Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm doing everything, morethan girl can do, i'm sending him flowers, food.. jus to please?

him...... he appreciate it, but now i'm so tired and hurt... for the whole month i'm doing my project for him, just to get him back... but coming from him, i don't like the idea, friends with benefits, its so unfair.. i'm giving everything...

I'm doing everything, morethan girl can do, i'm sending him flowers, food.. jus to please?
You shouldn't do all this! Try completley ingoring him for a month, you'll be surprised!
Reply:I think if he just wants friends w/ benefits you should stop all this extra stuff. He may appreciate it but it's not swaying his mind. Don't put so much into a guy that is not equally into you.

You deserve better.
Reply:Hi Sophie,

I appreciate ur kind heartedness and the dedication that u have for ur guy but in vain,this is really heart breaking isn't it?But guess what happened to me? The same.Let me tell u that when u like someone n u want them in ur life unfortunately they do not respond in the same way i know its horrible feeling .My girlfriend too appreciates everything i do for her but never reciprocates her feelings back to me.i still love her.It should nt be oneway traffic.I wanna tell u that in reality they will extract all the help from u and forget u after the help is done.They r called selfish narrow minded persons.I suggest move on with life n forget such people though u like them.The real people r who reciprocate ur feelings and who r there for u all the time not these sort of people.I hope u get my point.sorry to say this.U deserve better guys than this fellow.Cheer up girl! Best of luck.

U take care n c ya.
Reply:yeah you shouldn't be doing all that. if you are to be together you will but damn he is just taking advantage of you now.

you will do anything for him in hopes you will get back together...WELLL

that will just get you used and abused and broke!

STOP IT NOW! find you a guy that does all that for U !
Reply:It can never be fair, know that he is too comfort when you did all the big and little things for him. However, it should not be done by you only. Try to stop and let him know that you want him to do something for you to return
Reply:lose him, he's using you. find someone who respects you for the person you are. you're worth it!!!!!
Reply:I do not know your age, but from what you wrote you are tired of this one way street relationship.

So just cool it, you want some thing more then he is willing to provide or can ever provide, so you need to get out of this relationship and find some one more compatible. It is never easy.

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Reply:Girl, I know you care about this guy, but guess what? You're just selling yourself cheap. There's a saying that says, never make someone your priority when they only make you an option. You obviously want more. He doesn't. As hard as this may be to hear, you need to give him up. Maybe he'll come to his senses later and realise that you were worth more than that, and he'll appreciate you for you. Or, maybe not. Either way, for now, you're better off without him. Find yourself, and be true to you
Reply:When the time come's, who would you choose to get to heaven. friends with Benefits was not one of the comanments
Reply:your on a down-fall and it's gonna be because of him...I wish you lots of luck
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