Saturday, May 22, 2010

I want to send my wife some flowers to work what would you ladies prefer?

A Bouquets nicely wrapped or a Bouquets in a vase. I think a vase would be best what do you think? its for out anniversary I would be sending them to her work no idea when the would arrive and shes not so good at arrangments of flowers

here is a section. I like the ones at i am looking for delivery and am spending £30 including delivery for tommorrow. we are going for a meal and have already been to Italy last week.

Look on there and add any links you thik she may like for delivery tomorrow though. Thanks flowers one flowers two flowers three flowers four

I want to send my wife some flowers to work what would you ladies prefer?
you should trust your own instincts, considereing that you are married you should have a fair idea of what she likes and dislikes.

Then think how chuffed you will be when she loves her flowers and deep down you picked them yourself.

go for it!
Reply:awwww thats so sweet! why are all the good blokes taken :(
Reply:Your links don't work
Reply:Flowers in water rather than a bouquet - in water they won't die at work during the day and she'll love the surprise and should be able to carry them home. Good for you.
Reply:A pretty bouquet in a vase sounds very sweet. She will be able to keep the vase too. :-)
Reply:Sorry, I coundn't see them but, I prefer a bouquete of various colored roses. (Pink, Red, White and Yellow.) But, I would rather would like to see a bunch of flowers tied up on a bed full of red rose petals when you come back from work. Then you all wrap it up with a bubble bath with floating flowers!
Reply:For some reason I always thought big stem roses in a box with a ribbon were soooo nice. No one ever sent me those so I'm still waiting. You wouldn't want to send a box of roses to a stranger since your'e making an order anyways? LOL

What are your wifes favourite flowers? Colour?

Happy anniversary
Reply:links don't work..NEXT has a problem!
Reply:I can't open this links , but I think that your idea is awesome and she'll be very happy , you're very cute as I see!

Just present her something what she likes :)

I don't like something very grandiose, but it doesn't really matter 'cause it's not for me , hehe :)

Keep on fun kin! :)
Reply:umm the links aren't opening, so i just clicked on the flower section.

I think the one called grandeur is really nice! go for that one! but the white flowers are really nice i think they are called eden something (but I just love white flowers, it depends what your wife likes)

Reply:Awww.... that is really sweet! =)

but yeah...wish your links were working.
Reply:pick up a bunch from the garage, dont be a 'show-off'

Reply:pick some flowers bu your hand from any garden

carry them within a mandel.

give a beautiful smile

that is the best
Reply:I'm not a bird but I will tell you. You are not sending your wife flowers. You are making the OTHER girls in the office think "I wish I had a boyfriend / husband like him. You are so Lucky" That's what makes the ladies feel special. The more envious the other ladies are. Go for it matey. Have a great evening.

Reply:u r really romantic um CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Happy Anniversary
Reply:Bouquests are very nice but sometimes overkill. A woman sometimes would prefer that one perfect bloom in an unusual color or an arrangement of lillies and nasturtiums and such. I would prefer to come home to a clean house with a dinner hot and waiting on me. Maybe champagne and strawberries for dessert. And a trail of rose petals leading down the hall to the bedroom ending in a pile of rose petals strewn across the sheets. Or perhaps run me a bath with my favorite scented bubbles, as hot as I can stand it with a glass of merlot chilling on one side and soft music playing in the background and to have my husband bathe me with a loufah sponge or washing my hair with sweet smelling shampoo.
Reply:I always think unwrapped flowers in a box are the most sexy...
Reply:that's so sweet :]

a vase for work, she'll love that and can keep it on her desk. i wish my man does that one day, lol
Reply:Buy her a tree and go plant it somewhere special
Reply:flowers are alright, but earings or necklace with diamond in it

much more classy!!
Reply:My personal opinion is go bold. They will arrive at work, so you'll want the arrangement to turn heads as they make their way to your wife. Nothing better than gladioli in a suitable vase. They are big, tall, make a statement and can't be ignored. A single color or a mix will work.
Reply:The majority of women prefer roses, however this is a very personal choice, dependent upon your wives taste. If you are really unaware of her favorite flower send her two dozen roses one in red and one dozen in various shades. this makes a very beautiful and aromatic bouquet. Yes, definitely send with a vase included. Good for you for being so thoughtful, this is really going to make her day. Congratulations on your special day and many more to follow! God bless you
Reply:To be honest, I'd prefer not to have the case. I think just a really nice big bunch of flowers is good enough and then she can put it in a vase when she gets home. Everyone's different though, so go for what you think she'd like best.

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