Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is it to soon to send flowers to her work?

Was wondering when is it ok to send flowers to her work place, just saying thinking of you. I am currently thousands of miles away, yet at the same time we have only gone on 3 dates. I am flyin in to see her in two weeks and she has already talked about comming to visit me for two weeks in july and end of June she has asked me to be her date for a wedding. (so again flying in for that) Wanted to know if it was wrong to just send some flowers for no reason just as a hello. Am i too sudden?

Is it to soon to send flowers to her work?
No, it's never too soon. Thats a great sentiment and I'm sure she would appreciate it!
Reply:i think it would be absolutely sweet of you. With all the distance btw you two it would def show her your thinking about her. Definite reassurance!
Reply:I don't think there is a time limit. Girls love getting flowers no matter when or where or how. I think is so sweet. You can send me flowers if you want.......
Reply:At a place where I worked, a girl received a basket with two dozen red roses. She was mortified and upset because she

had dated the guy only two times.

Perhaps she did not like the fact that the flowers were sent to

her place of work. I could say, one learns by osmosis.

On that note, I would be cautious and send the flowers to where she lives instead.
Reply:It's a perfect time. You'll win big points from both her and her co-workers.
Reply:I think that it would be fine to send flowers. She is obviously inerested in you since she thought to ask you to a wedding to be her date and you are planning on making trips to visit eachother, so I don't think she would take it as a "stalkerish" move, I think she would think it was sweet!
Reply:It is never too soon! She will be very appreciative. I know I would be. Good man! :)
Reply:Sending flowers is always a good idea, jag. Only a fool would not enjoy getting flowers for no reason. Go for it!
Reply:That would be quite sweet actually. I'll bet she'll be pleased. ☺
Reply:No, flowers would be great. Most girls love to get them at work. It will show her you are really thinking of her and I am sure will definitly make her day. Just don't be too mushy in the card and I think she will really appreciate it. Say something like "Just thinking of you and can't wait to see you in two weeks." I think it would be really sweet.
Reply:Flowers express the beauty and the heart. Sooner the better.
Reply:sounds right to me, it would also make her feel good and let her know that you are thinking of her.
Reply:I would go for it! A girl always loves to get flowers :)
Reply:No, but don't do it too much and you probably should send something other than a rose. Just write a friendly message or joke on the card to go with it so she doesn't feel pressured.
Reply:Send them. She'll love it!
Reply:It is never too soon to send flowers!
Reply:Sure, send her flowers now...she would love that!
Reply:not at all. bc if you guys are alrady planning for june and july then you can send flowers now and get a boquet for when you go to see her. be romantic
Reply:No, what a sweet gesture- Send them flowers on over to her! That's very nice of you, it is not too soon and this is why, if you two are flying all over the place to see each other it's never to soon to send flowers to say "just thinking of you".

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