Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is it ok to send flowers to a guy at work?

I want to apologize to my man. Is it okay to send him flowers to his work. He works in an office as a purchasing manager.

Is it ok to send flowers to a guy at work?
I don't think so. He will get harassed in a bad kind of way. Trust me, I work in an office. If any of the guys working here were to get flowers they would die of embarassment.
Reply:Not really. As a rule, men don't like flowers, even men who say they do. Most men don't attach the same sentiment to them as women do. I'm not going to say all men, but most men don't.

Take him to lunch. Men love food. A full belly leaves us more receptive. trust me.
Reply:Depends on the type of place. Sometimes his boss doesn't want things like flowers going into the workplace.
Reply:I think that yes it is okay, but you run the risk of the man thinking you are very aggressive.
Reply:of course
Reply:HEEEL NO!!! Unless you want all of his co workers to make fun of him. He'll spend all day saying "Its from my girlfriend OK?" N they'll be like "suuuure".... lol
Reply:I think yes, flowers represents happiness, and if is to say sorry, ot´s ok.

Mabye you can give someting that he likes so much, someting expensive.
Reply:no, guy are suppose send flowers to girl not girl sending flowers to guy.

it OK to send it to them in the hospital. But in the office, people who he work with might think that he gay or something!!
Reply:i would apologize in some other way, by surprising him when he comes home with his favorite meal, taking him out to dinner, or doing something nice for him
Reply:Heck yeah!!!!! I got them once and it was awesome. I think a woman rocks for doing so. Why not? Go for it.
Reply:You'll do better with blowj.... :))))
Reply:there is a good chance he'd find it embarassing and get harassed by coworkers
Reply:Flowers are too wimpy. People may think of him as being gay.

Try a teddy bear instead.....
Reply:no its not
Reply:It's ok, if the flowers have a note for a romantic dinner after. If you send only flowers and he's really upset, he might act as if he neglected the flowers. But, with a note for a romantic dinner, you'll make him confused, should he change his attitude and smile, or should he keep showing you that he's still upset?In case he appreciated the idea of the flowers with the dinner, he should surprise you in return same night, in case not, then, he's bluffing....

Let me know what happens after you send the flowers...

Goodluck.. :)
Reply:Thats a big no no
Reply:I think it depends on the man. But for the most part I think it's okay to send him flowers to the office. It's not like they are going to a construction site or anything.
Reply:Hi. Not really at the work, but somewhere else.
Reply:Do it. The fact that you did it in public will make a big impact to him. Take care.

What's Good For the Goose is Good for the Gander!

Of course taking him out for a Steak and some .... ROCK YO WORLD LOVIN afterwards will get you off the hook EVEN if you fractured a fender on his corvette!

Flowers are a good thing though... if you have a platonic/good-girl thing goin ...
Reply:yeah and add a love note!! my mom does that all the time
Reply:I say Yes!!! Flowers are not just for women. And men need to know how special they are also. Go for it!!!

I sent a a gourmet basket....that had guy stuff in it....he enjoyed it very much!!!
Reply:They will all harass him and ask him what he's done
Reply:NO!!!! Send tickets to a game or something, but not FLOWERS! It's gotta be something manly (or at least cool). I mean you could send him flowers if he's in the hospital, but not at work. His buddies will make fun of him all month long if you send him flowers.
Reply:Don't do it...for his sake.
Reply:i wouldnt like it,, the guys would rib me and all the girls would be likee aww thas so sweet, look u got flowers, it would be embarrasing
Reply:Nice thought, but probably not a good idea. Most guys wouldn't care for that and he might get harrassed by coworkers.

Why not arrange for a special treat when he gets home tonight?
Reply:Yes. I think he will find it a very sweet gesture.
Reply:don't waste your money and don't embarrass him at work.

Do it in the privacy of your own places like cooking him a nice dinner.
Reply:I would reconsider sending flowers. If it is an apology you want to give him think about giving him a card it is private and if he wants to show the rest of the office then that is up to him but if you send flowers he might become embarrassed and then you have irritated the situation.

Ok wait I might have took the question the wrong way, If you don't work with the man and you are having a relationship with him by all means send the flowers.


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