Saturday, May 22, 2010

The girl I like's birthday is comming up and I don't know what kind of flowers/roses to send her. Any help?

Well.. Like it says.. I like this girl.. It's been about a year.. We were together for a bit and then we went seperate ways.. But I still feel for her.. I would say it's love, but I just want to tell her with a special present.. I was thinking jewelry, but I thought flowers would be good too.. I am not sure yet, but .. If I am going to send flowers.. I'd really like to know what kind of flowers I should be sending her to send a message saying I still care.. I was thinking about roses.. But it seems each color or quantity makes a big difference.. And I have no clue what to do.. Hopefully you guys can help.. And hopefully the ladies can give some tips...

Thanks for all the help.

The girl I like's birthday is comming up and I don't know what kind of flowers/roses to send her. Any help?
First of all, if you're paying $100 for carnations, you're being ripped off! For that price, you should be able to get a nice dozen roses sent to her! I don't know the girl that you're talking about, but I always liked roses (it doesn't have to be a dozen--just nicely arranged.) Chocolates are even better though, along with a cute card that will make me smile. I had a boyfriend that sent me a teddy bear for my birthday, which was really cute--I kept the teddy bear longer than the boyfriend though! Jewelry is a little too much unless you're already going out. Think about what SHE likes and make the gift personal. If you're still interested in this girl, then you want to try thinking about what she would want and how to make her feel special. Don't spend a fortune on her, but instead just focus on making her feel like she's lucky.

Good luck and best wishes.
Reply:Wow wow wow! Dude....I would think it was pretty weird if you guys have "gone your seperate ways" and then you send her a couples hundred dollars worth of gifts.

How about something simple. Maybe a single red rose with a note attached that tells her how feel even after all this time? Or if you want to give more (though sometimes simple is more romantic), a dozen roses (red for love / pink for I really like you) with a letter.

And if you were really set on jewelry, a nice necklace (but not this plus roses...that might be getting too much yet).

Best wishes!
Reply:bunch of red roses are beautiful and very romantic. red roses are very meaningful to us girls. just be yourself man and show to her how much you really care and love her. jewerly is not really important at all. make yourself nice and neat on her birthday it adds up on your handsome look!

Reply:Get her a nice silver/white gold necklace with her birthstone and a card telling her about how you feel. This same thing surprisingly happened to me. If you really want to get her flowers, ask some of her friends what kind of flowers she likes.
Reply:Red roses to me always says something special but my favourites are carnations they smell beautiful just go with your heart if she is so special she will love anything you choose because its the thought that really counts,and you are thinking of her so you can't go wrong,good luck.
Reply:Give her your heart not gold.
Reply:Take a deep breath, and then go out and get a nice card. Any gift is going to seem like you are rushing her. Let her know you care with a card; if she calls to thank you you will know there is a place for friendship. Friendship and then a relationship. I remember when someone sent me flowers in the same situation, and I was not happy about it, as it seemed as if he was trying to get back with me. That had to be my decision. I would have loved a card, and then would have let him know I appreciated his thoughtfulness.

If you do send flowers, pick carnations, and not for $l00. Start small. Carnations last a long time, whereas roses are dead in a week, and also send words of love. Don't scare her away by doing too much. Good luck. And in the meantime, look around. Lots of girls would like a man like you who thinks of others.
Reply:Actions speak louder than words dude.

Tell her that I have a gift for you. Go to a private place of something then tell her to close her eyes.

Then say "here's your gift", then kiss her. If she stops you then you know that she doesn't want you back.

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