reply:Someone once told me not to stuff an envelope with oddly shaped, bulky things because of the way it's mechanically processed. If its like a small pressed daisy, like the one you make daisy chains out of, then it should be okay in my book. (But I dont work at the post office.) A leaf should be fine too as long as its dried and flat. Dry is good. You don't want sap all over the place. ^^; The small seeds I'm not sure about because of their thickness and how they'll shift around in an envelope.

Hope that was helpful


How people send Flowers to China and which Flower Delivery Shop services can be recommended??

How people send Flowers to China and which Flower Delivery Shop services can be recommended?

How people send Flowers to China and which Flower Delivery Shop services can be recommended??

Can send same day (today) or next day to China.

Easy, pick the flowers you want to send.

Pay by credit card, or world pay.
Reply:So many excellent china online florist,use yahoo!search ,you can try Report It

Reply:In my experience,Send flower to China is very convenient.In China as in the United States, such distribution services, the network can be ordered support payment systems such as paypal and visa, very convenient and safe.

Many outstanding in the shop, There is a flower vendors called the China Flower Delivery Shop(,they deliver flowers and other gifts anywhere any time in china. 365 same day delivery is available .Our site use USA security server and USA security payment system.

It is very good, you can try.
Reply:Any shops that has Interflora service can send flowers to any part of the world, just takes 2-3 working days for remote areas

How can I buy a gift or flowers on the internet (cheapest), and have it delivered in Lima?

I want to send flowers or jewelry to my girlfriend, but shipping is too expensive. I am in USA, she is in Lima, Peru.

How can I buy a gift or flowers on the internet (cheapest), and have it delivered in Lima?
I recomend you use the online store, I recently ordered gift and flower from them and they have the best price that I saw on the internet.

Another good thing is that they mailed my fiance in Peru, record of the purchase that she will use for her visa interview.

How can I send (stylish, high-quality) flowers to someone in Paris?

My close friend just got engaged. I'd like to send her flowers, but don't know how to discern if the florists I'm finding online are good, trustworthy. Someone recommended calling a concierge at a good hotel. Any other ideas?

How can I send (stylish, high-quality) flowers to someone in Paris? . Let us help you create the best flower for your friend, with high quality flowers and will last long. We have a local florist international, so we gurantee the freshness and the quality you will never expect. Please let us know if your ready...
Reply:Any FTD. Try 1-800-flowers.

How can I send flowers in Japan?

How can I send flowers to my girlfriend who is living in Japan bearing in mind I don't speak Japanese and live in the UK. I want to know how to do it in Tokyo via phone or Internet and have them sent to her on a specific day.

Any ideas?

How can I send flowers in Japan?
Good old Interflora here :

What a lovely idea.
Reply:How about



( I checked out this site to see if they would take your UK credit card. even though they are US based, there seem to be no location restrictions on accepted credit cards.)

They seem to be international online florists and not very over-priced.!

Of the same genre, but pricier is

or just

If you can find a Japanese person to help you, the site below might work. Delivery charge is 525 yen (about 6 dollars US) Anyway, you can check out what a comparable bouquet would cost if you had it sent from a Japanese company, so you an see exactly what type of impression you will be making. (However, I'm sure someone who sends his girlfriend flowers makes a great impression, no matter how much he spends!)

Note: First I googled flowers in Japanese 花  on Japanese Google. Then I googled flowers on Japanese Google (Google Japan)(rather than British or American ) google, but typing in English. This led me to some useful listings and to the link sendlowersinternational -which led to a plethora of appropriate sites (all in English),! If you want to find a British site, you might find this strategy useful,

Good luck! Happy Birthday to your girlfriend!
Reply:Chrysanthemums are for funerals in Kanto (the region where Tokyo is).

Again, two thumbs down...for what? Giving sound advice?
Reply:flowers in japan are mostly related to funerals, so be careful
Reply:Yes, I have personally used this company:

They are based in Tokyo but can send anywhere in Japan, and yes you can choose specific days (assuming they are open, they have a calendar you can choose).

The best thing is they are based in Japan, there's no middleman so you're not paying any crazy extra fees. They also have a high selection of items such as roses that I think you indicated you want.
Reply:try to visit this site and see if they (already) have a branch in Japan.


Arts n craft folks: HOW DO YOU send fresh flowers in the mail? step by step instructions pls,thanks?

need to save money just for now.

would like to know pro's who send fresh flowers. I could send the fresh flowers 2 day express w/some kinda water container on bottom of flowers.

or what?


am I dreaming?

Arts n craft folks: HOW DO YOU send fresh flowers in the mail? step by step instructions pls,thanks?
Reply:yes...however, you can send a little box filled with thoughful things such as some of his/her fav. chocolate, a little book with sayings in it, and a tiny teddy bear...

Question about sending valentines flowers?

Hey guys, I have this certain girl who went away to a boarding school that I really like, and for valentines I want to send her some flowers. How should I address the flowers? Do I just stick on the address of the school?

She goes to St Paul's up in Concord NH

Thanks alot!


Question about sending valentines flowers?
Well, call the school and give them a heads up that the flowers are being delivered. Put her name on the card (of course) and the address of the school. When the flowers get to the school, the administrators know who to give the flowers to. Good luck!


What to write on a card when sending flowers to the woman you love?

"Yours until the sands of time run through the hourglass of the universe" - that was one of the most romantic notes I ever got on a single red rose

What to write on a card when sending flowers to the woman you love?
I saw these and thought of you, I love you
Reply:thats easy

"i lov u"

god even i knew that THINK MAN!
Reply:Just write "I love you " and anything else you feel . thats all.
Reply:Because I love you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Reply:plain and simple "with all my love"
Reply:these are for u baby
Reply:a snippet of a love poem
Reply:"with all my love to my love"
Reply:these flowers are what you are to me pink for your lovely lips red for your big heart blue (or another color) for your gorgeous eyes and the rest just to show how much i love you

p.s. get her eye color and get 2 pink, a lot of red, and 2 of the eye color! oh and for the rest get a color that was not said
Reply:I always send flowers with you can email them to ask for a suggestion.
Reply:It is dependant upon the relationship between the 2 of you, but if this is the first time you are sending flowers and there is no special occasion I would write something the the manner of...

"just thinking about you"

or "I saw these beautiful flowers and they reminded me of you"

Maybe phrase it a little better, but it will make her melt.
Reply:Dear John,
Reply:When I think about you it's the happiest I have ever been, to be with you is beyond's just us. See you soon Your smoothy -

PET NAME ______


Reply:hey nice and sweet question just say something like

" a rose for a rose"

best luck
Reply:I have used a rose for a rose before.

but would suggest:

No words to say

No words to convey

This feeling inside

I have for you

Deep in my heart

Safe from the guards

of intellect and reason

leaving me at a loss

for words to express

my feelings.

If that does not melt her - nothing will
Reply:I love you.

You are my world.

I want to write a thank you note to my work colleagues ror sending me flowers and get well wishes?

Make it short and clear that you appreciate what they did and you try to explain what you really felt when you saw the flowers. Your simple words will be better than any formal or known words that can be used in these cases. Also it depends on the occasion or reason they were sending to you.

For example I may say simply " Many thanks for the great feeling you gave me when I saw the flowers" if you need more examples send me.

I want to write a thank you note to my work colleagues ror sending me flowers and get well wishes?

I was really surpised to receive all those lovely flowers and your best wishes for my speedy recovery and I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your kind gesture. Every time I look at the flowers and card I remember you all. Its really great having friends like all of you. Hope to see you all soon.....Kind regards.......
Reply:I was taken seriously ill about 7 years ago. I was in Intensive Care (Thank-you University College Hospital in London!).

I was off work for almost 3 months!

My work colleagues had a whip round and collected an amazing £1900. Not bad as the average take-home was only about £180!

I didn't know how to say thanks to them all so I bought a fairly large card and pinned it on the wall where everyone could see it.

Inside I used red marker to write.

What can I say - Thank you !

I spoke to some of the guys and they said that actually brought a lump to their throats reading it! The simple ways are often the most effective.


shoe horns

Terminal cancer patient how many times to send flowers when in and out of the hospital?

My husband's boss at work has a mom who is really sick. She is in and out of the hospital and has terminal cancer. He sent flowers to her about 2 or 3 months ago when in the hospital and she is back in the hospital. Should he send flowers again or just a card... how does that work. What are your thoughts and is there a etiquette thing of what you are supose to do??

Terminal cancer patient how many times to send flowers when in and out of the hospital?
my dad had cancer and he was in and out of the hospital a lot. I know it meant a lot to him and us that people showed they cared. I would keep sending things, but mix it up a little. Maybe a card this time, a stuffed animal next time, a potted plant in the future. It always helps to know someone is thinking about you and cares for your health. Good luck and my sincere regards.
Reply:Whatever you do, make it a SINCERE gesture... Not just something you want to do to impress others... The lady is SICK, and sometimes flowers don't make a person feel better. However, a quick visit to the hospital will do wonders and maybe even arrive with a couple of her favorite magazines... And even stay and read to her for a while...
Reply:id sneak in with alkoline raising snacks to raise her body ph level and kill that cancer.
Reply:Send them now while she can enjoy them - she won't be able to after she dies. Then you can send a card to her family!
Reply:I think it is nice anytime to receive flowers when you are in the hospital, even if it is a small boquet. I am sure that she really appreciates them. If cost is an issue, go with something smaller and don't necessarily order it from the hospital. Pick up a bunch for about 10 bucks from the grocery store. It is the gesture, not about how much you spend.
Reply:I know flowers are always good, but sometimes they won't allow flowers or any kind of plant in a cancer patient's room. But if they were accepted the first time, there shouldn't be problem later unless she starts having respiratory problems, like my dad can't have any type of plant when he's in the hospital...the entire floor will not allow them. Just wanted to give you the incite that I've seen in the last year.

Now etiquette wise, I guess it's all personal preference. I personally would send flowers or a plant (something a little more long lasting...) with a nice card expressing your thoughts and prayers. Every following time, a hand written card that expresses your thoughts-so something with a nice picture on the front and empty on the inside...means you took the time to fill it out...which means a lot to families and the patient.

Some people just appreciate the fact that you call and leave a nice message offering thoughts and prayers, or services (if your able) to help them in any way.

If you're not sure, there is no harm in calling just to see how she is doing, how long they think she'll be in the hospital, if there's anything that she needs while she is there or she would like (like a book or magazine)...just expressing your concern will be enough to let people know that you're at least thinking of them.

It's a difficult time for everybody, just because they are not around to receive the call or expressed a thank you right away, they do not mean to ignore you...they are just extremely busy and appreciate it deeply. Knowing they are not alone in it all, eases their fears.

Something your husband could do when she's not in the hospital (or even if she is)....have him ask his boss how his mother is doing and then he can express that he (%26amp; you) are thinking of her and the rest of the family. That means a lot to people going through this difficult time. So, just so you know, you don't always have to send a card or flowers.
Reply:Skip the flowers. A visit and some comfort words are the best for this situation.
Reply:It really depends on what sort of person she is, if she is a flower lover then she may enjoy them, however bare in mind that a lot of other people may be sending flowers and hospital are generally short of space. Sending a card or a letter is a good way to let her know you are thinking of her. If you know her well and she is well enough she may appreciate it if you visit her instead. There is no set etiquette that i know of. People in hospital are generally just happy to know that others are thinking of them.
Reply:Sending the flowers once was enough but it would be kind if you sent her a card or letter and let her know you are thinking of her. It would also be good to let the boss know you are thinking of their family in this difficult time. I would send a baked item to the bosses family. Maybe some bars or cookies with a note of concern.
Reply:take them flowers when u visit them
Reply:Take the flowers to the nurse to take to her and it is a lot less money. I would send flowers again but thats me personally.
Reply:Everyone loves flowers. Flowers are even more special when they come from a sincere heart. If you don't know what to do then maybe give of your time with a visit or a call. I believe terminal illness has no etiquette, but terminal patients and their familys will appreciate your concern.

When did you last send or receive a lovely bunch of flowers?

I was sent lovely flowers a few months ago. Lillies and pink roses they lasted for over two weeks.

When did you last send or receive a lovely bunch of flowers?
A lovely ex-colleague of mine who has kept in regular contact, arranged a luncheon this week and gave me a beautiful arrangement of flowers just because!

So sweet :)
Reply:Sent a bunch to my daughter's mother-in-law's funeral 15 years ago. Received 4 giant bouquets, roses and carnations from my first husband after I kicked him out for his cheating and abusive habits, 44 years ago. Kids and I needed food, and he sent flowers. Jerk.
Reply:I gave my sister some about two and a half weeks ago.

Last time I received would be over 3yrs ago when my partner was still alive.

Reply:Sent last Valentines day but my guy brings home flowers a couple of times a month for me too.
Reply:i sent my best friend a nice bunch for helping me after i had an operation on my shoulder ,it was a big thank you
Reply:sent, a few months ago :)

received, a few years ago :(
Reply:Thats me upset . I don`t get flowers or chocolates. I get nothing from anybody. Not even on Valentines day..
Reply:i recieved 1 single red rose from interflora, it also contained a vase and hand made chocs, the card read ,with all my love , no name ,"you no who you are "so thankyou so much xx
Reply:My sister gave me a lovely bunch of flowers last Sunday, they are in my kitchen window and smell gorgeous.
Reply:This afternoon I just sent some flowers and chocolates to an online friend for her birthday on Wednesday
Reply:Received: Yesterday from my dad who was traveling for nearly a whole week.

Sent: Never.

Which flowers have the lightest or no scent?

My friends are having a housewarming party this weekend and I am not able to attend but wanted to send flowers. The husband's nose is very sensitive to smell, but he like flowers. I am trying to fgure out which flowers have the lightest scent or better yet no scent at all. Thanks.

Which flowers have the lightest or no scent?
If you are sending flowers through a florist, they can give you many suggestions. Also consider a plant- it is something they can keep for a long time. Another idea is something for their garden- a flowering bush such as lilac or forsythia or a butterfly bush (they get butterflies added in the deal) kitty willow (filter won't allow proper name) or roses (these can be ordered through a nursery for delivery at the proper planting time with a card sent right now to let them know what's coming). People who like flowers but have sensitive noses can enjoy them through a window. If the whole flower thing gets to be a headache there is always a garden statue, crystal any thing or a bottle of wine!
Reply:Mums have no scent at all. Dafodils have a mild scent, but you practically have to stick your nose in them to smell it (unless you have a huge bunch of them). Gerber daisies are beautiful and have no scent. Same with Astilbe, sunflowers, asters, purple statice, snapdragons, pink/yellow alstroemeria, iris.

I think some carnations have a mild smell.

Stay away from Lilies - they are the ones that smell up a whole room at a viewing. Tulips and freesia are strong smelling also. Roses, of course, unless they're hot house roses - sometimes they have no scent.
Reply:A good artificial arrangement is nice and will last for a long time. You can spray a very light perfume on them for an added touch.
Reply:to me Petunias, Impatiens, and Begonias don't have much sent but thats me they might to other people
Reply:Geraniums (not the scented ones, obviously) have a mild scent; as do hydrangeas and azaleas. They are pretty and can be put out in the garden as well.
Reply:Try orchids. I have heard that they are the only flower that does not affect someone who is sensitive to flower scents.
Reply:silk ones!,,,maybe send a plant instead like I do to my mother in law who is very sensitive to flowers and smells. Sorry you can't go.

Sending her flowers at work?

i have 'sort of' been seeing this girl and am thinking about sending her some flowers at work. a mixed bouqet not anything dramaticaly romantic like roses. should I?

Sending her flowers at work?
yes for sure you should!!!!!
Reply:If a guy sent me flowers at work, I'd be flattered.
Reply:If shes feeling you and you're feeling her ...go ahead I think its a nice gesture very sweet
Reply:Aww that's great, I wish someone work send me gifts at work.

I think it's a good idea sure, just, like you said, nothing flashy. also maybe something small and not too traditional so she could even keep it on her desk for a while. has a small selection of 'just because' flower arrangements for under $50

FTD has some really adorable ones too. And super colorful!

YaY I hope she likes them
Reply:Yes. Most women would be surprised and delighted.
Reply:smooth. very smooth!
Reply:What do you think us girls are gonna say?? OF Course!! Any girl would love getting flowers at work. That should get you some brownie points for sure.
Reply:It will make everyone else in her office jealous. :)

Good luck! :)
Reply:She would really be impressed. Something simple yet elegant.
Reply:YES girls love flowers!! and its a nice way to let her know you are thinking of her
Reply:Sure, especially if your sure that she is into you as well. Giving a girl flowers is special, but sending it to her work or bringing it into her work in front of all her co-workers is the best!
Reply:Yes!! And bonus points if they're flowers you know she likes. Don't worry if you don't know, flowers are a lovely gesture and anyone who is thoughtful enough to send them deserves high points. Send a note telling her she makes you smile... :)
Reply:well..some girls might find it offensive and embarrassing...while others would melt and just l0ve it. in my case- i would love 2 receive flowers like's so0o0o romantic and it shows that the guy really cares..

so i suppose u should know what type of girl she is...the first or second???? if it's the second...then go for it!!! but some pointers- white roses are for roses are for funerals(very rare though)..yellow roses are for someone that's sick and in hospital(mostly a grandma) roses..means 'i like you' stands for friendship..and red roses means ' i love you' pick your roses carefully. good luck*
Reply:i think you should
Reply:Yes. not too over the top, just nice and sweet, with a sweet 'been thinking of you' kind of card, not too dramatic or mushy, just light and sweet. If she is into you at all, this will be a big feather in your cap.
Reply:that would be really nice for you to do. It would make her feel special. It would earn you sbome brownie points for the weekend as well!
Reply:Yeah, that would be so sweet and in my opinion its better whenever you get flowers in front of people so that she will be able to brag about how sweet you are!

imax theatre

Is he cheating????who sending flowers????

when i got home from dropping him off at the airport there was a message on my machine for my boyfriend that he had a flower delivery but they would try his work number....well i called there is flowers for him (of course they wont tell me from who) i let them know he was out of town and wont be back for 14 days....they will be here after he gets he cheating why would anyone send him flowers???not his bday or a death in family.....should i ask him about it????wait till he gets home???or just wait to see if he tells me......this is killing me!!!! i want to trust him but my past relationships they have all been untrue...did i pick another loser????..PLEASE HELP

Is he cheating????who sending flowers????
i think u should ask him!!
Reply:Just be upfront and ask. Don't sound jealous. Be ready for a reasonable answer but don't accept lie.
Reply:I wouldnt jump to conclusions. It doesnt help.. If you love him and he loves you..I wouldnt be upset about the flowers. Trust is what makes a relationship.
Reply:sounds funny to me too. I would definately ask him whats up. Sorry and good luck

Sending flowers?

I'm making a flower boquet for mother's day. I want it delivered. How do I do that w/ my OWN bouqet?!

Sending flowers?
It’s a wonderful gift idea.

Here is how you can do it. Find a local box supplier; you need to get a vertical box which is just a bit longer then the length of you bouquet. I will include a vase (one with a thicker glass) to hold the flowers so that they don't move too much. Sprinkle some water and cover with floral paper. Get couple gel ice pack from your local medical store and freeze them well. Now place the vase with the flowers and the frozen ice packs in the box. Make sure you secure the ice packs and vase by a tape or something and use next day air with FedEx OR DHL.

Hope this helps.

It might get bit expensive. You might want to check out for Mother's Day delivery. I just now suggested the same site to someone else.
Reply:If it's a live bouquet %26amp; needs to go "same day," DHL will do it, but it'll cost you a LOT (hundreds.) If it's preserved/dried, UPS, FedEx, DHL or any number of the other delivery services (or the USPS, if you're in America,) can help you.

Sending flowers to an address in Pune?


I would like to send flowers to my family in Pune. Does anyone know of a good website or dealer?



Sending flowers to an address in Pune?
You can send flowers through this website
Reply:go to rediff india there go select the option gifts and then u can select what sort of gift u want to give them if it is sumthing besides flowers then give all the details they ask for including ur credit card number tell them the delivery date and all that ...after a few hours just call them on their official phone number and tell them clearly u want them to deliver it by this date and make sure ur strict then they give it in the right time on the right address
Reply:I've never heard of Pune. Where is it? If it's another country, your best bet would be to google the words "international flower delivery" and see what comes back.

How to ask a girl for her address to send flowers on v-day?

I know this girl and whats a non-stalker way of asking her or a way of finding out her address in order to send her some flowers on valentine's day?

How to ask a girl for her address to send flowers on v-day?
If you don't know her address, you don't know her well enough to send flowers.
Reply:Cute!! If you know her last name you could look it up in the phone book or you could ask one of her friends. Just tell them you want to send her flowers but you didn't want to creep her out. If you're in school you could look it up in the school directory. Or, if you've known her for awhile, you could just tell her you want to send her something for Valentine's Day.
Reply:Not sure if there is a non-stalker way to do this...perhaps ask her friends or say u wanna talk at her house and get the address.
Reply:ask someone close to her like a sibling or a best friend where she stays. If you have her phone number call and ask her mom. If mom asks you why tell her the reason thats how you do something sweet for the girl you like and get in good with the mom at the same time. BEST OF LUCK CASANOVA!!!
Reply:tell her best friend you want to get her something for valentines day have her friend tell and ask if you may have her adress so you may send them to her. but dont let her best friend tell her who it is . if her best friend wont do that for you just look it up in the phone book and send her a note with the flowers discribing how you got her adress.
Reply:If you know where she works, that would be a good place to send them to her. Sometimes sending flowers to a girl at her house might be awkward if you don't know her well enough.
Reply:If you know her name and her home phone number look up her number in the phonebook and underneath the number will be her address! Or you could ask a friend, but then they would get nosy and start asking questions about why you want it.
Reply:in conversation ask her what her mom and dads name are then look it up in the phone book or google
Reply:well u could always ask one of her friends that know where she lives to give u the address..
Reply:That is a really sweet idea, and any girl would love to get flowers. The first thing you need is her home phone number, then you want to go to and do a reverse look up with her phone number, the address that is associated to that phone number will come up. I had to do this to send my boyfriend flowers lol. Good luck!!
Reply:if you know where she lives near then use Google Earth

Or you could give it to her in person!


Any good floweriest in chennai.i have to send flowers to banglore to a friend of mine.?

any good floweriest in chennai.i have to send flowers to banglore to a friend of mine.pls help.or any good and reliable online site will also do.

Any good floweriest in chennai.i have to send flowers to banglore to a friend of mine.?
There is ashop in Spencer Plaza, City Mall.

You also have lot others try 044 2222 2222 and it is an information centre who provides all assistances.*
Reply:call 044-2222 2222

When a loved one passes away to send fresh flowers?

Why do you think it's important when a loved one passes away to send fresh flowers or a live plant to the funeral home in addition to any monetary contribution to their charity of choice, if that is your desire rather than in place of sending flowers or plants?

When a loved one passes away to send fresh flowers?
No one expects flowers And contribution. You make a choice.
Reply:its a great sign of respect...
Reply:Yes, it makes things less gloomy and shows respect for the person as you read the cards.

The plants and most flowers are given afterwards to the church, someone in a nursing home, or one of the relatives to keep to home.
Reply:When my grandmother passed she said that she would not enjoy the flowers for obvious reasons and asked us all to donate that money for the poor. "If you want to give me a flower, give it to me while I'm alive", she said.

People didn't listen except for a few. We filled two trucks with flowers.

On the other hand, my co-workers bought a tree for me (I was doing my landscaping at the time) when my father passed. It was a way for me to remember his life.

Like someone said before me, it's a sign of respect.
Reply:i send plastic flowers then i ask for them back after the funeral....i reuse bunch of flowers for $2.50 lasts me several funerals
Reply:it's all about your choice but before you do anything check if the family wishes are different and/or specific instead of flowers or contribution.


Is it appropriate to send flowers to a new mommy?

I'm going to visit my friend in the hospital next week when she has a new baby, and I want to take her some flowers. could the flowers give the baby allergies?

Is it appropriate to send flowers to a new mommy?
It's fine! If the baby shows some symptoms, then she can take them out. It will be a great gesture. I felt crappy the whole time I was in there, flowers made my day.
Reply:its fine, I wish I got some flowers : (
Reply:It's fine to give the new mommy flowers.

She'd love them.
Reply:Yes, yes, Yes. If they give the baby allergies then they'll just remove them...there is no way of knowing until you try. I'd of loved to have gotten flowers or a plant that I could keep growing and give to my daughter when she moves out to take with her.
Reply:Yes! The new mom will most likely appreciate the gesture! Even if the baby turns out to be allergic (it's unlikely... unless the mom or dad are sensitive to flowers too, then i'd be careful).
Reply:Flowers are a wonderful thing to give a new Mommy...go for it!
Reply:sure. maybe with a little stuffed bear that the baby can play with once its older
Reply:Yes it is appropriate.
Reply:Flowers are great. However, I got a lot of flowers and it was hard to take all those home. I was excited when someone got me a small box of chocolates and some lotions that I could use while in the hospital.
Reply:I would send them to her house, not the hospital, but that's just me. At the hospital where I delivered they don't allow flowers or plants to be delivered because they can give some babies allergies. My hubby bought me a big Rose and put it in a solitaire, that was it.
Reply:It's perfectly appropriate to send flowers. :)
Reply:I got flowers from my fiances boss and it made my whole day! I think it's a great idea for a brand new sleep deprived mommy to know someone is thinking of her :)
Reply:If they do, the flowers will be removed and it's really a very sweet thought.
Reply:I got flowers with my new son.

However, if there are severe allergies in the family, I'd be careful. (My MIL has terrible allergy to lavender so we steer clear of that with my son until he's much older) Try balloons (though some are allergic to latex like me so get the mylar ones).

Blessings to you.

PS: Best gift ever: DIAPERS
Reply:appropriate and more than likely, much appreciated. I'm hoping to get some here soon. Newborns don't have allergies (at least not environmental). Food allergies can develop but only as new foods are introduced into the diet which wouldn't be for another several months. Check out this article if you want a more detailed explanation as to why.

Immunology is incredibly complicated but I do remember this much from nursing school. Plus, ordered flowers are very unlikely to have many of the common culprits (weeds, pollens and grasses) that would induce an allergic reaction in someone older. I say go for it, but I am a little biased : )

How to send flowers or gift to my grand-daughter in Toronto, Canada from Toronto itself and pay in India?

Flowers and gifts to be delivered in Toronto,Canada. This should be arranged in Toronto only to avoid any shipping charges. And payment should be made in Mumbai, India.

How to send flowers or gift to my grand-daughter in Toronto, Canada from Toronto itself and pay in India?
we can help you on this let us know what flowers you need sent and can u pay at icci-bank direct deposits, thanks
Reply:Such a question is an enigma. Wow. Just wow.

Sending flowers, is it okay ---?

to send flowers like to a women who you barely know and that they are taken cuz some told me they don't get the attention they deserve and that i thought i would be nice to do it but not sure if its good idea but depending on what has said in a note

Sending flowers, is it okay ---?
Is she married and you want to brighten her day because she isn't getting any attention at home? In that case, I wouldn't send anything. If she is single and no husband then great idea..go ahead..
Reply:if you send her flowers, then she might think that you are interest in her. just hang out with her like you would do with your friends.
Reply:Aww thats soo sweet.

It's a lovely idea!
Reply:Thats perfectly okay, sending chocolates are also okay dont worry thats just what everybody does.
Reply:it is sweet,

but make sure you tell her that you don't mean anything by that

(like you want to sleep with her)

be friendly

without any hints
Reply:it depends on your motives. if she is single and you are that's fine. if you want it to be just a friendly keep it simple and something that a friend would send. let it known from the start be honest
Reply:i think its a great idea.

Sending flowers to your husbands work?

Would it be stupid or silly to have a single rose with a teddy bear sent to your husbands office for Valentines Day? Something simple, nothing fancy. How many men would be flattered by this and think it sweet or would it be silly and would you be embarrased?

Sending flowers to your husbands work?
Personally, I think it would be very sweet of you to do that. However, you need to think about the kind of guy your husband really is and also the kind of work environment your husband is in. He may think it's a romantic gesture, but may feel uneasy about receiving such a gift at work.
Reply:It's a nice thought! Buy a nice piece of lingerie for yourself, and wear a raincoat, then show him what you just got, and I think he'll like that more!!
Reply:just saw a show on this exact subject....don't do it, he will be embarassed........better to show your affection when he gets home from gone to grandmas....candlelit....oh yeah, don't forget to fix him dinner too :)
Reply:if your husband's work place is mostly women, then sent it; otherwise don't
Reply:Lots of girls above this answer are telling you to do it. I am a man and I am telling you: don't do it. Women complain that men don't think about what a woman would like when picking out a present for them. Well, you are doing the same thing! Men do NOT want flowers and teddy bears.
Reply:I say, if you want to show him that you love him by sending him something at work (so everyone else knows he is loved), don't send him flowers and/or teddy bears or other lovey-mushy type things. Instead, send him something manly you know he will love and others will be jealous of. For instance, tickets to a sporting event of his favorite team, a gift card for Home Depot or a sporting goods store, or something having to do with his favorite hobby or activity. If what you want to get him is too big to send to his work, take a picture of it and have it delivered with a box of candy, cookies, or brownies (or something that he loves).
Reply:I don't care what men say. They love it. It might be a little embarassing for them, but deep down they love it. I did that once and he said he was embarassed, but later added that he really liked it and thanked me...Go for it!
Reply:Most guys don't like it when they get lovey stuff at work.
Reply:It's a really sweet sentiment, and I've sent flowers to a boyfriend's place of work before, but it was to congratulate him about something and NOT Valentine's Day.

I just wouldn't do it--wait and do something really romantic at home.
Reply:I think it would be cute, i would do it. But if you think your hubby might not like it maybe you should wait till later to give him flowers.
Reply:I am sure someone might like it, but I think the majority of people, men and women, perfer to keep their personal life out of the office. As a woman, I would hate it if someone sent a public display of affection to my workplace.

You should know your husband better then any one who could answer the question. By answering the question, you have some doubts. so you probably shouldn't do it.
Reply:I wouldn't do it.

He would get razzed by the other guys, causing him to feel uncomfortable for the next few days. That's not the gift you want to give him.

I would give him a CD, some cool gadget, or a gift card to Best Buy for Valentines. Not many guys want teddy bears or flowers. Don't give him what you want, be considerate and give him what HE wants.


Sending Flowers?


I like to send flowers to a friend for valentines day but i only have a budget of $30.00

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can find decent deal. I'm in a bind. She lives an hour away from me.

Thank you.....

Sending Flowers?
It would be very cool if you bought them and drove them to her!

Is it appropriate to send flowers for a memorial service?

A close friend's father passed away a week ago, and there will be a memorial service planned sometime next week. Is it appropriate to send flowers, or is is more appropriate to make a charitable donation? I'm not sure what to do, and would appreciate whatever is suggested.

Is it appropriate to send flowers for a memorial service?
Flowers are very appropriate. You can have them sent to the home, if someone lived with you friend's father, or to the location of the service. Look at a teleflora ftd website under "sympathy" to see what you might be interested in sending. A local florist will give you more personal attention though.
Reply:I think you should do both, because if you ask your friend I think he would say a charitable donation, but if you (apart from the donation) send him some flowers, it would be very nice.

P.S: white roses would be just perfect
Reply:Yes it is appropriate to send flowers unless the obituary notice says something like "In lieu of flowers donations may be made to ........" Most obituaries can be found online nowadays if you haven't seen it. If the father had a certain illness or received services from a hospice, or was an active member of a particular church or charity organization, then families usually appreciate memorial gifts to those places. when you make a donation to a reputable organization the family is notified of this, though generally not the dollar amount.
Reply:Check the obit in the paper, if they placed one. It will usually say where to send any donations if they chose to do so. I'm not sure if the charity sends them a notice that you made a donation, but just in case send them a nice card and let them know that you made a donation in his name.
Reply:yes either one is good,,what ever you wanna do,,
Reply:For us Europeans, this combination of grief and consumerism would feel awkward.

Even a donation to a charity would seem out of place in this instance. We would attend the memorial service, and

we would also write a heartfelt letter; then, after a suitable period, we'd pay a visit to the family, if really close - and keep in touch by phone even more frequently than before.
Reply:I think flowers sent to your friend's home is a nice gesture. You can also make a charitable donation in your friend's father's name. Attending the memorial service and being with your friend is the best gift of all.
Reply:Either is appropriate. Sometimes, the family will have a preference such as a favorite charity of the father.
Reply:you don't need to send flowers. send the family a beautiful tree so they can plant in in their yard and watch it grow and mature through out the years.
Reply:Will the memorial service be at the funeral home? If so, then it would be appropriate to send flowers for the service.

If you are not sure, you can certainly send a charitable donation in the name of your friend's father. I also suggest you send a separate card to your friend with an appropriate message (I am so sorry for your loss, etc.)

How to drop hints to long distance boyfriend that I want to be sent flowers?

My boyfriend lives about two hours away from me, and the earliest we'll get to see eachother for Valentine's Day is the 15th, which is a friday. I've already not-so-subtly dropped hints about this teddy bear I'd like to get, but I don't want to do the same for flowers. Any suggestions?

How to drop hints to long distance boyfriend that I want to be sent flowers?
In the middle of your sentence be like "Sooo what are you *cough send flowers*, doing today?"
Reply:You can just go to for great gift ideas, reviews of online forists and fancy chocolate/cookies. Just leave that site up on the computer and either have him catch you checking it out, or leave it on so when he uses it that page is up! Good luck.
Reply:Pretty lousy boyfriend if ya gotta ask!
Reply:We dudes are not so dense, dear. Let him think of a way to show his feelings towards you.
Reply:If you have to resort to practically telling him to buy you flowers, what is the point? You might as well buy them for yourself.

Would it be inappropriate to send flowers on Valentines Day?

I want to send flowers to this woman i work with. I am truly falling in love with her. The reason i ask is i have only known her since mid-December and she is still going through her divorce. It should be final soon in the next couple of months. So would it be inappropriate?

Would it be inappropriate to send flowers on Valentines Day?
sending flowers to a woman in her situation is kinda inapropriate.. but you could always send her some with just a friendly message in it, just to let her know that you are there for her and i think after you send her a sweet but friendly message she will start thinking about you in the way that you think about her, just play it slow and im sure it will turn out great

good luck
Reply:Probably, what you don't know is where her head and heart are still at. Maybe she's still trying to reconcile or has not gotten past her heartbreak, either way she's vulnerable and this would only complicate her choices. Its great that you feel for her but you have to be sure that she is open to your advances at this moment in time before you take the next step.
Reply:Friends can send friends flowers. As long as you don't put anything pushy or out-of-line on the card, there should be no problem.

Just let her know that you are available if she wants to talk. Make sure she is interested in you before you start pouring affection on her.

Make sure there isn't a policy against employees dating each other within your company's rules.

Don't ask her on an actual date until her divorce is complete. You never know if she will decide, at the last minute, to return to her relationship.

Good Luck.
Reply:go to the local florist and have them help you select a friendship bouquet,and send it that will be a good start
Reply:I think you should wait till she's divorced to do anything like that for her. It's just wrong. But if you can't resist, flowers are nice, but most women love expensive chocolate. (ex: Godiva, sees).
Reply:Not at all
Reply:If your friend is still not divorced it would be very unwise to send flowers . This could cause all kinds of problems for her. It could be used against her as evidence that she is having inappropriate behavior. until her divorce is final she is to remain uninvolved with anyone else. After the divorce she is legally free to again begin dating,and socializing with members of the opposite sex.
Reply:it would make her happy to that some body like her ,so no go for it ,and tell me what will happen!
Reply:Of course not. Flowers are a nice way to let her no how you feel. Every woman loves to get flowers. Makes her feel special


My bf is always sending flowers at work, should I think he is doing something wrong?

Hard to tell, if he is acting funny and different then probably. If he is acting normal then he just really really wnats to win yout heart and do sweet special things for you.

My bf is always sending flowers at work, should I think he is doing something wrong?
No, you should not assume that your boyfriend has done something wrong simply because he is sending you flowers at work.

He may just trying to be romantic and if you start accusing him of having an ulterior motive for sending the flowers to you, you will probably never receive another flower from him again...

Until you have evidence to support your suspicions, than simply say thank you for the flowers and enjoy.

Best of Luck
Reply:well first check out how he talks to you, how often he's with you, ect.

if something seems suspicious there, or if he's had a history of cheating or something, plus the flowers, then yes!

however, if you truly believe he cares about you, and doesn't seem like he's done anything wrong, then probably not. he's just showing you how much he cares, and thats sweet!
Reply:Are you serious? If you dont want him... I will take him! LOL

It could be that he is really into you and it makes him happy knowing that he can connect with you by doing sweet things =)

I would only assume he has done something wrong if he has never done anything nice for you in the past
Reply:I had a boyfriend who use to send my flowers at work all the time and he wasn't doing anything wrong but as soon as I married him, the flowers stopped coming. Your boyfriend is probably just a romantic and is trying to show he cares about you. Enjoy the flowers.
Reply:more info please

pleas ansewr mine!;...
Reply:Either 1) he's just a really generous guy who's very thoughtful or 2) he did something he feels guilty about. Since we don't know anything about the guy other than what you asked, thats all I got.
Reply:no, he's sending you flowers to let you know that he loves you.... when he stops caring, calling and sending flowers, thats when you can get worried....
Reply:Such a shame that when a man does nice things for his special girl it raises suspicion, but when he doesnt thy call him unromantic
Reply:come on he loves you to do that. why not talk to him but there are so many out there that would love to get it once in a while
Reply:Please elaborate!!

Reply:hes been sleeping with your best frind since you met.
Reply:Ask him, not us.
Reply:a guy cant be sweet and spontaneous i see...

He just making sure that he can hit dat!!