Thursday, May 20, 2010

How do u send balloons or flowers to a house?

im trying to send flowers and balloons and stuff to someones house for there birthday and i only have an atm card how would i do this??

How do u send balloons or flowers to a house?
call 1800 flowers or jus get a friend to do it
Reply:this website should help, just find what you want, click it, and go from there
Reply:Call a local florist and tell them what you want. You can give them your card number right over the phone. You can also do this online at places such as 1-800-flowers, as most accept debit as well, but they are very expensive!
Reply:easy. go to a local florist and have them deliver it ffor you, pay cash. if the recipient lives out of the area, you're in trouble unless you have a credit card. To send out of the area you must have a credit card. If not, go in person, pick out what you want and they'll deliver it after.

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